Sur La Tour Eiffel

You can tell how famous a photograph is by looking at the photos it inspired. The above picture, of Lisa Fonssagrives at the Eiffel Tower is one of such photos. Translucent and ephemeral, Fonssagrives’ pose was emulated innumerable times in fashion photography. In 2008, Peter Lindbergh revisited the scene with Marion Cotillard for a Dior handbag advertisement. (below)

Erwin Blumenfeld’s original set of photos featuring Lisa Fonssagrives swinging from the girders of the Eiffel Tower in a Lucien Lelong dress appeared in May 1939 Vogue.

Lisa Fonssagrives marked the beginning of an era when the muses of the yesteryear gave way to a new diaphanous form of feminine beauty — the supermodel. The Swedish blonde for whom the word ‘svelte’ seems especially fitting, she crafted iconic portraits with Horst P. Horst, Blumenfeld and Irving Penn, whom she married. Her career spanned three decades; she retired with her image gracing more Vogue covers than any other model and the appellation, “Billion Dollar Baby.”

Thanks Fredi for suggesting this picture.

10 thoughts on “Sur La Tour Eiffel

  1. Lisa Fossagrives was an excellent model. You can tell by viewing her pictures in thumbnail, each shows good pose and grace.

    How many models are like her nowadays.

    By the way, the first photo was a real shot. I am not sure about the second photo, seems like too much editing.

  2. Does anyone know where i can actually purchase this image. Lisa Fonssagrives on the Eiffel Tower by Erwin Blumenfeld (May 1939 Vogue) I found it on a site i think it was but can’t find it again.. i need to purchase it in a high resolution..
    Please can anyone help?

    • Susanne,
      I don’t know why you are not able to see the pics. Maybe something wrong in your browser settings ? Maybe you have blocked the images (this very often happens with FF). Images here are not too large. But the blog is great, can keep you reading for hours.

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