Memorial Celebration at the Tannenberg Monument


A rare photo of Adolf Hitler with a top hat, by Times Wide World Photo. Left to right: Reichchancellor Adolf Hitler, Reichspresident Paul von Hindenburg, and Prussian Ministerpresident Hermann Goering.

August 27th 1933. Tannenberg. East Prussia, Germany: A solemn celebration arranged by the German government took place at Tannenberg monument which was erected in memorial to the famoous battle by which East Prussia was liberated from the Russians during the world war by Hindenburg. Hitler’s this visit was the occasion for a great patriotic gathering. On January 30th 1933 when Hindenburg, hero of a World War, called Adolf Hitler, villain of the next one, to be German Chancellor, and the monument acquired greater importance after Hitler came to power in Germany as a symbol of the glory of the German Armed Forces.  When Hindenburg died, the monument was made a mausoleum for him against the Field Marshal’s wishes.

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