Lynching of Young Blacks


Lawrence Beitler took this iconic photograph on August 7, 1930. It showed the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, two young black men from the John Robinson show circus accused by a teenager of raping his white girlfriend (This accusation was subsequently found to be a lie).  A mob of 10,000 whites took sledgehammers to the county jailhouse doors to get these men; the girl’s uncle saved the life of a third by proclaiming the man’s innocence. Lynching photos were made into postcards to show off civic pride and white supremacy, but the tortured bodies and grotesquely happy crowds ended up angering and revolting as many as they scared. The photo sold thousands of copies, which Beitler stayed up for 10 days and nights printing them.

Ironically, this photo which had become iconic image of lynchings was taken at Marion, Indiana, whereas most of the nearly 5,000 lynchings documented between Reconstruction and the late 1960s were perpetrated in the South. (Hangings, beatings and mutilations were called the sentence of “Judge Lynch.”) The photo was so iconic that it has been the inspiration for many poems, books and songs down the years, “Strange Fruit” by the Jewish poet Abel Meeropol (later sung by Billie Holiday) being the best example. Every time you hear Bob Dylan’s somewhat hard-to-listen-to Desolation Row, the first line you heard is “They’re selling postcards of the hanging”, inspired by the above photo.

The primary source for these events is A Time of Terror, which is an eyewitness account by James Cameron, the third black youth who was saved.

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      • “Educated white women” do not fuck niggers. True, you may have recieved some educational training, but that knowledge wore away with every piece of black cock you took. Kill yourself!

      • ignorance has no place in society. you wonder why there is so much hostility in black men. i am sure that you do not have the courage to step into a brother’s face with your hatred.

      • You must have a pea for a brain. Of the interracial relationships in the world, 95% consists of a WHITE female with a male of a different race. of the 95%, 79% is with a black male. That really says a lot about the WHITE males!

    • These men were not innocent! James Cameron himself said that these two men were his friends and that they decided to rob a man sitting in a car with his girlfriend. James Cameron took the gun opened the car door but upon seeing that he knew the man and were even friends( his own words) he threw the gun to his friends and ran home hearing gun shots as he ran. The cops came to arrest Cameron and told him the man had been shot and robbed and his girlfriend raped.. Cameron was spared when a voice cried out that he was not involved(no one knows who cried out his innocence and Cameron believes it was angelic. once again his own words)These men were not innocent but should have been entitled to a fair trial!!

      • Very well written sir. Finally a white person with some education. I would love to know the source of your information so I can do my own research. But even if what you say is true certainly doesn’t justify this barbaric demonic behavior from these useless, mid western, inbreed crackers. They didn’t know who was innocent or guilty or anything. 10,000 devils did no research or invesigation. Just got liquored up. The article talks about a false rape accusation which you chose not to bring up. White people are still the biggest COWARDS to ever exist…ever. Try this shit today devils….and your blood will run like a river throughout America which will never run dry…please try it.

      • big ah,

        guess what nigger! we did it back then and we’ll do it today….dont think this has stopped because we fear your fucking gorilla ass! Never forget that……..BOY.!

      • Kevin Killjoy???? Sounds like an out of work porn star. Tough words Kevin…but bullshit also. You fuck boys have been scared of us gorillas forever. Thats why they always killed blacks while they were still kids. You are probably a 17 yr old pimpled face dick head that gets no pussy so you want to join the skin heads. Face to face, I would fuck you up so bad that they would have a photo of that and a blog discussing it in 2078. You’ve always been soft bitches, so cool it with the tough guy act. Go finish beatin off to interracial porn.

      • Niggers can never be innocent. If they would be innocent they would be white. Get the rope… If they black ya gotta strap that back. I guess the prisons are full of innocent niggers or is it just a family reunion they’re having?

  1. they were hung for raping a WHITE women if things like this were still done we would have less crime and these vandels would know there place and are world would be better for it!!!

    • that is a disgusting thing to say although these two BOYS did an awful thing they did not deserve to be lynched and murdered. look at that photograph again john thats two human beings hanging dead from a tree those boys are somebodys babies somebodies children by murdering them that perpertrator has commited an even worse crime than the “criminals” i don’t think this would be done if it was a white man that raped the girl do you? if you think that the world would be a better place if you say dead bodies swinging from trees and half of them innocent people then you deserve to be up there with them

      • Were they truly guilty of the crime they were accused of or were they tried and executed for a suspected crime? Back then it was easy to be accused of something and killed for it with little or no evidence to support a justified, legal execution. Think about the thousands of black people, boys, men and women who were charged with something and dragged somewhere and killed before ever seeing the inside of any court room. Sad, sad deal.

      • Lauren,

        These young men didn’t do what they were accused of…read honey! Learn before you speak.

      • No one seems to care about the 23year old man (Claude Deeter) that was murdered by these two.
        The article doesnt even mention it.
        This article is just written to try and imflame.

      • They were innocent not criminals! Read for content next time and quit assuming

      • white trash…. is that not racist? is that not what started the behaviour pictured above? is that not what these people picture are, racists?

        There is no reason to kill in this world, lock them up and throw away the key by all means but don’t kill, this pictures the worst side of human nature, a side that sadly exists!

      • There is no unjust murder when it comes to niggers you fucking nigger lovin’ bitch! They’re the cancer of this great nation. The cause for the majority of crime, murder, rape, and living off of my hard earned tax dollars, while they sit on their fucking porch and smoke crack ; having 10-12 little nigger kids to do the same thing. The whole time someone else is paying the bill. They contribute nothing and take everything ; if theyre not robbing and killing your ass for it. Are you white Troy? Maybe you’ll sing a differnt tune when a tribe of niggers gang rapes your daughter or mother, then goes to i.h.o.p. for a nice leisurely breakfast with the money us white trash bastards pay in to support these fucking shitstains! You’re a fucked up piece of nigger lovin’ shit Troy!

      • oh my! this entire thread is disturbing, as a second generation American and white I have to say that I do not share the opinion of these racist people. lord have mercy on them all, they know not what they are doing and perpetuating. I love and serve all mankind of all colors and cannot relate to this amount of hatered. I am amazed and beside myself. The hate and anger in this thread has brought tears to my eyes. I simply dont understand what is going on here. We are all children of God, did you not get the message? Mnay Black, Jews, Native Americans and White people have been murdered and none of it is ok. none of this is OK people. not one bit of this. People from all walks have known suffering, we should know better than this. sickening to my stomach that this is being justified here today. Not all white people are like this I promise you. babylon will indeed fall one day and we will be left with only the deeds of our hearts, good or bad, that is all we will have. please break this cycle and make a choice today to live for a better tomorrow. this needless killing is deplorable and shame on anyone who justifies hate on either side of this. dont be a tool, God wants more from us.

      • Looks like another nigger went to school just for the free lunch program… No such thing as murdering a fucking monkey ass nigger. It’s simply entertainment. Fucking nigger you spent 8 years in the first grade. You should have learned to spell.

    • you freakin dumbass!!! yes they was hung for rapeing her that dont mean they did,besides i know the ful lstory bout this,there was 3 of them and the 3rd one they was gonna hang but they let him go…….tell me if they really did rape her……..who in good min would let a rapeist go.You need to cheak yourself

      • Dead niggers are the only niggers I want near me. I’m a nigger killer. Niggers are a cancer to the earth and I do my part to cut the nigger population down. I will kill as many NIGGERS as I can before I die. WHITE POWER FOR ETERNITY

    • John! you need to watch the movie Rosewood. It is about a white woman who was cheating on her husband and her boy friend that she was seeing beat her. So her husband did not find out she was cheating on her she said a black man had raped her from Rosewood. This started a bloody war between the 2 towns and many died on both sides. The husband and the town found out after the bloodshed That she had been cheating with her boyfriend who was white. This is a true story. You said “If things like this were still done we would have less crime” Well then there would be allot of WHITE people hanging. I never heard of a black Jeffrey Dammer, JOhn Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson. There are more WHITE Pedophiles then black So you cannot use race as an excuse for sex crimes. Get your head on straight!

    • They were Accused of raping a white woman. There was no trial, the racist white mob served as the jury, and that tree was thier courtroom. If you seriously believe that this is a better way to deal with lawlessness then may god have pity on your soul.

    • In this day and time there are more WHITE MEN raping women of all races and to make things worse there a numerous WHITE MEN raping and killing their wives and children on a daily basis. But to be frank and to the point the two men you refer to didn’t rape the woman. It was the boyfriend of the woman in question and he was WHITE. So if you want to be technical it should have been the WHITE MAN hanging from the rope. This wasn’t the first case like this back in those days. Fair is fair right or are you one of those who cried wolf and was the guilty party?

    • Not to indulge your ignorance John, but if you read more thoroughly you will see that the two men hung were actually innocent. I am guessing though that since you capitalized the word WHITE that you are a bit racist and a fool.

    • Why can’t white people read??? They clearly said in the article that the accusation was a LIE. Trailer park crackers can’t read. Dick head.

      • The only reason you can read Boy is a white man set your fucking sorry nigger ass free. If he hadnt dont that…you still be in a field, picking cotton, and shining my shoes. Dont forget what you have today was given to you. It wasnt taken.

      • Hey Kev! I missed you buddy. How have you been? You are angry as hell…damn! Listen dude…I totally understand where you are coming from. You probably worked extra hours at the mill to buy a new Ford F150 to impress Sarah Jean, but she still ended up fucking black Bubba that sells weed. I know that is killing you. Now you hate all niggers. The fact is that America is slipping away from the white man. Sports, entertainment, arts, politics, and your precious women. The only reason the white man would cut off the penis of the lynched body was to make white women cry. “Stop sucking these damn dicks”! You guys have always known the truth…and it hurts like hell. You know that by 2060, the white man will no longer exist in America. Your grandaughter will be a half nigger and you know it. So FUCK YOU Kevin…your days are coming to a close and so is your race. Yeah, my people picked cotton, shined shoes, and fucked the shit out of those tight pink pussies….cause it was given to us.

      • The article is biased, altho that allegation was a lie they still Murdered (shot) the man they robbed.
        The article misses out that important detail

    • John if that’s how you feel, I agree. If you watch television today it’s more white men raping children and Lil boys; so yea the world would have less crime cause y’all be the ones being lynched!! So yea lynch those whom are rapists!! Woohoo

      • look into reality laydee b. Go to africa and 85% of all male rapes happen in that god forsaken culture. Only 3 % are reported in the us by niggars because they consider it. exceptable. This photo was from along time ago. I have a younger sister who stabbed the left eye out of a young fine out satanding BLACK boy.Who tried that shit with her. It was funny as hell to see how he became such a great member of society after bragging about it, getting busted and jailed. Its never gonna change. The niggers will never be happy in any society. No matter what they cry for. It will never be enough.Look at the schools. They want equel education, by dragging all others down. They want equel housing,even though they cant afford it. equel rights as long as the color of there skin is a excuse for every single thing. I say buyme and my family a 1 way ticket to a country that we dont have to deal with the damn animals and we be glad to go and let you fucking animals destroy what was once a great country.! First class tickets you ass wipe.

    • John… You sick ass mo’fo’. You should start tapping that ass before she starts looking for other guys. Booyah!

    • They were hung for raping white women which was a WRONG accusation. So if lynching still continued would it be blacks that are really doing the crime?

  2. this is wrong and anyone that thinks, or does these lynching should go to hell, and take their friends that helped them along with them!!!!

  3. I think this is horrible to lynch two black guys because they were accused for raping a white woman but it was never proven



  6. my god im never emotional or anything but this picture brakes my heart seriously. Ima lmost about to cry this people were extremely racist only God knows if the black guys were innocent. The happiness in theiir faces disgusts the hell out of me.

  7. Omg i’ve never seen such a horrible thing such as this. you freakin retard if I was you I would shit in my pants because I new I was gonna rot in freakin heel

  8. I’ve been reading the comments regarding this primitive
    animalistic behavior displayed by this Mob.Look at the faces of these people.Do they look like they had any remorse or regard for human life? The picture tells it all.This was their entertainment,taking an innocent person’s life just for the fun of it.I try to see who can actually sit there and watch this knowing it was wrong.I find it very offensive,being a Black Man,these days to see people of other origins prejudge people for no reason at all. This is truly ignorance.I just find it hard to believe that white people call us violent!!!!

    • I find it hard to beleive this was acceptable behavior for any human being. My brother, I am awestruck looking at this and reading the comments I am ashamed to be a human being today. The comments on here are recent and equally desturbing to me. lord have mercy. know that not all white people are represented in these comments. God loves, Jesus died for all of mankind. This is an exerpt from Sinead O’conner’s open letter regarding the Trevon Martin case. it speaks to me:

      “For those out there who believe black people to be less than pure royalty, let me inform you of a little known, but scientifically proven, many times over, FACT. Which after reading, you will hopefully feel both very stupid and very sorry. For you dishonor your own mothers and grandmothers.

      EVERY human being on earth, no matter what their culture, creed, skin colour, or nationality, shares one gene traceable back to one African woman. Scientists have named it ‘The Eve Gene’. This means ALL of us, even ridiculously stupid, ignorant, perverted, blaspheming racists are the descendants of one African woman.

      One African woman is the mother of all of us. Africa was the first world. You come from there! Your skin may be ‘white’.. because you didn’t need it to be black any more where you lived. But as Curtis Mayfield said.. “You’re just the surface of our dark, deep well”. So you’re being morons. And God is having the last laugh at your ignorant expense.

      If you hate black people, its yourself you hate. And the mother who bore you. If you kill or wish ill on black people, its yourself you kill and wish ill on. As well as the mother who bore you.”

  9. Right on! Hang those niggers! Niggers are too stupid to understand anything but the noose and the lash! Bring back the old fashioned public lynching!

    • I don’t understand how racist people like you feel that you are so smart which in fact you are so ignorant. WHich means you fit the definition of a nigger!!!!! You are evil, and anyone else who feels the same way as you are evil, and just as niggerish!!!

    • Hey Walt good to know that you’re still around. But this is not cool. You weren”t raised like that. Cause they’re hanging and killing white people just like they did black people. Beside our jailhouses have more white in them than black men. The most serious crimes that have been done over the past 30 and more have been by White Men: The BK killer, Jeffery Damer, Ted Bundy, The White in Texas who put his own child in a microwave, The white man who murdered his 5 month old baby and toss her on the side of the road in galveston bay. Should i go on.

      • You fuck white women because you wish you were white.
        You wish you didnt smell like a garbage dumpster.
        You wish your lips weren’t the size of basketballs.
        you wish you hair wasnt a greased up piece of velcro.
        You wish you could trade those food stamps on some 22 inch crome rims, while the 40 fucking children that you’ve squirted out go hungry.
        Do the world a favor and kill yourself.

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      • Who are you sir? You are confused…are you some uplifting voice or a circus clown in for the ride? A small dick? Hmmm…ok. Why don’t you say something intelligent or you just wanna battle with me too? Pick a side sparky. Are you ethical or not?

  10. Blacks do this to themselves. Go to Africa, you guys would put a tired soaked in gas around someone’s head and set it on fire, then dance around and hit them. These guys were just hanged. I’m tired of this talk about skin color, it’s about the way you act and your parasitic lifestyles.

    • Incredible…white people are incredible. You people have been killing each other for centuries. You guys would call someone a “witch” then hang them or behead them or burn them. You are the most blood thirsty race of devils to ever exist. Right is right and wrong is wrong. These young boys DID NOT RAPE THE GIRL. Please read the article again. If someone in your family was murdered over a lie, you would go insane. White folks always killed women and children. FUCKING COWARDS. Lame ass cowards forever…


  11. to be honest i find one of the worst things in that picture is that quite a lot of the people in this picture are smiling

    • They can’t help it sir. They are direct genetic seeds of the devil. I can’t stand to see a cow or pig get slaughtered…yet these “people” put on their sunday’s best clothes to go and see “The Event”. Everyone fights to get in the photo! I wish I can peek into hell for just 5 minutes to watch them burn.

      • If i wanted to be black Big Ah, i wouldn’t goto a fucking tanning booth, i would soak myself in gasoline then light a match, which, by the way is exactly what you should do. Hmm, im pretty sure my hair has never smelled like dog. I gaurentee you its never smelled like Jerry Curl! The words weak and scared dont describe this white boy! Ill handle my business! I dont adopt BOY! and i only squirt out what i can take care of. Unlike “you people” who squirt out as many as the taxpayers will take care of. The powers that be (white people) are going to get fed up with this shit one day and put an end to it! Keep thinking you race is in control of things if that makes you feel better…but when you goto bed at night, you know, and i know, we are the ones in contol! And theres not a fucking thing you can do about it.

      • It don’t stop you from eating some of dem poke rib now do it coon. Why not get dressed up and get in the photo. They’re at the Saturday night bbq and nigger disposal party. If there’s 1 nigger left then there’s 1 too many. Hang ’em all … Hang ’em high…. Flies gotta eat too!!

      • I expected a better come back kevo. We ARE in control dumb ass…Barack Obama. White folks are always crying about taxes. Poor faggot!! Everybody pays taxes!! There are way more white people on welfare kevster. Go google it. I love fake ass tough guys. Probably got your hat on backwards and listening to rap music trying to be black. Or your son is trying to be black…or your daughter is fucking a nigger. You are angry at something. This is tax time…get your return and go somewhere and get laid. PLEASE! Pussy helps Kevin…trust me.

      • Lets do a little math Kevo. There are 300 million people in America. Blacks make up 13% of that number. The amount of white people on welfare is 38.8%. The amount of blacks on welfare is 37.2%. Now if blacks only amount to 13% of the population, who’s taking your “hard earned” tax dollar in this country? Simple math.

  12. The men weren’t even accused of rape. It was murder. There was a white man that was shot. As he lay in the hospital it was thought that the 3 teens and a white girl were present when the man was shot. The three boys Smith, Shipp, and Cameron were in jail then when the man died of his injuries his bloody shirt was hung from the flag pole. The mob then busted down the doors using sledge hammers and crow bars. Cameron was tried and found guilty of being involved with the murder then was pardoned.
    This is the problem with electonic media, the facts are not checked and people get the wrong information.
    for more information a person should look up the meaning of “picnic”. One would be surprised.

      • Sir, I think you are on the wrong site. SuperRetarded.Com is what you ate looking for. That’s where the totally lame corn balls come to chat. You might hook up with that special someone! Ok pork face?

  13. All it took was some crazy ass white woman to say she was raped, or being watched by or afraid of a black man for this to happen in those days.

  14. Get your facts right people. These apes tried to rob a white man at gun point earlier in the evening. They then tried to rape a white woman. Sub humans got what they deserved..

    • As usual, crackers either can’t read or invent shit for their purpose. Nothing in the article talks about gun point or any of that stupid shit. They were in jail earlier dummy. If you hate yourself so much…kill yourself. Not innocent teenage kids. Bitch ass cowards forever…..

  15. If it weren’t for changed laws, this could be a TEA PARTY rally in D.C. Dumb, ignorant, fearful white people. You know they still exist in Congress and the Senate. Call each name out and expose them. How fucked up a nation we are!

  16. I am a white man who was brought up being full of hate. Hate is evil no matter what color you are I don’t hate anyone because of the color of there skin color is man made thing god see us all as his children so any of you black people who read this please don’t think all white people are the same

    • We know ALL white people are not the same…but a good one is hard to find. White folks were lynched too, for trying to help blacks. Sir, I used the term “Devil” to describe what many of your kind are. How can young women and children stand the sight of two dead bodies hanging all bloody and smile about it? Most women are scared of spiders but not uncomfortable with the sight of murder?? Only a “Devil” would rejoice at such horror. The photo is disturbing…can you imagine being there? Anyway sir, God bless you for being a kind man. Please raise your children the same. Because as you can see from all the comments, nothing has changed from 1930.

      • A good white person is hard to find. Do you really think so? I am not American, so I don’t know what it’s really like racially where you are. Where I am from, how I was raised and how I will teach my children is that every human being living and dead deserves dignity and worth. This photo is nothing of dignity, the white people in this photo are not people, they really are Devils. I actually just finished a novel by John Grisham featuring a lynching that brought me to the topic and when I find photos like this among others I have a lot of trouble finding my words. I am stunned, a little nauseous and I mostly feel this need to go off and cry for a while.
        Then you say that from the comments that nothing has changed since 1930. I actually agree with you. I hear it on the news quite regularly, except now it’s police lynching young black men for no reason. Not a big mob of 20, maybe 100 people. Only a few “honoured”, “respected” white police officers.
        I hope one day no one will be murdered ever again. I hope for much more than that, but right now all I have in my head are the photos of lynchings that I’ve just seen and how the people standing around look pleased with themselves.

    • “the way blacks act”, is a stereotypical comment. We are a people of great faith, and courage. We have fought hard for our inalienable rights as citizens of this great country. Currently, our presiding President, B. Obama is doing the very best he can. This is a new day and the time is NOW! for equality for us African Americans. I can attest that everything that I have is because I’ve worked hard. I’m a 27 year old African American men who holds a Bachelor’s in both Molecular Biology and Analytical Chemistry; a Master’s in Molecular Biology; and a D. of Medicine in Internal Medicine. Nothing that I have was given to me on a silver platter, therefore, referring back to your”the way blacks act today,” I acted very intelligently, graduating top in class, out smarting all those old south racists such as yourself.
      P.S the scripture to you is “touch not my anoited ones and do my prophects no harm, for every tongue that rises against them( referencing myself and my ethnicity)he(the Lord) will codemn them( Christian White Nationalists’,KKK,White Citizens’ Groups,etc.)in judgement”. If the Lord kept my people all this time, we will be around for the duration. Now back with this news your White Nationalistic bretheren.

