Executions at Nuremberg


Above clockwise: Streicher, Jodl, Sauckel, Frick, Ribbentrop; below, clockwise from topright, Keitel, Rosenberg, Seyss-Inquart, Frank, Kaltenbrunner, Goering.

Nazi_death2Although the Nuremberg Trials had been a media circus, only a selected group of reporters were allowed into the execution chambers of the Nazi war criminals. The authorities feared that the Nazi leaders would get sympathy or they would become martyrs if the executions turned into a media spectacle. Eight journalists from Big Four countries were selected by lottery, but only one photographer (and he was from U.S. Army) was allowed behind the close doors to report the last moments inside the prison.

The French judges suggested the use of a firing squad for the military condemned, but the other judges deemed undignified execution by hanging more appropriate. The hangings were carried out on 16 October 1946 by the executioner John C. Woods. Of the 12 defendants sentenced to death by hanging, two were not hanged: Hermann Göring committed suicide the night before the execution and Martin Bormann was not present when convicted. The remaining 10 defendants sentenced to death were hanged. The bodies were brought to Dachau and burned (the final use of the crematories there) with the ashes then scattered into a river.

The pictures of the executed corpses made by Edward F. McLaughlin (the U.S army photographer) were released in November (to dispel the rumors that the hangings which were conducted secretly, were bungled or never carried out), and were received by much disapproval. Many feared the criminals becoming the martyrs through these pictures. The British government voted against releasing the pictures on moral grounds, and no British publications reproduced them, honoring their government’s desires. The pictures were forbidden in the German press. LIFE magazine, above, however , reproduced them.





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145 thoughts on “Executions at Nuremberg

      • Churchill was just trying to protect his people. Yes he was ruthless, but he didn’t purge millions of his own people like Stalin did. Stalin killed more millions more people -his own people – mostly Christians- than Hitler did.

    • The Truth about Nürnberg or the winner always writes history, even if it’s wrong and a lie

      The Truth about Nürnberg or the winner always writes history, even if it’s wrong and a lie

      • Assholes belive massive conspiration about this.. Because it´s impossible.

        1.Several thousand Jews survived on Camps, Are they ALL so tightly behinid this that NO ONE of then speaks?
        2. Several thousand Soldiers has been connected on camp liberations.. Why not one has told that it was A lie?
        3. If it´s lie, Where is 6.2 milloin jews registred before War through Europe?
        4. If it´s a Lie, whos puposes this kind of lie serves? Who wants Nazis look bad without any understandable reason?
        5. Where/Who/What was the power that COULD do this kind of watertight and Europe wide conspiracy which has NO ONE who NEVER (even 60 years after) blow the whistle.. only in few months after war? And Why?

        Answer these and try make me believe, and I´ll give you 20 more similar questions.. But You can´t do it …even for these

    • Too bad Hitler did not allow the Wehrmacht to follow through when the British were on the ropes at Dunkirk.

    • You are a fool if you hold Churchill to blame for anything. You must be a product of the current educational system. Add.

      • Dear Kevin.

        This blog is about Nazis and trials and hangingns of those bastards.
        If (and when) someone has done similar cases some another places on earth, they should have punishment too.
        But clearly if anyone did bigger wrongs in this world, it will and should not wipe out that fact what nazis did. That just another question and another matter to talk about.

        Way I see it, comparing crimes is one way trying to obscure Nazi crimes. And that just should not happen. World must remember.

    • Stalin, YES! But Churchill – that’s an IDIOTIC statement. He was a hero in the West’s battle against Nazi tyranny.

      • What Churchill and Roosevelt did to East Europe countries especially Poland.Souvenir for Stalin.

        All they should be executed because of Yalta treaty.

      • Stalin was one of the most proficient MASS MURDERERS of ALL TIME Killed 10’s of Millions of Christians – executed or starved to death on purpose.. FDR was an evil Commie Dictator who nearly destroyed the USA & it’s constitution. Churchill did some ruthless acts, but not much against his own people like Hitler, Stalin & FDR did.

  1. A wondrous joy to behold, soak up. To have them vanquished, life violently wrenched from their wretchedness merely once is all too miniscule a consolation.

  2. These men showed such courage, that the enemies of Germany should worry of the comming payback, since that was a mock trial.
    The hangman did such a lousy job, none died of a broken neck but for strangulation, because Keitel took almost 24 min. to die, while Ribentroop and Sauckel were around 14 min.
    John C. Woods, he was a jew, gave a special treatment to the Germans following the orders dictated by the americans. Bt the way, he electrocuted himself 4 or 5 years after his hangings.

    • Koldobika does not know what he/she is talking about. Hanging as a mode of capital punishment has always utilized strangulation to cause the actual death of the condemned. The breaking of the neck was never intended to be the actual cause of death, and most hangings were not conducted with much of a drop over the centuries. However, by the 1700s ansd 1800s in nations like the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, when they hanged condemned criminals, it was always sought to cause the condemned’s neck to break first, so that as the condemned was strangled to death there would be no feeling of the pain or choking. Insofar as “Germany’s enemies” are concerned, what enemies? The past is the past. Germany has advanced from monarchies, militarism, bigotry, totalitarianism, and the like to being one of the most modern and free nations ever. Germany today is a vibrant and respected member of the European Union. Its automotive and aeronautical designs and advances are some of the best in the world. John C. Woods, the man who executed some of the World War Two war criminals, was a Christian and not a Jew. He was a sergeant in the United States Army. The executions he carried out were on orders by his commanders, and, if he had refused to obey them, he himself could have been hanged from the same gallows he used to execute war criminals. In those days, mutiny or insubordination could merit the death penalty. It is a shame that there are still people who try to justify what these war criminals did, even to the point of not telling the truth as to what actually happened to them because of what they did. Also, the antiSemitism Koldobika shows is inexcusable.

      • Very brilliant comment of Lars. It is hard to belive that still exist people as Koldobika who defend the atrocities that nazi individuals commited.

