The Highway of Death


Officially known as Highway 80, the Highway of Death runs from Kuwait City to Basra in Iraq. During the Gulf War (1991), it became the scene of one of the most haunting images of the war.

On the night of February 26-27, 1991, Iraqi military personnel and civilians retreating from Kuwait were attacked and destroyed by American aircraft and ground forces during the United Nations Coalition offensive. The use of force was disproportionate, and the retreating forces included hostages and refugees. The scenes of carnage on the road were seen by the international community as a turkey shoot (Elaine Sciolino, the New York Times) and led to the war’s quick end subsequently.

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75 thoughts on “The Highway of Death”

  1. This response was absolutely not disproportionate as these indivduals had raped murdered and stole from the Kuwaiti’s! The Iraqi’s after being questioned by the U.S. about their intentions invaded Kuwait after repeatedly warned not to. This was a lesson that should never be fogotten. These Iraqi’s stole school buses, ambulances private vehicles but to no avail!!

      1. Youre a moron “citizen” all you have to do is a little research and reading and you will see that this destruction was bestowed on murderers, rapists and thiefs that were stealing these vehicles that were loaded with the loot they took from the Kuwaiti’s! GOOD RIDENS THIEVES!

      2. Shut the hell up, you dirty american bastards! What do you know of war? What do you know of the hell every Iraqi and every Afghan is facing because of your country of bastards and thieves?

        You use technology to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East, but none of your bastard citizens or your bullshit government says anything. One american dies and you act as if somebody urinated in a Church! Apparently in your skewed logic of the world, one american life is equivalent to a thousand human lives from any other country or region.

        The day you bastards lose everything is the day the world will have it’s vengeance on you. You and your nation of murderers and rapists are just the Nazis of the modern world. Prejudiced, bigoted and arrogant, you fuckers deserve to die a dog’s death, preferably in a nuke holocaust or better, in the same kind of conditions the jews died in the Holocaust.

        Screw you, damn american fuckheads!

      3. Damn, I’m an American and why do you wish death on me, what did I do? What country are you from and why do you harbor such hatred for Americans?

      4. I was there. We warned the Iraqi soldiers not to retreat or they would be considered combatants and we would kill them to prevent a counter attack. They didn’t listen and this was the end result. As for hostages and refugees being on the highway of death, that is not true. First of all, what sense does it make for refugees to be fleeing with their enemy? And Iraq was taking no hostages. Almost all Kuwait civilians that were captured by the Iraqi’s were killed.

    1. You Moron, the Iraqi’s had asked the Americans before they went into Kuwait. America gave them a green light, it is after that, the Iraqi’s moved and entered Kuwait. Why the hell do you think, Saddam was not kicked out of power after the Gulf war? What about American troops raping 14 year old girls in Iraq, right now? Why don’t we shoot and kill those assholes? You fuckin white trash.

      1. STFU you mu-slime dork/sand brother ! Those people are muslimes…and as such…are demon worshipping pricks. Only because that pussy Colin Powell stopped the war…do we have to deal with these assholes today. If I had my way, you & your kind would be long gone.
        P.S. Kiss my white ass.

      2. If it wasn’t for the might of the American military you would be speaking German right now. Either that or we would be walking around prasing mao and stalin. This was one of the greatest American victories of the war and not one American died. Sadam wanted the end of American but we went BEAST MODE and destroyed him.

      3. Santiago. If ever there was moron you are it. I would call you white trash, but with the name Santiago it would fit with, maybe wetback. Your language just proves it!

      4. If it wasn’t for America we would be speaking German? What the fuck are you talking about the Axis would have lost the war still without the Americans.