      • Keep it up my brother. You are exactly what the white man fears…Intelligence and Power. This is what they have been trying to eliminate for hundreds of years. Don’t fret sir. The white people on this blog are trailer park, low class clowns with internet access. Look how they spell and write. Complete bafoons. Keep up the good work my brother and don’t allow these ignorant crackers to make you upset. I got them! 🙂

    • How do we act Mr. Christian white nationalist? What the hell does your silly title even mean? I love this shit! In 2010/2011 white people are as silly as ever. The president is black fruitcake. All white people watch is the 6:00 news for information about “the blacks”. Get up out the bed, put on something other than overalls and a wife beater shirt, and go and see all the young blacks graduating from college. Becoming doctors, lawyers, senators and yes the President! Put down the cheap $1.10 beer and the Viceroy cigarettes and read up on ancient Egypt or all the incredible inventions from “the blacks”. I can understand being a little more ignorant in the early 1900’s but now? Phew…get with the times billy bob. I know your saying “How did he know my name?”

    • Amen brother!
      we gave em an inch and they took a mile!
      try to help em out a little and look where its got us. Old school justice is the only language to keep these fuckers in line . The 7-11 wouldn’t get robbed tommorrow if they knew thay had a rope waiting on them .

      • Yawn—-Faaaaaaaart–
        Og Ah! Mistah pimpstah! Mac daddy!
        You say if a lynching were to happen today…blood would flow like a river.! Ha! I didn’t see the brothers do a single thing when a us white boys chained a nigger to the back of a truck (might a been a f-150! with Sarah Jean ridin bitch!)and drug his ass for miles until body parts started coming off! This was in Jasper Texas. Not too long ago. Google that! As far as Obama being president….He’s half white. Not pure D nigger. Theres two thing I’d put my last dollar on….one being a Pure D nigger will never be President, and Obama will be a one term President. Enjoy it while it last “know what I’m sayin'” Again, him being elected was allowed by the “powers that be” aka “us dirty ole white folks” You should look into Shadow Governments and quit being so convinced he is the President because the “American People” want him to be. He is no more than a spokesman for what the white man shadow government tells him to say and do. As far as listening to rap music…no I’m afraid not. As rap music backs up my earlier point of niggers contributing to nothing. The only thing they aspire to do is beat on a fucking wall somewhere and utter rhymes about jocking bitches slapping hoes, busting a cap in someone, slangin’dope, Puttin chrome on their piece of shit Cadillac or Pontiac. (PoorOleNiggerThinksItsa-Cadillac)- My daughter wil never fuck a nigger, but its great to hear wishful thinking on your part….the closest thing she would do to lay a nigger is step on the gas when they’re walking down the middle of the street. Great talkin in shit with you Big Ah…….until next time…..

      • (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP)…Better one this time Kevoroonie. Not bad. That Texas crap was not a public lynching. That was some drunk cowards on a friday night. But still….all you talk about is poor black people. You won’t discuss the crack head “poor white trash” in your own neighborhood. The fuckin junkies and hippies and motorcycle gangs on Harley’s that you are scared to death of…that are white. You don’t know shit about anything except for what you read in the news. White woman don’t have as many babies cause they abort the little fuckers all the time, or throw them in a dumpster. Yeah Obama is half white which proves my point about the future of this country. “Pure white” (whatever that means) will disappear. Rap contributes nothing?? It’s a billion dollar business which has created many millionaires. Google that! You chose not to discuss the welfare stats Kevy. Why not? With your awesome white powers, there should be no white person on welfare. Trust me Kev, I don’t like white women, but they seem to like me. I didn’t ask for this. Your daughter would flirt with me till I fuck her. They seem to love the contrast of skin tones. They hate small pink dicks and the smell of dog mixed with Ole Spice. They love big full lips and strong hands lifting them up off the floor while getting a good deep pump till they cum all down our legs. They love to get strongly bent over, hair pulled while a huge cock is massaging deep into their pussy. (Are you touching yourself now?) They are tired of your 2.5 minutes of rabbit fucking and grunting. They were there when the slaves were being chosen…”Oh honey! Choose that one”. They had never seen anything like that before…tall, dark, strong, masculine warriors. I live good Killjoy, not in the ghetto, not on drugs, not in the streets. Worry about all your own people sucking off the system while our tax dollars support them. You seem to use street lingo and know about rap lyrics…how?? Wigger!! Or your son is…either way, you love us and need us. What else would you talk about in your boring ass, dull, humdrum life. Watch your wife when she leaves. Check her phone records. She might be fucking a Mac Daddy! Love the chess match…keep it coming!

      • u still owe me three more miles kev, and by the way, wheres my mule? lol. newsflash white son, im whiter than u, but im not a white person, but my best friend is. big ah, I love black pinus, u should try it kev, its the greatest. but I also love it when its edc. it just feels better tht way. u cnt knock wat u never had. find your self a nice black women and settle down kev. ur yerning is evedent. u need a violent black femenin fucking.lmao. wat would the world be without clowns, so much entertainment for u and I big keep it comin kev. ur the best.

    • The way they act today.. Just today? They always want something for free. Trees were planted in their neighborhoods so they would have public transportation. Only way to stop them from cashing welfare checks is to put them under their work boots.

  17. Big AH you seem to be a very knowledgable person, and I never looked at it the way you explained it. Most humans can’t see the slaughter of a chicken but they rejoice in seeing the slaughter of human life. I’m at a lost for words.

    • Yes sir, and thank you. Check all of the lynching photos that you can stand. Time after time you’ll see Devil men, women and even children standing there cheesing cause they just killed a teenage boy or a woman. Very impressive huh? They seem to think so. I don’t hate white people but they still hate us. Oh well…

  18. Actually the Blacks brought to America on the slave ships aren’t African. It’s a HIGHLY ignored FACT documented in history and the Bible. Africans get more love in America than “so called” African Americans. If most of us “so called” Blacks do some research you would be pissed at all other races lol. They all had a hand in what we have here today…the MONSTER(angry black men). I myself am not angry at any race of people because I have no right to be. Well I don’t trust most of you guys because I see what you are capable of when you are scared, ashamed and ignorant. We dark skinned people, children of slaves are of the lost Tribes of Israel. And this hardship was given to us by the Most High because our forefathers kept playing the whore by involving themselves with these lying religions the religions. They served strange gods in their land and now we serve strangers in a land that’s not ours.

    • I’m not quite sure of the point you are making my brother. On this particular blog, “people” are giving their point of view about the atrocity commited in 1930 to two innocent boys. Since slavery, the white man has beat and whipped and raped our people under the guise of being God. He taught us that he waGod, therefore he was right. It took brave men and women to tell that man to his face that he was the devil. That he was a serpent and a savage. Am I angry? I guess I am. I will continue to call him what he is…and would do so to his face. I’m not Big Ah for nothing. Study all the comments brother..tell me he’s not the devil.

  19. Hello,
    I’m Aim ( just a nickname) and I am a 14 year old girl from the state of Connecticut.
    I looked up lynching for an article I was reading about my culture.
    Thats right people, i am a ‘witch in the making’. I’ll say it loud and proud! I am proud of my culture and of my heritage and of my own personal past. I am pround of the person i am turning out to be and i am proud of people i have come to known through this spritual journey i am taking.
    Now i know what some of you may be thinking out there. Oh great, some satanist is posting on this site now. Well news flash people I am not a satanist! Neo-Pagan Witches aren’t Satanists. The Christian anti-God, Satan, has no place in Pagan pantheons, either mythologically or theologically. Plainly and simply, to non-Christians, Satanism is the dark side of Christianity
    We are not evil. We don’t harm or seduce people. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at T.V. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don’t have to be afraid of us. We don’t want to convert you. And please don’t try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give you–to live in peace. We are much more similar to you than you think.
    So any way i am reading these comments and frankly i find it sickening how racial everyone is. I am not nameing names because you know who you are and i am not saying everyone is being like this.
    But any one feels the need to use profanity under an article like this should not be posting.
    I have no doubt that i will be getting negative comments back about my beliefs, but frankly t those people i don’t care. So you might as well not waste your time typing because i will not respond. this is my one and only comment to you and i hope you take it to heart.
    As closure i hope you noticed that i did not mention whether i was black, white, or pink with purple polka dots. Because guess what guys…
    It doesn’t matter. waht matters is how you live your life, not how your race lives life, only your choices matter and that makes all the diffrence. Goodbye and be good.
    Aim, the witch!

    • Cool! A 14 yr old “witch in the making”. You seem to be very intelligent miss for such a young woman. Very insightful. Live your life how you want. Be happy and blessed. You stated that you looked up lynching for an article related to your culture. Is that to infer that Wiccans lynched black people? I really don’t know…which is why I’m asking you to gain further insight into your culture. From some of my comments it may appear that I hate white people or that I’m racist. I won’t be fake and say that I’m not…a little. It just floored me as well as you when I stumbled upon this blog to see the first few comments saying that that photo was beautiful artwork. Really?? Someone would have the audacity to actually say something like that in 2010? So I got mad. The black man in America has overcome the worst treatment of any other race to ever live and we are still here. We won’t go away…EVER. Hell, one runs the country. If you act like a snake and look like a snake, odds are that you might be a snake. If you act like the devil, and smile and cheese because you murdered two children, then you might be the devil. Get it? I am not bashing you or your religion. Be the best witch you can be. But ask your own people why they murder, rape, kill, and destroy everything that is not white. Convince me that white folks are not the devil, and I will join your religion. Deal?

    • Hey Aim the Witch, At the next Saturday night bbq and nigger disposal party you get to go to the head of the line. We’ll fix a rope for you too.


    • Sir, you are right about karma. But the example is a litte off. Hispanics are the new “slaves” for white people. They do all the construction and labor jobs for a fraction of what an American would make. White people are overjoyed at the new found wealth for themselves. Hispanics have great culture and traditions and a very good work ethic that the white man capitalizes from. But once they finish building something, white folks want them deported. “You can work for me, but not live with me”. So you are correct with karma, but not with hispanics. White folks love to pay a hispanic maid or gardener almost nothing and treat them like crap in the process.

      • wait a minute here how did the discussion go from justice to people who actually contstribute to society and do not sponge off the state and government work the jobs that are undesierable to most or are to hard for some to do or maybe they just wont.why would they when they can stand on a street corner and poison todays youth with there fast life and easy made money from exploting americas resourses.while at the same time they kill there own kind then brag about it in a song and make money off a life that they of there own.just because a white man has wealth does not mean they are using anotherhard working individual as a slave for there purposes.when a man sets out ot go to work he sets,out to support his family provide for there every need to give them a better quality of life.doing what must be done humbily accepting what they must do to make a HONEST LIVING.may be if there were more people willing to work hard for a living and not sit around on welfare having kids they cant feed or support .nor do they want to raise them,no thats left up to the penal system and state to do by filling up the prisons and welfare offices.instead of being there for them and being a rolemodel may be true that hispanics do alot of crap jobs but at least there working honestly and arent bragging about there dicks or how many of there own kind are worthless ,or how much money they made byselling drugs. if hispanics arent wanted the work ethic they provide for this country is needed. one things for sure, if the white man was to try and capitalize off of the blacks work ethic,huh,this country would be in a worse crisis debt yet.i may be wrong but youre kind wasnt originaly from this country, i mean just cause you were brought here doesnt really make you originaly from here does it? do you really think that blacks are the only race thats takin alot of crap off there employers?do you think you blacks are the only minority to be treated really bad?gee didnt know the world was only racist and un fair to that specific race.every race hates , even there own kind.its geneticly in bedded in human dna since the begining of the races.cain was the worlds first brother killer .tell me how many brothers have killed each other just this year alone…stroud

  21. Hello All,

    I stumbled upon this article doing research and am truly happy I did. First, let me say this photo sickens me but it is part of OUR history. This photo depicts the sick or horrid view of what has made US strong as people. This is not the fight We have today but yet and still we are still fighting the fight. I pray that one day WE can stop the hatred and rebuild OUR mind. This is 2011,lynching now is done in the Corporate America but the difference is WE do not need a noose, WE use our intelligence against the enemies!


  22. These beautiful black CHILDREN were murdered like hunted animals, and it was par for the course. HOW could they not wince at the sight of these CHILDREN. “They hate me cuz they ain’t me”…

  23. The devil despises anything that reminds him of God. Black people are the very spitting image of The Almighty..”He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities..the chastisement of our peace was upon him (the lash) and by His stripes we are healed”….And they hanged My Lord on a tree. There will be so many of God’s Black children rejoicing in His beautiful kingdom.

    • Wonderful words spoken Black Man/Woman. These devils will have their day of judgement…God’s chosen will prevail.

      • Maybe prejudices are from personal experience not ignorance,If ur town was once pure Black and clean and virtually crime free then the ”Cracker”started domineering the place and crime rates started tripling,and ur freedoms that ur people died to defend started disappearing just to keep the little minorities from being offended then I wouldn’t call u racist ur just observant.All Political Correctness Aside.True Enough there are Evils on both sides.Make no mistake Blacks are free because a white liberal loves u because they don’t have to live with u,aside from that 1 Black guy n the office where they work which is basically white,they have no idea or perception of integration first hand,to say that fear stops us is ignorance.Who stopped the Nazi War Machine 99.9 percent white folks.And lets not forget all the Yankee soldiers that died for your freedom.I wish those Yankees could hear and see u now talking bout fuckin their daughters and how Mofo Hunkeys need to bow down.Have Some Gratitude!!!,more whites took a bullet for u than Blacks were ever Lynched

      • Is this the same Grizz talking about buzzard breath and bargaining chips?? You sound more intelligent this time around. Blacks know the feeling of having their own town and having terrorists invade them with white sheets on. Ever since the abolition of slavery, white people formed the klan to get back at the government. “If we can’t use them as slaves, kill them all”. You know it’s true. If the government gave the freed slaves their own land as promised, there would be no crime or slums. Try starving your own dog for a few weeks then feed him and see if he is not vicious. He might even bite you. You guys are NOT crime free. You just want all of your child pornographers and drug dealers to be white. You guys embezzle retirements and blow up office buildings (Timothy McVey). The honorable Elijah Muhammed wanted blacks to have their own part of America totally free and seperate from the white man. The government would not allow it. We don’t want to be with you, your women, your jobs, or your neighborhoods. We want our own! Can we have your women? Yes….but that’s just payback…we don’t love them. Give us our share of the “American Dream” and you will never see us again. But you know you love to watch us in college basketball, football, etc. WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT…are all black folks poor, on drugs, or theives? Every place has poor areas…even white neighborhoods. By the way, blacks also fought and died in the Civil War…so YOU show gratitude! Right is right and wrong is wrong sir. NEVER justify evil. I don’t justify any black man selling drugs to his own people or killing another black man or not raising his children. They should be hanged!! Anybody evil…these kids were innocent. You sound more intelligent this time sir. Blacks and whites need to talk more and get passed all this bullshit or be seperate forever. I’m ok with either one.

  24. love how black people say that anybody who was lynched was innocent as if a black man would never commit a crime or something, fucking give me a break these murderers/rapists just got some real mob justice instead of being protected behind bars…i would feel exactly the same if they were white and the mob was black….all criminals of this calibre should meet mob justice. Big ah, change the persecution record…its boring and doesnt apply anymore, and defending black criminals whilst calling ‘my people’ ”crackers”..just makes you a racist hypocrite. you are not oppressed, you just choose to feel that way because its a great platform for you to have a moan from. let it go, its not your problem and neither is it mine, the photo is black and white for a reason… was ages ago. Big ah…….i have read ALL of your comments, you are racist and it shows. like i said b4 if it was the opposite way around, YOU would be in that photo smiling with the others…ask yourself would you…the answer is yes.

    • Funny how I am the only person that gets responses to my comments. I must really make people think. Cool! Obviously you have not read all my comments clearly. I stated that ANYONE evil should be hanged. But were these kids evil? I guess you didn’t read the other comments about this being “Beautiful Artwork” huh? No, I’m not oppressed. In fact, I live quite well. What I can’t stand is devils….white or black. You seem to be intelligent johnvictory (cool name). I expect you to reply to the white racists on this blog as well. Read ALL of the comments sir. Be fair and subjective. To justify the murder of two innocent teenagers is demonic. Re-read the article, then come back with updated information. That was 1930, not 1530. Women are smiling like they are at a concert. It’s just crazy!! Yes it’s the past, but this blog is the present. Look how you feel about this today. “Murderers/Rapist got some real justice” wow…You would lose your fucking mind if the two hanging were white and the mob was black. Get real buddy. Whites historically have no reason to hate blacks…but blacks have EVERY reason to hate whites. I DON’T HATE WHITES. I HATE DEVILS SIR. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. There are plenty of “nigger” quotes in this blog. Respond to those racists…but you won’t cause you are one too.

      • well im kind of glad that you see and understand my comment but please dont mistake me for a racist because i am not, i see past racism and to be honest i think you probbably do too despite some of your craker comments. I am in total agreement that some of the comments above are totally unacceptable especially the ‘artwork’ one, but i think we both know that the poster of that has the mental age of a 15 year old so just dont take the bait and bite to those guys, they only want a reaction and i think you know that. I am white English and my country is one of the most diverse places in the world and for the most part everybody lives together just fine…(for the most part), i guess you are prob from america where race tends to dictate everything and people are still bitter about things their grandparents went through…thats not progression. Unfortunatley modern ”black culture” tends to promote violence and negativity ‘g rap’ and what we call over here ”yob culture” and its pumped into the mainstream so thats all these ”devils” see of you and so some people who grow up on soundbyte media know no different and thats how the racism arises. Gone are he days of great black music like jeff beck, jimmi hendrix (my idol) and all the mowtown classics and its been replaced with gun toting street thugs who hold no value of human life even their own….this makes me sad and they do no good for race relations at all. I think all the lynching etc was horrible and so are the dumb ‘nigger’ comments….i am not racist and i hope you are not too, all i am saying is dont feel like you have to defend you entire race on comment boards full of moronic racists, laugh it off like i do…’THAT’ is taking the higher ground and it works. Thanks for saying i have a cool name…i just thought it up earlier 🙂

      • I must say that it is refreshing to see enlightening comments for a change. You sound totally different now sir. Thank you. Maybe I shouldn’t take this dumb blog so personal, but this is 2011 sir. 80 years has passed since the photo but people still feel the same way. I hold a position of power here in America. I talk to young black men all the time trying to help them get their lives right. Get educated, get self esteem and get legit business established. So many young black men have low self esteem and feel helpless. I talk to them to stop the cycle of drugs, crime and gangs. Seeing these devils comment on the murder of two teenagers like it was a good thing got me angry, so I did lash out. I’m sure someone will read this and say “Uh oh…Big Ah is getting soft, so lets call him a nigger again”. I wish I lived in England…but here in America, especially in the southern states, is very racist. I want the black man in America to hold his head up, be proud and be productive. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Finally…some kind of open dialect between black and white. This is the only way. Peace and love brother.

  25. what they needed was some suicide bomer to shred them to peices. That would not be terrorism but retaliation. They all Burn in Hell

    • Yeah me too!!! Don’t worry, the way niggers are fucking white girls like crazy, there will be none left eventually. Everybody will be zebras…

  26. Big Ah , Big Ah, Big Ah,

    These conversations aren’t giving me my jollies like in the beginning….so I’m going to take a leave of absence and go watch the niggers getting horse whipped on Roots. And the next time a nigger pisses me off….which im sure will be soon…I’ll be back to start the debate all over. Obamas term ends in less than two years….I hope you are gearing up for another 200 years of white Presidents! Word up “G”

    • Damn K-Dog, so soon? Oh well, I’ll miss you. It’s fun telling you devils the truth. Brag about Texas like you were there? Your probably to fat and dumpy to do anything. I didn’t brag about the black man that murdered 4 white police officers at the same time in that coffee shop just last year. Or the DC sniper killing 12 devils or Colin Ferguson in the early 90’s. You know why? Because that was stupid cowardly shit too. Wake up clown…your finished, and so is everyone like you. Please go watch Roots and wish for those days again because reality is that 13% of the population is dominating and taking over. “Debate?” What debate? You couldn’t answer about the welfare question which white people ALWAYS bitch about…oh well. I’m done too KKK (clever). This blog is for rednecks to reminisce about “the good ole days”. I shouldn’t have butt in. So bye Kevin…love ya bud…and Check Mate. Big Ah 5-0. Now I think I’ll go watch a video of two hot blondes getting big black poles deep in the asses. Word up.

  27. First of all, these white people in this photo are probably all sitting in a dark and burning hell waiting to be casted into the lake of fire, for eternity, they’ve judged and passed a death setence on 2 young men who were later found out to be innocent of a lie! I want everyone to take a look at this picture and see how evil it is, satan and a demonic force is definately present! (pauses to study picture) those were 2 human beings, living, breathing, caring and loving souls. I agree with big ah these people are devils , look at the smiles , the joy on their faces after the lynched these young men, really not caring if they were innocent or not. Everyone wants to blame crime on we black people, taking your tax dollars, raping your women, lol you bunch of petty morons! let’s tackle the crime situation first, you brought black people to america, your tactics pitted a many of us against eachother, gave us the worse living situations and expect every last one of us to be puppy dogs, i think not we’re the thorns in your side from here on out unless things really change! Welfare, there are more whites and hispanics recieveing welfare that the (statistical)amount of black, they go by the ” they’re a minority and they have a high percentage of folks on welfare” just because we’re a minority, you people outnumber us 5 and 10 to 1, lol you’re using more government resources than we are, think morons, their is a good working class of blacks too why can’t you say( since we are a small number) they work the more than any of us? Rape( statistically) blacks have the number supposedly, but how can you have a higher number remember the 5 and 10 to one, they’re playing the number game again, while whites are pedophiles from hell, whites kidnap babies and little children, take them to a wooded areas( the same way they did blacks)strip the little clothing or diapers off of these innocent babies/ children rape and kill them, cut them up in pieces and let animals eat the parts in some instances these children are left barely alive , bloody, can barely breathe can fend off bitting insects or wild animals who pick them apart, as they cry for parents who don’t know where they are and finally lay there and die, if they can do this to their own children and they can kill innocent blacks think of what this world is gong to be like in the coming years, not all whites are devils but a lot of them are( number game) there is a breed of them who harbor that kind of hatred, they’re sick and demonic, watch for them, they look like those people in that picture and speak like the ones in this forum.

