Churchill as an Painter


Sir Winston Churchill had never visited an art gallery before the age of 40, according to his wife. However, at the age of 40–not coincidentally, a low point in his career after having lost the position as the First Lord of the Admiralty–he suddenly found painting as a passion. It would become an important and lasting passion for him, and would played a prominent role in the last 40 years of his life. For a late starter, he was an acceptable painter–he learnt his art from his sister-in-law, Goonie Churchill.

He was an prolific painter–although no so much during the war years–but he refused to sign many paintings because he wasn’t satisfied with them. [Photo by Frank Scherschel for TIME/LIFE]

One thought on “Churchill as an Painter

  1. […] You have important things to do? So did Churchill. You might not be very good at it? I don’t think Churchill thought that he was either. You are too old? Churchill was over 40 when he started, and as far as I know, did not stop (though he did take breaks from it from time to time.) Regardless, the lesson is: you are not too old to start, you are not too busy either, and you will find it rewarding, regardless of how good you are. Just like Churchill. If Churchill could do it, so could you. Churchill as an Painter « Iconic Photos […]

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