U.S Soldier dragged through Mogadishu


It was a media war that the United States lost in Somalia, ironic since its involvement was forced by the pictures of famine-stricken people there. In one of the clearest and earliest examples of the CNN effect, the war was repeatedly dogged by the dozens of press photographers. It is an anticipating media, not snipers or enemy combatants, that greeted the U.S landing forces in Mogadishu in December 9th 1992.

For a war that began with memorable images, it is both fitting and ironic that it ended because of another set of dramatic images. The photos taken by Canadian photographer Paul Watson, of a dead American soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu spelled the beginning of the end for U.S.-U.N. peacekeeping force. Domestic opinion turned hostile as horrified TV viewers watched images of the bloodshed—-including this Pulitzer-prize winning footage of Somali warlord Mohammed Aideed’s supporters dragging the body of U.S. Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland through the streets of Mogadishu, cheering. President Clinton immediately abandoned the pursuit of Aideed, the mission that cost Cleveland his life and gave the order for all American soldiers to withdraw from Somalia by March 31, 1994. Other Western nations followed suit.

When the last U.N. peacekeepers left in 1995, ending a mission that had cost more than $2 billion, Mogadishu still lacked a functioning government. The battle deaths, and the harrowing images prompted lingering U.S. reluctance to get involved in Africa’s crises, including the following year’s genocide in Rwanda. In 1996, Osama bin Laden cited the incident as proof that the U.S. was unable to stomach casualties: when “one American was dragged in the streets of Mogadishu you left; the extent of your impotence and weaknesses became very clear.” Never before or since had a photo altered a nation’s political destinies so much so.

[In the topmost photo, the soldier’s genitals are exposed. When Time magazine decided to print it, they decided to cover them up in a controversial decision. Right after Watson took that photo, the crowd turned more violent, and they forced him to enter into a leaving car. He bolted from it and took the middle picture. The people in that photo looked a lot meaner and their eyes were focused on Watson, who defied the order to leave. It was this middle picture that AP ran (AP had tough policies against nudity). Supreme irony was that, as Watson noted, “decision was made to censor something sexually offensive, while the outrageous violence of desecrating a corpse is deemed safe for the general public’s consumption.”

Time magazine’s Stephen Mayes replied: “[It] exposes the sensitivities of a nation that is militarily strong enough to confront one dead soldier but morally too insecure to risk the exposure of a single genital, even in such a non-sexual context?”]





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506 thoughts on “U.S Soldier dragged through Mogadishu”

  1. Point of clarification: SSG Cleveland was not a Marine in the U.S. Marine Corp (as the article’s title specifically states), but was a Soldier in the U.S. Army.

      1. The soldier dragged through the streets proves the morbid cruelty of the citizens of this city.
        moqdishu , NO JOKE

      2. Good lord.

        Almost every response to this post manages to put down, degrade, insult and are on the verge of inciting violence against those who aren’t white, heterosexual, non-Muslim Americans.

        Derogatory terms to describe non-whites, homosexuals and those who do and those who don’t believe in God run rampant in almost every response. Stop turning on one another. The comments in most of the responses are making matters worse.

        I was in high school when the magazine that featured this image of a US service member being drug through the streets on the cover. That soldier went to that country in hopes of helping people that he didn’t even know. it was a selfless act and he paid the ultimate price for it. It made me physically ill in 1994 to see that photo everywhere I went and it’s an image I’ve never forgotten.

        The same goes for photos and video taken from inside concentration camps where the bodies of emaciated babies, children, men and women from ages 8 days to 80 years have been haphazardly thrown in ditches, many starved to death or beaten beyond recognition, mutilated, set on fire and tossed into mass graves and in the back of trucks. Their only crime was being born.
        Then there is the video of a hysterical woman holding the corpse of a baby in the Warsaw Ghetto.

        There are also photos and film of entire villages of mainly children who were raped and murdered in front of their mothers and grandparents before soldiers, US soldiers mind you, slaughtered all of them during the Vietnam conflict.

        In the 80’s, another photo depicting yet another disturbing image was shown across the world, the image of the starving child in Africa who was too weak to move as nearby a vulture sat, waiting for it to die so it could feed on the childs corpse. child’s

        We need to fight the real enemy, not each other. Not all Muslims are evil, nor are all people of a different race and color, religion, sexuality, faith or political affiliation evil. There is no reason to use the crude and vile terms used in so many of the posts.