      • great comment that is so tru about Germany, it wasnt the fault of the German people. a dozen fucked up peole and their followers ( the comanders and Hitler) were… i only wish that the coward called hitler should have hanged as well and burned in the center of Berlin for all to watch

      • Nonsense. The only American shot for desertion was Pvt. Eddie Slovak. At most Woods would have been reprimanded and/or transferred. Where in the world did you get the idea he would have been hanged? You show a LOT of ignorance by such statements. I would also guess you have never been in the Army.

    • the hangman did a brilliant job!! 24 mins was too fast for those murdering scum. would koldobika be showing pity if it was their family members murdered?? have you ever visited a concentration camp site i wonder? i was based literally up the road from bergen belsen in germany… that place will silence any sympathetic nazi lover you sick moron!!

    • The germans were niggers that should have strangled for much longer than they did. And make no mistake about this sir. You are a Nigger also that should be exterminated. You are useless to society and in the end god will take you down and deliver an agonizing retribution so excruciating that man couldn’t even think if. God will repay you for what you just wrote.

    • Suck my dick. You are a dumb motherfucker who is gods mistake. Nut he will get for what u wrote. God will try u and convict you and send you to he’ll. You are a true Nigger and im sad you’re alive.

    • It took COURAGE to murder millions of innocent men , women, children & babys ? As for mock trial, after what those [ and a lot more did ] I would STILL be hunting them down & hanging them nazis TODAY! God Bless The Jews .

    • Ha! It should’ve been a vigilante JUSTICE, turn the Evil Devils over to the Jews & others they murdered at their whim, what courage, murdering innocent mothers, babies, little children, old helpless people, unarmed civilians. No, after two ass kickings, I don’t think we have to worry about the rise of Nazis or their kind again, including morons like YOU ! They shouldn’t have even been given a drop, just slowly raise them up from the floor ,watch them strangle, the way they hanged so many innocent people. Go JEWS, Blessed of God! No race will EVER wipe you out, you are the chosen of GOD.Your race has some hard times ahead, but the Holy Bible says HE will see you through. Your enemies will ALL bow to you.

  3. Another allied war crime – slowly torturing to death old men who no longer posed a threat to anyone.
    If the war had turned out differently, FDR, Churchill, and especially Stalin would have been hanged as well for their war crimes. Victor’s justice. Rather despicable chapter in history.

      • Leftist hippie..??? Its more likely that that person is neo-nazi, right wingish, ultra christian. But I guess to some people every one that is not like themselves is a left hippie (probably from Gomorrah San Francisco too ;)… maybe even a communist. Yes, I’m ridiculing your response, if that wasn’t clear to you by now… Your response is full of the same ignorance as the person your responding to.
        The Nazi leaders deserved what ever came upon them, they inflicted more misery on others than any the executioner could have inflicted on them.

    • These ” old men” held the power of life & death in their hands & used it OFTEN, now after murdering millions [ babys & small children included ] they should go FREE ! They should STILL be hanging these ” old bastards ” today ! God Bless The Jews

    • Ha! No longer posed a threat? Sooo, all the evil the had done should’ve just been forgiven? They no longer posed a threat BECAUSE they are behind bars ! And so many of them managed to escape through the Catholic “Relgious ” society. They should be hunting them down & hanging their Wretched hell bound assholes TODAY !

  4. War is the most terrible thing their is only the humanspieces are capible of this horror.WW 2,is a acception because this wasnt only war but etnicel killing also,therefor it s not relevant how this monsters died,there are many even today that still are alive and well how commited this crimes.That is the real shame!

    • While you English is horrible…. I have to completely disagree with most of what your saying.
      – “War is the most terrible thing??” There are many many horrifying things humankind does, just think of something like female circumcision or honor killing or having a caste society and one could go on and on..
      – “WW2 is an exception??” how about the ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia or The 1994 massacres of nearly 1,000,000 Tutsis by Hutus, known as the Rwandan Genocide and one could again go on and on. Its probably safe to say that all war’s have something to do with ethnicity and religion.
      – “Its not relevant how these monsters died??” Of course its relevant. Proper trial and sentencing is always important, how else would we be different from those who we prosecute. There is just no real indication that the death sentences were carried out poorly or done by an amateur.
      – “Many are still alive that committed these crimes??” Are you for real? Most of these men were born around 1890/1900 or so… How old do you think these people that got away get?!

      • I don’t know why some people focus on unnecessary issues when there are lots of things to be focused on !!! you people were talking about hanging of Nazi leaders and all of a sudden out of no where you have started to point your finger to someones ability, when someone wants to express opinion on particular topics, please don’t reply him like above manner, let him try and one day you will find him more understandable than now,
        however, these people deserve what they did to the humanity, but please don’t forget that, England and France has silently allowed Hitler to Grow up,
        Remember handing over Czechoslovakia ( I should say like this) without even bother to keep one, at least one Czechoslovakian person to Germany.
        so which has finished 1945 (though still same thing going on) that started long before and were silently nourished by above mentioned two countries,

  5. Edmond, although i agree with your points, please don’t berate people for their English when they are clearly not native speakers. a.vermeeren is not an English name, so their English is not expected to be that good. You, however, have no apparent excuse for mixing up “your” and “you’re”, “its” and “it’s”, “war’s” and “wars”.

    I think we all like the idea (apart from total insanos like Koldobika) that these people were killed, because it is our gut instinct for justice. However, I’m not sure that we want a society ruled by our gut feeling and the justice of an eye for an eye. You see, in the case of the justice system, one eye never really is the same as the other eye, nor does it bring back the sight of the blinded. The responsibility for the death of another person is not something we should emulate, perpetuate or aspire to.

    • Thanks for telling me I don’t have an apparent excuse… I am a native Dutch speaker. But I actually do think that when entering ones views on a non native language forum or article, one should at least have some form of proper grammar as to get ones point across…. And its interesting that you feel the need to point that out to me and in the same breath do exactly the same thing by pointing out some mistakes that many native English speakers still might make.

    • Thanks for telling me I don’t have an apparent excuse… I am a native Dutch speaker. But I actually do think that when entering ones views on a non native language forum or article, one should at least have some form of proper grammar as to get ones point across…. And its interesting that you feel the need to point that out to me and in the same breath do exactly the same thing by pointing out some mistakes that many native English speakers still might make.

