Eva Peron at Casa Rosada Rally


In August 1951, Eva Perón was thinking to run for vice-presidency of Argentina. The above picture was taken on August 22, 1951, during a union mass rally of two million people called “Cabildo Abierto” at Casa Rosada, the official government house of Argentina. At the mass rally, the crowd demanded that Evita publicly announce her official candidacy. She pleaded for more time to make her decision. The exchange between Evita and the crowd of two million was a spontaneous dialogue. Evita told the audience that she would announce her decision over the radio a few days later.

Despite this largest public display of support in history for a female political figure, the military was not amused by her candidacy.The possibility of Evita becoming president in the event of her husband’s death wassomething the military could not accept. So they staged a failed coup d’etat. Facing the staunch opposition from the military and her failing health, she eventually decided not to run.

However, her later titles included Vice President of Argentina, First Lady, Spiritual leader of the Nation of Argentina, and the founder of the Children’s Republic. Curiously enough, the last, República de los Niños, was a miniature city where all the buildings were scaled down to the size of a ten year old child. It included a Parliament, Palace of Justice, Government House and buildings for the forces of the army in children’s sizes so that young citizens could witness a ‘real republic.’ [The well intentioned project failed while it became apparent that ten year old kids didn’t show interest in political life.]

8 thoughts on “Eva Peron at Casa Rosada Rally”

  1. The “Cabildo Abierto” wasn’t rallied at Casa Rosada (Plaza de Mayo) but at the wide 9 de Julio boulevard.

  2. From looking at the films of of this great gathering and studying the faces of the people while also listening to their chants,I have to conclude that they wanted their little Eva to go for it all.The presidency.Again and again—Viva Evita

  3. “My dear shirtless ones, I am not worthy because of who I am or what I have. I have only one thing of value–I have in my heart. It burns in my soul, it hurts in my flesh, and aches in my nerves; it’s the love for this town. Should the people want me to give my life for them, I’d give it to them singing for the happiness of even a single shirtless one is worth more than my whole life.”

    Can anyone tell me when and where this speech took place?

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