      5. Actually, Santiago, that isn’t quite correct. IIRC Gillisipi was asked if the USA would recognise an Iraqi claim to Kuwait, only it wasn’t said like that. Instead of asking for a clarification or saying she would need to check with Washington, she said SHE didn’t see a problem with that. The entire conversation was in the context of the Iran Iraq war. Iraq went to war at the behest of Jimmy Carter. This is the most likely explanation of the whole mess;

        So Saddam thought he was going to get a reward for invading Iran. He wanted Kuwait. Jimmah was long out of the Whie House by this time and was to busy promoting Marxists governments world wide to be bothered, not that he could do anything anyway. Bush was not about to reward anybody. Yes Saddam and Iraq got screwed. So did Iran. Iran deserved it. Iraq didn’t. Saddam was stooopid. He could have claimed misunderstanding and backed out of Kuwait when the UN said to. He didn’t and was tossed out.
        Then Saddam doubled down.
        He ordered Bush Sr. Assassinated. That pissed-off Bush’s son, who was now POTUS. So we had Operation Iraq Freedom. That had a chance of ending the parade of errors once and for all, but Bush blew it. Instead of letting the Army do it (They have a manual) like they have done enough times to be experts, Bush put State in charge. State screwed up by the numbers. They took a small problem and made it a big one.
        America still owes Iran a screwing for the Embassy deal. As soon as the USA gets out of Iraq, the IAF is going to tear off a chunk of Iran. After that, we will still owe Iran. We will eventually pay them back. Hopefully in kilotons.

    2. In North Korea, the people believe their dear leader is great, and that their lives are pretty good, but YOU know better don’t you?

      Sadly, tragically your understanding of Kuwait, Iraq and the US invasion is comparable to what the average North Korean peasant knows about the rest of the world.

      Victims of propaganda often exhibit overt signs of bravado and superiority. It shows that on some level they realize they know nothing, and seek to confirm in their own minds what they are preaching to others. In your case, you are dead wrong in virtually every word you wrote. Just like a typical North Korean. The only difference is that he has no access to truth, to the internet, he is a slave. What is your excuse?

      1. Ok Comrade! You know so much but not about Global events…..Go back to watching Sponge Bob! What I do know is that G.H. Bush warned Saddam stop moving his troops towards the border of Iraq and Kuwait and Saddam didn’t listen. You deny Iraqi’s raped murdered and robbed the Kuwaiti’s?

    3. And since you seem to have this misconception that america is always right and the world wrong, understand this, you dirty american fuckers.

      There are other systems of government that can do better than you and do think better than you. Don’t get too cocky just because you assholes won the cold war. You haven’t seen anything yet. It isn’t all hot air; pretty soon the world will soon give you bastards a more than fitting answer for your bullshit very shortly.

      Your understanding of the mind of an individual from the Middle East or Africa or Asia is as limited as a one-year old’s understanding of the Theory of Relativity. Yet you like to pretend you know what you’re doing. Hell awaits you bastards, and it’ll be people like me who send you there.

      Fuck you, dirty american trash!

      1. We are not all as stupid as some brainwashed here.
        America is at war with itself in ideals

        the right has the middle so scared of the poor, those rich bastards win elections as those who owe their middle class status to the LEFT and the unions that made the middle class-No instead they rant about Rah rah America when the rich who make the wars laught all the way to their yatchs
        Wake up middle class vote democrat

      2. Here is what I know about the “Middle East”…..It has caused the entire world unrest!……Most of the Middle East is nothing but a crap hole……Most of the Middle East continue to fight each other and draw other nations into their chaos……Most of the Middle East should be nothing but a parking lot “And the world would be a better place” now take your stone age ars back to the hole you crawled out of!

      3. Will all I can say is if you think you can send us “American trash” to hell then, when you think your man enough asshole come to my land and try it but remember don’t bring anything that will not fit in your ass cause thats were it is going to go.See it’s people like you who are real badass behind a computer but when it comes right down too it you will run like a mommy’s boy when the shit hits the fan.You have no right to say anything about peoples minds if you don’t have one yourself so SHUT THE FUCK UP and SIT DOWN good dog Templar.

      4. Bring it. We are a society if veterans. You are a society of dress wearing goat fuckers. Again, shut your ignorant hole and bring it. We could use the entertainment.

    4. the “raping, murdering thugs” line was Colin Powell but like the babies in the Kuwait hospital that were never killed by Iraqi soldiers (it was Kuwait’s ambassador’s daughter who lied at the Congressional hearing), this seems to have also been black propaganda from the US – why don’t journalists hold Powell and others to account by making them back up their claims with evidence – show us one murder victim or one rape victim. This highway attack amounted to a massacre as the war was over – and officially declared so the next day, if I remember correctly. Hundreds of people fleeing – soldiers or otherwise were clearly not engaged in combat and not a threat and shooting them all up with cluster bombs etc because they had a car full of loot is no excuse – put them before a court if you’re really worried about Kuwaiti TV sets etc. All Westerners need to take the war propaganda from their side with a big grain of salt.