      And wait… did you just make an assumption just on the basis of “that name does not sound English”?! How many people speak English that do not live in England?

      But I’m interested in what appears to be a view point against the execution of the Nazi leaders? I have a hard time understanding that you think these people should have been allowed to just live out their lives. But I guess that just how we differ of opinion. I do however disagree that these people were executed because of a gut feeling.. You really believe we base our legal systems on a “gut” feeling?

      • Ah, sorry about the misunderstanding: I was berating you for being mean, not for bad grammar. That merely served to illustrate that none of us are exempt. I, like you, would love a world of perfect grammar (and no violence, if I get to pick and choose). However, I think for now we should settle for mildly understandable and some attempt at English, or we might miss some valuable views from people just because they have a hard time with languages.

        As for my views regarding the execution of Nazis or any other nasty pieces of work: I just don’t think death equals justice. Perhaps partially because it absolves the criminal of any further taking of responsibility; once dead, that’s it. In that sense, capital punishment revolves mainly around a feeling of retribution rather than punishment.
        But that’s not the main problem. Here is a quotation by Martin Luther King Jr that explains my main worry rather well:
        “I’m concerned about justice… And when one is concerned about that, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can’t establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate through violence. Darkness cannot put out darkness; only light can do that.”
        The Nazis that were executed were murderers, liars and haters. But how can we find truth, eradicate hate and murder and put out darkness by killing them? Perhaps if one, even just one of them had been living testament of a regret so deep that it could never be overcome, that would have lead the way to the end of hatred, murder and violence?

        Although I understand legal systems are based on years of philosophic thought, in the case of the Nuremberg trials the laws that were to deal with the Nazis were specifically designed for the purpose. It is hard to imagine that gut feeling would have nothing to do with that. Britain was abolishing capital punishment in the UK at the very time of the trials, yet chose to use it for the Nazis (understandable, but perhaps points to the involvement of gut feeling). Furthermore, laws are also made by governments who enjoy the democratic support of people whose gut feeling may (or may not) advocate capital punishment as a form of retribution. In that sense, legal systems are certainly influenced by gut feeling.

        Another reason I have for mentioning gut feeling is that I feel it too. My gut says yes, they should die for what they did. But what if it was partially their gut feeling that said yes, the Jews and the homosexuals and the Roma and disabled should die because we are superior? What if they were merely backing up this feeling with the ridiculous arguments they had? Should we follow in the same way, or perhaps try to be better than that?

        I certainly do not like the idea of any of them having lived. But maybe I would have liked it more than the side of “good” having dirtied their hands with blood. I don’t blame them, I would probably have done the same. But I hope we can move towards a world where in order to establish justice we do not need violence.

  6. Apparently Edmond feels superior to all other non-native english speakers and can’t tolorate people trying. That does sound familiar doesn’t it?

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Guess you didn’t actually read anything since I’m not an native English speaker nor do I feel superior to anyone. I feel that if one is going to posts ones views on a site that is not in ones native tongue, one should at least be able to write understandable grammar. But let steer away from the real point I was making in my first respond and completely hammer in the one line I wrote. And your really trying to say that me saying someones English is horrible is in any way or form similar to what the Nazi’s did? (that is what you are trying to imply is it not?)

  7. Even though I understand your point. I think that capital punishment in cases like the Nazi’s or someone like Nicolae Ceaușescu, Saddam Hussein or any other leader or leaders of nations or groups that reign through terror, torture, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, is a reasonable solution. These people should never ever be able to walk the planet in freedom since they will always want to try and regain power. Look for instance to Baby Doc, he had a pretty bad run there and was ousted but now want to be back. The people that we’re talking about didn’t ‘just’ commit murder, they committed genocide and preformed horrifying medical tests on human beings.
    I think that both Edmond and Gracie have expressed some good points while most others just spout rhetoric from one side of the fence to the other.

    And as I read Edmond’s first post I think that the first line was meant to say that even though a.vermeeren’s English was poor and thus hard to understand he completely disagrees with what he understood from it and restated that what he read with his explanation of disagreement.
    That said I also think that Gracie with, what seems to be a, non violent view of things (I think that that is a good view on life btw) could have been less mean in her response and have looked at Edmonds post in a different light and then might have come to the same conclusion as I did (which still might be false, but its a more pleasant way of looking at other people). Because I think that ‘merely illustrating’ a undefined point by doing that what you accuse someone else of doing isn’t a good way of getting any point across.

    The men in these photo’s made their choice long before this happened and they would have never rested their efforts of spreading hatred, even from prison.

  8. I would not let it bother you hippie. You sound like
    some knee jerk liberal hippie that was born after 1970 and does not have a clue how the world used to be in the thirties and forties.

    Matter of fact there was a lot of people in principle that agreed with Adolf Hitler and no i am not a Hitler fan considering his love of the occult.

    The world was quite racist in those days. Hell blacks were not allowed in the United States Marine Corps before 1943.

    Hell hippie probably never even served in the military so he does not know what he is talking about.

    Now that you have brought it up there are a lot of diaperheads in the middle east that are not fond of jews. So would you call me a racist and give them a pass ? Oh the hyprocracy of it all…..

    So by today’s standards i suppose now that Osama Bin Ladengot whacked by the Navy Seals i suppose that was a war crime and the US military violated his “rights “.

    The only regret i have is that the hole that in Bin Laden’s head was not even made bigger when he got shot in the head.

  9. I would not let it bother you hippie. You sound like
    some knee jerk liberal hippie that was born after 1970 and does not have a clue how the world used to be in the thirties and forties.

    Matter of fact there was a lot of people in principle that agreed with Adolf Hitler and no i am not a Hitler fan considering his love of the occult.

    The world was quite racist in those days. Hell blacks were not allowed in the United States Marine Corps before 1943.

    Hell hippie probably never even served in the military so he does not know what he is talking about.