        Yes, be angry that this happened. Yes, bring attention to the despicable and heinous acts that took place then and still continue to take place to this day. But try and do so without spewing such vile hate and utter disdain that does nothing but fan the flames of hatred, racism and contempt.

      3. The problem with all of this is fear, learned bad experiences and the inability for people to just treat others kindly. Think about it – I don’t condone what the Somali people did to these soldiers…but how would you feel if you were invaded with armed forces from another nation, against even the worst regime your country could imagine, it had to be scary and some took on the ideals and fears pushed upon them by the real fear mongers themselves – the ones in charge. It’s disgusting what people can do out of fear and being in a situation where it’s their lives or shutting off that part of us that controls empathy and apathy. And it’s a human trait – the scariest things happen in the situations of greatest fear. Look at the Holocaust…look at any time of great human suffering and you see fear is rampant. People can do terrible things when there is that pressure and fear. It’s up to everyone to be kind and kill that fear. Don’t swear and wish death on a fellow countryman who has a different colour of skin. Don’t be afraid to be kind. Sounds trite and dumb, but when you look at the core of it, all of us are people who need and like and love and hate and need to eat and be loved and live our lives in ways that aren’t different no matter who you are and where you’re from. You’re born without racism. Racism is taught and if something can be learned we can keep learning to be better than what came before us. I hope that for my son and his generation, we can tackle fear and just simply learn. We all have a place in this world and no one deserves to snuff that existence out, I don’t care for what reason. There is never a reason for that. We live like that, we can build something better.

      4. Filthy savages with no regard for life. We went to help them . Filthy people. Deserving of starvation.

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      6. very ignorant person. you are a disgrace to humanity. for your information, African Americans were involved in the battle of mogidishu and in the battles of today to keep everyone including low lifes like you safe.

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      9. You must understand that Jihad is not about race but a theo-political issue. Don’t blame people of African origin for the spread of terrorism. its the radical Islamists who are killing African Christians and many other non-believers of Islam. igt pissses me off when ignorant people blame all dark skinned people for the problems today. Also, not all Arabs are radical Islamists. Not everyone wants to live under sharia law.

      10. i think its pretty damn pathetic that all of you all americans…marcus from SEPTEMBER 28TH 2011, I AM NOT ANYBODY’S SLAVE! and nor will my kids be…u call yourself a marine?? no hun, my brothers, dad, and brother-in-law are marines/military men…a marine/miltary man fights for the rights of americans, not just their race…thats pathetic…just cuz obama is president (for a few more months) doesnt mean shit…cuz the 28 presidents between obama and lincoln didnt make u a slave so you SURE IN THE HELL ARENT GONNA MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN! YOU RACIST PRICK! and for every racist comment on here, slavery was FOREVER AGO, im sorry it happened…im sorry what blacks went through and what whites did…we cant change it…but most of us didnt do it or go through it, so stop separating yourselves and treating eachother like its still going on…as americans, we need to stick together to defend our families…p.s. these pics are TERRIBLE NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THE BODIES ARE…THAT MOVIE A TIME TO KILL?? OF THE LITTLE AFRICAN AMERICAN GIRL GETN RAPED, BEATEN AND KILLED?? AT THEN END TO WIN THE CASE THEY TELL THE STORY AND THEN SAY IMAGINE IF SHE WERE WHITE…WELL, EVERYONE OF YALL, THINK ABOUT IF THEY WERE YALLS COLOR…YALLS FATHER, BROTHER, NEPHEW, SON…AND AS FAR AS THE MEAN NON AMERICAN PEOPLE ON HERE, WELL, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE…CUZ OUR MILITARY IS BETTER THAN ANY MILITARY IN THIS WORLD…AND ITS EASY FOR WEAK PEOPLE TO TALK FROM A COMPUTER ISNT IT?? BUT I AM SORRY YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY SO UNHAPPY AND MISERABLE AT THE SIGHT OF OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS…


      12. marcus well said i am british and a serving member of the military we started it all slaves american colonies so im afraid ‘blacks’ as you put it did not build the US from the ground up…..we did lol now call me a racist imperialist or whatever you are just following the blueprint we laid down in a history that goes back to the romans and before…..the photos are disgraceful there is no getting away from that no HUMAN wants to see that…….but America being a relatively young country will make lots more mistakes yet… but they are a reflection of an uncivilised world and a people and by that i mean Somalians who through years of civil war have becomed hardened to atrocity and have no value of human life well the ones involved anyway.