  28. sorry for the misspelled word, i was trying to type it while it was on my mind, don’t take this as ignorance, i’ve probably had more education than any of you rednecks have had in your lives, on that not…. thanks for reading my post!:o)

  29. I can’t really grip the reality that this is still happening. My heart is filled with grief of what my ancestors went through. I am a beautiful, smart black and proud to be black woman. Please people wake up and take charge of this evil world.

      • Do you really feel that all whites are devils? It sort of hurts me as a human to see so much hate on this page for both white and black. I am a white female and I live in the south. I know that racism is still present but getting better (slowly). I feel that I still see racism on both sides, white people spewing hate towards the African American race as a whole and black people passing judgement to automatically think that white people are dumb racists. Some of us (black and white) are trying to make a living, have a family, and be a productive part of society. People have commented on here about how most ‘black neighborhoods’ are poverty stricken and that they sell drugs and kill…why do you think these neighborhoods are like this? It isn’t because they choose to do so, but because there IS still some oppression. Whites are preferred to blacks STILL in the work force. It is a fact. Employers tend to hire white men, followed by Asian men, then black men, white women, black women, and after that any other minorities. Less jobs leads to poverty stricken families, which leads to less than desirable lifestyles. This doesn’t just apply to black people. Women suffer from prejudiced as do gays, Jewish, Latino, and Spanish Americans.

        What I can’t comprehend is why people don’t try to make America a better one. Why can’t people focus on themselves and helping those around them than fearing differences. So what if you are black? So what if you are homosexual, so WHAT if you look or love or believe something other than what I believe? As long as it isn’t harmful to others, it shouldn’t matter.

        And yes, I am well aware that not everyone in society is decent. I don’t think the awful posts by some white people on here, explain themselves. WE are NOT all like that! There are those in the black community that are just as bad.
        As for the TRUTH OF THE LYNCHING – I did a report on this a few months back. Here are the facts:

        They had been arrested the night before, charged with robbing and murdering a white factory worker, Claude Deeter, and raping his white girlfriend, Mary Ball. A large crowd broke into the jail with sledgehammers, beat the two men, and hanged them. When Abram Smith tried to free himself from the noose as his body was hauled up by the rope, he was lowered and then his arms broken to prevent him from trying to free himself again. Police officers in the crowd cooperated in the lynching.

        A third person, 16-year-old James Cameron, narrowly escaped lynching thanks to an unidentified participant who announced that he had nothing to do with the rape or murder.

        James Cameron has stated in interviews that Shipp and Smith had, in fact, shot and killed Claude Deeter, a white man. They happened upon the car and decided to rob the couple. Cameron had no idea that they planned on shooting the man. He has said that he fled when he realized what was going on.The police accused all three men of murder and rape.

        Mary Ball later testified that she had not been raped, contrary to the accusations against the three men but that they HAD been the ones that shot, killed, and mugged Deeter’s dead body.

        While I think they should have served 25 to life for murdering someone, they should have had a right to a fair trial first and foremost. How they were killed was also extremely appalling. I feel terribly for them, they were kids that were probably raised in a very rough neighborhood in a very rough time. I DO think that they should have served for their crime of killing someone, but not like that. It’s terrible.

        FYI – In 1931 Cameron was convicted as an accessory to murder and served four years before being paroled. He went on to serve as the Indiana State Director of Civil Liberties from 1942 to 1950 and founded three local chapters of the NAACP. He served as the first president of the Madison County, Indiana chapter. In 1988 he founded America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee to preserve the history of African Americans who had faced the terror and violence of lynching. In 1993, James Cameron received an official apology and a full pardon from the state of Indiana. Cameron later said, “Since the state of Indiana forgave me, I forgive the state of Indiana.” In 2005, the U.S. Senate also officially apologized to Cameron and others. He also stated, several times, that what the other two men did, killing an innocent man, was horribly wrong in it’s own right. While the men had a right to a fair trial, and should have been convicted of murder in the first degree, they did not deserve the injustice that was served to them given no fair trial or being tortured previous to their death as they were.

        “Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.”
        ― Muhammad Ali

        “Some white people Hate black people,
        and some white people Love black people,
        Some black people Hate white people,
        and some black people Love white people.
        So you see, it’s not an issue of black and white,
        it’s an issue of Lovers and Haters.”
        ― eden ahbez

  30. Big Ah, i commend you for attacking these idiots who spew this blatant and hurtful racial hatred, this is going to continue until Christ returns, there is no sign of it slowing down, one day a real racial war may break out and trust me , it wont be in your favor( racists), that’s why you hide now, not even your militias are enough because there are other militias training to counter yours,lol. There are even old fashion people who don’t really care too much for black people but will never share the same views as you.

    • Yes sir and thank you brother. As you can see, these devils are super ignorant…not really worth our time. But it is fun to watch them buckle under the intelligence of the Black Man. They know that they are a dying breed, so most of what they spew is anger and fear of the future. I guess we would be angry too to know that our woman lust after them and mix breeds to create Barack Obama’s or Derick Jeter’s or Halle Berry’s or Blake Griffin’s. They are that old man on the porch screaming about everything in the world. People of color dominate the earth, and America will follow. Keep your chin up young man and walk like an Egyptian. Racial war? Maybe…if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready. Stay ready…peace.

  31. There is only one race the human race. You need to rethink your life, forgive yourself and move on. Love has no color and everyone bleeds red blood.

    • I wish it were that simple babygirl. Just know that you are loved and cherished as the mother of earth. Make plenty of beautiful Black babies.

  32. I was raised to believe that the Nigger was a person with respect. I watched “Roots” as a young boy and said “Mommy, why does the white man hate the Nigger”! My momma said that the Nigger is great and they don’t need to be fucked with. The problem is that my whole life prooves that the Nigger is a fucked up rat that needs to be eradicated from the earth. There is no good Nigger but a strung up dead Nigger!!!

  33. There is nothing worse than an American Nigger than a Middle east Camel Jockey!!!! Kill every one of the fucking cockroaches…

  34. I hate to say this but maybe black savagery can be contained if lynching were reintroduced to America. Negros are simply out of control and need to be tamed at the end of a rope.

    • Stupid useless devil. Read the WHOLE newspaper and I’ll bet you’ll find that your own kind are the ones that should be hanged. Black people that commit crime tend to be poor and living in the slums. Adversely, RICH white people commit crime for fun. They seem to love to take pics of naked children and sell them. You know why? Because you are Devils. By nature, you cannot stop being evil, corrupt and disgusting. You are the savage Gilbert. Fucking silly clown. Kill yourself sir.

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  42. I came on this site to learn more about our nation’s history and I was curious about what people replied in the comment section.
    This is a picture of a horrible act of hatred and evil. I thought the comments would be on how awful and disgusting lynching was back then and that you were happy that this doesn’t happen anymore. I was totally wrong when I read your responses about whose penis is bigger and how many white women you can do. This language is vulgar, crude, and degrading not only to women but to you.
    I’m not here to feed on your anger or to get you more fired up. Its 2011 now, guys and unfortunately racism is still around. But, grow up, boys. Come one, the reason why there is still racism is because there is still hatred. There is still hatred because there is no love. And, there is no love because there was no change in one’s heart.
    I have problems of my own, but they won’t be fixed unless I do something about it. So settle your differences aside and acknowledge that we are all human no matter what color, race, or ethnicity and remember that God made you in the image and likeness of Him.
    The men who were beaten, burned alive and hanged should be a rude awakening to the evil of racism.
    I don’t know who any of you are, but I wish the best for you.

    • You know Ms, you are absolutely right. I got caught up in this battle with 100 white men because I said that white women adore black men. You CANNOT possibly say anything worse to the white man. He can accept everything else that my people have taken away except his women. He would not respond if HE didn’t believe it to be even somewhat true. I can blabber on and bore you for hours about the wrenched barbaric history of Europe and the middle ages and even current events in the Catholic church involving little boys. But I won’t…the fact is is that “white supremacy” is a thing of the past…and some of these clowns want it back. They hate us NIGGERS (dramatic) “taking” their country away. Their grandpa used to warn them about the future. “Some day a nigger might be president”. The seeds he planted have come back to choke him to death. I assume that you are white. I mean no direspect with my comments. This is how men talk in private. But under no circumstances will I ever allow the white man to do to me what he did to my scared confused ancestors. Black people by nature are not a violent race. Watch the footage of them being beaten and choked and attacked and never fight back. It’s the past…I want to let it go, but white men still hate us. Why? Because of his woman. Theres no other reason….think about it…I bet none of these losers live anywhere near black folks. Their church is all white, school (for the most part) and town. But still, blacks dominate their every thought. Why? They are like that dog in the commercial…”Trouble….trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble” with images of black guys dancing around in their heads. WHY??? You are white!!! Be happy!!! But they are not….I alone have stood up for my people with hurtful truths and a giant mirror. But I really didn’t think about the females that might read this. I truly apologize for my language sweetheart and pray God will take this hatred/revenge spirit from me…I’m done. Freddy, big dck sam, grizz, happy john….and most of all Kevin (tears), I’m gonna miss you guys. You are a special batch of racists that I’ll never forget. I know you’re probably asking “Yeah, but will you stop boning our women?” I will try…one step at a time. Peace.

      • The problem here seems to be that you get insulted then respond in kind and it never stops. Its better to ignore insulting language than respond to it. Every time you respond your playing in to your opponents hands. I think u have some anger issues. Also, if you reread all your posts and responses to them you’ll see theirs a certain juvenile quality to them. Reminds me of fifth grade. I mean on both sides. Why continue this back and forth, what’s the point of engaging in the a diatribe of back and forth insults? You seem to be an intelligent man. This is a silly game being played just ignore it.

  43. Thank you, I greatly appreciate your sensitivity and I understand where you are coming from. I am white, but my color doesn’t matter (if that makes sense). It upsets me how this is still going on in our world (and unfortunately may never end). I do know the history of how it all began (although I don’t know everything) and all I can say is that I am happy how much we have progressed.
    As for the Catholic Church having a problem with some of their priests sexually assaulting or molesting boys, it is a sad thing to hear. Especially when they are held up on such a high pedestal and they are to lead their congregations. But God gave us free will and it was their choice and now they have to deal with the consequences and hopefully sincerely repent. But just think this kind of thing happens with official leaders, celebrities, and every day people. I’m not trying to make an excuse for those priests who have messed up. Just imagine how the other priests who are good priests and live devout lives feel about this. They can’t step out in public without being judged by people and receiving condescending looks. Don’t forget that there are good people out there too.
    Thank you, again. We need more people like you who are willing to put their self aside and try to do what will benefit our people and country and please God. Thank you, I didn’t know what to expect if someone replied, but I am relieved it was you.
    I wish I knew all of the answers to your frustrations and questions, but all I know to say is to give it up to God and ask God for help.
    As to some racist white men who may have some grudge against African American men being with “their women” that’s their own issue. My cousin is married to a black man and he is a great guy. Things have changed in the world now that we see more and more blended couples and marriages. You even see a white man with a black woman, or a white woman with an Asian man. Who cares if it’s love?
    You know what I have learned from my life experiences, it’s that there will always be hatred, adversity and vice, but there will ALWAYS be love, hope, and faith. Hold on and stand by those last three.
    God Bless you, sir. My heart goes out to you.

  44. Stacey I regret the profanity that I,along with Big BLAH, and others have engaged in.You appear to be a lady who projects the liberal perspective which is your prerogative.However,not all of us believe that all the “colours should bleed into one” and I am one of those people.You may excorciate my position all you like but miscegenation is wrong in the eyes of God and political correctness is nothing that merits respect or adulation.East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.I believe in total segregation of the races and if this qualifys me as an extreme racist then so be it.I must be true to my convictions and if they are contrary to what you believe then so be it.It is much better to stand for something than to fall for anything and everything.Perhaps you should study the opinions of Abraham Lincoln and his perspective on how White…Black relations should be conducted and do remember that Lincoln was the great emancipator.Big BLAH showed his true colours when he wrote about quote “fucking the dog shit out of white bitches” unquote.Uhmm some would say typical nigger trash talk but you be the judge.Still I would hesitate “blessing” him or extending your heart out to him.He might be all bluster or he might have issues…you decide.

    Go with God!

  45. The article does not give the full facts.
    Im not defending this but the two men did kill the teenage man. (get the full details of the shooting from Wiki)
    I dont know why this article tries to imply that the teenage man claimed a lie. He was shot dead, it was the girlfriend who made the rape allegation after her boyfriend had been killed.
    Either way the two were murderes, and so were not blameless.

  46. Big ah keep spoon feeding these cave dwellers from the european foot hills,a race of barbaric animal flesh eating,disease infested ppl.The biggest lie to my race of ppl.and to others was and still is christianity and the king him self(james)a lover of men and young boys in fact william shakespare was one of his play toys ppl please do the research,who murdered his mother queen elizabeth to take over the royal family ppl do the research,My ppl was the start of all civilization in kemet meaning(black)northern africa befor alexander the greek not the great who killed and tortured millions of africans men,women and babies in the name of roman catholic christ do the research ppl.And then the sand demons(arabs)came in on horse back an con’t the same genocide,slavery and oppression against my ppl and most of africa is now muslim 65% and the other is 30%christian do the research ppl.The european jew not only benefit and make millions in profit from slavery 90% of ships to bring my ppl over against there will(kidnapping)was jewish owned.we build this nation on God and blood,so when the blue eye demon arrived to the shores of africa w/the bible in one hand and a riffle in the other hand we should have cut both hands off,but w/promises of whiskey and luxury huts,one day a king of a nation and the next he’s on the good ship lollipop.

  47. Yea

    U ppl can fcuk urselves up, hatin each other
    while osama and folks bomb ur redneck and n*gger children, make u both the ‘new niggers’ of this planet

    Maybe u don’t hear the warcry ?
    there’s a sandstorm coming to rape both ur mommies asses..and it shouts ALLAH !

    • Thia is what i expected from a person who didn’t get enough of mommy’s breast milk,but sucked the tit of a goat at birth.Let me try and educate you, u might learn something.since the beginning one race of ppl have always oppressed and enslaved another race of ppl,for many reasons(land,resource,reglion,profit,ect…..but there’s only one class of ppl on this planet and you and i will never be part of that class,that class of ppl send there children to the most expensive schools,university’s and teach them how to profit off other ppl habits(alcohol,drugs,fast food,porn,crime,you get the that class of ppl will alway’s keep the boot in your ass and on your neck at the same doesn’t matter what race you are it’s about,are you the working slave of today for corporate america,if you get up every day 9to5 you are the today’s working slave and that’s every on my block,white,black,asian,spanish,so you see your not fucking no one no time ever,your in a dream and your wide awake.

  48. Frederick, Big Ah, and the rest, you’re ALL racists.

    STFU, start over, and recognize you’re a human just like the rest of the population.


  49. Oh, and I just wanted to add, the people here ranting about how huge their dicks are, classic. Reminds me of high school again.

    I don’t see the link between racial lynching and big dicks though. But that might just be me.

    • Simple link sir. These boys were lynched because of some false rape accusation. That was ALWAYS the reason. For some strange reason, young blacks would always rape young white girls KNOWING that death would be horrible and imminent. For a bonus, the dick would be cut off. Read about lynchings sir. Emmitt Till was brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman. Black men having sex with white girls was the greatest crime off all…even when it didn’t happen. See the link now?

  50. Some facts for everyone here.

    1. You’re all human. You might be part of a different subspecies, but you’re all human. Which is why we can all reproduce with eachother.

    2. There’s evil in all populations. I know black assholes, white assholes, asian assholes, etc.

    3. Hate has no place in a multicultural society. What are you gonna do? Eradicate everyone who’s different? That would be good for the US, to lay in ruins. Yeah. GET ALONG, we’re in this together, wether you like it or not.

    4. Someday we’ll all be mixed. No hard feelings then.

    Please don’t let prejudice fuck you up, don’t fight racism with racism. It will lead to no good. The world has been feeding on hate since it had humans in it, and where did it lead us?

    I’m white, my girlfriend is mixed (mostly black) and I couldn’t give a shit what color she was. Under that thin layer of skin we all look the same.

    Hate me for being white, I won’t hate any of you.

    Lighten up, goddamn..

    • There are so many “nigger” quotes in this blog that I stopped counting. There are quotes talking about how lynchings should happen again. There are quotes about how blacks are dumb and our women are only good for prostitution. But the ONLY quotes that stand out in all this bullshit is about our bigger dicks… amazing.

      • You’ve got the right to be pissed off about that, I’m just saying not every white person is like some of the above posters.

        Where I live, different cultures get along, and that is by far a better thing then hating eachother.

        It is at least a good thing to hope for.

  51. forget or forgive about the greatest crime to ever be committed against dark skin ppl on this planet are you joking,Deep down we are all racist believe it or not some more extreme than others.Try telling a jew to forget about the holocaust or a palestinian to forget about the land that highjacked,or try telling a mexican to forget about the alamo and texas,or a japanese to forget about the destruction of two major cities killing millions of innocent ppl,or try telling america to forget about 9/11,you see it’s deep rooted like a two hundred yr.old tree.My friend wa are all racist some more extreme than others.And no we all are not humans if so why is this planet in the condition that it’s in.

    • Extreme wisdom sir. They only want the black bloggers to “calm down”. The white bloggers can spit as much ignorant clown shit as they want, but the black bloggers are “racists”. Tell them the truth and they buckle in fear. We have conquered the world in spite of everything we have gone through. If a white man loses his job, he will kill innocent co-workers and then himself, leaving his family to fend for themselves. COWARDS FOR ETERNITY….the black man would rather steal or sell drugs before his family starves. REAL MEN. Pound them with the truth brother, until he finally kills himself.

  52. The other day i was in the check out line at the super market,and this old white say’s to me boy you are a big one,a big ol you box,you look like mike tyson,i thought i was being punked.I thought was on an auction block for all to see.I then looked at this little old white man in his blue eye’s and said,no i don’t box but i love to play field hockey and i own and operate 8 tanning salons his reaction was priceless.

    • That same little old white man would be surprised to learn that I DO box… and also write rap better than most on the radio today. Stereotypes are just amusing to me.

  53. I’m loving this. I can’t stand to see white girls with Nigers Babes glow in the dark. The only things that mix bread in the world are people and dogs. muts how could u like a fuckin monkey. Fuckin greasy smelly nigger.

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  56. WOOOOOOWWWWWW I cant believe these are adults talking like this… Although its sad to say I’m not surprised to hear the filth that’s your spitting through your words i wonder how ya’ll would feel if it was you brother, sister, mother,grandfather,grandmother,son or daughter swinging from that rope in that tree with out being heard out ya’ll make me vomit. then ya’ll say ya’ll hate blacks but been stealing everything from us since you brought us to this country. first ya’ll steal from the Indians then steal us away from our home, in which force us to build this place and try to make us go back after years AND years of being here. I am an African American and damn proud of it grow the hell up

    • Well said sister. But you can’t ask the devil why he’s evil no more than you can ask a eagle why it flys or a dolphin why it swims. They are doing what they were born to do. These devils will suffer for eternity on earth and in hell. Keep your beautiful black face up and walk like a queen.

  57. What gets me about that photo isn’t the the man hanging by his neck dead,it’s the reaction of the ppl.standing around,they are amused having fun it’s the norm hang a nigger day wow!!!!!and the young kids no feelings at all,where was the parental guidance hate breeding hate poor white america.

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  59. Alot of white people will never understand the africans role in world history. Which, by the way, was one of necessity. After each major production shift in the world, the white man have increasingly relied on the african and the “mother land”. Mainstream whites believe whatever the media suggest about africans. It upsets them that their children love black music and increasingly more black or african friends, which brings me to this picture…it is quite simply the true feelings of european attitudes toward africans. Their hate for beautiful skin of every color. Pure beauty and strength combined with speed and creative production. Killing to intimidate. hanging pregnant african women and cutting out the fetus and stomping an unborn baby…yes people their were greater tragedies than this photo! In closing, these same atrocities still go on today. The physical violence toward africans have weakened, but the psychological damage of these violations against a race has taken its toll. I am responsible for my african brothers and sisters. I will break the chain. White people, leave us alone, you’ve done enough. Black people rise up you mighty nation and become the Kings and Queens you always were.

    please try peace!

  61. I have to say that I found this site through doing research for a History paper I have to do. I am not a perfect person. I know and work with lots of different people in health care. Yes there are niggers in the world, but they are not black. They are all colors. I more look at that term as a definition very different from the way most of you use it. The real thing is ask yourself if that person make a positive contribution to society. If so, good! Leave them alone go on your way or introduce yourself be friends. It took along time in my life to realize the great additions of different cultures. Yes white people were bad to the black race, but this was a long time ago and I’m sure non of us were there. So white people will not rule the world and maybe some black people have a chip on their shoulder. You that have the chip, I for one respond much different to your kind. When people just act like people the human race excels. If we all hold on to the past too strongly we will never be able to move forward. By the way yes I have called people niggers before. Like I said no one is perfect and I am ashamed of it, Because that just showed people of my ignorance of the world. This goes both ways for black and white. I am sure that face to face most of you would not open your mouth to say anything negative without a group to back you up. I don’t say this to get a fight started. I just have learned that everyone is important for different reasons, not different colors. Myself being prior military, I have depended on men and women of all colors to have my back and I theirs. When faced with true danger you change your mind on what constitute a good person. Love all people. Except maybe lazy people. No one likes a lazy person. They just get in the way! Live Life like it is your last day!

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    • LOl…”Combat Training”…classic. Two weeks with Billy Blanks now you’re ready for war huh? PLEASE…I would stomp your guts out devil. But no need to proceed…it will never happen. Have fun typing pink toe.

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    • You love to continue on about Africa. You must live there. I’m in America freddy, where white people are useless, heavily on Meth and OVERWHELMINGLY on welfare. Google it freddy. Then you’ll understand what I’m saying.