    Now that you have brought it up there are a lot of diaperheads in the middle east that are not fond of jews. So would you call me a racist and give them a pass ? Oh the hyprocracy of it all…..

    So by today’s standards i suppose now that Osama Bin Laden got whacked by the Navy Seals i suppose that was a war crime and the US military violated his “rights “.

    The only regret i have is that the hole that in Bin Laden’s head was not even made bigger when he got shot in the head.

  10. I would not let it bother you hippie. You sound like
    some knee jerk liberal hippie that was born after 1970 and does not have a clue how the world used to be in the thirties and forties.

    Matter of fact there was a lot of people in principle that agreed with Adolf Hitler and no i am not a Hitler fan considering his love of the occult.

    The world was quite racist in those days. Hell blacks were not allowed in the United States Marine Corps before 1943.

    Hell hippie probably never even served in the military so he does not know what he is talking about.

    Now that you have brought it up there are a lot of diaperheads in the middle east that are not fond of jews. So would you call me a racist and give them a pass ? Oh the hyprocracy of it all…..

    So by today’s standards i suppose now that Osama Bin Laden got whacked by the Navy Seals i suppose that was a war crime and the US military violated his “rights “.

    The only regret i have is that the hole in Bin Laden’s head was not even made bigger when he got shot in the head.

  11. So what if they all took a week to die???? All Nazi’s should die!! I dare bet none of the murdering pigs thought about being caught and tried after the war had been won and dare bet none of the murdering pigs thought about all the Jews, gypsies, poles an even prisoners of war when they were carying out these murders (and please dont confuse murder with execution, execution is what the murdering Nazi pigs got for murdering millions of inocent people!!) Hitler achieved nothing, and when the murdering dog he was lost the war, the coward took his own life and left his generals and others to face the justice of the allies. I say to anyone who thinks Ribentropp and his ilk got a raw deal…..read the history books, watch the archives of the death camps and even watch Schilndlers list if you must but spend a while reading history and stop lecturing each other on who’s the best at spelling and grammar!!!

    • Way to go Pierrepoint, my thoughts exactly. I dare say most of the writers on here have done little to no reading on ww2 , Hitler & his Evil Nazis, mass murder of innocents over & over, torture chambers,his Nazis killing babies & people for sport. Going home & telling their wives how hard a day work was, lining up Jews & others at mass graves & putting a bullet in the back of the women & childrens head & getting mad cause their blood splattered on their nice uniforms ! Having to cram the dirty little Jewish children with their mothers into the gas chambers etc. Ohhh, so tiring a job , but it’s for Hitler & the Fatherland.

  12. i would like to remind us all that the crimes commited by the monsters above , are just that ” MONSTERS ” , MEN WITH NO REGARD TO HUMAN COMPASION OR BELIFES . i belive , after visiting ……BELSON , DACHOW , AND OUSHWITZ … , ALL THE ” PC ” brigade should take a step back and …….GO AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF , wot the MERDEROUS ” MONSTERS ” did to normal people .!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Churchill himself was against the War Crimes Trials saying to Anthony Eden that had the war been won by the Axis then he, his Government and Commanders would have been the Defendants in the ‘dock’. Noel Coward expressed the same sentiments in a letter to Gertrude Lawrence in 1945. The blot on the German Copybook was the treatment of the Jews (Holocaust) Old Adolf wasn’t wrong about the Russians (for that read Communists) Now sixty five years later it is the Chinese, the Muslims and others that are providing the same threat. Another unemployed house-painter with extreme right wing views would not be inappropriate in today’s day and age. The PC twits amongst us, the pillow biters, the limp biscuits and nervous nellies have to get real. Wake up for God’s sake

  14. Of 150,000 living Nazis at the time of the Nuremberg Trials, only 30,000 went to trial and even fewer were sentenced or executed. Odessa network of Otto Skorzeny protected some of them, Overall few went to justice for the 70 million victims who died in World War II because of the Nazi thugs, the real crime. The greatest crime of the Nuremberg Trials was few people accepted responsibility for their actions and involvement in what they did. Speer did, and escaped the gallows. Dr. Robert Ley committed suicide before the trial began, Goering before the hangings began. industrialist Krupp was ill, and it was too late to draw up an indictment and try his son instead, who both also should have hanged. Martin Bormann’s attorney correctly argued Bormann should be acquitted because he was already dead, but Bormann was sentenced to hang in absenia anyway. In 1998, DNA from a skull found in 1972 by Berlin construction workers matched Martin Bormann Sr to Martin Bormann Jr (age 83 at the time).Bormann had died in Berlin at Russian troops advanced on the city, committing suicide. Later tests on the skull held by the Soviets proved it was a female, not Hitler’s remains. Maybe it wasn’t wrong, maybe it was Eva Braun. Hitler did not escape Berlin because he did not want to, making Mein Kampf’s intent to go to war with Russia (and even in the dead of winter) prove to be the worst Nazi mistake of World War II. Hitler was a competent diplomat and statesman in the beginning, but proved to be (despite a few early Blitzkrieg successes) the worst military strategist in history.

    • going to war against Russia, declaring war on the US, and having a 2 front war. what an idiot. Also Hitler did not get the ME_262 jet plane into the war earlier. and should probably not had the Tiger 2 tanks. not sure how many were made, but only a little over 1000 Tiger 1 tanks were made. Just think if they had had over 5000 made. Yes Germany had a lot of quality but when there was something like 5/1 Sherman tanks to Tiger tanks. well go on and on.

  15. OH i am glad that they hanged. Let justice roll on like a river. They chose evil and let them now see in eternity how they let themselves be fooled into going to hell forever.

  16. Those dead Nazis were all scumbags who deserved being slowly strangled to death. But in my opinion, they got off too easy. If it would have been up to me, I would have put them all in one of their own concentration camps and made them do forced hard labor 16 hours a day and given them one bowl of soup daily for their meals; made them suffer and die a slow agonizing death, exactly as they did to their concentration camp prisoners.

  17. The “Russians” who shot the Poles in Katyn and starved the Ukranians to the tune of 7 million of them- woman and children escaped the hangmans rope- Nuremburg was an illegal joke.