    1. I too was a volunteer soldier for the US Army during the Vietnam War. I witnessed the fact that the govt doesn’t give a damn about civilians: “Kill Em All, Let God Sort Them Out” was their slogan!

      I have a good friend who is a 1991 Gulf War vet. He was forced to help clean up thousands of corpses from the “Highway of Death” all to sanitize it before the media was allowed to go in. He says that the vast majority were dead civilians; men, women, and children; many burnt alive as they clung to each others durning America’s bombing runs. You can thank America for the next 19 years of living Hell in Iraq.

      Any fools out there who believe that the USA stands for freedom & democracy, take my word for it: Over past 60 years of my life America has waged 100s of both overt and covert wars on the world’s people. Not a single one of them was about freedom & democracy! They were all about expanding the US’s imperial design to dominate the world. If anyone can show otherwise please do so.

      1. Ahem to you brother tell it like it is. I’m starting to hate America
        if not for heros like FDR I’d leave

  2. I really like how the people on here are staing that the Americans are wrong to do this, because the absolute truth is, if Americans never got involved with this, then this picture would not have been taken. This only shows that Americans are cruel, when they are not supposed to be and they are supposed to be good politically. Sorry if I offended anyone, I just think that the Americans shouldn’t have gotten involved with the Persian Gulf War. It only makes 1991 looks much more degrading than 1989.

    PS: I love my Urban Dictionary definition:

    quate 4 up, 4 down

    The country which made the Americans start the Persian Gulf War against E Raac, killing so many soldiers which made the world that America is the real problem is todays world.

    Quate is a small country which supposed to belong to E Raac if it weren’t for the stupid Persian Gulf War.

  3. I too was there. Not just for the cleanup, but the attack against the convoy. It was not a turkey shoot. They were firing also, they just got caught in the open and had no where to go. Strictly speaking of the convoy as a military target, it was too good to pass up. If we didn’t fight them there we would have to worry about a force that large mounting a counter-attack. I was also there for the clean-up and there were very few people in civilian clothes there.

    For those who think that our response was too heavy, would you have preferred a straight up fight with ground forces. The result would have been the same, except you would have US casualties also. As it stands, we suffered no losses. That kind of fighting gives us the advantage, but someone who has never seen combat would not know that.

    Combat is not glorious like it is depicted on TV and in the movies. I have done combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Kosovo. I know what combat is and have seen the very worst that one man can do to another, and I am here to tell you that those images will never leave me. But I can also tell you that those of you who think American soldiers go into combat to kill and mame are absolutely wrong. We fight to protect ourselves, but more than that we fight to protect our buddies next to us. Unless you have been there, that is one brotherhood you will never truly understand.

    1. You are right brother, you fight for the guy next to you, and he for you. The enemy is over there trying to kill you, or has just tried to kill your mate
      But I was there also and saw guys posing with their foot on Iraqi bodies, like it was a tiger. Well they were all REMF’s. the combat guys were to busy surviving or cleaning up ready for next time. We were not angels just guys surviving. But I tell you I wish your Air force guys would use just a little more brain and a bit less balls sometimes
      Nuff said

    2. Somebody doesn’t do much research.however they have drank the kool aid. Maybe you should have read AMERICAN DREAMS (THE UNITED STATES SINCE 1945) Our government love the ignorant which you apparently seem to be on this issue.

    3. Amen Brother! I too was there…the dreams don’t stop and probably never will. Thank you for being one of the many who had my back!
      We did our job, protected each other and came home…that is all, and the images haunt us.

  4. War is hell. It is cruel by nature. Gen. William T. Sherman. As a soldier I go where I am told to go and fight and kill who I am told to fight or kill. Could this have been avoided by some other means? I can not concern myself with that. I wish the whole thing never happened. Believe me I had other things to do.

  5. It’s been long established the Iraqis running from Kuwait were looting raping, tortureing, killing on the way out. They received what earned this response. This wasn’t a debate nor a tea party gone bad. It’s war and it was a just and fitting attack. The Iraqis and in fact all of the Middle East are barbaric cowardly thugs and if the tables were turned the turnout would have far exceeded the horror you currently see. They were also given plenty of warning to get the hell out and they chose to load up with spoils upon exiting. They should have just left. Go to hell Santiago or where ever the frig your family ran from.