  64. Wow !!!!!! that was heart felt very emotional,you almost had me hoodwink,bamboozled,the game of trick knowledge.If your selling it I’m not buying it, We’ve been buying it to long and where have it gotten us as a people?we have no leaders of today the days of MARTIN,MALCOLM,MANDELA,GARVEY,are a thing of the past,the other day i asked a young black male a question,i said to him if you can tell me who NELSON MANDELA is and the country he’s from and what he fought for i will give $20 now,the response i got was, i have no idea who he is or where he’s from wow!!!!!! this young man has no clue of the past or the future he is doomed and many more like him.The forces that concern me are the law makers,politicians,bankers,and corporations.This is why our educational system do not work,poor low income families and housing,crime,high death rate among blacks,high teen pregnancy,high drop out rate,high HIV rate among blacks,high rate of black men and women incarcerated in NORTH AMERICA NO we are not all the same,many of us don’t know the out come of this journey,wise up people it’s coming sooner than you think it may be here now!!!!!!!!

  65. Devil’s come in many colors,shapes and people,back on the plantation you had very rich and educated whites,and you had poor white trash,well guess who controlled the poor white trash,the rich whites did.White America have to come to the realization that they are the poor white trash without the trailer park.White America is now the modern day dinosaur,you are no longer a force,you are in the same boat fighting to survive another day.The same politicians you embrace and love have sold you out for 30 pieces of silver,America has been sold to the richest foreigner,China,Japan,Mexico,England,Russia,Brazil,and the middle east.So white America take along look in mirror do like what you see.

  66. All I can say is pictures like this make me physically ill… and so ashamed to be white. I know that I had nothing to do with this personally… but just listening to the hateful words spewed out by people who share my skin tone… pathetic. If you are looking at this picture and proud in ANY way.. you are seriously in need of psychiatric help. Someone has done you a great disservice by grooming you to hate. I sincerely feel sorry for you… what you must have went through to make you so cold hearted. May God have mercy on your souls! I almost want to come at you with the same hatred you show others… but I cannot in good conscience allow your illness to taint the purity of my heart. I will say that I personally…I LOVE BLACK MEN… the dark tone of their skin against mine… their full beautiful lips… big enough to suck into my mouth… the natural V shape of their back… their course hair.. gently tickling my lily white thighs… their soul…sensuality… size…sexuality… strength… stamina…sensitivity… their willingness to please their woman… in every way imaginable… OH HOW I LOVE THE BLACK MAN!!!!! And must say that in my own personal experience… WHITE MEN PALE IN COMPARISON!!! HMMMMM maybe thats why they hate the black man so…. ( ;

    • Ms. Lisa….Wow baby girl. Finally the truth from a female so it doesn’t make it sound like I’m full of shit. I’m done “talking” to scumbags with an associate degree in european studies who can’t even put spaces between sentences. Boring pricks who use Big ah quotes to get off to. (He sees me then sucks on his two fingers and immediately jams then in his ass). Anyway, thank you for telling them the truth, even though they have ALWAYS known. NOTHING can make a man hate another man more than being spawned by a woman. Men are highly competetive, but when one entire race can’t compare there is going to be deep rooted hatred. OH WELL!!! You and I have always been connected. When massa was out getting drunk and raping his slaves, you and I were home alone curious about each other. Let them hate baby girl. WE know the truth. Hmmm…we may need to get up one day lol.

      • I only speak the truth… I am very proud to say that I truly do love black men… I have been loved better… respected more… appreciated more… and satisfied more by black men than I have white men. When I am with a black man… I feel like I’m home. Real talk! I have also talked to plenty of white men who would love to be my cuckold and participate in my interracial activities. So it is a true statement at least with some white men that they feel inferior to black men. I have no interest in this of course… but the fact that I get offers almost daily… speaks volumes. You are right Big Ah… WE have always been connected! Would love to know more about you. I find you intelligent, witty and very to the point. I like that in a man.

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  67. The Black Man

    The truth of the matter is
    There is nothing more beautiful
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    Whether five-two or six-seven,
    Yellow fabulous or chocolate heaven
    There is nothing more beautiful
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    Long and lean
    With deep brown eyes
    Wavy hair or dreds
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    Bald head with goatee
    Cornrows or a fade
    A little thick, a little thin
    Oh the choices to be made
    There is nothing more beautiful
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    Scholarly or not
    Wall Street or hip hop
    I’ll sing your praises
    To the mountain top
    Head of the home
    Provider and love
    Obedient son and loving brother
    There’s nothing more beautiful
    Than a black man

    A mighty provider you’ve proven to be
    Sacrificing your life to keep me free
    Working for crumbs
    When the table is bare
    Praising the Lord
    Leading the family in prayer
    There is nothing more beautiful
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    Holding my hand
    When fear emerges
    Remaining faithful, suppressing your urges
    Proving your strength
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    Having high hopes
    When the situation is bleak
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    Treating me like the queen
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    Oh and by the way…your pathetic poetry sucks big time! The last two lines should read:

    There is nothing more redundant, that smells like an open sewer,
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    • OH Frederick… you sad little excuse of a man. You are obviously a member of the HATERS club.
      Regularly in

      I am certainly a woman… 5’7, long red hair, pale blue eyes, beautiful porcelain skin, curves in all the right places, long muscular legs, beautiful feet…. and I can cook, keep a very clean house, love and treat my man like a KING. Have 3 beautiful daughters… who for the record are not mixed… but also prefer black men. Daughters who were raised to never hate… but to love every human being. Who are also intelligent and kindhearted. I am very proud of the fact that my children were raised in a loving environment and learned at a very early age to embrace all other cultures.

      White men have for centuries not only held the black man down… but also have held women down. Its a wonder how we ever obtained any rights. We women… much like the every other non white male… have been abused, used, and treated as “less than” by the white man since the beginning of time. It just kills you narcissistic, bigoted, self righteous white men to think that we may be gaining some momentum doesn’t it. Lord forbid, we take over. That scares the hell out of you doesn’t it Frederick?

      • @LisaG: Wow, now that you mention it I **have** noticed that very attractive women with red hair and “porcelain” skin are almost always seriously fucked up inside their skulls. There’s something extremely interesting going on here, on a biological level. One could argue that your type is so often psychiatrically diseased due to *environmental* influences. For example, men are constantly letting you treat them like rugs everywhere you turn, on the off-chance that you’ll condescend to fuck them, and this is why you’re almost always incredibly arrogant, self-centered sadist bitches. I’m pretty sure that’s not it, though. For one thing, I’ve encountered way too many red-haired men whose brains are screwed up EXACTLY the same way, i.e. who would also be promptly beaten to death by any healthy vigorous society, and I don’t think the same environmental factors pertain at all. I think there must be gene linkage between red hair and mania. There may even be a spiritual dimension. Your type has been extremely prominent in satanic circles, for example.

    • Zilch huh??? Without the black man… you wouldn’t have a pot to piss in… lotion to jack that little pecker off with… or soap to clean that nasty hate mongering shit you’ve be spewing off your mouth.

      (Not to mention the typewriter or printing press that it took to publish the photo and article about the two aforementioned youths.)

      Below is an example of just some inventions by black inventors:

      Biscuit Cutter A.P. Ashbourne Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson
      Folding Bed L.C. Bailey Bicycle Frame Issac R. Johnson
      Coin Changer James A. Bauer Space Shuttle Retrieval Arm Wm. Harwell
      Rotary Engine Andrew J. Beard Printing Press W.A. Lavallette
      Car Couple Andrew J. Beard Envelope Seal F.W. Leslie
      Letter Box G.E. Becket Laser Fuels Lester Lee
      Stainless Steel Pads Alfred Benjamin Pressure Cooker Maurice W. Lee
      Torpedo Discharger H. Bradberry Window Cleaner A.L. Lewis
      Disposable Syringe Phil Brooks Pencil Sharpener John L. Love
      Home Security System Marie Brown Fire Extinguisher Tom J. Marshal
      Corn Planter Henry Blair Lock W.A. Martin
      Cotton Planter Henry Blair Shoe Lasting Machine Jan Matzeliger
      Ironing Board Sarah Boone Lubricators Elijah McCoy
      Horse Bridle Bit L.F.Brown Rocket Catapult Hugh MacDonald
      Horse shoe Oscar E. Brown Elevator Alexander Miles
      Pacemaker Otis Boykin Gas Mask Garrett Morgan
      Guide Missile Otis Boykin Traffic Signal Garrett Morgan
      Lawn Mower John A. Burr Hair Brush Lyda Newman
      Typewriter Burridge & Marshman Heating Furnace Alice H. Paker
      Train Alarm R.A. Butler Airship J.F.Pickering
      Radiation Detector Geo. Carruthers Folding Chair Purdgy/Sadgwar
      Peanut Butter George W. Carver Hand Stamp W.B. Purvis
      Paints & Satins George W. Carver Fountain Pen W.B. Purvis
      Lotion & Soaps George W. Carver Dust Pan L.P.Ray
      Automatic Fishing Reel George Cook Insect Destroyer Gun A.C. Richardson
      Ice cream Mold A.L. Cralle Baby Buggy W.H. Richardson
      Blood Plasma Dr. Charles Drew Sugar Refinement N. Rillieux
      Horse Riding Saddle Wm. D. Davis Clothes Dryer G.T. Sampson
      Shoe W.A. Detiz Celluar Phone Henry Sampson
      Player Piano Joseph Dickinson Pressing Comb Walter Sammons
      Arm for Recording Player Joseph Dickinson Curtain Rod S.R. Scottron
      Doorstop O. Dorsey Lawn Sprinkler J.W. Smith
      Doorknob O. Dorsey Automatic Gearshift R.B. Spikes
      Photo Print Wash Clatonia J. Dorticus Urinalysis Machine Dewey Sanderson
      Photo Embossing Machine Clatonia J. Dorticus Hydraulic Shock Absorber Ralph Sanderson
      Postal Letter Box P.B. Dowing Refrigerator J. Standard
      Toilet T. Elkins Mop T.W. Stewart
      Furniture Caster David A. Fisher Stairclimbing Wheelchair Rufus J. Weaver
      Guitar Robert Flemming ,Jr Helicopter Paul E. Williams
      Golf Tee George F. Grant Fire Escape Ladder J.B. Winters
      Motor J. Gregory Telephone Transmitter Granville T. Woods
      Lantern Micheal Harney Electric Cutoff Switch Granville T. Woods
      Thermo Hair Curlers Soloman Harper Relay Instrument Granville T. Woods
      Gas Burner B.F. Jackson Telephone System Granville T. Woods
      Kitchen Table H.A. Jackson Galvanic Battery Granville T. Woods
      Video Commander Joseph N. Jackson Electric Raillway System Granville T. Woods
      Remote Controllers Joseph N. Jackson Roller Coaster Granville T. Woods
      Sani-Phone Jerry Johnson Auto Air Brake Granville T. Woods

      • Actually, red-haired satanic bitch, your list is a lot of brainwashed BULLSHIT that’s been cooked up by the niggers’ hidden political agitators, the Jews (since 99.99% of niggers don’t have the academic chops to come up with this stuff on their own).

        For example (chosen completely at random) Issac [sic] R. Johnson as “the inventor of the bicycle frame”: it took me all of thirty seconds to blow this one to shreds. Johnson filed his patent in 1899, but the SAFETY BICYCLE (look it up, bitch) had already been around since the 1880s. In other words, during the heyday of the bicycle he developed one variation on this type frame out of hundreds– but he was the SOLE contributor of such who was black, so the pathetic negro ego has to conflate this to “he single-handedly invented the bicycle frame.” This is absolutely typical of “black achievement” propaganda. Only the Jews and their mindless nigger flunkies propagate these lists, which are nothing but transparent bullshit.

        Again, ANYBODY could find out instantly what bullshit this is, armed with little more than common knowledge, but you, vicious race-traitor bitch that you are, glom onto it just as stupidly as if you’re black yourself.

        And I’m supposed to be impressed??????? Bitch, you simply hate your own people. If “racism is wrong,” then being racist against your own is just as wrong, ONLY CRAZIER. The Jews and their stupid cannon-fodder pet monkeys, the niggers, are on the rise, and you’ve simply whored yourself out to “the winning team.” There’s a name for it: Stockholm Syndrome.

  69. Sure thing Big Ah… It is the title of my first rap cd… but until I hit it big… go ahead and use it…( :

  70. Lisa G the red hair blue eye Canaanite,who went down into Egypt which was all African and inflicted a disease upon the kings and queens you are a modern day(Saria) to my people.Read Gen…12-10-14 i do facts,and research.Since the beginning of time the white man has put the white women on a pedestal and said this is pure beauty the fabric of the world and i will kill any man who disagree.This image was a inferior seed planted into the african man and women to make them feel less than human.For over 350yrs the white man have raped african women and girls w/drunken rage and planted a seed of hate,a race of people not knowing there name,culture,freedom,religion,or GOD and many of us have lost our sanity.The white women was curios all so,but here life and family name was at stake a high price to pay to be w/mandingo out behind the barn.Black men have been murdered,lynched,hanged,castrated if the white man even thought his white women was tampered with.So LISA G you don’t love the blackman,it’s all about curiously and lust the rumors,does he have a big penis is he a sex animal in bed,it’s never been about love w/ the blackman and you know this to be true.The only women to love the blackman and understand him is the blackwomen.The blackwomen understand his struggles his fears his life,white women can never do this there is no relation to this because of culturally differences you understand lisa.

    • grnmile… you could not be more wrong about how I feel… you don’t know me… I have not divulged perhaps enough information about myself for you to truly know who I am. I will however, say that I am the great grand daughter of an African American slave… my grandfather was mixed… so you are wrong to say that I dont love black men… for the record… I love all races… and am empathetic to the struggles of the human race. Furthermore, the first black man who I feel head over heels in love with… it was not curiosity or sex or color… I feel in love with his voice… he like me… was a singer… and the emotion with which he sang… did it for me… there was no turning back. Maybe some people are not like me… open hearted as well as minded.. but I am proud of who I am… who my ancestors are… on both sides of my family tree. Do I understand the struggles of the black men and women…. YES… have I been through those same struggles… NO… but for you to say that a person cannot love a person of another race because they have not walked a lifetime or a mile in their shoes… is ridiculous… it that were true grnmile… than I could say you do not love women… because no man has ever walked in our shoes.

      • * fell *fell just in case Ms Crawford my grade school English teacher is reading this

      • PS I have never been to Egypt and my next question to you is who wrote the bible and who or what is God?

    • Lisa G…. you are so correct i will never know what it’s like to walk in a women shoe,and don’t care to know.The females in my life grandmother,mother,wife,sister there shoes can never be replaced.Only a man can walk in his own shoes no one else,There’s nothing on this planet like black love,a blackman who trurly loves a black women for who she is in life.Her full lips and broad hips and thick ass and shoulders,strong back and her dark kinky hair,only GOD can bless us w/ that, his gift to the race.can you tell Lisa G that i love the ground black women walk on,w/out her there’s no me,And to remind her always she is special to me and to the community.i love a black womens mind,soul,sprite,and body.I have nothing against women of other races,the blackwomen is made to last.

      • I am glad you love black women grnmile… so do I. Some of the most influential people in my life right now are strong beautiful black women. They have my back and I have theirs. My first loyalty goes with women.. all women of all races.

  71. And oh for the record,Lisa sweetie pie,I am NOT scared or frightened about anything or anybody so don`t flatter yourself woman!So you have taught your daughters to “love” everyone…uhmm you dear little Lisa are a bit of a hypocrit because this love that you supposedly have is not being directed to,for instance,me.I detect enmity,Lisa,which is oh so unbecoming.The GOOD BOOK states unequivocally to love your enemy,Lisa…uhmm something you and Blah boy fail to do.The Bible is irrefutable and has withstood the test of time which is far more than can I say will be the case for a prick like Richard Dawkins and his atheistic trash.

    • Awww…the pathetic, short dick racist needs a hug! The only clown that walks around with a bible in one hand and the other hand is fingering his ass. Go get some pussy bitch. Like I stated earlier to my boy Kevin (who I miss), you are a dying breed. You will no longer exist in the next 50 yrs. So you can take all your “accomplishments” to your fuckin grave devil, so the world will return to it’s origional state…BLACK. You see your women are on OUR side pink dick, so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Go lay in your bed, alone, wishing you were black. That’s right bitch…you wish you were black. You hate your ugly, pale, disgusting, weak skin. You hate your weak, soft, non-atheletic body. You hate your pathetic, small, pink dick. You hate that you are invisible to your own women. You can talk about all the poor black people all day. My family is wealthy. Doctors, lawyers, professors, U.S Marshalls, teachers, business owners, etc. I work a full time job and own a moving business as well. MAKING MONEY FAG!! So keep your finger in your ass while I make money and get pussy. Shove your fuckin bible up your flat red ass devil…cause you don’t have a clue as to what the bible is saying. Lol…you are a true nigger, clown. No class, non educated, can’t spell. Anyway…what’s up ladies? Big Ah got love for yall. Holla at me…

      • No class eh? Is that why more than 87% of niggers are living off the government or stuck in the ghetto? Damn more than 80 million of them have aids, see your lucky you are the one that got away, your race is a dying one as more and more of you contract aids. Soon we will have to quarentine all of your people back to africa as we watch as your race dwindles to a mere handfull then we will watch as the last remaining die a slow and horrible death. Join the in death as the death of the nigger community is the only way that the world will truly have peace…I Will Be There Watching.

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      • you know what’s funny? you talk about how white women want black men…well, i say, more black women want white men…they are looked at as higher up…you know it is true…now im not prejudice by any means…i’m really not…you just talk a lot of smack…my husband is white…he was 24 and bought his first four bedroom brick home, and he also owns a new altima…he makes damn good money…yet he is no better than you…so why do you think you are so much better than the white man…this pic is terrible no matter what color person it is…not ALL black men have big penis’ and i KNOW THAT! and i also KNOW that some white men, DO have big penis’…and my little sister, who is white, has big lips and a big ass…and im big chested with big lips…see, black or white, all men and women are the same…it REALLY REALLY DOESNT MATTER…and all of you racist people need to get over yourselves…slavery was over like FOREVER ago! do you not see who the president is?? before you say hes black, hes also half white!…its time for everyone to move forward and past this…if the white and black women can get along, so can the white and black men…why so territorial?? geez

    • You are wrong, Mr Christensen… I don’t hate you… I pray for you and those like you.. that when judgment days comes God will have mercy on your soul. Might I even give you a gift today… a link to a true christian… to a woman who could maybe teach you a few things about love and peace….

      “THIS IS THE WAY OF PEACE: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love… My simple peace message is adequate – really just the message that the way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things. One in harmony with God’s law of love has more strength than an army, for one need not subdue an adversary; an adversary can be transformed.”
      -Peace Pilgrim
      My hope for you Mr. Christensen is that you can be transformed.

      • To LisaG your whole christian belief will only go so far, if you where the girl whom got raped in the scenario above wouldn’t you cry out justice (in the most barbaric way possible)? Maybe even casteration? Maybe even death to those who caused you harm? I know that you would, Because when it comes down to it we all have that hate lurking within us, those who say they are not racist are simply masking their true beliefs with false thoughts. Wait until something bad happens to you then you will toss out your misguided garbage beliefs and show your true colors…

  72. I am really exceeding myself because I usually don`t go to this much trouble but Lisa G I am doing this all for you,sweet cheeks! Again,check it out…the blatant myth behind the falsification of Negro “inventions” and for once get it right.Go to do grow up and try to reason with that constipated little liberal brain of yours.Sixty to one hundred years ago,most American negroes could not read or write let alone have the wits to even invent an egg beater or whatever.Back then dem po blackie critters were on the cusp of barely surviving so for you to buy into this bull shit about any of them being able to invent anything more than”an excuse to raid the old melon patch” is egregiously obscene.Ninety nine percent of the items that you so listed in your ingratiating rant were Invented,patented and marketed by Caucasians.Time for you to grow up and stop sucking up to racial INFERIORS! Never,never put anything born of woman on a pedestal,Lisa,especially a no count Negro or Negress.Again enlighten yourself and check it out by Googling onto to or

    You may thank me later!

  73. As to all which believe that god created and love us all equally, I believe that god dosen’t love black people as why would he subject them to such hardships in the well before 1960s then there was segregation and now he has given 80,000,000+ black people A.I.D.S.. I am not stating this to be racist I am simply enlightening all of the religous commenters of gods strange hate (or dislike) of the black community.

    • You Know What TONIA studies have shown that most black females perfer to have a white counterpart over a black one, so to use your own Statement YOUR WOMEN ARE ZOMBIES FOR WHITE MEN. Face it deep down you want one also.

  74. LisaG Ive been doing some research as to what was invented by what race and I found some irregularities with your list maybe you should recheck more than half of your list, sure black people created some things (mostly household items) which are not nearly as important as some of the white peoples inventions such as Penicillin, The Constitution, Aircraft, Automobiles, Computers, Banks, The Telephone, Electricity, The TV and pretty much everything we know about physics and matter. To Just Name Some Of The Inventions that actually impacted human life, not useless items such as a biscuit cutter. If you were to compare the greatest inventions head-to-head of each of the races it would be Penicillin vs (well..) Peanut Butter which one wins? I’m guessing penicillin So dont try to play the whole self righteous nigger love thing its getting old…

    • For starters, the girl was not raped. And for the record, I have been. But it wasn’t by a black man. It was by a white man… and no I would not want to see him castrated. God has taught me to turn the other cheek. Its crazy that there are still “Christians” out there who pretend to follow God’s word… but do just the opposite of what he instructs. When the end comes… it will be my leg you will cling to….