  18. War is, by its nature, a most horrible institution. Only someone who has never been a soldier would say otherwise, for it is the soldier who must witness the horror. In war some might say that it does not matter what we do because we could be dead in the next moment; to the contrary, that is exactly why it is important what we do and how we do it. This is particularly true when the soldier is a Christian. While there is usually “collateral damage,” a fancy term for the accidental killing of innocent non-combantants, this is another horrible consequence of the wars that often corrupt politicians force young men on both sides to fight. This was not the case with Nazi Germany, and it was not just the “Leaders” who were corrupt but the majority of a mis-guided but willing nation who stood with their arms raised in the air until they were defeated and then, suddenly, you could not find a Nazi in Germany; you still can’t. Our family in America would have been considered as “Volkes Deutsche,” of pure “Aryan” blood documentable back for a thousand years in the Rheinland. Our family name is still represented in Germany with one side actually having “von” before the surname. During both World Wars, our American family – including my Father and Grandfather – served in the US Army and fought against our German cousins. My Dad had 5 silver stars on his service ribbons and even helped in the liberation of the Camps, some of which had probably contained some of our family members put there by the Nazis, among whom were listed some senior Nazis with SS rank. One of these killed himself before capture but was tried and condemned in absentia by the Russians. In all, our family, on both my father’s and mother’s sides, lost over 240 relatives in the camps; one of those murdered was little Awraham Norman who was only 7 years old when the SS removed his parents and left him alone with only the other children and elderly in the village ghetto and then it was machine-gunned and set afire. One distant cousin was also involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler; as we all know they were disposed of by hanging on thin piano wire at Plotzensee Prison and their deaths filmed for Hitler’s repeated gleeful viewing. While it is a sad thing to view the death of anyone, even non-repentant killers, justice was due. It is a pity that so many got away. Of the 150,000 Nazis accused of war crimes, only 30,000 were ever tried; the majority of those never served out their sentences due to a change in “politics.” Especially those who participated in the “bureaucratic” murders should have paid the highest price but many simply walked away because of “insufficiency of evidence” and died as “successful” old men surrounded by their loving families and obituaries proclaiming that “General” von SoandSo had passed away peacefully. No, I shall cry no tears for these Hitlerian Nihillist sycophants who murdered millions by both their actions and sins of ommission by acquiessence to a brillient madman. Perhaps “Field Marshal” Keitel thought of some of the victims, including those suffocating in the “showers” as they clawed their way up the perimid gasping for air, the crimpled and elderly, the pregnant mothers whose babies were aborted during their death throes in the gas chambers, and especially the millions of innocent trusting little children, as well as the 20th July Resisters who took so long to strangle to death, as Keitel hung on the rope for 24 minutes beneath the gallows at Nurnberg. Justice requires recompense equal to the crime. Unfortunately, the quest for Justice in the Nazi Holocaust is still not complete. For it to be complete most Germans of that generation, and many more from most other European countries, would have to pay a horrible price. There are few whose hands are free of blood. And yet the Holocausts have continued to the present day. Neither Hitler, nor Stalin – who killed 20 million Russians during the “Purges” – fired a single shot or dropped a solitary gas pellet; others willingly did their dirty work. We may pray for the mercy of Almighty God on the souls of these killers who were adjudged guilty, but I will not mourn for them or others like them, either from the past or future. I will not turn away from these ancient photos because they help me to remember the true victims. While the enternal fate of both the perpetrators and the victims is in the hands of God, Whose Justice is perfect, their earthly fate was in the hands of imperfect men who did an extraordinary job of providing a fair trial. The irony is that these Nazis received a trial; that is more than can be said for Holocaust victims. I wonder what feelings of horror must have passed through little 7 year old Awraham Norman as he sat alone listening to the firing of machine guns, the screams of the other children and old people, and watched as the fires came ever closer to consume his young and innocent life.

    • What a farce the Nuremberg trails were with a Bolshevik judge sitting on the panel. The Allies, led by the nose by the Stalin controlled FDR administration, gave the a great part of Europe to the USSR, the true winners of WWII. If justice were truly served, FDR, most of his administration and Stalin would be pictured on those slabs as well.

      • Nuremberg trials a FARCE? The Hitler regime was anti-human. What those enemies of humanity got was far less than they deserved. The Supreme Judge will deal with every act of cruelty inflicted upon another, either in war or in peace.

      • Dear “KB”.. try to read yr history again… With every aspect of it.
        When countrys have war amog eachother, everything happens, even crimes. I should know, 2,5 inch more left and I would not be here to write this.. That´s how much russian partisanes missed my grandfather When attacking to civilian housing in Finlad at 1942.

        So everything happens while bullet are flyin´
        Genoicide is more rare and that´s what Nazis did. Systematicly, cold blooded and they industrialized it. All for civilian population wich they called subhuman. Everyone, women, children, old, young…

        Now You try to compare one crime to another crime, wich anyone should never do. Crime is A crime and should be treated as one, no matter what someone else have done some other coutry.
        So, at the time, it was nothing but fare that Nazi regime was indicted, judged and hunged.

        Should Stalin to be indicted too for his actions to russian commons..? Propably, But who was the one to get him to trial those days?
        Churchill and FDR… naah, They had a war wich Hitler gave to them. There is no crime for defending yr country..

      • There needs to be a BOTTOM LINE to all this discussion about who gets the blame for what. This bottom line states that Germany STARTED the war; Germany introduced GENOCIDE to Europe. Hitler is responsible for the deaths in WWII’s European theater because HE STARTED IT! Humanity has the right to judge crimes against itself, and that’s what they did at Nuremberg. And don’t forget the Righteous Judge before whom all will stand at the end of days! Nobody escapes their final fate.

      • @Moose44

        Basicly that´s the way to deal with this matter. Only 2 opponents:

        1. Stalin started his genocide before the war, at early 30´s. So surely He is the one who should be indicted too.. But TAHT was impossiple at the time.