    1. “It’s been long established the Iraqis running from Kuwait were looting raping, tortureing, killing on the way out.”

      Long established by WHO? I think that if you bothered to get your head out of your ass and studied the historical facts you will find that these myths were all a pack of lies utilized by the first Bush regime to psyche up the masses into another US war of imperial conquest. His son, Bush 2, would follow the same model of fabricating lies (weapons of mass destruction etc.etc.) to justify the massive on-slaught of death & destruction which has continued to today in order to expand the empire.
      I don’t know if you are a veteran or not. If you are, then it doesn’t appear to me that you have learned much from your experience. If you are not, then you sound like the ideal fool to get suckered by the military into being a mindless cannon fodder in its death machine. good luck.

      1. It feels good to know there are people out there that know the truth. May you have a content and pleasurable life

  6. if we had not been in their country they would not have been mascared,no wonder they all hate us,we’re in 130 countrys,God will judge us soon.

    1. Why do you hate the USA france? you say we are the biggest terrorists in the world when we are the only ones brave enough to go out and fight them. You should praise America for that. We liberated you from the NAZIS!!!!!! You should sing the star spangled banner every day rejoicing that you don’t speak German and under control of a thousand year Reich.

      1. Christ…you truly are brainwashed and stupid. Quit brining up the nazis you provocateur. We may have liberated France but so what? We supported the Soviets as well and because of us and only us Eastern Europe came under the yoke of Bolveshism for 50 years!! You must be a proud Communist…

      2. When the NAZIS occupied France, most of the French cooperated with the NAZIs and helped them get rid of the Jews for whom few French cared. They are pi55ed that we took Adolf away before he was finished.

    2. You wouldn’t say that if you were in occupied France during the second world war or better yet go tellit to the thousands of American dead the are buried in France who died trying to liberate your grandfather and grand mother.

      1. Hey Doc “D”, don’t forget about what’s happening today!

        So what do you say about the present disastorious oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

        Perhaps we should build a memorial to honor the dead oil rig workers killed by the greed of our wonderful capitalist system of “Freedom & Democracy” for the rich.

        Oh, by the way, we should also add to the memorial the names of the thousands of dead US GIs and the humdreds of thousands of dead civilians who were also murdered in the name or profit.

        What do you think?

    3. You and your parents would not be alive if it weren’t for America and there are over 58 thousand Americans buried in France defending your whimsy ass!

  7. Altho it looks tragic at first site…Im glad I saw this picture.
    I have never been in the army and wont say I know all thanks for all the comments.

  8. When the Iraqis left Kuwait that day, the US’ ground targeting radar picked up the movement of the thousands of blips moving in the same direction. To the US’ knowledge the blips were military targets and we moving to get out of the way and re-group at a new location to come back and do a counter-attack. Radar does not tell you what is there just that there is something there and it is moving or not moving. Remember Saddam had a million man army then and we had no idea the would surrender at the first site of US Troops. Maybe if Saddam had feed them and took care of his soldiers they might have stayed and fought. That is not the case though. Saddam was doomed from the get go. His troops were trained in Soviet Tactics and Procedures and they just don’t work on the modern battlefield. His soldiers did not have the will to fight because they did not have good training. “You don’t win a war by dieing for your country, you make the other poor bastard die for his” GEN Patton. There are too many reasons why US Troops are better at fighting wars than most other countries to list. “US Soldiers fight because they hate whats in front of them, they fight because they love whats behind them” author unkown.

    1. Justin, you’re ending quote, “… they fight because they love whats behind them,” should also apply to the troops returning home.

      Now ALL they mainly have “behind them” is the horror memories of being a foolish volunteer cog in the wheel of America’s death machine.
      …A sucker for the lying politicians’ line of bringing so-called “Freedom & Democracy” to the people in some far off foreign land who never did us any harm.
      …Witnessing the death, destruction and horrors that we have brought down on a people who never did us any harm.
      …Learning that all of this shit was ONLY about serving the interests of America’s RICH RULING ELITE as they attempt consolidate & expand their blood soaked world wide imperial empire.