      Sky will fall upon the earth
      Rotting flesh will show your worth
      Anointed ones will light the way
      All others will be told to stay
      Centuries will upon you pass
      Judgment day eternal last

      Foul froth beasts with hinged wings
      Will sit on thrones once held by kings
      Palace guards will coax you in
      “Come one, come all to the house of sin”
      The end has all been prophesized
      Dare you not believe the lies
      Earth takes back salvations tired
      Smell the stench of sin expired
      Flesh under feet as it slides from bone
      Never again will you be alone

      Rivers running waves of red
      Cannot purge the tenuous dead
      Flickering flames beyond the wall
      Cry out in vain, “Death to all”
      Hands grope upon my leg and knee
      “Please oh Please pray for me”
      Reap oh Reap what you have sown
      Your remains now theirs to own
      Fail me not to wake the dead
      Armageddon inside my head

      Wicked, wicked they are thee
      Who were they to question me?
      False are those who lead from lamb
      Do they not know who I am?
      Keep them all upon peace bay
      Where heathens walk as preachers pray
      Death oh death for not he got
      When laid upon thy Masters cot
      Hear the sound of swinging gate
      Clank! Clank! Seal your fate!

  75. Here we go again,the only contribution eurpeans have given to man kind is death and total genocide,threw out history the cave dweller have poison nations and rewrote history to fit his sick and twisted agenda,the eurpeon catholic christian have enslaved and brutally killed people because they were the inferior race of people.The eurpeon catholic christian have design a system called the inferior seed,and planted this seed threw out the world,when this eurpean landed on the shores of africa w/the king james bible in one hand and a gun in the other terror have begun.The african was robbed of his name,religion,culture,freedom,and most of all his GOD!!!!! we knew GOD 75.000yrs before the slave masters came and told the african that GOD was eurpeon,and we con’t to this day believe that GOD IS pale skinned.the eurpeon heve been responsible for the revolutionary war,french and indian war,the alamo,the civil war,world war 1,2,3,the korean war,vietnam war,the afghan war,araq war oh forgive me the war on terror just another method to conqeur nations.The eurpeon development of the pistol,and the atomic bomb(japan)nuclear weapons,germ warfare(native indian,tuskegee,)this is what the eurpeon have given to the world….yes you have made a major impact on man kind,lab tested dieases,aids,cancer,small pox,mesles,ebola,etc….shall i continue birth control and the killing of babies,the assination of leaders threw out the world,and this christian religion that have us in the dark,and the creation of the banks look at the condition america is in now on the verge of total calapse because of greed!!!Like i stated before the eurpeon race is the modern day dinosaur.

    • HaVE YOU FORGOTTEN THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE WARS? Without the revolutionary war there would be no america, without the civil war there would still be slaves in the south, without the alamo there wouldnt be a texas and what is this about world war 3? when there is a ww3 i hope that all of the niggers die in it. world war 2 was needed and if there was no world war then the axis powers would rule the world and you wouldnt be able to comment on this post. You mentioned birth control if there was no birth control then there would be even more homeless people, more starving children and more debt to every one. By killing babies you mean abortion? Then yes we invented a way for a woman to make her own choises, think about it if you were a woman who got impregnated via rape or incest wouldnt you not want to have that child? and yes the creation of banks have put america in a bad way but its not their fault its only because that the banks issue loans to people whom can never pay them back(Mostly Niggers) so before you continue to this pathetic tirade of yours you need to brush up on your history and when you do then this will get somewhere.

      • Lynching Niggers? Cute devil. I can give two shits about “inventions”. Black people created ancient Egypt thousands of years before the wheel was invented. Egypt was starting to decay before Greece was even thought of. The point is, the fact the Black Americans created anything was incredible. It was against the law to even read. We came to a whole new land, language, religion and way of life…being beaten, murdered, brainwashed and STILL CONQUERED THE WORLD. Get it dude? Radical? Narley? Epic? Like I said earlier, white men can’t adapt to anything. If you lose your job, you will kill yourself. Give Black people all the advantages of the best schools, medical care, housing, etc and see if we can’t invent or create even more. Equal playing fields always prove white men inferior. ALWAYS. Who is more intelligent… the man who made the watch or the man who came up with the sun-dial? Also, maybe you’ll be the first devil to answer why so much of white America is on welfare? Please be the first to answer…

  76. Here we go again time to educate the the one’s who do not know,the revolutionary war started because the queen of england elizabeth decided to flush out the ill’s of european society the murder’s,homosexuals,pedophiles,prostitutes,psyhcopaths and said go to to this new land that didn’t have a name,let’s come in peace(pilgrim) we will bring mass genocide against the native indian killing more than 8 million men,women,and children oh!!!!let’s kill there food source,let’s wipe out the buffalo,the revolutionary was a group of rich white men who didn’t want to pay taxes to the queen and still don’t.and the civil war was simple the southern states thought that slaves,sugar,cotton,tobacco,was the future and the north was becoming industrialize, the slave master had no chance.and world war 1,2 it was needed how does a japanese fleet sail across the pacific undetected(9/11 all over)and the german people put a mad man into power believing that jewish people was less than human,and the state of texas now belongs to you know who????and the banking system you see we have lenders and buyers,the lenders give money so the buyer can afford a mortgage and the lender tells the buyer name your price the loan is 350.00.00 and name your monthly payment 1.500 a month not telling the buyer on the back end of the loan is another 2.000 so now people can’t pay there mortgage and the banks buy them back and sell them to investers, now when the investers are not making a profit we have a problem,wall st. and other financial institutions had no regulators to protect the people and a large percentage of white america lost there dream 53%now you do your homework.

    • Ask your own kind why they hate us…they knew the day would come that the Black Man regains control of the world. God allowed our suffering for hundreds of years. Times up devils. I’m not concerned with who has aids…I speak for ALL strong, intelligent, fearless Black warriors. The ones who have money, power and respect. Peace and Love Grnmile. You represent intelligence and are a fearless Black soldier who will break the devils weak spirit. Pound them Black Man….

      • Big Ah…. I love you brother… and wish you the best life has to offer…. I’m realizing that some people are just beyond help… and frankly… I’m too tired to try to save them… words and work would be better used on someone who has a soul. I will continue to pray for them, but I imagine God’s a bit tired too. Know that when the time comes… this warrior will have your back as I know you will have mine. Don’t know how to hit you up privately or I would. Peace love and the utmost respect-ONE BLOOD! To the warriors that came before us and the ones that will come after… Carry on!

        The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
        He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
        He leadeth me beside the still waters.
        He restoreth my soul:
        He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’ sake.

        Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
        I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
        Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
        Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
        Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

        Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
        and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

      • Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…baby girl…I really do appreciate what you are saying. I also know that that devil word applies to your family. Some of what I’m saying about white folks may be hurtful to you and yours. I LOVE being Black. 6’0, 240 of pure rock muscle. Dark copper skin, bald head and tatts. (You know what else). I’m ready for war…don’t want it but I stay ready. I will continue to educate the younger Black men about who they are (really) and where Black folks are from (originally). We were kings in our land. We built a nation that stands till this day, WE are the original man. We survived the holocaust of slavery to stand this day on the steps of the white house. We are the chosen people of God…who will stand on the serpents neck and erase the devil for eternity. You down?

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    • Oh Frederick….I mean Eric. I bet next week your name will be Donald. You should be thanking me son instead of hating me. I gave you life. Without me, you’d continue to not exist or be relevant. Figured you would save my dick and balls after killing me lol. Wonder why….hmmm…maybe to suck on it and make love to yourself with it? Enough dude…no need to continue this feud. Like I said, I will speak for MY people and YOUR women. We will never meet….and I might die in 20 years…but your ENTIRE race will not exist in 50 years. Hell…there’s over 50 million Mexicans/El Salvadorians/Ecuadorians running around the U.S. You should spend more time improving yourself to make yourself more appealing to white women so they might (might) look at you instead of me. Put down the hotdogs and Coors and go jogging and eat low fat/high protein foods. Ok Freddy/Eric? White flag is up sparky. Earliest Epytians were white from Africa?? Wow…you are something lol.

  81. did not the white man teach you how to read and write,or wear clothes who trained you in the ideas of god ,and who bought you off a boat do you think the slave traders would have taken you back to africa or dumped you overboard ,shark bait what race taught blacks how to act like decent folk it shure wasnt black people,50 % of all black dont pass high school ,and the prison system is 78% black, but offcourse its the white man pickin on you right. back people you want to be mad be mad at your own race,your lack of teaching your young ,will only put more of your race in jail ,and the ones that are free wont have job skills for the future . how many things have black people invented that have actually helped in the world today so is it really whites fault that you refuse to be a part of anything that benifits all mankind ??

    • Hey Jax. You sound somewhat intelligent, so lets be friends ok? I’m going to return to role of teacher instead of maniac who wants to cut off my cock and wear it on his necklace. The white man did not teach us how to read or write. Once upon a time, the white man would sail to Africa to trade goods with kings and tribal leaders. The leaders would feed them and treat them like royalty. They would be taken on tours of magnificent Egypt and given gifts of fine silks and perfumes. The white man would marvel at the wonderful civilization of paved streets, septic systems, wonderful schools and beautiful clothing and jewelry. We all know what that Judas did next. Through slavery, former scientists, doctors and architects were forced into degrading manual labor, beaten, and separated from wife and children. Pretty rough huh? For nearly 500 yrs, the black man was property. Not allowed to read or write and told that Jesus had blue eyes. Slaves were sneaking books to learn how to read and write, make “inventions” that would make their lives easier and dream of freedom and equality. Sure, there are many Black men incarcerated, mostly due to poverty. The same answer applies to the graduation rate. Poor schools have poor results. Sure, Black people created rap. A brand new style of music straight from the streets of NY to become a multi-billion dollar business that helped create your hero Eminem. Young white men running around with their pants saggy, hat on backwards, and rims on their cars lol. Also RnB, Jazz, Blues and yes Rock n Roll. Look it up. Also, look up great Black inventors of the past 100 years. Don’t be ignorant like some of your other buddies. There are millions of rich, beautiful, sexy, smooth, cool, awesome, narley, gorgeous Black men and women in the U.S. Don’t believe the hype…

  82. lisa G how pretty are ur feet? im a black man, or shud i say nigger who wolud love to worship the feet of a beautiful white mistress like you…. i would love to be ur nigger slave…

      • nobody asked you nigger. dont you have some drugs to sell or a liquor store to stand infront of you fucking coon…. i am also african american , but its niggers like you that make us look bad. your just another jig who wants to blame all his troubles on the white man…

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      • I read your comment concerning the fact that “Our” problems are ours as opposed to them being subjected upon us. Of course ignorance is no excuse, yet blatent disinfranchisement is. Is it not wrong for our people to not know that they do not know? There is a reason that nearly every law has been changed, rewritten, or just ignored against us. Then they say “oh look! there they go acting like fools”

  83. Yes… love giving foot jobs… actually… ( : very soft soles… pretty painted toes… and my second toe isnt longer than my first… lol noticed a lot of so called foot models have that messed up longer toe…lol High arches too… ( : So nice to talk about love instead of hate… isnt it? Even if the love comes in the form of freaky sex talk…lol still better than hate anyday!!!!

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  84. To all the racist people who believe in murder of another man you have nothing to offer to yourself,family,friends or community that’s why you hate yourself,your existence on this planet will go in vain no one will ever remember all the masses out there continuing to let yourself be brain washed by the hate,please tell me what have you accomplished for your race, how have you made your race a better people,what organization do you belong to??are you planning a future for the generations to come????are you educating your race????will you give them the blue print of survival or the blue print of total death, the choice is up to you my man!!!! so stop the madness…everyone’s birth certificate is worth 634.00.00 to the gov’t, so we are all property(slaves)bought and sold my friend and slaves don’t own any land in north america,don’t believe me look at the mortgage contract you signed,every where in that document by your initials it says tenant!!!!what’s the meaning of tenant(one who rents or leases(as a house)from a landlord(gov’t)now do you feel better my friend that you are a slave like all of us,the white house is 10 miles by 10 miles,and america is the military base,great britian is the financial base,and the roman empire is the religious base(st.peter’s sq.)so my friend it don’t matter….the elite class of people(the corporations,bankers,politicians,the torch holders are planning on taking us into the light,remember that famous line don’t go in the light.?????

  85. Whats up with all the north south east west
    Everyone out tryin to prove they the best
    Lost the point of even makin a sound
    The minute another mans body hits the ground
    Ur proud of your roots and ur city
    But never let pride take the place of pity
    We all struggling the same no matter where we from
    We all out playin the game tryin to get us some
    Lookin to keep our tires rollin and lights on
    Tryin to stay alive to see the next dawn
    Lookin at this like its u against me
    Its so damn obvious even a blind man see
    It has always been us against them we against they
    Fucked up thing is THEY aint listenin to a word WE say
    They laughin at us dumb n*ggas and white trash
    Usin the sweat off our backs to make they cash
    Watchin us fight and kill each other in the street
    Linin the pockets of the cops on the beat
    They don’t shed a tear for us even when we dyin
    Lights camera action capture his mama cryin
    Then pack up move on to the next story
    And they do this in plain view of god’s glory
    He tells us the meek shall inherit the earth
    But we out here like the dollar show our worth
    On Sunday at church we claim to praise his name
    But Monday on the streets we right back to the game
    He gives us the means it ours for the taking
    But then we act like its Him and not us forsaking
    I look down at no one and am not meant to preach
    But God himself created me to bring peace and to teach

  86. Remember people don’t go into the light,remember democratic candidate john kerry was running for president and at the democratic convention a senator from illinois came out of no where,he was the first black man to ever speak at the democratic convention for support of jonh kerry, why???it was his audition people for the future wake up!!!!you can not have an elite class of people running the country,think for a moment,general electric the richest corporation in america don’t pay any taxes,why……we as black people have to hold president obama accountable for his decisions as it relate to our lives,we can not let him off the hook just because he looks like us…obama has done nothing for the working poor of this land,president obama sole purpose in life is to serve the elite class and there agenda,and you and i are not part of that agenda,and president obama will be reelected trust me he will because he has a mission to people if we do not hold this president accountable we are going to catch pure hell from the next european republican president,trust me!!!!!!!!!

  87. Where are these people now? They are like Germans after WW2 they disappear and pretend as if its never happened. That tells you it was wrong. Most of these so called rape cases were false, a slutty woman looking for a way out needing someone to blame, we don’t get this now but the blame game still happens.

  88. One day we will all have to give an acoount for the things we have said and done. Oh! I am sorry you must be confused you are not in control and power does not belong to you.

  89. Everyone knows that Niggers are nothing more than a welfare hog – gum flapping mouth. The niggers say they want to get back to their roots – I wish the hell they would — really get back to their home-lands, and to their roots. Within one generation, Americanized niggers would be so happy, running with the other niggers, going out on gazell hunts, living in grass huts, contracting aids – ohhh boy, the niggers would be in nigger paradise – they might even get their hands cut off for taking something that didn’t belong to them. Any nigger that claims to have a good job, a house, or any other form of wealth in the states has either taken welfare and affirmative action, or they out and out lie. Screw off nigger!

    • And where ever the blacks go you best believe the white ppl would follow cause they could never make any money without us..and those stupid ass white bitches would follow too because the white mans penis would never be big enough.. Trust me, we would love to get away from you Crackas, but yall would follow us and copy us till the end of the world..Leave us the fuck alone damn

      • you pale white devils think that you have something to stand upon but everything that you have is stolen from Blacks you are nothing but a cave dweller cursed and hated by Allah God Himself. You have no history of truth to stand upon but the gross hatred that you are full of. There is no love for you there is no friendship for you you deserve the death of a devil and are getting that death by plagues and earthquakes, dieases, and every other thing that God punishes the devil with. It’s only a matter of time before you are taken to your grave and given the hell that you deserve and suffer the hell here. May you be lynched by a mod of Black Power Brothers that you wish you could be like Black. Death to you pale cracker face you that love the Confederate Flag, you worthless devils this is why the whole dark world inside hates your cracker ass, just as God hates you.

  90. Here in the very north of distant Germany I was browsing the net for some information on racist lynching, when I chanced to come across this site and could hardly trust my eyes: not because of the photo (I´ve seen this one and others of that sort before) but because of the comments. Almost immediately a fierce verbal battle broke out between racists of both colors. What a startling insight into abominably crippled minds! Somehow I do feel like writing a great lot more, but I´ll keep the promise that I made to myself before deciding to join the longest and most disgusting, but somehow also fascinating and for stretches even entertaining thread I´ve ever come across. Before I´m off again for good, I have two requests to make. One to all the wordy warriors around here: Stay right where you are and keep on doing right what you´re doing – however offensive or stupid words may be, I clearly prefer wordshed to bloodshed. And one to Stacey, who launched her first comment with feelings quite similar to mine: Stay out of this weird space, too! We both don´t belong here.



    • Mikey you are one retarded nigger piece of shit.Nigger if we cross paths and you represent a threat,I will break your neck strip your body naked and then cut you up into little chunks before flushing your sorry,stinky black ass down the toilet with the rest of the nigger shit.Your whole useless stinking race is a total bitch,BITCH! And Shitskin have you ever discovered “lower case” ?When you put your chimp shit stained fingers on the keyboard try to avoid Capitals…because you appear even more ignorant…if that is possible…than BIG BLAH!

  93. Years ago our people were lynched by the kkk and other white supremacist groups now we kill each other on the urban street corners everyday as well as disrespect each other every day. So how can I feel bad about it when our own people some years later do it to ourselves? I often ask why did Martin Luther king Jr, Malcolm x die trying to make things better for our people when years later we do to ourselves exactly the same thing that the klan did to us. Malcolm x once said that “we cannot have racial unity until we first have some black unity” and now we have plant life like Mike and little Ah and others destroying the English language and spewing Nigger mentality crap. Normal black people get over it and live on, not try to start more trouble for ourselves and our children’s future when you act stupid you make us all look bad. Oh yea now go ahead, change the world with your non inelegant come back!

    • My brother, my brother. You are so right, but insulting me is so wrong. Read all of my comments clearly. I pick at that devil and hit him where it hurts. I talk about the Honorable Elijah Mohammed in wanting our own land. I discuss slavery and how it began. I discuss how black people are the inventors of civilization. And yes, I talk about how white men hate us because his women love us. “Nigger mentality crap”?? ” Destroying the english language”?? I am well educated brother. Nothing is misspelled or gramatically incorrect. I will not “come back” at you Black Man. Just read carefully what I have said. I actually work with young black youth, teaching them how to care for themselves, start business, and take care of family. Take a few minutes of your time to re-read ALL of my comments. One love Black Man.

  94. Big ah,,, my brother it’s been a minute i see your still trying to educate the blind,it’s a waste of time there doomed since birth.You my brother do not need to explain your self to no one how intelligent of a warrior you are ,to man kind.Continue to educate your children,wife,community and race about the past history and future history to come,you are an asset to me and many more in the struggle,most of the ppl who write on this blog are racist,hell i’m racist at times but not extreme to where i go and get a gun and start shooting innocent ppl.there will come a time when black ppl will have to protect there family,property,religion,and future,Big Ah get ready…..we need you in the war on stupid….You have these ppl trying to make this character mike sound if he’s black…malcolm x 2011 are you kidding me lol there not ppl of color.Big Ah i think me and you are the only one’s here………

    • Grnmile…..A true Black soldier. Peace and Love fam. It has been a minute indeed. I’m not mad at the young Black men, even when they post anger or misguided insight. I’m here to teach and so are you. Keep speaking the truth god.

  95. I am a white male in his mid twenties from the mid west. I want to start by saying I do not consider myself racist but I hold opinions that are not politically correct. The picture at the top of this page is an excellent image of racial intolerance. These images should be used to motivate us as people to continue to grow past our barbaric history. I have enjoyed reading the posts by Big Ah, but like most African Americans you my friend are lost in translation when it comes to slavery and racial issues. Blacks where not the only slaves, blacks did not create civilization and the views of Malcolm X are misused by you and many others. I have wrote several documentaries and have studied Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and other civil rights motivators. The “education” you provide I hope is more insightful to the youths than what you have provided on here.
    For one the Africans where enslaved when they where because of there lack of Power and unity. The Euro and Asian communities had MUCH MUCH better technology and weaponry and this enabled them to enslave races inferior to them such as the African and many other smaller “third world” under developed nations at the time. Slavery is the history of man, the world was built on slavery and not just Africans, but many Asian and Caucasian races as well. The ONLY reason why the enslavement of the African is so focused on is because it is still “fresh” from a history stand point. Enough of the history lesson though. But know this is fact not opinion.
    The following comments are opinions of mine some supported by fact. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr would be ashamed of the black community these days. Malcolm X true hated white people for a majority of his life because of the intolerance he witnessed and so did Martin Luther King Jr but as they both matured and educated themselves they realized that hate will only continue the process of racism not repair it. They wanted EQUAL rights for there people and wanted the shackles of society to be lifted. And they have been for the most part. But as I look at the black community these days I see Black only colleges, Black only churches, Black only organizations and the continued self separation of there community when American society has mostly opened its arms to them………and they refuse. The King and Malcolm X did not want that….they wanted equality for EVERYONE. Not to have there people given free rides by the Government or hired to jobs and accepted by colleges because of there race and not there worth. The black community continues to breed a lot of the racism by no fault of there own selfish self centered actions. The ignorant comments of a supposed educator on here (Big Ah) shows exactly what I am talking about.
    I for one hope things change. I think racism is taboo and false. We as people should be judged for are worth not our lineage. But unless the shackles of ignorance are pulled off the blind we will never grow as a society.

    • One question Chad…why is it that even “educated” white people only respond to Big Ah? From the very top of this page, ignorant devils spit totally evil, disgusting, horrible quotes about Black people. Your eye somehow glanced over them to talk about mine. I must TRULY have power…and must truly speak the truth. Don’t be concerned with me Chad. I am a nobody. A poor righteous teacher for Black people. Speak with all your elegance to the sewage of poor white trash on this page and in your communities if you want racism to end. Black slavery lasted for nearly 500 yrs sir. A war was fought over it. America is the richest country in the world due to nearly 500 yrs of free labor. Yes, brother Malcom hated whites because his father was murdered by the klan. Don’t worry sir. I’m not going to continue to bore you. You are the typical white man who is totally oblivious to the hardships Black people still face with taboo false racism. You live in the suburbs, away from Blacks in your safe neighborhood and ALL white church and read the newspaper about how Blacks are lazy and incarcerated and uneducated. I’m glad you enjoyed my quotes. I honestly enjoyed yours as well.