        2. God you refferring.,.? Whos god? (=don´t try to make this religious question.. it won´t work, too many agnostics reading this, and it makes YOU look stupid and narrow minded)

      • Can’t leave God out of this. That’s why society behaves the way it does: it has ignored and ridiculed the concept of God from the “beginning”. If I’m narrow minded and a “fool” for believing in God, then that’s fine! God said whoever denies Him is also a “fool”. I choose to believe Him and reject the ridicule of secular humanity. Hitler and Stalin especially will not escape everlasting judgment, nor will anyone else, including the babykillers who abort living human fetuses, who have chosen to disbelieve THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT MURDER.

      • Beliveing God is ok, if it makes you feel good. But Explaining everything with something wich can¨t be seen or measured at anyway.. Well that´s because it´s called religion(s).. Believing with out anything to prove it´s existance but feeling and some book wich is believed (<- note, word) to be divine..

        But in a matter here You are right, so am I with out bible.. Thou shall not murder. It´s piece of humanity not to kill and it does not need any religion to be so. But this should be extended for Justice system too, Regarding mostly capital punishment in a different countries, Most of all otherways great US of A, wich should be western, christian country… and it kills for a excuse of punishment..

        After WWII I can understand those punishments for warcriminals in different countries.. `bout 100 or so were hunged for leading massacres and/or genocide worldwide + those killed by chinese and info never let out of that coutry.
        I can understand and I won´t rebel against it.. Still, it does not mean I accept methods or trials on the time.. there should be little more time to get more information and let the anger settle before trials.

      • JR: Again, can’t escape the bible! That’s where the Creator instituted capital punishment for premeditated taking of life: Gen. 9:6 – “Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man”. Just look at all the examples of killers who either escaped or were set free, and killed again. Capital punishment is NOT a deterrent; it is a guarantee that whoever kills in cold blood cannot do it again, ever! As for “proof” of God, just look around. Everything you see whether man-made or taken from the earth by man is a result of intelligent design. Intelligence is not an “accident” of nature. Nor is reproduction or the way the stars and planets just “hang together” to mutually serve one another.

      • The “God” I’m referring to, since there is only ONE anyway, is the one they call Jehovah, or Yahweh, or the name He gave Himself as revealed to Moses: “I AM”. All other Gods are false inventions of corrupt mankind.


    • General Alfred Jodl was a “victim” of justice. Remember, his boss STARTED WWII, and every bad thing that happened as a result. You mention the bombing of “innocent” German civilians. Why no mention of the bombing of “innocent” British, Dutch, French, Polish, etc…citizens? Jodl was part of the murderous attack on humanity and got what he justly deserved.

  20. Churchill was a worse war criminal than Keitel and Jodl who were only soldiers following orders, and not politicians. We Indians know ALL about Churchill. Jodl, by the way, was posthumously exonerated by a West German court. Streicher was an unsavoury character but by no means a war criminal, because he had retired from public life before the war. By modern standards, it’s difficult to see how any of the executed bar Kaltenbrunner deserved his fate.

  21. I think that one of the major legal concepts of the Nuremberg Trials was that “just following orders” is not a lawful defense for atrocious behavior. That fact that a victors justice is different than the justice for those who lose, does little to change the fact that war is hell and all who participate are guilty (of something).

    No one can seriously debate the horrors of war. What happened in Germany (and other areas of German influence) was horrible. We can comment on it, as honestly as possible but at the end of the day, there is a terrible price to be paid when one life is taken for another.

    I’m not trolling for a fight. War serves itself. As a species, we’re not very kind to one another. But neither is the rest of the animal kingdom. I wonder why we feel so superior to the rest of the animal kingdom?

    Just my thoughts…

  22. The reality of all of this is that the Holocaust occurred because doctors, nurses, hospitals and politicians have been paid off for years by pharmaceutical companies stating that drugs and vaccines are good for us. My Grandfather’s cousin was at Nuremberg when these monsters were hung. I am a part of one of the very few German families that can claim that. I personally don’t see our current medical system being any better…

    • And before people whine that you are just nuts because their brain hurts otherwise, they should go watch the Architecture of Doom, a nice documentary where they pointed out the cyanide was adminstered in the gas chambers on doctors’ orders as a public health measure. The guards were not authorized to use it on their own initiative. A doctor had to examine the people to be gassed, decide they were irredeemably degenerate, and order cyanide before it could be used – as a public health measure!

  23. All of the Nazis who were hanged deserved to be hanged were hanged. Stalin was no less innocent, but maintained industrial concepts enabling him to survive where Czar Nicholas, who had manpower but lacked technological vision, did not. The decision repatriating Jodl’s property was a ‘loose cannon’ which did not allow him to avoid responsibility for the deaths of millions like the others. The fact that Von Rundstadt, Kesselring, Petain, Faber, Peiper, Goering, Krupp, Ley and others who should have hanged somehow did not does not alleviate their responsibility and culpability. The camps occurred before the war as a direct response to National Socialism in Germany seeking to keep its financial supporters-and also opponents-in line-but later got out of hand. It was counterproductive because you need manpower to wage aggressive war. Germany lost over a million soldiers-imagine if it had another five million to fight as well as Einstein’s A-bomb. Even despite that, Germany could have maintained and retained its territory if it had avoided Russia entirely. The industrialists who brought National Socialism to prominence wanted world war and got it. The Soviet Union and the United States had too many people, too much manpower and efficient radar for Germany to overcome, and Germany got blown off the map and sunk of the bottom of the ocean.

    • The nazi’s that were hung were the leaders at the top with proven evidence of genaside against them. The unfortunate thing is not all of those who deserved to be hung actully got punished. Many scientists and enginers that had directly participated in mass murder went on to work for the USA and Russia because there miletry knowladge was deemed more important than punishing them. America gave viza’s to thousands of Nazi’s including Gemanys biological and chemical weapons director, chief surgeon for the Luftwafer ‘responsible for freezing people to death and death by decompresive explosion’ in medical experiments. This was known as Operation paperclip.
      I hope there is a God, otherwise there is no justice in this world.

      These were not men who just fought in war, they were pure evil. Do your research!