      For me, “whats behind” is the horror ghosts of a past unjust war:
      …2 million slaughtered Vietnamese civilians.
      …58,000 of my comrades killed and several million more disabled while fighting over there for the empire.
      …70,000 of my brother veterans who committed SUICIDE after the war because they couldn’t deal with the horrors that they had taken part in.

      Justin, I don’t know what the present US stats are on the civilian body count in today’s wars but the latest reports on America’s military situation say that more troops/returning veterans are committing SUICIDE than those who are dying in combat.


    2. I can tell you, firsthand, the stories about the Iraq troops being starved and ill-equipped were propaganda, or overblown; such information is put out partly to keep the Allied troops confident, motivated, and in high morale.

      I was in foxholes and bunkers of Iraqi troops, and can honestly say they were eating as well as we were. They had plenty of ammunition and arms, and, somewhat disconcertingly, were rife with US-made hand grenades (a result of the Iran/Iraq War and weapons sales from the US post-Iran/Iraq War, as we were friendly with Iraq right up til 02 Aug 91).

      These were Iraqi troops that were in fighting positions, out in the field, with plenty of food, arms, and ammo. The mass surrender of Iraqis was because they knew they didn’t have a chance, but they knew it was better to surrender, live, and return home, than to stand and fight and be annihilated.

  9. […] At first I didn’t know what to think. I mean I believed him, even though it seemed too outrageous to be real, I also know what America is built on, and HOW it was built and what LIES are sold to us as truth. As I first began searching for things to jive with what I had been told, it was hard to find anything…Now it’s everywhere. I can find pictures that support what he said about using Napalm that day, about the 60-mile long line, about the mass graves the US Military filled, using tanks and bulldozers. Amazingly, I have “met” other people who were there, including a cop in my state who told me he was there, and yes; it happened. […]

  10. look guys. i am a kuwaiti citizen and i was in that war. the iraqis raped every female they set their eyes on and they killed everyone in their sight. my grandmothers brother was mercilessly tortured by cutting out his eyes and after 2 weeks as a hostage he was shot on the porch of my great grandmothers house. fuck all the iraqis which are trying to defend iraq after the war, and thank you america for saving our butts too. this picture is payback, and every american here will be proud that their country fought for our dear kuwait. god bless america. and fuck all the iraqis that have commented on this page.

    1. you Dashti and don t name you (husein) because the husein name is A great name in Iraq and he is fight and sacrifice his live to prevent the injustice …..etc and now I am Iraqi man and proud my self I live there now and until my death and my origins is from Saudi Arabia and my old old grand father is lived in Iraq and now we lived in Iraq too my English spell is not good but I want ask you all Iraqis bad ? and why you spoke bad thought a bout a country is part of your Arab homeland you don t see what happened before and after the Iraqi wars you didnt see what happen on other side. like booming civilian building,Children school,killing people for fun,……etc.
      And I have a notice a republican guard who is fight USA Kuwait Saudi Arabia Iran…..etc. He forced to fight because if he don t fight execute at once in front of his house and said that he is betrayed his country and any Iraqi male who his age 18 s old he should fight and training in the military if refused he executed too,I knew some my friends who is killed in military training Because our military exercises too harsh and not any of the amenities as in the rest of the world of food or drinking water or health care or fighter casualties account and if a family have one male(son) he should join army too if don t he execute too.
      And some one said Iraq have million republican guard he just said it but didnt know the million its calculated all the military ministries and police and intelligence….etc. do you know we have more of million soldier who joint Iraqi national guard right now and there is no safe no peace from 2003 to 2012,2013 ,2014,…etc because any country in the world who USA liberate it there is magic no peace no safe and car booms why?.
      And our object that you hated Iraqis and here we find:
      (A)- I am with you because :
      1-some iraqis not good people and not all them we humans like any people in the world you find bad soldier and good soldier in the war but except the Americans because they fight with no mercy like they found themselves in acting a movie or playing a game may be ,perhaps they think they fighting an aliens in their wars and i ask them when they booming and killing their enemies soldier can you stop your self and ask yourself i am taking a live of humans is it and they have wives,daughter,sons,fathers,mothers and our GOD is One and our God is great and capable of everything. no bush or saddam or any human in the world will be big or great just God their fore you kill people who God create them. what is your reason in front of god and what is Gods revenge for you?
      2-Saddam did criminal wars.
      (B)- I am not with you because:
      1- you attacks Iraq with your reply and peoples in this website who some of them is good Americans who know the truth of gulf war and what happening there and may be they fight there or saw what happens in gulf war.
      2-Iraq under Saddam was safely and stability, but after the U.S. occupation and the time the new state there is no safety and daily bombings occur in Iraq and all this because of the planning heads of the Arabian Gulf and neighboring countries and countries aspiring wealth of Iraq to destroy Iraq and piece by fooling Saddam making establishment of wars and the damage to his people in these wars and what followed.
      3-You’re not the only one in this tragedy Do you know that most Iraqis have tragedy of more than Kuwait and more than the rest of the world for many wars and so far suffered from bombings and violence that occurs almost daily in Iraq and here we come not to shed anger on Iraq or America but shed anger on cause of these wars.
      And I hope those who have criticized badly toward Iraq to rethink if God had created them in Iraq, why was saying and their fate?
      I’m going in the last war if the war took longer course mandatory. as indicated if Saddam was loves his people and not sacrifice them in the wars were not internal pressure entering inch of Iraq. With reference that the provider have fuel and labor and punish terrorists reverse this day The new state did not provide the above, but the abundance of human defending terrorism under the shadow of democracy.