      • Big Ah. I’m neither American nor African nor Caribbean, nor dual ethnicity. My race/ethnicity/colour will be kept out of this.
        As much as I understand you’re pissed off with people writing this shit, for example Gene Sublitt is a complete and utter idiot. But under your harsh (and what I believe to be false) facade of black power and utter hatred for whites you seem to have a lexis and syntax indicative of a high education. Therefore I find it really really hard to believe that the stuff you are writing on here is completely true and not just some bullshit to appease and afflict the black and whites on this site respectively.
        Also, if you check the picture on the top right ‘U.S. soldier dragged through Mogadishu’ you will notice how racial crimes run both ways. the U.S. were in Mogadishu to extract a warlord who was the sole cause of unimaginable poverty, and to safeguard U.N. giving aid to the people. When the gang fought back he was captured and horrificly murdered by civilians. Seeing as he was part of the helping squadron of men, there is no alternative reason behind his (I imagine) long torturous murder other than his ethnicity.
        My point is, racial hatred has gone on for thousands of years. And it’s because of idiots like some of the authors on this page that it still continues. But you should fear that you two will, or have become a racist yourself – therefore only worsening the problem.
        “He who fights monsters should take care lest he becomes a monster” unfortunately I think you have passed this barrier. Amend your ways

      • Franklin sir, I appreciate your comments and your honesty. But I must tell you that I’m not trying to appease anyone Black or white. I am simply stating what I believe and history dictates to be facts. As you can see from the loser below us, racial hatred for Black people continues to this day even with a Black president. I simply state the reason I believe that this hatred still continues in 2012. White America doesn’t care if Black people are poor or uneducated or anything else. It’s not YOUR problem. You drive through the slums on your way to the airport with horse like blinders on. It doesn’t affect your life at all. Yet you have maniacs saying that we look like apes lol. Why would you care if we look like apes or smell? I’ve stated the reason time after time. White men despise us cause the world admires Black culture, music, style and of course, sexual prowess. It’s been that way for centuries as you alluded to. Yes, I have education…and strength…and wit. I don’t want to fight with you guys, but I need at least ONE educated white person to go after the white racist assholes on this page to prove that you arent just trying to “calm down” the Black guy. I’m here to tell ALL Black men to KEEP YOUR CHIN TO THE SKY gods. Walk like the kings you come from. Not like gansters or pimps. Own businesses, invest money, save money, SUPPORT YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN and buy homes. Stand united gods…the devil hates that. Anyway Franklin, peace be on to you sir. I respect those who respect me.

      • The average nigger I.Q. in the U.S. is 85, and it is that high only through genetic mixing with non-niggers. In sub-Saharan Africa, the average nigger I.Q. is 70. Nigger poverty and criminality are not due to racism, but rather, to their relatively low average I.Q. and inability to defer gratification. American niggers are now routinely given jobs for which others are better qualified and admission to colleges and universities that should go to students with higher SAT’s. Yet none of this has civilized the nigger who is incapable of thriving in complex-industrial, first world societies. Niggers know what they are deep inside, and they hate us, their natural masters. It would have been far better for our once great country if, as a condition of freedom, all male niggers were castrated in 1865.

  96. those “beautiful” black children look like UGLY, shit-colored apes. almost all niggers have an ape-shaped face, they smell like shit, have low-IQs, and are a complete failure as a race. the fact that you niggers are always struggling and complaining about ‘scrimination indicates how inferior you feel deep down inside. i hope to see more dead niggers in the future, 2012 apocalypse means no more welfare and foodstamps for you ugly ass pieces of shit. and this is being said to you by a spic, i’d rather die than team up with you ugly faggots.

  97. I love seeing pictures of dead niggers. Asians and Hispanics are not going to be as nice to niggers as Whites have. Give it thirty years or so: niggers will be back in the fields where they belong.

  98. This is a firm example of what is wrong with America today. We argue and bicker over stuff while the politicians arwe robbing us beyond belief. Hopefully, there will come a time when the people will stand side by side and take our country back. I’m talking about all the people. Where the Black Panthers, Ku Klux Klan can be strong enough to put their beliefs on hold and take our country back. Those that feel they must carry on thier racist beliefs can do it but let us get our country back. There could come a time when a Black Panther will save the life of a Klansman or vice versa. Every stat should at least have a couple of melitia. We need our laws back startin with the monopoly laws so places such as K-mart, Target, etc. will be able to compete with Walmart. Also we need the money back that George W. Bush sent to Haliburton construction cause ,trust me the government took thier share. Is there anyone out there that feels we dont need our country back. If I was running things the first thing on thte agenda would be to bring up the charges of TREASON against George W. Bush, Dick Chany, Haliburton Construction and all the other people that George W. gave away ( or rather put in his pocket). It is unforunate that none of this will happen until we can get a strong leader that can’t be bought. It makes no difference what color thier skin color is; it could be green or purple, but we do need leadership from someone other than tose crooked lawyers.

  99. i think most of yall sit in church but almost nobody can say they are a TRUE woman/man of GOD…if we all turn on eachother then who are we gonna turn to, to fight against the people who are killing our children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc??? and some women need to stop eating up the attention they are getting off of here…honey, yall dont know if these people are crazy killers…and chance are yall probably wont every meet…and if yall do, it wont last…so, speak for the cause, get off here and go find a good man in church or at the library or something…anyways, americans need to come together…fight together…work together…if we turn on eachother, we REALLY REALLY dont stand a chance against the other 140? countries against us…correct me if im wrong…and you KNOW thats the truth…i mean we only have like 10 countries for us…so seriously, we need to work together…

    • Sweetheart, I don’t want war with you. You seem sweet. But you tried to correct my spelling. Please take the time to look up some of your corrections. Peace.

    • You always start a sentence with a capital letter,the words each and other should have a space, the word should be “ever” and not “every meet”, there should be an apostrophe in the word “won’t”. I do appreciate you pointing out the extra L that I put in hilarious. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if I’m addressing a extreme racist with my own wit, let that be between him and I. There are many areas for correction, but I feel that I’m the easiest target. Keep your message clear about sticking together. Maybe some day it will happen. I stand up for MYSELF and my people. Read ALL my posts. Attack these vicious racists dear…not Big Ah. One love.

  100. greatest trick ever played on men (white,black,red,etc..) is making us “all” believe hes not real (satan)! and that its all the others’ fault cause of the color of their skin? if your white or black, im willing to bet you dont even live in the same township or have to deal with each other. so in other words, whats really the problem? like why do i feel the hate in all ya’ll words? i promise right, i can almost see & smell the blood (crys). dont let him (satan) use ya’ll! cause let me tell ya’ll whats gone happen after you kill each other; 1st your gone feel ashame! 2nd you wont feel the same you felt before you commit the crime after-words! 3rd you might go to jail then you’ll be judge & convicted by a jury of mix colors! like why you think people who get convicted of murder,rape,etc… cant even look straight into the camera once their caught? cause hes done using them & has left that persons body (satan)! no need to state my color (but ya’ll know im one of the two). its just so sad to see & hear this in this time & year. LORD PLEASE FORGIVE US ALL

  101. To my brother Big Ah…. peace and blessing blackman i know it’s hard as hell to continue trying to educate the deaf,dumb,and blind racist sheep,who continue to let them self’s be guided by false teaching of what there true purpose is in life.Every day i wake up it’s a battle of nutrition a fight against trying to make it,i prepare my mind and body to the up most…. because i know what’s over the horizon.I will not drink the cool aid given to my people by the likes of TD SNAKES,EDDIE WRONG,MONEY DOLLAR and the good REV.AL process SHARPTON and the madam MAXINE WALTERS or our PRESIDENT BARRY OBMA these are an elite class of black people who say’s we have the best interest of black people in america,and if you believe that then get your self a gun and blow your brains out period!!!!!!! not all black people love black people some do not want advancement of the people they are trying there hardest to keep low education standards,poverty,high birth rate among single blackwomen,high incarceration among blackmen,high homocide rate among teenage boys and tell me who’s looking out for our best interest???we have to do for our selves, less gov’t….

  102. To my brother Big Ah…..peace and blessing blackman, you are a true warrior and a poor righteous teacher continue to show those who do not know it’s your duty and mine to fight for equality for all human beings.Divide and conquer has always been the blue print to control the masses,it’s a full proof system to make those think that there more superior than what they believe,but the harsh reality is they were inferior and broken,this is the system of global control and dominance.The ground work was started by the religious european greek christian catholic murderous church that decided to convince the queen to open her prisons and let every murder,rapist,prostitute,pedophile,homosexual,psychopath barbaric race of europeans to think that they were the more superior race of people the system at it’s best.Now the europeans must take the country by force and how do you do that have the people believe that the race of people who inhabitant the land for hundreds of years,are now natives wild crazy can’t live among us civilize europeans….so now you commit mass genocide, the population of indians must be controlled now….force them on reservations kill there food supply and infect them with small pox and have them believe that a european greek catholic christian jesus will save them….now the ground work is set the rich europeans come over who’s going to control the poor whites control the land the resources and military and construct a written document to control the country.This same system was used for the african,millions were sold and forced like cattle not knowing the horror that would shape the race for hundreds of years.women and girls beening raped out of drucken rage,famlies being sold and seperated and the inferior seed planted in the minds slaves as there race was being diluted.You see the poor whites believed they were more superior than the slave,the slave master had the slaves working the land,the slave master had the huge plantation and political influence not the poor working white which most were not educated.and the african to was introduced to this european greek catholic christian jesus with promises heaven and all they recieved was 4 hundred years of hell…….until next time the subject will be how can you vote for a billionaire politician who hates your poor ass…..

  103. That I am compelled to write what is to follow is indicative of a still dark chapter of the human existence. I am willing to argue that the racial intolerance exhibited here, even by those who identify as “educated”, is due to a lack of exactly that, education. You can absorb all the information you wish, but without open-minded interpretation of that info, you have gained nothing. This means that you must put aside all preconceived notions in the pursuit of knowledge or else you run the risk of tainting that info with biases you may not have known that you held. It is also important to take notice as to how the information you are absorbing relates to the bigger picture as well as its immediate context. That being said, allow me an attempt to remedy the ignorance that has been so liberally displayed with a little schooling on the subject of “race.”

    “Whites” and “Blacks” as well as ALL other perceived racial groups are just as genetically different, if not more, from individuals within their own groups than those of other groups. The fact of the matter is that race is a cultural construct which has absolutely no basis in genetics. I advise that those who frequent this forum and newcomers alike search for the documentary on Youtube entitled: Race: The power of an Illusion. It expands on this concept and more, far better than I am able.

    The aptitude for innovation is not solely a human characteristic, let alone belonging to one imaginary group of humans. Dolphins are capable of adapting their hunting techniques in order to catch fish more efficiently. Gorillas and chimps, as well as other primates (humans included) are capable of producing tools varying in complexity with the purpose of lowering the amount of energy required to sustain themselves. A couple of species of apes have even mastered American Sign Language as a means of communication with humans. So to make the point that the modern world was built as a result of the minds and labors of one specific ethnic group is a blatant lie. Let us not forget that credit for the invention of gunpowder, arguably the most important invention known to man, is given to a man from ancient China.

    Categorizing people based on their outward appearance leads to stigmatization which, in any case, is counterproductive for any society as a whole. Exactly nothing is gained (apart from the illusion of security) at the cost of infrastructure, healthy business relationships, social harmony, and untold human losses. In a world where your neighbor can be more deserving of trust than your own family members, it’s quite difficult to fathom how one can award unearned trust to an entire group of similar-looking people over those who look slightly different. Privilege is given to someone whom you’ve never met, who could very well be a serial-murderer, on the grounds that his skin is lighter than the person next to him. The darker skinned person is not to be completely freed of contemptuous labeling, but everyone else should be held to the very same standard. After all, people can and most certainly do use trust as a tool for manipulation.

    The only race one should concern him or herself with is the human race. Life, as made so disgustingly evident by the above photo, is not infinite. It is a marvelous phenomenon of the natural world, and every human life that is lost at the hands of other humans ought to be looked upon as an horrendous, unforgivable act. Only through education and the dissolution of racial separatism can we achieve higher heights.

    • Very well written sir. You are highly educated. The problem is sir that almost no one besides me or Grnmile will be able to understand this. When I speak sir, it is from research. Sometimes teasing, but always with knowledge. You see how white America still feels about the Black Man, even with a Black president. The average analog mind sees Big Ah talking about a “big dick” and gets in an uproar. I would ask ALL in here to read Klan literature. The Klan’s whole goal was to keep the white woman “pure” and untouched by Black hands. They feared that the freed slaves would ravage the pure white woman either through concentual sex or forceable rape. They knew this day would come when a Black Man impregnates a white woman to create our President. Those old devils are spinning in their graves. Yes, I have talked about sex between Black and white because this is the reason that white men murdered my people. The article talks about a false rape accusation…nuff said. That drove these devils into a frantic demonic rage. Not anything else. Read people, how castration was a common act along with lynching. It symbolizes the elimination of Black seed. But they could’nt kill enough of us…..Planet of the Apes…fear of a Black Planet…the World will be mutts! Lol. White people are hilarious. I don’t want war sir. I want peace. But I will NEVER beg for it. But I will get respect by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Peace be unto you Rex Universum. You can’t unlearn hate. You have to eliminate it.

  104. lol, those black boys where not innocent. it cracks me up when people try to convince me that black boys are innocent. they where rapist and murderers, so they paid the price. black boys never have been innocent and they never will, after all it was the black race that started all the ills in this world remember blacks where the first to walk the earth, the first to kill, rape, hate, enslave,commit warfare,death, destruction etc.

    • Anyone who begins a comment with “lol” immediately loses all credibility. So it would surprise none that what was to follow was a plethora of ignorant drivel. There is not a capital letter to be found in your entire response and you consistently displayed improper word usage and a tendency toward run-on sentences. Since it has been made so blatantly obvious that you failed at adopting your own native language, how do you expect the rest of us to take you seriously, especially in matters of education; or at least your attempt at it?

      Scott, I say this to you as a fellow human. Please never speak again about matters such as these. The only possible addition by you in this situation is to further pollute an already sick society. You encourage hate among people and then point to the resulting actions of your behavior and that of others like you as reason for continued hatred. So, just take a seat and let people who bothered to master their own language and finish high school comment on the social issues. Thanks.

  105. goddamn people shut the fuck up! this shit happened in 1930, shut the fuck up. fuck those niggers. nobody here was there when it happened, so shut the fuck up. fuck those niggers. not every black mother fucker that got lynched was an innocent little baby. you have blacks and then ya have niggers, these two BOYS where niggers, fuck niggers. i’ve lived all my life in orleans parish and if orleans parish has taught me anything its- the only good nigger is a dead nigger. don’t fell sorry for dead niggers they deserved it.

    • Thanks for your words of wisdom.

      You fail to realize, unsurprisingly, that your hate engenders further hate and separatism. This is THE problem. Not the “blacks” or the “whites” or “mexicans,” but that we see each other as separate form ourselves.

      You focus on the differences between us when there are an infinite number of things that are similar. Skin color and hair texture? Really? The last time any of us checked, most of us have two arms, legs, ears, eyes, hands, and feet. No one seems to notice all these things. We eat the same foods, have the same gestation period, see in the same colors, hear in the same audible ranges, can speak the same languages, run in the same races, play the same music, serve in the same military, feel the same emotions, read the same books.

      What you fail to realize is that there is only a difference because the culture elects to have one. We fix the culture, we fix the problem. Stop being part of the problem.

  106. oh yes, the old “we are innocent” bullshit. those two men where guilty period. black people are the least innocent of all the races. there was a time when the only people around where black skinned homo sapiens sapiens. the first murder was between a black skinned homo sapiens sapiens and another black skinned homo sapiens sapiens, the first rape was between a black skinned homo sapiens sapiens and another black skinned homo sapiens sapiens and so forth and so forth… so please black people give it up you are not innocent or victums, you are just as guilty as everyone else.

    • You, again?

      Whether they were guilty or not, they were denied a fair trial by a jury of their peers which is all but guaranteed by the law that governs this country. The Constitution was usurped in this instance, which should be viewed as a betrayal to the American people. They circumvented the law to enact their own justice upon these people. Guilty or not, everyone pictured alive and those not pictured are traitors.

      They denied people their rights before they had proven whether the two individuals pictured deceased had done the same to someone else. If you condone this mob justice, you are no better than a terrorist. Murder is how people in Islamic countries solve their problems.

      You also lack the necessary knowledge of evolutionary theory to bark its principles at others. Furthermore, I ask you to describe the color “black” that you attributed to these “homo sapiens sapiens.” When we refer to any organism by its genus and species, you capitalize the genus. Such that it appears like this: Homo sapiens. That is whether it appears at the beginning of a sentence or not.

      My next point will be devoted to how you first claim that blacks are more guilty than everyone, then you contradict your own argument in saying that they are just as guilty as everyone else. First of all, thank you for passing your wise judgment over an entire group of people and indeed the entire human population. Clearly no one is as qualified as you to do just that. The fact that you missed the importance of developing a strong communicative ability is very telling of your mental state. Perhaps there is much more to which you are oblivious. The word is “were,” not “where,” as you use it.

  107. Rex Universum….sir you must dumb it down. I told you from the your first post that I, along with Grnmile would be the ONLY ones to be able to comprehend your information. It’s literally like trying to teach a man without arms to box. IMPOSSIBLE! Don’t fret soldier…we are the chosen ones of God. These devils will disappear in due time. They know it and fear it. Those dead niggers will rise again….

    • Came to this page via looking for my grandfather, Joseph Shepard’s, original journalism in the Indianapolis Star on this case, titled “Marion Mob Storms Jail, Hangs Two” (but I haven’t found it yet). I am just learning of the James Cameron story and of my grandfather reporting on it. My grandfather was the prime reporter of this famous lynching and yet my family never shared the story and I never heard about it growing up in Indianapolis. I am trying to ask them as many questions about it now while they are in their 80’s. I will be in touch with the Black Holocaust Museum that James Cameron founded and make a connection with them. My dad, who is an historian on fugitives slaves traveling through Indiana, always says, Indiana has a dark history. But it should be said : a dark white history. I’m quite worn out reading this thread full of scary white fuckers, but Big Ah you inspire me to keep the perseverance and keep the conversation rolling. To keep talking about race and white privilege and all the untold stories we can uncover. This white woman would never want to calm you down, I encourage you to let it rip. I thank you for offering some sanity and hope and humor to all that cross this dreadful thread.

  108. The hate on this page is repulsive and disgusting. All should be ashamed of yourselves!
    Research suggests that the more educated you are, the less racist you are. I don’t care what you are- get educated and you most likely will find something better to do that post this kind of nonsense.

    Lynching was senseless immoral and wrong. Know one deserved this type of treatment or abuse.

  109. To my brother in arms Big Ah peace and blessing to the poor rightious teacher,the road is hard and has many pit falls,but continue to show the people who trist for the true knowledge.I’m for the advancement of all black poeple around the globe,but we must start here in america the inner cities and the rural areas of this country.We must teach our babies from birth thier true history of their african ancestors and the contribution they made to build this nation under a system of slavery that will be passed on for generations to come.America is falling fast she’s not what she use to be,the american dollar is worth nothing,the education system falls in 7th around the world,we are #1 in the world for incarceration of poeple,our infrastructure in america is crumbling all around us,our economy is the worst since the great depression,we are involved in three wars now,Afghanistan,Irac and soon to be Iran,so our military is depleted we have more military bases around the world than any other country.Our politicians and religious leaders are so corrupt by cooperate greed so tell me, has man changed for the worst,yes he has,America will fall it’s a matter of time people.

  110. Ok not all humans were treated equal or born equal,because if that was the case we would not be in the condition we are in now would we,The US Constitution was rewritten many times,it was first written all men are born equal,if that was the case then all slaves would be given the same rights as the men who wrote it,so they rewrote it to all men are created equal,not born equal thats as sick as it gets.So the US Constitution is the rights of europeon slave masters and not the african or the native indian.History always repeats it self in many forms,It is my duty and obligation to teach,and persevere our history and way of life by any means necessary i’m ready to die for this are you?The modern day slave master is elite blacks,the fab five,miseducation.medication,misrepresentation,incarceration,and last but not lest extermination.The african or the negro is longer needed in america,so now the process of genocide starts population control,aids,drugs,abortion,miseducation,low income housing,alcohol,crime,self hate,incarceration,homosexuailty this is my main concern we have to put an end to this destruction.America will always need cheap labor at little to no cost and that group of people today is the mexican or latio from very poor countries central and south america.They are now the new negro in america since the 80’s you to have a process of population control the poor white is tried now of you taking all the jobs,and you to have a problem with crime,gangs,alcohol,self hate,low income housing,welfare,domestic violence and 43% are illegal aliens so states decided to pass laws and federal lawenforcement created (ICE) IMMIGRATION CONTROL ENFORCEMENT.That means a police officer can stop you at any time in any state without cause,if you commit a crime in america you are going to do the time for that crime what ever it may be,if you are illegal you will be taken back to your country at tax payers expense,now if you enter america again it’s mandatory 10yrs federal time.WELCOME……

  111. I find it very curious that whites and blacks in the USA are more racist that in my own country South Africa… very curious indeed…. very informative bunch of comments on this blog…

  112. IM done with you grown bitches trying to bring the pass back go home and suck some knowledge says:

    bitches these days are fucking ignorant get a fucking life we are all equal, we sleep the same, we walk the same, we fuck the same, we listening to the fucking god damn society the same we all are fucking brainwashed bitches so stop talking about dicks because your small or big dick aint got shit with this so really you guys finally grow up your too fucking old for this shit go suck a sense of KNOWLEDGE and SHUT THE FUCK UP. SORRY IF ALL UR BITCH ASSES ARE GOING THROUGH UR FUCKING OLD MOOD SWINGS U BITCHES AGGRAVATING. GET EDUCATION HOES AND FUCK YOU. IM DONE

    • Keep the “poor” people fighting amongst themselves, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and so on. Pin them against one another, remind them they “look” different so they hate each other. Distract them from what’s really going on behind the curtain. Keep it up guys; keep hating each other while the few running things continue to take your rights and your money. Keep up this ignorant fighting, keep up the rat race, keep feeding the monster so they get richer as you (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and so on) get poorer. Way to do exactly what the 1% wants you to do. Jews were singled out by the Nazis not because of physical appearance; in fact they had to label them with a patch so they didn’t kill “their own”. Call it what you want, but humans will find a reason to hate another humans even if that other human is their twin. Lack of knowledge brings lack of progress, keep running rats and keep hating; they almost have your soul. Peace~

    • IM done with you grown bitches trying to bring the pass back go home and suck some knowledge says:

      Honey were in 2012 sorry if your white self cant handle that but, remind yourself that the same air your breathing is the same air a Black male or Female is breathing too so keep talking shit because the more you talk the more you waste your time. Really, what makes you better than another person I got the answer nothing you know why because you were created the same as a black person was made and how everyone else was made and you know how because your parents decided to fuck and create a creature full of resentment and hate. If your parents love you and they see this they should be very sad for you for how immature your showing yourself and uneducated you look. ” I thought white people were smart” apparently that is not what your showing me.