      • Yes, and go read the bio of Rudi Beichel (rocket scientist) on Wikipedia and consider 2 tidbits they left out. When asked, he would say the proudest day of his life was marching in the victory parade in Paris in 1940. When the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) gave him an award for lifetime contributions to propulsion he made them read his bio starting with “director of strategic bombardment at Peenemunde.”

        Not very repentant, but very welcomed here with von Braun.

  24. Reblogged this on Menningarmiðlun ehf. and commented:
    Nürnberg-réttarhöldin voru lokapunktur Evrópustríðsins og enn ein sönnunin um að það er ávallt sigurvegarinn sem skrifar söguna eftir á. Þessar myndir af líkum þeirra sem voru teknir af lífi í kjölfar réttarhaldanna vekja sömuleiðis upp siðferðilegar spurningar um hvað sé leyfilegt og hvort yfirleitt sigurvegurunum sé ekki allt leyfilegt í stríði.

  25. im aware that germans are the best engineers in the world the disposal of 6 million corpses would be quite a feat. one million verses six million is merely a statistic.how did they dispose of so many bodies

    • By all possible ways one can imagine. Krematorium was just one of means, Used only in few camps. Simply burying in a mass graves was probably most effective way..

      Anyhow, those people dissapear during the Nazi regime existance.. Where Did they go, if not in graves?

  26. I really don’t understand how some people on here think that some of these men were just following orders when there was and still are documents signed by these people to condemn the innocent. That’s a crime. For example if you are with someone that has murdered someone and you do not kill but take part in the planning and are part of the gang, well you are just as much guilty.The intention is still there in the mind of that person regardless of following orders.Animals hunt in packs don’t they and that is what happens in war too and that’s what happened here with these Nazis. They fully knew what they were doing INFACT these people knew the war could not be won well before some of their crimes were carried out.When you see bodies like what was done in these camps, that’s not fake, how can it be. Someone is responsible for that and someone has to take the blame. I do agree though with the fact that the Nazis are not the only ones and it was a show trial but they are still guilty and the system sucks due to the fact that a lot of people got away with murder also including allies.Its an ugly world we live in and its not going to get any easier and we will always have injustice because of greed and hatred and jealousy. Its happening again but this time with the Muslims, they are not trusted due to in comparison a hand full of people. that to me is sad. We have to learn to live together and under a corrupt system is no easy feat.

    • I could agree that.. mut I won´t…
      Those times Were kind of A special times on all of the history of the world. In Germany, was status of fear. Especially in military. You must do what they tell you to do.. or be killed yourself.
      That makes guiltyness of lower-ranking nazis pretty hazy. They could do those crimes under circumstances we, today, call as “under the force.”
      Allthou, higher-ranking Nazis as those above, has knowlege, means.. and Will to do what they did. And they did it gladly, with A smile on their Ugly faces.

      Those, shown above has earned their faith for sure. But how low on the line can we make guiltyness go before it chances to crimes done under the force? I believe that fear was present pretty high in ranks.. And that makes crimes less punishable.. Maybe Capital punishment was too much regarding some of hanged.. maybe not.. who knows anymore. We haven´t lived that time.

  27. I understand exactly where you are coming from James, but its still murder mate. Thats the whole point there were people that stood up to the nazi system and showed the world that not all germans were like the ones executed. So by doing that they stood up FOR mankind and thats what it takes to make a better world. Following orders to exterminate innocent people is a crime james no matter what our views on politics are.Murder is Murder.Your view does not stand strong and represents the very murderers that were hung.I dont mean to be disrespectful to you here James, but if we run a world with your views we will end up in the same position again. Dictators dont work and they never will as long as mankind is alive.

    • What I´m talking about is Human nature.

      Commons on Germany those days believed (made cleverly believe) that their party would win. So most of them decided not to “rock the boat.”

      Just as people do in anywhere in this world even nowdays. Do I have to remind you about Racism with all hundreds of forms of it.. and people who knows it´s wrong, but they do it anyway.. it´s easier to live in their communes that way.. be a part of it, not an outcast..

      I didn´t say it´s right to do so, but people do so to be safe.. them selves and their families.

      In totalitaric regime those feelings are abused and Strenghtened, used to keep people in line. Kind of “Do as we say, and you´ll get the prize, do not, and you pay the prize..” This is something what is used all over the world, in every country. China, North Korea, few arabic nations etc. use it right now. As same as any religion do.. (Heaven and Hell – dilemma)

      Mostly it is covered by ideology witch is more or less like religion.. and when someone believes.. it´s impossiple to convince that person that one is wrong. (Communism, Fund. Islam, American so called freedom..etc)

      You use term “mate”.. are you from down under..? How about Australian politics about aboriginals and nowdays, immigrants..?

      You see.. it´s here today, closer U can imagine. It didn´t die with nazis.. just got a new coat on.

      That is allso reason Why I asked about line where Guiltyness of murder chanches to guiltyness of been stupid, yellowbelly human.. Those braves, who stand agains violent regime.. they are rearity in this world. And In any totalitarian regime, they are ingnorent to the fact that they jeopardised not just them selves, but their close ones too, Even to the capital punishment.

      It´s still wrong, but I believe it´s less punishable than actual and active murdering and giving orders to do so. So – at the time – Hangigns was propriet thing to do.

      But.. With in hangings.. do we stand any other possission than those who we hang? It makes us murderers also. And, what´s most important, we treat symptoms, not decease.

      Key word here is Hate. And that is the decease we must get rid off. And when we hate criminals as person, do we do so? no, we increase hatered in world, subject just is something easy to hate. We can and we should hate their deeds, but by personalizing this hate, it just grows. Killing criminals, regardless how awfull their crimes are, we lower our selves as same levell as those who actually did these murders.

      Now, one can say that well.. we do it by the law.. well, so did Nazis too..it was a law in germany those days. Question is, that who is worthy to valuate goodness of the one law, if his own law is similar and allows killing in some circumstances?

