Johnson Sworn In



Taken on Air Force One just hours after JFK’s assassination by Kennedy’s official white house photographer, Cecil W. Stoughton, the photo clearly showed the absence of JFK in the intimate quarters of the Air Force One. Although LBJ is the focus of the ceremony, grief-stricken Jackie seems to be more the focus of the picture. Jackie Kennedy joined the ceremony last-minute and still had her husband’s blood stains on her skirt. Stoughton adjusted the frame to cut the stains out. The photo was released to the public very quickly to reassure the public that Johnson was in control of the situation, while the actual assassination photos weren’t out for a few days.

5 thoughts on “Johnson Sworn In”

  1. “The Wink” is usually suppressed, because it rightly suggests that Democrats killed JFK, which they did. The winking man, Thomas, was behind changing the motorcade route and having it published in the paper, so Oswald knew where to be.

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