Great Photographic Moments in Olympic History

Since our beginnings, Iconic Photos has covered some of the most memorable photos from different Olympiads throughout history. As the world’s greatest athletes gather in London for its 30th incarnation, we look back at nine of them. The photos are captioned clockwise from top left in the poll, and the links are below.

For detailed articles, go to: Black Power saluteWladyslaw KozakiewiczGreg LouganisDorando PietriAmerican basketball team’s controversial lossJesse Owens gets cheersAntonio Rebollo lights the flame; the bloody water-polo match; terrorism rears its ugly hooded head. Follow me on Twitter @aalholmes.

6 thoughts on “Great Photographic Moments in Olympic History”

  1. HI quintessential, great job as usual – just wanted to give you the heads p that the rebollo link is pointing to basketbaal; and that on the basketball article you mention a photo about a basket scored by the russians that is not there. Cheers

  2. I’m going to go for Mary Lou Retton on this one as far as thinking of ‘the first photo that comes to my mind when I think of the Olympics’. I loved Greg Louganis but detest that photo showing him getting injured – ugh.

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