      I would like Also write few words about basis of this Nüremberg trials, Allied part of the war crimes.. but I wont, because that makes me Conspiracy theorist, wich I´m not. Lets just say, that something huge was not cleared, and that was winners crimes. Concentration camps was not Nazi innovation by origin, and they were not only used in Germany (or Japan)-related areas in WWII. Every patry has their own camps, Every camp was used for isolation, breaking morals and yes, killings too. What makes difference is that Nazis did it better, more effective.. and they lost the war.

      There is a line somewhere, where guiltyness is judged by the laws and when it´s judged by moral standards. Where it is, that was my question on this subject.

      And for last.. I´m sorry about my spelling, Even my name is english, English is not my native language, but I hope anyone can get idea right of these writings.

  28. The difference is obviously intent. While war will inevitably lead to atrocities, the intent of the Nazis was the extermination of an entire people. Churchill didn’t try to exterminate Germans. Nor did even Stalin. He did worse to his own people, but they has nothing to do with the Nazis. These men, whether under orders or not, participated in genocide. It is one of the taboos we have all, as civilized humans, rejected. Did fate perhaps put some of them in difficult positions? Certainly no more difficult than poor Awraham Normon. The Allies didn’t start the war, but they had to finish it. Was Germany fire bombed before or after the Nazis blitzed England? What a ridiculous argument to compare defending the free world to attacking it. Had Germany never invaded Poland they would never have been firebombed would they? Do not confuse your understandible repulsion to any human being’s hanging, with the emotion you might feel at injustice. Look away if have to, but know that after the events of 1940-1945 that what these men received is closer to mercy than injustice.

  29. Why do all of you unskilled let Japan off the hook? They murdered murdered and raped more than 15million Chinese and Koreans. And Mao killed 50 million of his own people in just 18 years.

    • No-one, but this blog is about Germans and hangings of Nüremberg.

      Japanese leaders were tried and hanged too after war.. if captured, most of then choose Seppuku when tehy lost the war.
      Only losing party that never had any executions afterwords, was my people, finnish. We had this trial well before nüremberg, and while Russians and Comission whatched closely, we tired our own and gave them prison sentences. That was good enough for Russians and therefore we have saved from hangings. Allthou, we do have a different story why we went war with Germans.. not by will, but because it was only option to save our country.. i believe that have counted something when measured guiltyness. And no, we did not participate of a Germans genocide a and ctions against jew etc. Our officials gave only 8 people (jews) to germany and that happened against the will and orders of our leaders by one official.

      About Chairman Mao… well, tell me who´s the party to take him to the intntl court at 50´s..

  30. Goddamn stupid Kindle pos spelled for me. I meant to say ‘numbskulls’, not ‘unskilled’, although I am certain you people are both.

  31. Hey!

    I am writting a final thesis on university about Nurnberg and I would just like to know where did you find this information – “he bodies were brought to Dachau and burned (the final use of the crematories there) with the ashes then scattered into a river”.

    I never before read that their bodies where burned in Dachau. And i nead some sources where this will be written.


  32. Forgive my morbidity, but there is a common belief that most people who die by hanging void their bladder/bowels upon death (before the death penalty was abolished in South Africa female convicts to be hanged were required to wear rubber underwear) Did the same happen with the Nazis?

  33. If they really wanted to punish the people responsible for Hitler’s war they should have hanged every french politician who had anything to do with the Versaiiles treaty or its enforcement. Plus a lot more Nazis than they did.

  34. Pity they did not use Albert Pierepoint the job would have been done properly and the suffering would have been less for everyone but then the YANKS are ALWAYS GLEEFUL about savage executions

  35. What issue of Life magazine where these photos in? I thought it was November 25,1946, but when I bought it the pictures were not there. I’m not some sicko who gets off looking at dead bodies – I’m a WWII history nut.

    • I believe, since photos are released at nov.-46 that isuue in question had to be earliest at dec -46 or early at 1947 (jan, latest feb. issue)

  36. It seems pretty obvious when looking at these pictures that the executions did not go that well. I read that the hangman managed to put the nose in a certain way on the defendants neck in order to slow down the dying process, and make it more difficult and painfull. Some testimonies said that it took these men 10 to 20 mn to die.

  37. Don’t forget that piece of dreck
    Bomber harris along with IKE.who personally made sure hundreds if not thousands of ordinary german non nazi soldiers died of starvation trodding upon their own piss and shit in a pow camp in germany. Another scumbag on that list papa Joe Stalins commie soul mate..FDR…read about Yalta talks where HE came just short of kissing joes murderous ass

    • Any other solutions? Remember the time, need for example to not to EVER try anything like it again, Need to not giving ´em chance to escape or reborn as some kind of symbols of Nazi regime? Need for justice for all those millions of civillians killed during those years..
      Really was there any other outcome?

  38. My father was then a young US soldier who was among the troops who liberated Dachau. He told me of what he saw after I returned home from Viet Nam.

  39. I once knew a woman who, as a very young girl, was a member of the BDM (Hitler youth for girls) and she told me told me that in her little farming village she walked to (grade) school with a Jewish girl named Rikka. She told me of the early morning when the two were meeting to walk to school and of the day the SA came into town as she was walking to meet her friend. Of her mother suddenly coming out to the front porch to call her to come back to the house by telling her there was a birthday party she had to go to. She said that she was so confused because she knew people didn’t have parties on school mornings and she could also tell that her mother was very afraid. She saw the Brown Shirts take Rikka and then she said to me, “I still wonder what happened to her… I can picture her so vividly in the blue dress she was wearing.” It was this — more than any book, photo or film I’ve seen — made the reality of the past come to me so strongly. My father told me he had seen Dachau because Ike knew that someday there would be those who denied it thus he wanted every GI that he could possibly get to the nearest Konzentrationslager to go there to be a witness to it. Still, it was hearing about little Rikka that really drove home the reality of it all.

    I will never forget Rikka in her blue dress and I hope that anyone who reads this will take little Rikka to their heart and Never Forget her.

  40. I don’t know why Selwyn-Holmes wrote the trial was a media circus since not one news service bothered to take movies of the entire trial, and after the novelty of the trial wore off it was barely covered by the press until the final arguments were made and sentences pronounced.The only non-stop media of the trial is an audio tape.

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