      PS I am Latina I am 14 years old and I am educated! Now don’t say i don’t have a voice because I’m 14 because you animals are to immature for this shit.

    • IM done with you grown bitches trying to bring the pass back go home and suck some knowledge says:

      that is what i am saying if gringos ( white trashy people) are so educated why are they proving them selves wrong

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  114. Years ago, I was asked to help this man that was in a hospital with MS. I knew of him, but didn’t know him. He was black and I white. I went to his room. He was lying in bed and I introduced myself and ask what he would like me to do. He had no function in his legs but could move his arms and hands. He wanted me to exercise his limbs…so I did. I went their a couple of times a week. Then said he could use a hair cut. I said that I could do that. Over time he felt the need to get out of the hospital and live in a small apartment, where he had more privacy and control. I helped move him in. A nurse would check in on him and do his cooking. I would buy his groceries and pay his bills with his bank card. As time went on we discovered that two members of his family were taking some of his money. He was sad over that. I asked him for control of his card so this wouldn’t happen again. No family members ever came to see him even though one lived a few streets away. They said that it was too hard to see him that way. After 10 years he was unable to move at all. He was given a flu shot. 5 days later he got sick. Vomiting caused a rupture. He was bleeding to death. He had told me that if this were to happen, to let him die. His last words to me were ” I’ve had a good life.” We had a memorial service and the place was filled with mostly black people. All the family and friends that never came to see him when he was alive. I gave a talk of the love that I had for him and what a wonderful person he was. Looking back, I’m wondering if some of the congregation were also curiosity to see who this white guy was. He never felt angry towards those people and I knew I had to feel the same. I shook hands and hugged. I guess my only regret was that they didn’t have the chance to know him as I did. Take out of this what you will.

  115. “90 years of unadulterated massacre of humans”, you state. And what in heaven’s name gave you the impression that these lynched non-feathered bipedal hominids were human?

  116. Keep the “poor” people fighting amongst themselves, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and so on. Pin them against one another, remind them they “look” different so they hate each other. Distract them from what’s really going on behind the curtain. Keep it up guys; keep hating each other while the few running things continue to take your rights and your money. Keep up this ignorant fighting, keep up the rat race, keep feeding the monster so they get richer as you (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and so on) get poorer. Way to do exactly what the 1% wants you to do. Jews were singled out by the Nazis not because of physical appearance; in fact they had to label them with a patch so they didn’t kill “their own”. Call it what you want, but humans will find a reason to hate another humans even if that other human is their twin. Lack of knowledge brings lack of progress, keep running rats and keep hating; they almost have your soul. Peace~

  117. To John Obrien, your white ass mammy love to suck and fuck that big ape dick, you teeny weeny dick white piece of shit!!

  118. This whole post is a lie, the black friend of Ship and Smith who fled the scene rather then take part in the crimes admitted to the guilt of his friends. While the rape is contested by some sources, I guess we will never know as these men, guilt or not, desirved their day in court! The white male WAS murdered, so he did not say anything either way reguarding the rape. The OP is little more then a Race Pandering idiot.


  120. IM done with you grown bitches trying to bring the pass back go home and suck some knowledge says:

    Honey were in 2012 sorry if your white self cant handle that but, remind yourself that the same air your breathing is the same air a Black male or Female is breathing too so keep talking shit because the more you talk the more you waste your time. Really, what makes you better than another person I got the answer nothing you know why because you were created the same as a black person was made and how everyone else was made and you know how because your parents decided to fuck and create a creature full of resentment and hate. If your parents love you and they see this they should be very sad for you for how immature your showing yourself and uneducated you look. ” I thought white people were smart” apparently that is not what your showing me.

    PS I am Latina I am 14 years old and I am educated! Now don’t say i don’t have a voice because I’m 14 because you animals are to immature for this shit.
    Oh and to be real my name is veronica

    • The folks that run this planet could care less what color you are.. they just want your money. Stop feeding the monster. It’s important to see this for what it is: a way to keep us distracted while they take our rights and our freedoms. All people have to come together!

  121. Big Ah I mean Big Blah you are still slingin shit after all these months.Damn Nigger you don`t get out much do you because it would seem you are always behind that old keyboard trying to champion your constipated nonsense.Anyway Ah baby,I have found another simian whose chimp brain would appear,if that is possible, even tinier than yours.The chimp that I am alluding too is that Mike Nigger.I am distressed to think that computers have been available to the chimp population to peck away at.I mean if Niggers aren`t throwing poop at each other they are pecking away at computers.Now this “Mike” appears to be a very challenged simian and his ah command of English is extremely deplorable but consistent with his minus forty five I.Q.! Mikey get help and learn how to articulate,spell and express an opinion without tripping over two syllable words.Also Big Blah…how about that little race traitor slag coal burner Heidi Klum who has gone splittsville from the ape shit creation that she fornicated with? Old Seal…guess the old ape just chewed on her German clit for too long a period of time and got bored with it all.Still I bet he loved fucking her German anus until it bled…True lol love ain`t it a bitch?

  122. IM done with you grown bitches trying to bring the pass back go home and suck some knowledge says:

    OK do you realize that it was all the Caucasians fault for taking the Africans from there own country so they can be slaves in the USA so technically its all the white peoples fault for taking them away from there own peace and mostly the white trash messes a lot with Africa like stop acting like your shit don’t stink cause you white bitches are nothing but people full of shit. well not all white people are full of shit just the ones that sit in the computer to talk shit.

    • Yo, Im done, learn a little history asshole! Abraham Lincoln was emphatic about shipping every smelly assed Nigger from the U.S. back to fucking retarded Africa but Congress vetoed the idea because of the projected costs.The idea of repatriating all this redundant BLACK TRASH was strongly advocated before Lincoln`s assassination in 1865 by the President himself who saw little need for these vile, black, simian shit apes to live among constructive superior white people.I echo the former President`s sentiments 147 years later and wish that he had had his wishes fulfilled.All fucking Blacks belong in a zoo where they are able to sling their own shit at each other!

    • Having read the somewhat unbelievable and disturbing ranting posted here, i don’t believe there could ever be a pill large enough to cure the stupidity and ignorance displayed here.
      Your counrty has a large deep hole from which to dig itself.

  123. Eric you are a very sad human being,a person who has no idea how to express them self without being extreme racist.You must love the word nigger heard it as a kid from mommy and daddy or uncle billy while drinking that bud wiser,wondering why the world is passing them by,why melvin the negro got a promotion at work and has a new car in the drive way and obama is president life is good.

  124. I was just coming by and going to use this picture as an English related text and WOW! To be honest, racism isn’t something we as humans can remove from this world as different people will hold different views and it is inevitable that race wars will occur between at least 2 of the 7 billion people on Earth. However, in order to reduce racism and general hate, humans must learn to move on from history (note: move on, not forget –> we must learn from mistakes). After all, ask yourselves, what good comes from hate? Anger? Does that feel good? Do you gain anything at all that is beneficial to oneself? I’ll leave these for critical thought. But seriously, suppressing other humans is not the way forward. Isn’t it already evident through the number of rebellions? Nevertheless, I understand that most of the ignorant people are usually the lazy ones and hence have been spitting hate just because they can’t do anything else at the moment. But, with a bit of effort and guts, maybe your lives can be turned around? Unless you want to stay ignorant and hateful, be my guest. Peace (including the trolls).

    • Peace God. I’ve been off this for a while but come back to see the same ole devils talking about nothing. These devils are sleep walking through this matrix. Everything I’ve said is true and coming to life. You devils see the destruction and mayhem you guys cause on a national level. Whether it be Sandusky raping children or “educated” devils killing their own in a movie theater, you guys continue to prove time after time that you ARE DEVILS. Your beastly, COWARDLY snake like ways are coming home to roost. I AM NOT HAPPY THAT THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING. I feel sorry for you. How can a “man” kill unarmed women and children then sit in court with a bright orange afro?? I’ll tell you how….he’s a devil. You ALL are. Get on your cowardly knees and beg Gods forgiveness before it’s too late. Brag about the death of two black teens? Keep talking about the poor? LOOK AT YOUR OWN…child rapists, murderers, thieves…and these devils were wealthy. Judgement day is near devils…hell is near.

  125. That’s what’s up, yo I definitely appreciate these post, I just had one of these ‘Johnny Come Lately’s’ come at me on facebook tryiing to debate me a month ago and I feel you Duke. I think brothers need to build outside of this ‘minor league crap’ because obviously it’s still haters out there….so I think it’s important for US to build. We need strong blackman AND wombman to come together and start loving each other again. I try to express this in my post and blogs but you still got microwave babies out there trying to infiltrate on the Gods building. So I definitely hope to see some literary work from you in the future. I’m only 24 and just graduated so I’m looking to do more work in African Studies and Sprituality. It would be a big up if we can get some brothers on a national tip to network via these internet providers so we can put out more of these ideas for the future seeds coming up. This our time now Lord, we rising and no one can stop it. Godspeed

  126. What’s D word? ZOOM!!.. How BLACK iz it? VERY VERY BLACK!!.. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!! Funny how we only ask for 1 vibration while we temporarily coexist(1LOVE). All the other things, well that’s according to how you work for it(i ain’t scared to work hard)…. YO!! Don’t get dis shit twistd I prefer 360complete(KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, OVERSTANDING) to guide my walk.. I WILL BLACKBOOT STOMP ANY OPPRESSOR WHO PREFERS ME BE NIGGER!! BIG AH, GRNMILE, REX, MANU continue to reboot the masses with what their 2eyes don’t see…. PEACE&BLESSN

  127. Dr David Kenneth Cochrane Registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. Canada North Bay Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

  128. It’s the mob mentality that makes people crazy. Race just makes it easier to pick out a victim. Louis Farrakhan has been making the argument that white people are the devil for a long time. Maybe we are. We’ve been massacring each other for thousands of years. Nonetheless, on a personal level – even the most racist ignoramus will normally help a person of a different race if they are in trouble. As long as the mob mentality is not present. Peer pressure is a truly formidable obstacle to true equality. What a shame.

    • Ah pity…Negros have been slaughtering each other for centuries as well.Does Rwanda Burundi circa 1994 ring any of those little liberal bells in your head?I could go on and on about tribalism and mass murder in AFUCKA but I hope you get the picture.The homeland of this specious ape creature,the Negro,has been a killing ground for many centuries long before the ARAB and European slavers raped the stinking place.

  129. its funny an sad to see that such hate is in the world, that racism an bigotry still rule some peoples hearts this is a diease, an infernity of the soul, the bible says adam an eve to which we are all decendantso that means were all niggers or brothers, we all have to stand before god when we die something to think about.

  130. I am from Belgium. I cannot understand that you people claim to be christian and talk so much hate. Your so called loving christians are really dangerous people, killing and abusing all who is not your skincolour, belief, country. Iwas raised christian (catholic) by my parents and thought to be respectfull, for everybody. You can discuss opinions but in a respectfull way. You, whithe Americans, the most powerfull nation are always killing, shooting, abusing, creatinf fear, and saying it is for your god. Stop being so a pain in the aas of the world and do something about poverty and helping the poor in your own country.

  131. Beautiful! Wish this would happen where I lived! Alas no! The motherfucking worthless nigger swine just run riot and destroy everything!

    • Nothing so stupid as something called “whithe power”. There are no human races, Been in central Africa many times. Accept from poverty people are much the same everywhere. They work, they love, they have sorrows, they laugh etc. What makes you feel better because you are white? Not your intelligence because you are acting so pathetic and stupid.

  132. I find it hard to believe that lynchings actually occured up into the 1960’s…what an injustice…prejudice still exists today but equality and tolerance has progressed. I hope equality and tolerance continues to progress. May God Bless all Americans.

    • Equality and tolerance continues to progress? We are all equal, no need for tolerance. What has happened in the past is crime. There can be a historical, social explanation but no excuses. I have visited many times African countries where they took the slave labor people. I felt very bad, being an European. I was there to help building schools. I am an atheist humanist. I believe in the power of people helping eachother, loving eachother. A child in Cameroon plays with a child from Belgium and the other way around. Let God out of it, too much people murdered in his name, too much fighting for his (?) cause. Maybee it would be better if so called God was saw as a woman, but as I said. I am an attheist, just believe in people, humans. The picture says all about conviction, proud, hate, feeling right and superior. You don’t hang people mobbing, you cannot feel proud about a country who do. Most of your people are not white now, African, Latin and originally origin. Nice, your country is getting better now. Hope you vote for the nice man, Obama again. I was in Africa when I was elected and even there they were glad.

  133. I can’t believe some of the comments that have been left on this website. I thought that America had become more attuned to the terrible history that white folk have given to us. Racism still lives in America, as shown here by the comments that have been left here. But, guess what…we have a black president. So to all of you racist assholes out there, eat shit and die!!!!!

  134. America home of the free,where every man if he works hard can make it with a little education, and if you pull your self up by the boot straps you to can live the american dream that’s sounds good,but it’s a lie.I have no faith in this so called America or it’s democracy,to me America represents a chapter of lies and hidden agenda’s.White european men didn’t want to pay taxes to england and they didn’t want to pay taxes to America the working class is the back bone that keeps America from falling,We need to do away with this so called gov’tment the house,the senate,democrat,republican,it was systematically designed for the purpose of rich european slave masters(George Washington,Thomas Jefferson,Ben Franklin,Thomas Adams etc……..and today’s slave masters the corporation’s(AIG,BANK OF AMERICA,VISA,ETC……Why is it that the richest people get chosen by a group of rich people to be president,i didn’t chose or elect obama,i did vote for him but i didn’t have a say so in the choice process neither did you.

    • J so much agree. I am from Belgium. Europe is not paradise but we handle some things different. We have learned that different people have different god and too often God is miss used as a GO for nasty things. I am an attheist, humanist, I believe in the power of humans talking to eachother. Solidarity. Too much cristians in your country say they follow the words of theyr “loving” God but cry for hate. Let us try to live together the easy way, it helps, really.
      Be proud you have a black president at last, about time. Next can be the same or an Hispanic. They are the majority in your country, in number, not on money, hehe. Maybee a native Amarican, but most of them were killed by whithe ancesters. That is life. Sure, Europe is no better, we (?) killed jews, socialists, gays and others who did not fit the system. We must learn from this, that is the only thing we can do; so let us do it.

  135. Wow. I spent some time reading the comments and I say, it’s hilarious to see how many people hide behind fake fucking bridges on the internet. If you all were face-to-face, would you really say any of the shit you put on here? Fucking pathetic, man.

  136. funny thing is since then, us “niggers” are crawling our way out of the “ghetto” which is basically where white put us, and becoming wealthy and living the American dream, a nigger is the president, and attending Ivy League schools, and make up the entire nfl. and white is slowly becoming a minority, the pendulum could swing back your way so think twice before you post ignorant uneducated southern comments. because when you become a huge minority, how do you want the future race to think if whites? no one gives a shit about dick size.

  137. Crime committed by blacks wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as it is now if lynching were still around. Carjack a senior citizen? String ’em up!! Snatch an old ladies pocket book. String ’em up!! Rob a 7-11?, sting ’em up!! Hurt a defenseless anininal? String ’em up!! It would cost lawyers a lot of money, but fuckem’, they’re lawyers. As a bonus jail overcrowding & tax payer burden would be a thing of the past.

  138. I ‘am a dark brown skin man who believes in the freedom of all men and women across the globe,because people are fighting every day with there minds and the machine gun.People want to be recognized,they want there own land,they want there own flag,they want there own state,and they want there own government with people who look like them and share the same beliefs and rights, to have a voice among the world and a seat at the United Nations.Wake up black man and women open your eyes wide and see the injustice in America,you are considered a refugee in America since the first Jewish own slave vessels landed on Indian shores.Don’t believe me ok,the city of New Orleans 75% black citizens living there,when hurricane Katrina and the systematic demise of poor black people happened,the world wide media referred to them as refugees not citizens of New Orleans.When the constitution was written by rich slave owners they didn’t have the slave in mind,when Betsey Ross made the flag for the United States she didn’t have the slave in mind.Still don’t believe me, we still don.t have the right to vote in america,you see when black people got all dressed up with President Johnson to sign the 1965 civil rights voting act the activist didn’t mention to you that the act, not law can be challenged by states, in 1970,75,82 and under the bush administration in 2006 your privilege to vote was challenged, so very 25yrs or so they may sign a document saying you can vote this time,how is it no one has mention this to Barry Obama,Al Sharpton,Puffy,Jay Z,NAACP or any other black disorganized movement.I will tell you why they part of the money machine, now they think they are the voice of the black people and there not, will never be.Always remember your ancestors,and teach your children about past and future history, our history and show the up most respect to the elderly they are our education.You see it’s plain black man we were robbed of our God,our freedom,our culture,our religion,our name,our country,and most of all the black women.We need our own here in america or else where,we want our own land,flag and government i refuse to loose,what will you do when the time comes and your way of life is threaten,will you arm your self to protect your family i have will you?The time is now

  139. Hey guys…you’re wasting your time….they’re all dumb jungle bunnies that can’t read….
    just get ’em another crack pipe and let ’em make babies like the apes they are.
    They’ll neverbe any stinking good for anything but moving targets!!!

    • Actually sir, your own kind are the moving targets. How difficult it must have been for that devil to kill a classroom of 5 yr olds. You are now and will FORVER be the MOST COWARDLY, SCARED, BITCH MADE, PINK FACED BASTARDS TO EVER BE SEEN ON EARTH. DIE SCUMBAG COWARDS….BACK TO THE BELLY OF HELL WITH THE REST OF THE MAGGOTS THAT CREATED YOU. YOU FUCKIN DOGS KILL UNARMED MEN AND WOMEN IN A MOVIE THEATER AND NOW CHILDREN PLAYING WITH BLOCKS??? You can say whatever you want about the black man…but you can’t say this…we don’t kill children playing with blocks with hand guns and powerful rifles with a vest on. ALL WHITE SCUM ages 15-25 need to get together, fuck each other in their pink asses, then swiftly proceed to killing themselves immediately. Do the whole world a big favor….KILL YOURSELF….(before you kill the children not after). Fuckin dogs.

      • uhhhh Bih Ah….
        your people in Rawanda and Somalia might have something to say about niggrrs not killing children and women. Whites may not be saints but you coons, in your natural habitat (not America, where the white man taught you manners), are some of the most vicious, bloodthirsty animals on the face of the planet. FACT.

        and if you hate whites so much….stop speaking our goddamn language and speak in your native clicks-n-whistles tongue. And stop using a computer that the devil white man invented. Stupid fuckin ape.

      • The devils “ace in the hole”…Africa. Yes, a ravaged continent. (In certain areas). Civil war…how do you explain these well to do devils killing and raping children? Hmmm? You can’t sir. You are devils. The most blood thirsty? Do your research pig, then come back. I’m done speaking with dogs who are beneath me. Later caveman. P.S…computers were invented by the chinese and the Ape is the most powerful and intelligent animal on earth. Thanks dummy lol

      • Well BIG BLAH still spinning shit,I see.Look you pernicious,irresolute depraved piece of nigger asswipe perhaps you should edify us on all the atrocities perpetrated in Africa by coons on coons.We shall start,Blah,with Rwanda Burundi in which over 800,000 of your fellow black asswipe were systematically exterminated by other fellow black asswipe because of tribal and political rivalries.Then there is Nigeria,Sudan,Eritrea,Kenya and practically the entire demented fucked up shit zoo which is contemporary and redundant AFUCKA…the only continent that is a zoo for retarded shitskins.Blacks are the real SCUM and feces of Nature and perhaps when Satan defecated he left a big pile of shit which spawned the nigger shitskin ass wipe creation.Yes thats it…Satan`s feces created the useless,dumbass,retarded NEGRO…the most stupid and superfluous thing to ever be pulled out of Woman`s cunt.

      • I never understood falling in love with someone on the internet until today. Big Ah………ahhhhhhh….lol

  140. this is the most disapointing thread. I am unsubscribing. hate and racism are a waste of my time. to all you children of light and life of all colors on here, I send my blessings. to you hateful racists I might pray for you. I am proud to be white, I am proud and secure, do not need to hate on another for skin color. I am proud of my bredrins of color who can rise abbove this hate with me. you pitiful racists are all really hating yourselves. all of human kind can genetically be traced back to africa. all white people are decendants of the african continent. if you dont know look it up. I am not going to give a lesson on genetics or history. I am going to bid you all goodbye this is some negative and dissapointing human behavior all the way from the picture itself and all the way down. its sad. while you sit divided our civil liberties are being flushed for all people. no partiality. they are trying to squash the poor of all colors. so keep fighting amongst yourselves and hate your brothers and sisters in God. 2nd generation white american. one love one heart. if your packing hate around with you, your a tool of the real devil. african americans are what 12% of the population in America? thats an aproximation but mathmatically that would mean that if every black person was on welfare and smoking crack there still would be more white people on welfare and smoking crack in this country than black people. its simple math. (not that I would ever assume that all of anyone color is doing anything) Thats a rediculous statement of course. do you see racism makes you look pretty uneducated? do your own math and research, I am outta here.

