Helen Keller Sees the President


Two women walked hesitantly into the office of the President of the United States. One woman guided the other. As President Eisenhower spoke to the women, the guide wrote with her fingers on the palm of her life-long companion, Helen Keller. 

The life stories of Helen Keller and Eisenhower need not be retold, but President Eisenhower was deeply touched by Ms Keller’s help efforts with war-blinded soldiers to invite her to the White House. Charles Corte, United Press photographer was there to capture this moment. The press pool entered and took pictures during Ike’s short tribute, but Corte waited for the gesture. Helen Keller had expressed the desire to ‘see’ Ike’s famed smile, and for a fleeting moment, she touched his face. Corte took the picture.

Much to Corte’s disappointment, his bureau chief, George Gaylin cropped out the guide (Ms. Polly Thomason) out of the picture, only leaving her hands touching Helen’s. 

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