Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Twenty one years ago today, the former prime-minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in India. IP looks back on how the night’s events unfolded.

First Two Frames: photo of the crowd was used by police to look for back-up bombers and conspirators
I couldn’t find third and sixth frames but here are frames 4, 5, 8, and 7 (clockwise from top left)
Last Two Frames: You can see the woman in orange and green approaching

He was a prince of Machiavellian proportions, there was no doubt about that. First scion and then head of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that ruled India for 32 of previous 37 years, Rajiv Gandhi became India’s prime minister in 1984. He tried to modernize and deregulate the Nehruvian state, intervened in Maldives and Sri Lanka, and placed Punjab under martial law for “terrorism”. He was a skillful orator, a masterful charmer, and after his fall from grace in 1989 in the aftermath of a corruption scandal, a political spoiler and kingmaker.

In 1991, Rajiv Gandhi was back on the campaign trail, after fracturing the coalition government — his second such attempt in as many years. On the night of May 21st in the southern town of Sriperumbudur, his dynamism was rudely stopped by a woman who bent down to touch his feet (an expression of respect among Indians) and detonated herself. Rajiv Gandhi and at least 14 other people were killed.

The assassination was carried out by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), an armed insurgency fighting for a separate state in Sri Lanka against whom Mr. Gandhi had previously intervened. The above photos were taken by Haribabu, a 21-year-old local free-lance photographer who died in the blast, but whose Chinese-made 35-mm camera was recovered. The last photo showed a harrowing red explosion.

The photos were developed and sent to India’s most advanced military lab to be thoroughly examined. Haribabu was thought to have been paid $5 by the Tamil conspirators to document the assassination, and hence his first photo showed the bomber and her co-conspirator; the assassin was second from left, dressed in orange, and disguised behind glasses. The mastermind behind the attack, Sivarasan, posed as journalist on rightmost.

Subsequent three-month manhunt ended with a cornered Sivarsan and six others killing themselves on would have been Mr. Gandhi’s 47th birthday. As for the late lamented Rajiv, he would continue to haunt the Indian politics for many more years: in 1997, after the investigation on the assassination revealed that an Indian political party secretly supported LTTE, another coalition government fell.

13 thoughts on “Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

  1. The the former Indian prime-minister Rajiv Gandhi, Killed by Tamil Tiger terrorist organizations –Sri Lanka’s North Part Jaffna Base one & only Hindu terrorist organizations member’s plane the attack.

    • No there is evidance with our goverment, if they leak higher officials will be killed on the spot i think……….I am worshping god to look after india…. This is hindustan…..who does goood to hindustan they will be protected……………….y have closed seen mr Rajiv where had dance in the Gajuwaka…….. i can not forget this.

    • these photos first published in a The Hindu news paper on 24th of May, 2009, how did the news paper got these photographs. When a suspects are visible in this photos how its made to public through a news paper.

      there is evidences that tamilnadu forensic department people only given these photos to the hindu news paper.

      And A video cassette was hidden by K.R. Narayanan, he is governer of some indian state now.. Where is that video cassette

  2. Bekasur logon ko 1984 ke dangon mein marwane wale ka haal toh aisa hona hi tha.Iske saath aisa hi hona chahiye tha.Yeh bhagwaan ka Insaf hai.

  3. Karunanithi induce Punjab, W.B., Bihar, U.P., to divide and split various states leaders and force lies and magnify lies at against congress and induce Indira Gandhi assassination then Karunanithi and Murasoli Maran together acts as master mind of Rajiv Gandhi due to congress government dismissed DMK twice and murdered Rajiv Gandhi by assassination and also Murasoli Maran helped to hide and destroy evidence of assassination and also killed linked but India issue stamp of Murasoli Maran, Kalanithi and Thayanithi Maran are big person of India media and press who using media and press as weapon to trapping various minister and blackmail activities and congress party alliance with DMK now assassinatee Rajiv Gandhi son Raghul Gandhi and assassinator Karunanithi and Maran family alliance DMK still have fear of dismissing government acts I hope

    Tamil brand is used in this regards but actually
    DMK Leader Karunanithi is Telugu
    LTTE Terrorist Prabhakaran is Telugu
    M.K.Stalin is Telugu
    Pariyar is Kannada so technically Maran family is Kannada
    EVKS is Kannada
    Viko is Telugu
    Whatever DMK forgets dismissed of Tamilnadu DMK governments twice
    Congress forget and forgive Rajiv Gandhi assassination

  4. […] Over 3,000 Tamils were killed in over 6 days (some put the figures as high as 10,000; the official government figure was 358). And uneasy coexistence had broken down: many Tamils emigrated and those who remained radicalized and joined the Tigers. Jayewardene expelled the Tamils from the parliament. With the Sri Lankan army’s blockade of Jaffna, there were food shortages. Across southern India, graffiti read Invade Lanka. Send Army Now. By 1987, Sri Lanka was well on course for a full-scale civil war which would last until 2009, and India embroiled in an ill-timed intervention. […]

  5. ‘The Charitable Countess’,a Leslie Charteris story from the collection,’The Happy Highwayman’,tells how the 1 rupee sanctioned for needy ends up as 15 paise.The book was published in 1939.Rajiv was not meant for the kind of huge leadership that he undertook,a bourgeoise guy in an incompatible situation.

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