  141. I stumbled across this thread after hearing a radio programme about the life of Billie Holiday and was haunted by the lyrics to Strange fruit. Completely niave to the atrocities people, yes, ‘people’ were subjected to I was shocked, abhorred and disgusted by how white people have treated, and are still treating black people. There are no words strong enough to describe what has and is happening, and certainly, however you choose to try and justify your behaviour, you are wrong. And, after reading all 466 comments, not one anti-black has anything worthy to say; in fact I can only conclude that you are all intellectually stunted – hillbillies, and the cast of ‘Deliverance’ springs to mind when I read some of the verbal diahorrea eminating from your twisted minds. Why do you think white women like black men? Because they havent got the charisma of a rattlesnake, that’s why. Perhaps you are reaching out to other amoebas. Perhaps you do have small genetalia. I don’t know, don’t want to know and don’t care; eventually, your and your beliefs will die. Do youselves and every good person in this world a huge favour, don some concrete pop-socks and jump in the nearest deep course of water (make sure they’re weighty as all that air floating around in you skulls may prevent the desired outcome).
    Oh, and one final note, not one of you racists have rushed to mention that Obahma has got in again! A black president of the United States of America – twice – whoever would have thought that would happen 30 years ago? Look-up lads, your time is nearly done….

    • Chic-a-dee you are both pitiful,sanctimonious and ignorant beyond belief.Also Chicky,old sod,you should learn how to spell.The correct spelling for diarhea…is not diahorrea,ASSHOLE!As far as Obama is concerned…the guy is a MULATTO not a full blooded coon negro.He is as much Caucasian as he is NEGROID In fact,SHITFACE,you can`t even spell your own President`s name correctly…You are one pathetic waste of space and probably,judging from your ignorance a black GROID organism who should have been aborted at birth.Ah don`t worry about our time being done because you lot are DONE!

      • Charming – and your assumptions are wrong. Amazing how important editorial content is to you when that is secondary. He’s not my president. Go get some anger management treatment – from a well qualified black doctor ….

      • I forgot to mention that you should check your own spelling in posts before you cast aspertions on others.

  142. Big Ah, you are the king of this very long conversation. Very entertaining. As a white man from Indiana, be assured that we are about one generation of ignorant old white people dying off from getting rid of the majority of the senseless hate that has poisoned this country. I’m blessed to have close friends from all races in my life. In my 50’s, I’ve seen this country from the civil rights movement to now. We have a long way to go, but we are getting there. When Obama won my redneck state of Indiana, I felt like we had arrived as a state. Then they went Romney in 2012. Still, Obama was the 1st democrat Pres to win Indiana since Lyndon Johnson. That’s pretty big if you asked me. Take care and keep annoying the ignorant. I love it.
    Not going to get into the “big dick” conversation, just glad my balls aren’t hitting the floor yet.

  143. No bdj63014, I would say we are about one generation away from the time certain white folk of the world clear out certain territiries in Europe and North America of parasitic jews, satanists, and the non-white destructuve plagues. This time the jews and satanists will be unable to pit one white nation against another, as all white nations now contain enough folk that understand the lies of the past 200 years.

    • Jim,I salute you for your erudite commentary and your extraordinary perceptiveness.It pleases me that there are White people who stand proud and are contemptuous toward creatures such as Negros who are essentially parasitic and redundant in every aspect.Lincoln should have insisted on mass castration of the black creature when emancipation of the Nigger filth was proclaimed in 1865.However,we must confront reality and realize that white liberals,certain secular Jews and other pathogenic misfits constitute an adversay that must be ultimately “removed”.I personally insist on segregation because that is the only intelligent and practical solution with respect to conducting both a rational and practical society.I will not live with Black Trash,or any other hominid effluent and more and more “White” people are finally coming to the realization that political correctness,multiculturism,racial tolerance,liberalism et cetera are just one enormous pile of fecal defilement that must be totally eradicated…or else!Keep up the good work,Jim ,and thanks for your intelligent insight.The lives of a billion niggers are not worth the life of one white man or woman!

      • dude what the heck is wrong with you? wanna swap emails for real or are u gonna chicken out?

  144. […] Every white knew one thing when they stepped foot on American land. That this country held them above every black that were was already here.I wish the person who wrote the article , talked about how blacks were treated in Philly during the 70`S and early 80`s. How soon we for get.When you treat people like crap,are you really shocked at what is going on? One million died in the potato famine. Over 10 million blacks died during the slave trade. At what point should people stop thinking about the past? My mother grew up in VA. This was her past. Lynching of Young Blacks | Iconic Photos […]

    • We think, America, land of hope and glory, my ass. Stupid racists, hypocrits praying a whithe God who’s son was a jew, not a problem these people. Jalouse abouth dick or ass and breast size. Sunbathing to become a bit more brown. But th terrible thing is you enjoy people to be hangend. Basterds. I cannot understand your hate. Is it because christians are perverts, they celebrate the beating and foltering of theyr god image as a feast? Buy a new gun and shoot your neighbour, in this you are the best.

  145. Well, after reading these comments (some informative, some hilarious and many absolutely asinine and ridiculous), i think I have a solution. Let’s all take a DNA test: those with one drop of European blood can stand to the right and those with one drop of African blood can stand to the left. Those with a “so called” pure blood line can congregate in the middle. Then we can…, uh oh wait a minute! If we do that only a small group of Africans will be standing in the middle, everyone else will have to stand together. Both history and recent genome studies indicate we (all humanity) originated in Africa. We’re all Africans, we’re all humans (albeit to lesser or greater degrees), therefore any latent racist banter is the height of self hatred.

    Please try to understand that racism and perceived hates are the products of un-sated, unadulterated greed. Crimes against humanity are not the sole domain of any single nation or people, we’ve all done our part. However in the context of America, the history is disturbing due to its chronological proximity and the
    continued disenfranchisement of people based on skin color as well as the massive disparities in wealth, social and economic development that have resulted from that disenfranchisement.

    I don’t want to get into a long dissertation on this topic, but suffice to say, I understand where Big Ah is coming from and I can appreciate the source of his angst. Big Ah, your comments are witty and mildly humorous and I feel confident your comments are not directed at all White people, but they can be misconstrued as such. Many of the other comments are not worthy of a reply.

    Big Ah, never argue with a fool because in the end, no one will know who the fool was.

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  147. i am grieved about the actions of the human RACE and i have seen a vision of catastrophic nature . if we dont wize up we will be forced to work togather and see whats really superior to come . if you have eyes please see and if you have ears please hear…..

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  150. malcom x was killed by his own.and at the time of his death he no longer referred to white people as “white devil”and after mecca realized living wasn’t about color.

  151. Reply postings like these make me fear for our future. Every time we take one huge step forward your ignorance makes us take twice as many back. Get educated, find some respect, seek peace within yourself and be open to the possibility that its not all about you. It’s not all black and white. There are millions of examples in history that we are not the end all be all of discrimination. If it wasn’t color it was sex, class, distinction. We need to realize that everyone has suffered, some more than others yes, but we have all suffered the same.

  152. Wow. So much hatred and cruelty among these commenters. You don’t even know each other. Y’all stop being contemptuous. Please.

    • I very much agree, theere are no races and people are very much the same all over the world. I am from Belgian but visits very much Africa. Espeially Cameoon and also Gambia, last time. I do it because I was helping with education. I found new family over there and so many good friends.


  153. I ruly love your blog.. Great colors & theme. Did yoou create this website
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  154. In reality, the white supremacists, that have clearly attempted to dominate this page with their absolutely illogical hate towards people of color, don’t know that within the confines of the “white population” there have been several genocides. This all starts with the Armenian genocide, then continues to the Holocaust, soon after is the expulsion of Germans from Soviet Russia, and finally the Stalinist era of the USSR. To claim that blacks are completely devoid of human capability is astonishing because it is so apparent that there are clearly people that are colored and are successful but you purposely look past them in order for you to continue on with your same ignorant mindset. That is why those that think in that way will never get far in life because if in blinding oneself to reality enables them to grasp a better concept of their small little insignificant world they will always be confined to that little world.

    I am not done with just saying this. I am appalled that in the 21st century we can have ignorance that is clearly not one-sided. As a woman, I am disgusted by the behavior that “adults” that live in the modern era can have towards one another. In reading some of these comments I felt disturbed, the mention of the daughter and the constant sexual reference. No one gives a shit about how big you may or may not be. Whites have no reason to hate blacks. Just as blacks should no longer hate whites because technically it isn’t at all their fault and you weren’t ever enslaved so stop taking it so personally. Yes, I understand there is pride and the need to say that you rose from slavery and made better lives for yourselves etc. But instead of saying it put forth some actions. Show the world how you’ve risen instead of arguing over a picture that no one had any ability to prevent.

    This is directly intended for “HispanicLatinaPride”. Sweetie clearly no one ever told you that all hispanics/latinas are really a mix between the Spanish, the native indigenous tribes of your country and also black people that were brought over to help the dying population of natives. You are a mutt. Just like all Latinos are. That is why being Latino/Hispanic isn’t considered a race but an ethnicity, it is a culture, a way of life. Meanwhile you can still identify which race you are, which in our case is white and black.

  155. If negros continue their monkeyshines and continue attacking white folks, I’ll bet my last dollar that there will be a revival of lynching across america. These animals were unleashed and look how they behave. It’s time to put them back in their place once again.

  156. I love when whites talk about monkeys because white people were created from monkey mixed with human (black) DNA. I’m not just saying that be mean but it is real history. Your history goes back no more than 8,000 years (and that’s being generous). Black man is billions of years old. You were an experient in the caves of Europe. You were the first slaves (Slavs). You knew nothing until you learned fromt he blacks in Egypt (even thought that the world was flat). Some of you whites are so ingnorant it’s hillarious. Learn your true history and stop beliving the lies.

  157. I used to despise racists when I was growing up in an all-white neighborhood. But once I had to start mixing with blacks, Mexicans, and other non-whites, I saw them for what they are and my feelings changed. It doesn’t matter how fair or friendly a white person is, all they want is to steal what we have and then kill us. Sure, the stud niggers enjoy raping white girls, because the black girls are as ugly as hairless chimps. But other than that, given half a chance they would kill all white people or drive them out, just like in Rhodesia. Whites are hated by every other race because they realize our genetic superiority and they just instinctively want to destroy us. Fortunately whites in the USA are now waking up to the truth, largely due to Obama. That’s why Obama lost the white vote in the last election. I believe we need to bring back some of the olds ways in terms of dealing with enemies of the white people.

      • not just steal;befriend and take what you have i.e.woman,jobs,housing and grab hold of gov programs-e.b.t. cards,health insurance etc…then laugh all the way to a better life than they can have in their own country-at American citizens expense

      • Tomorow I am going to Africa again from Belgium to see my african famly and friends again. I think yo Americans have a stupid problem. But I understand a bit, your nation has been build from christian fanatics, slavers, criminals seeking future; but also lot of poor and good people. Stop insulting eachother.

  158. all you crackers need to bow down us blacks have been stealing your pussy and making baby zebras since you auctioned us offf. big ah for mississippi state senate 2015

      • Them trashy bitches should hang right next to the monkey bastard she’s with. Just as soon hang any other nigger you can find. Get rid of all the useless shit there is.

  159. I agree with you on this post. I think Black guys are the ones who have the longest penis. However, it is different in how tall a man is. Some tall guys have short penis while short guys have long penis. Anyway, the penis size is not everything to get a woman satisfied. It is also about the girth as well. So, I think size does matter to some women.

  160. You fucking niggers enslaved yourselves then sold yourselves to the white man. Now you kill each other, if you are so proud to be of African decent, then go back to your homeland

    • Soppose you are white, your people killed the natives,we don’t want you back here in your homeland, stupid ignorant, read some history and shurt up.

  161. Who cares what size the cock or good you think you are with it, you spread more VD than any other race put together.

  162. it is a problem that has plagued America since greedy men exploited the pain, life and suffering of another race of people for their own gain. As if the travesty of hundreds of years of slavery, worse than the Nazi genocide, was not enough, we have to deal with these racists wanting to keep slavery and all it meant alive as fear in the hearts of their victim’s survivors. The survivors forgive these racists as best they can, and every day they are reminded how their race was raped, murdered, separated from their families and prevented from learning and leading a prosperous life. in a land of plenty. They were denied their rights as human beings in the laws of god, and the laws of America. Megyn Kelly needs to apologize to her audience so that we can begin to heal as a nation. Megyn the races have forgiven you many times over. Isn’t ti time you forgave them?

    • Frank, bestiality wasn’t frowned upon back then. Even today some white women are spitting out niglets like they could still sell them. Why don’t you go suck these nigger dicks. It seems you forgot what it taste like.

  163. When I was young and ignorant, I saw this photo and thought “look at all those evil white people lynching those poor blacks.” But now, many years later, as an older and wiser and much prouder white person, I like this photo very much. I would like to do just the same to so many blacks, spics, and even some of you evil Wall Street kikes and your white Jew scum. Let’s cleanse the planet of evildoers! KKK all the way.

    • You piece of shit…i hope you eat shit and die bitch. How would you like it if I said that about your family. You are going to hell and burn. I hope you fill every bit if heat in hell. You better start living with no air conditioner to prepare for whats coming for your racist ass…bitch . Go play in traffic, drank Poisson, jump off a cliff. Just go kill yourself bitch

  164. This story has way too many errors. The hanging black men were guilty as hell! Shows me this guy did NO research. Blacks love to invent things. They love to live lies where those lies it creates black victimization

    The two hanging black males DID rape a white female. They also murdered a white male. The white couple were in their car in parking lot when they were approached by three black males. At gunpoint the male was ordered out of his car He was immediately gunned down. The white female was then ordered out. Two of the black males (the ones hanging from tree) raped her. The third black male…he didn’t want to participate in the rape and …ran straight to the police and rated out his crime buddies.

    Also, notice the author of this narrative provides no citations for his invented version.

    Two very despicable black male murders and rapists. They were going to hang anyways.

    White Christians NEVER should hv went down the road of forced integration. It’s been a 50 year reign of terror by the most racists people on planet earth:: African Americans

  165. If niggers are as innocent as they all claim, why is the majority of prison populations pure nigger other than a family reunion. They live to think they were victims of slavery. As soon as they were freed unemployment
    was invented and the majority haven’t worked since, They all think they are owed money, food, medical care and housing.Since there are trees in the hood, they have public transportation. Let them swing like their parents the ape.The world doesn’t owe niggers shit. If they hate it here so much, they should go live like the niggers that sold them to the British. They lived like that since the beginning of time and haven’t progressed as far as apes have. Still living in mud huts and hunting with sticks. They have no diversity in the gene pool. If you breed whites together you can get all kinds of different types of people,as in hair color for 1 example. If you breed 2 niggers together all you get is another nigger. Their main contribution to the world is bringing down the intelligence of the world. Hitler had the right idea, but went after the wrong critters. As anyone knows if he would have killed niggers the rest of the world would surely have helped him. Every country would send or kill the niggers the had. The world would be a better place if such a thing would have happened. Since most of the niggers prefer to kill each other, why is it a crime if everyone helps them out. They have and always will be a drain on humanity. Total extermination is the only answer to improve the world in which we live. We as a people should stop giving everything they need to survive and let them earn it like the rest of us. Them niggers will die out in less than 3 generations since they won’t try to do for themselves. Unless they steal it or cry like they do until someone gives in. Fuck them all and we should let them kill themselves and maybe help them with that process. Return the world to a total productive place so decent people can live like normal humans should. So kill a nigger if y get the chance and you will be helping the world more than any nigger ever did or will.

    • Dit heet een ” Mississippi Wind Chime ” in Amerika , vanaf een dag voor de Welfare System werd overgenomen door de spijt apen . Ze werden snel behandeld als ze misdaden . Niet zoals vandaag , waar ze naar de ” Uitgesloten Hotel ” en leven van de hardwerkende citicens . Zij moeten worden verbannen uit Amerika toen ze een misdaad begaan , naar andere landen die graag zouden accepteren hen met open armen , en laat ze zien hoe te krijgen en houden van een baan . Welk land eerst stapt u en accepteer deze grootste van geschenken ?

  166. Awesome Pics…. This ought to be an olympic event….The world would be a better place for it too.

  167. Most posts are stupid and criminal here. In my country, Belgium racisme is a crime. It is, and also stupid and retarded thinking. And all those white racist tell they are christians, waw. I am proud I am an atheïst who has no god but believe in solidarrity among people. I have many African friens-ds, sometimes they are much smarter ten us whites, hehehehehehe.

    • I am a black man who loves himself and his people. I was raised not to hate anyone. I work, pay my taxes, and take care of my family like everyone else. As I read through these comments I was not shocked at all on what Haters had to say, its all through our history. But what I’m proud of is the intelligent answers given to oppose the hatred. Big Ah you are a star bro keep teaching. Everyone that spoke up something positive good job.The devil is a lie. For those who want to continue to hate I will pray for you and someday I hope you will change. Well its time for me to go back to work break times over.

  168. “I life to live” I completely echo your sentiments, very well stated. And yes, “Big Ah” way to stand strong and firm (with unequivocal good sense and knowledge) up against these racist and unrelenting devils. This Nordic brood is the offspring of Esau and have always maligned themselves from the human family–taking refuge into the mountains–making claims of superiority and imperialism when in reality the pale skin is the biological and or genetic inferior to melanin/pigmentation. To say that Jesus was/is white is the biggest insult to God and original man (black) and I submit to you that the white man knows this. But he persists in using lies, deception, obfuscation, propaganda, indoctrination, and all sorts of machinations in blinding and misleading the entire inhabited earth in a bid to remain in control. This fiendish blueprint has worked magnificently on the minds of the minion oppressed classes, but slowly and surely the original man (not to be confused with mankind) is awakening and arriving back at his “good sense.” As regarding the image above, well being from the wicked south I can say with complete assuredness that the “hunt” or the weekend lynching excursions never ended…the act morphed into justifiable homicide behind the guise of “great policing.” So, white monsters (police officers) are still attacking the balls of life (melanin testicles) only they are doing it indirectly these days. And sadly, the people are too confused, too ignorant, and too unaware to understand what is unfolding before their eyes. “If you do not understand racism, and white supremacy everything that you do understand will only confuse the hell out of you.” Let’s connect at facebook and have dialogue “I life to live” and “Big Ah.”

  169. “Tired of all of this nonsense,” and all other soldiers for truth, liberation from the devil, and justice I praise your words here along this thread as well. Forgive me for forgetting to mention you in my earlier entry.

      • Krist de Munter, Racism is the only way of life in this jungle called America. White men loathe competition and so they work overtime at keeping inequality and racism alive and well. Plain and simply, the people here are ruthlessly evil and always have been. Are you watching the terrorism that’s being waged weekly by the Police State here in America against black males? If not, start watching the actions of the police departments, prosecution offices, grand juries, and courts following the gruesome slayings. You will see Satan and his angels of death in action!

      • Yep, we see this images too on tele. In most European countries as in Belgium, police cannot shoot whenever they want. Always there is a investigation by law and the circumstances are examind. But Euroe is the origion of racisme and there is still much and now we let migrants die in the sea.

      • Yes, I agree Europe is the origin of this cruel and deceptive evil. Its going to take another two hundred years before the people are capable of seeing clearly. That’s just how cunning, deceptive, and ambiguous racism continues to be here in America. A lot of that is due to long term exposures to propaganda and indoctrination, but hey, we are awakening millimeter steps at a time. Thank you, Christiaan de Munter for the perspective.

  170. When I was just a brainwashed young white kid I thought this photo was horrible. Now that I understand the real world I think it’s wonderful. LOL I love seeing niggers hanged.

  171. Hey, how goes it, “lynchfan?” I’ll just bet you are the pride of your community and work force, right? Little fiendish pale faced monkey straight out of the mountains of Seir! I’m not sure if you’ve been made aware, but the collective African American base isn’t sitting around playing dominos and waiting on nefarious Caucasian love. You people are monsters, and genetic inferiors, and you know it! Sadly, its taken the descendants of slavery far too long to arrive at these realities–not me. I keep careful watch over the police and those so-called loving patriots. I wished a redneck would cross me with a nasty countenance written
    on his face.

    • Settle down spooby , your either going to upset your sickle cell or increase your heart disease even more than it already is . The reason you get the nasty tatted white fattys is we do not desire them . And we as strong Anglo Saxon men gather your educated and clean black females into our beautiful homes and community’s . These are facts not to be angered over. When I love on my Nubian princess I fill her with love and respect. You black men need to see the light .

  172. Somebody!!!!!tell feb21,2012 to come back and read this….why do you want to commit suicide/have someone kill you if you think’all niggers should die’ sounds like to me you need help and assistance in your trouble’s of self awareness.

  173. […] Many Black men were lynched publicly in the South for perceived slights against White femininity. Many White women were complicit in this brutalization of Black men and even showed up to public lync…. There was a period of time in this nation’s history where a White woman’s account of a Black […]

  174. Hey, “Okkkie,” you fiendish piece of crap. Listen white trash, your troubles wouldn’t end if black males were to exit this ungodly nation, they’d only just begin. For, who would screw your white women just right–you know how they like it? Only black dick continues to do that jethro. And who’d clean your shit toilets and sweep your floors and carryout all of your menial work around the nation and purchase your mind numbing video games? Your lazy ass sure as hell ain’t going to do any real hard labor, right? Nah, you’d better rethink that jethro and allow this wicked gravy train to continue humming along!

  175. Looking at the comments black man why would you want a white women that comes from evil as this any. You might as well agree with this then you really think pale skin us good the bible calls them Satan and speKs about their pale skin as a curse. And you talking to this white man like you got his pale women your sick man

  176. BLACK JESUS. ISLAM, Muslims.. Fuck the white man.
    Blacks on blonde girls ass hole. Yeah we fuck those bitch harder than any white little cock..
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