  11. Yes civilians were killed and also retreating soilders. Ever have a retreating soilder fire off a shot? yeah I have nightmares too, burnt bodies grabbing me, falling apart as I run from them, the smell is horrible, I still smell it, I see it everyday, I don’t like BQs anymore. Wong? maybe. Right? maybe. Both sides can be spun either way. PTSD? no pills, no Dr.s, I live with it. I am not crazy, I don’t blame my Gov. and I am not asking for handouts. Retired and still working and paying taxes

  12. The abstract of this massacre was Saddam is not an tactical military leader because we know that the retreat of any army in the world should happen in small group and in order movement not all entire his army in one movement and all his total groups of his retreated army that wrong order we reach a point of this massacre and in that time america wants to prove to world that she is strong by destroy the the fourth army in world and with no mercy and to capture the trade of oil in gulf war.
    and if we notice that Saddam is dont care of his people by let them dying in dozen every day and dont care about his men lost in wars ,and america let her dearest leader bush took the money and be rich by oil companys who deals with bin laden family companys which they make benefit of making this wars and dont forget america in 80 s is good with iraq in that time and give Saddam the green light to make the wars in arabgolf and take advantage of Saddam stupidty and we should told the truth i thought america people is like an game in bush hands he tooks them in every war he wants to make his advantage to build his own furtune by put their economy in bad situation.
    now i am comment my last words in this good web a bout telling our ideas and i am sorry a bout if i said bad idea which come in my mind and thanks who told their ideas in this massacre and i say we live our life right now and let the past gone and we live on one land and one planet and under one sky and we wish our one god forgive the world Sins which happened in the past and in comming future.
    and i am one iraqi who of 30 millions iraqi (i dont know what is the right no. of iraqi count,and sorry for my bad english writing) who knows the truth of iraq massacre which happened in the past(saddam time) and now (the new goverment of iraq who come from outside of iraq who dont lived the iraq suffering of no electrity and suffering of saddam rules and suffering from the booms shells who comes from america to baghdad,…..etc)and thank you very much good bye

    1. You have to love the “BRAIN DEAD LEFT”……They believe in fairy tales and unicorns…..not a clue about what war is about or how to even fight for what they believe in….hell they would rather make excuses and let others fight! Here is the bottom line: Saddam the “Dictator” is dead! No debate on how evil Saddam was…including gassing his own people. Saddam violated every UN Resolution he agreed to. Iran has nukes now and if Saddam were alive he would have nukes, the difference…..Iran has never committed the atrocities that Saddam proved he was more than willing to commit. For “DAVE BLALOCK and GLEN”….Blalock if you really did serve you most likely were the ones we called “Sh%t Birds and ultimately were thrown out or “Fragged” and Glen…youre simply a Marxist who could careless for this nation and are nothing more than a parasite.

      Those Iraqi’s that died that day….Deserved to die that day! As they say “ALL’s FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR”

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