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      16. its unfortunate that one incident in some Africa sparks tht kind of outrage.all of us in Africa were so touched by this but Davis i dnt think its fair that u insult all Africans becoz u were so hurt by the pic of one American soldier being dragged in the streets of Mogadishu? U seem to be living in the old slave era.That kind of language is so racist and its not acceptable in this modern world..

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      26. Aside from this dicky comment but there is more hate and racism being spilled in the comment like somali sultanate is being extremely racist and I truly believe as an American that America was built by itself entirely and Britain had no part in building it. Spaniards where the first ones over here anyway. And America kicked Britians ass in the Revolutionary war to gain there independence and build an entirely new country from the ashes.

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      30. listen that racist comment is not going to bring him back and is not going to make better either so get over yourself.

      31. Do you know what you rant about? Do you know what you are saying? do you know what your rants do to this country you claim to love ? Many blacks served as rangers and with Cleve. Try to be nice man.

        God Bless the USA
        Terrence O Jones TJ

      32. SAD I. am a military female veteran, same color skin The hold situation is sad. I was probably born naybe already in the military mr Davis and his like thinking associates Oh but davis is older than I am it’s even sadder. I wondered what type of people here now todate would drag a man alive for miles behind their truck until he’s dead loss limbs, skin etc Just because his skin is chocolate. Why?

      33. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Yeah it’s sad but they’ve caused soooo much harm to women and children especially in world war 2 . Not saying they deserved it but America has their fair share of killing colored people.
        But it’s glad to see we can come together and talk about a topic without calling each other names. Nice to see we’ve grown up!

      34. I’m russian..and reading this shit, opens up a lot about americans…what the..actual fuck

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      36. Jack, you haven’t even 1/2 the common sense the good lord gave you, first off, not all black people are muslims, same as not all southerners are as ignorant as you are. My grandfather was born son of a slave, he went on to the army to fight for the same country that had enslaved his parents. He fought for the good of man and their freedom. Such freedom that allows you to spew out the crap your spewing right here. all my uncles also went military, my mom was white, her dad was a german scientist brought here to help with the war. Now Im what ignorant people like you would call malatta, I wear it proud as I say yes, Im malatta woman. I want to also say, in the south when the floods came and yous needed help, I was a truck driver that took a femma truckload of aid down to yous to help. I didnt have to but I did, this entailed a few days of no sleep and hardly any rest stops. When I got there and was unloaded heres what happened, and Im sure it was your relatives restaurant. I was starving for food other then pop and candy bars that I lived on for 2 days to get your aid to yous, I walked into a full restaurant at 8:30 am looking for breakfast and was told the grill was closed. Really Jack? People like you will except help from anybody when you need it, all smiles in daylight, but at nite you put on your sheets and act like criminals and murderers. Its your kind that should be exiled and leave the rest of us to live in peace. And with that I will bid you good day and let you commence to shaving your head as I would group you into one of the inbreed skin head idiots.

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    2. Diaoyu Islands have been a part of China since the Ming Dynasty, US Congressman David Wu remarked in a statement at the Georgetown University.

      “Historically and geographically the Diaoyu Islands have been a part of China since the Ming Dynasty. Japanese sources have acknowledged Chinese ownership since the late 1700s,” said David Wu.

      Japan only laid claim to the islands after its war with China in 1895, David Wu added.

      In 1945 Japan agreed to accept the Potsdam Proclamation. And according to the proclamation, Japan should return to China/Taiwan and Diaoyu Islands it had illegally seized from China. Japan returned Taiwan to China but refused to return Diaoyu Islands to China.

      And in 1951 Japan unilaterally signed the San Francisco Treaty with the US, which enabled the US to exercise the so-called “administrative rights” over the Diaoyu Islands. But this illegal treaty has never been accepted by the China government.

