Blog Announcement


Normally Iconic Photos don’t reveal talk about current affairs photos.

But on Patreon, I will start sharing short pieces, about photos that are currently in the news. Minimum once a month. Maybe once or twice a month.

I started with this week with a Addenda post about India, and a photo making rounds there currently.

For Access to monthly Addenda post on Patreon, you have to be a Patreon member. Patreon helps creators and writers run a subscription service and earn supplementary income. If you like what I do and what I write, or simply wants me to write more, you can support me via Patreon. I had tremendous fun researching and writing Iconic Photos, and the Patreon is a way for this blog to be self-sustaining.

Proceeds mainly go to buying photography reference books and support me on my research (re: paywalled articles, trips to various archives). In addition to addenda posts, readers who subscribe on Patreon might have access to a few blog posts early; chance to request topics or to participate in some polls

Our posts on Iconic Photos will remain free, for everyone. But if you can support us, please do.

Even if Patreon isn’t your thing, you can support by re-sharing, or tweeting about the blog or the specific posts on here. Thanks for your continued support!  Here is the link:

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