So much to write, so little time …

… And only two hands.


Let’s see: I have started this blog in late April 2009, so four years! If it were Mozart, I would already be taking him around the royal courts of Europe for blindfolded harpsichord recitals, but I guess not everyone’s offspring is that talented or lucrative. Add usual encomiums on making it to four years, pat oneself on back, drink gin, blah, blah, blah…

There are a few updates. You might see IP’s sidebar a little different today: I have put up a clicking ad and a crowd-funding plug there. I do not derive any income from them (yet. Even the ad won’t pay off until someone buys a product — a low probability event). For a longtime, I have been planning to support crowd-funding photography projects on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, and someone just from “From White to Black Sea” project emailed me. They are going to be traveling on a boat across the Soviet era canals from the Arctic to the Black Sea, taking photos and documenting the Russian way of life across 14 provinces. I think it is a promising idea. (Link: (

Onto the second update, and the title of this blog. Four years blogging is a long time. In addition to photography, I find history, art, politics, and architecture fascinating subjects. On this blog, however, I always feel constrained to just talk about these latter things as relevant to a time period that photography has been extant and active. I recently went to Paris — a city I fell in love with so many years ago, a city I later come to detest in a futile anguish. I went to show a couple of American firsttimers around, and found it now to be a treasure trove of stories I want to tell, stories beyond the realms of photography. You might scoff — there are too many books about Paris and France already, you might say. Yes, there are, but there isn’t my version yet. 😉

Okay. TL:DR version: I am going to be doing some long-form writing. The blog output will be a little down. Be patient with me. Thanks for all the support. (above: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ile de la Cite, Paris, 1952.)

6 thoughts on “So much to write, so little time …”

  1. I have been following you blog for maybe two years, and I have learnt some fascinating facts about photography and history from it. It is among my very favorite blogs on the internatinal web. I wish you the best in whatever you set off to do, and we will always be waiting for new iconic posts :-)))

  2. Hi , I am following your blog now since two months and I still have to read a lot. Good luck for your new project
    Joel from France 🙂

  3. Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster. This isn’t a fast blog and I hope I am not too bold as to maintain that many of your silent visitors like it that way. .Here I can open my eyes without fear of having the world jammed into them, screaming and yelling. This is a slow blog.

    Writing is hard, really, really hard, and you need to work on it full time to improve. Good luck, and I do hope you think of us every now and then 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I’m also a long time reader. I usually read your blog in my feed reader. I understand the hesitation in regards to your other interests, but I think there is nothing wrong adding those subjects, unless you feel it would overwhelm the photography, and then perhaps it might be worth having two blogs…(a lot of work, but there may be some way to leverage both sites to support what you are doing).

    Best wishes for your writing.

  5. I’ve been following for three years! I’ve much enjoyed your posts, and I look forward to your stories!

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