Hitler in 1914

The above photo showed Adolf Hitler in the huge crowd which heard the announcement of the First World War outside Field Marshals’ Hall, Munich on 2 August 1914. After the Nazis came to power, Hitler mentioned being outside the hall when the war was declared. A German photographer went back and looked through his photos and found the above picture.

At the outbreak of war, 25-year old Adolf Hitler was an aimless drifter and failed artist in Munich and had previously failed army entry tests because he was too weak to carry weapons. Yet, during the wartime, Germany needed soldiers and Hitler was able to enlist in the Bavarian army; although he was not considered for further promotion because of ‘a lack of leadership qualities’, he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class, an honour rarely given to a lance corporal (which showed that he did not lack courage). The Great War ended for Hitler inside a hospital where he was being treated for temporary blindness caused by chlorine gas. There he heard the news of German surrender, deeply incredulous; he came to believe, like many other nationalists, that the army, “undefeated in the field,” had been “stabbed in the back” by civilian leaders and Marxists back home.

Hitler returned to Munich after a short failed stint as a borderguard and joined a nationalist group German Workers’ Party (DAP), which was formed by extremists and anti-Semites as a counterforce to Bolshevism. He rose quickly through its ranks and in July 1921, he took over its leadership renaming it the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The rest as they say is history.

23 thoughts on “Hitler in 1914

  1. actually, this isnt true. he did not acquire his famous mustache till after 1914. he had a full mustache which needed to be trimmed to fit into a gas mask. sadly, this is either a different person with a toothbrush mustache, or someone got creative and took off the sides of his full ‘stache

    • That story about the mustache and the gas mask is legend. he one of Hitler hearing the news of WWI *is* legitimate. It was taken by his official photographer before he became Hitler’s official photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann.
      When he heard years later that Hitler was in the crowd, he blew up the photo and found Hitler in the crowd. During the war, yes, Hitler did have a traditional mustache, but after the war he returned to the toothbrush mustache we all are familiar with.

  2. Among the other evil results of WWI is that it saved Adolph Hitler’s life. He was too weak to carry weapons because he was so poor he probably ate once a day. Joining the army quickly remedied that problem. He was courageous because his previous life had been so hellish he really didn’t fear death.

    The German Army saved his life and sense of self. The army had the perfect job for him as a runner Hitler never went on furlough. For him an Army in a state of total war was heaven.

  3. from Call ME Lennie above”..an Army in a state of total war was heaven.” – America today anyone?

  4. This can’t be true. That mustache has been around for a looong time so it’s not like Hitler was the first/only man to wear it. It’s called a Toothbrush mustache.

  5. I also do not believe this is a true photo.
    Hitler has been found to bend the truth when it comes to pre-Reich personal history.
    And German journalists have been found to fabricate and lie when it comes to relicts of his past (diaries..).
    What is your source to this picture ?

  6. Whether it s a fake or not, it is an Iconic photo.

    I’ve seen it reproduced many times, along with the ‘He Was There’ story.

  7. This photo cannot be of Hitler because he had a full moustache in 1914. The photo is of some other person.It’s a pity Hitler survived the war. Millions of people wouldn’t have lost their lives if he had died of that chlorine gas attack.One of the great tragedies of fate!

    • Chances are if Hitler hadn’t been there, some other despot would have taken control. Germany in the ’20s and early ’30s was a very unstable place

  8. Absolutely True, Cuzzin!

    Now…first of all, I was in the NaTzi Killin Business in the great ww2 an I can tell ya that its a fact that WE was actually tha first into that threr Berlin Bunker! Why, them ol Ruskies couldent find their own asses ifn thay had a road map! Why, after we searched the place, we even had time for a cup o coffee before the first sorry commie basted came snoopin on in! “Too late”, I told um, “He already done left!”

    Well, after coffee, we went to see one o his ol buddies an after we kicked him in the ballz a few times, he told us how Hitler escaped with his wife and Daughter in an aeroplane flown by some Natzi Bytch called Reistech or sompthin…anyways, We thanked him an Kicked him in the ballz again just to reinforce his learnin experience…..

    Then we followed the trail to Denmark where a jet carrying them landed and then took off again for Norway. Sly Bastard, that Hitler…His Son Heinz was already there a waitin on him. And then they got on some submarines and went to Argentina!

    Hell! when we told our bosses that, they went ballistic! What hurts me in my left Nut is that they wouldn’t give us permission to follow them and that dont set right with me to this day! They said that the FBI would handle it……well….I respect Hover so OK, I let it slide an kinda flowed ino tha Commie Killin Business….

    Then Hoover told Truman that Hitler was doin OK in some Buenos Aries Hotel eatin Strudel and could he put a nice cold Icepick in his brain or somethin an Truman said No! (For some Crazy Reason) an made him drop the whole damn thing! (I never did like Truman).

    So then, Hitler like becomes a nice old man and a Grandfather and what-not and how the hell do you tell a Million GI’s that Hitler is still eatin Strudel an bouncin Grandchildren on his knee and so forth!!!??? Well, you cant! (Well you could, but theyrd be riots n such…)

    The fact that I know this stuff makes me stay up all night and watch war movies (I seen Inglorious Basterds about a Hundred times) and sometimes I get out my old scalpin knife an pretend that the Pig we roast for the annual Philippine festival is a Natzi mother-fletcher an I scalp the Lil Phucker jus like in the good ol dayz! (Course he’s already dead but its good therapy).

    Well, you may not believe that Hitler Died in the 90’s sometime (while showin some o’ his friends his art collection) but Ill bet you a flutter-nutter sandwich if you go to Argentina youll see a lot o Kids that look Just like him! (Or Eva)

    remember this: Sometimes things are just the way they seem. Hitler was a smart Phucker…at least as smart as you…so, if you would get the hell outta Dodge, why wouldn’t he?! Go Figgure, Cuz….

    Yours Truly,
    Signed, Col. Korn
    Chief of Scalpin, Castratin and Killin (an Such), All kinds O’ Natziz, Commies an what-not,
    in the Great ww-2.
    (An head O keepin people from stealin from OXOjamm Studios, an what-not).

  9. You Tell them, Colonel! It’s time the world woke up and started seeing things as they really are!

    By the way…see what you can do about your Cat jumping up on my Corvette (just the White one), will you? I like him and all but he’s starting to scratch the paint.

    OXOjamm Studios.

  10. I first saw this photo when I was in my early teens. It fascinated me. Here was one of the most infamous men photographed as an unknown at such an iconic moment in history…etc. It seemed to me, even then, to be an absurdly fortuitous moment captured on film. The more I looked at it, the more I thought it was not quite right either. It doesn’t look natural. Since that time I have believed this photo to be a fake and its only in the last couple of years historians have also questioned its authenticity.

    It is now widely regarded as being a fake created by Hoffman and encouraged by Hitler. There are other photos of the same scene existing and no traces of that person purported to be Hitler can be seen.


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