      The US committed an error by letting Japan to manage the islands instead of returning the islands to China. This is an error made by the US that needs to be corrected, David Wu said.

    3. As a veteran and proud AMERICAN I can’t believe the bullshit posts that have been left on this site. I don’t care what your race if you are a TRUE AMERICAN. I have fought side by side with ALL races in the armed forces and consider ALL of them my brothers. The horrific act these bastards did to one of my brothers sickens me to no avail. If he were black, white or whatever race I would of shot and killed everyone of these sick fucks without hesitation.

      1. You know I agree with you 100% americans should stand and support each other ….enough with this childish name calling already and get back to whats at hand here …this soldier was treated like trash and yet its ok for them to do this to us and yet our guys get in trouble for peeing on thier dead ones over there …Please

      2. Seriously, you all are losing your minds! And for what? Race? Joe is right man. I was a green beret weapons sergeant during somalia, and i would have gone, but i didnt go through OCT until after somalia. I personally knew MSG gary gordon, and many of the rangers who went, and this site is for those who died in somalia, not so you can talk shit about each other and what the damn color of your skin is. So grow some damn balls, and quit talking shit about each other ya jackasses.

      3. shut the fuck up dumb fuck. you aint shit and didnt fight for shit. until these mother fuckers invade this country, you didnt do shit but invade theirs. fuckin fag

      4. Thanks for that that is what this site needed is a comment and people like you and not all these racist pussies whom I would’ve reached through my screen and punched have I had the opportunity to.

    4. I know this Soldier was not a Marine but SSGT… Semper Fi from “Doc” FMF IDC U.S.N Ret. This is about taking care of your brother aginst all ….Foreign or domestic. If you don’t stand with us or support us enjoy the freedom that we have paid for. this is not about race

    5. Army, Marines? Does it really matter? This was my family!!!! We see this on TV and as I read these comments below I’m sickened that David died while doing service for people like you all….Why would anyone post these pictures!!!!!! How fucking disrespectful!!!!! This was a husband, son, cousin, etc. I don’t wish mercy on your souls…..

      1. My heart breaks for you, your sacrifice and his ultimate permanent sacrifice. I choose to believe God held him tightly in his loving arms and bestowed His tender mercy on Him. What transpired there, continues to transpire all over the world and across time; and the disrespect you have suffered defies logic and is beyond comprehension. I cannot thank you and him enough for the supreme and honorable sacrifice. I pray your lives are filled with sweet peace and that you experience blessings and grace to the fullest extent. (I cannot imagine enduring what he did and living through what you have. I truly hope you are not plagued with nightmares and a restless, traumatized spirit as a result). My Mother was the most patriotic person I have ever known and she would would want me to express the blushing pride many of us (including me) feel for those who give their lives without hesitation, for those who do what I/others cannot. Thank you again, and I’m SO SORRY…I hope the heartache subsides in time. I agree posting these pictures is wrong on so many levels. If they could not be dissuaded from posting them, this site and these posts should have been all about him, about honoring him. I hope I begin a trend with my post. I salute you!

      2. I agree with you 100% I come from a military family and know how it feels to loose someone in the line of duty I’m so sorry for your loss and feel no pity for when all these fucks and racist bastards burn in the pits of hell.

    6. These comments about “white Americans” bringing slaves to North America are so ignorant. You realize there WASN’T an America when this happened? These were Brits who did this. Many “Americans” who you love to cast as one people who all think the same, are people who came from many different backgrounds. We are the “mutts” of the world, and not ONE actual AMERICAN brought a slave to this country. Blame the country you meant, please. My background is Irish/Welsh/Scottish/English/African American/Native American (Choctaw and Cherokee)/Dutch, etc. Slavery has been a part of the world forever, since human history has been recorded. It is awful and vicious and continues in several countries, not including sexual slavery that is happening in nearly every country of the world. Please, people, stop cursing at one another and realize that history is ugly. To learn it is to attempt to not repeat it. Learning lessons from each other and our actions so that we can continue to evolve. Staying angry about one instance in the history of time is ridiculous and divisive.

  2. The whatevers in this pitchure make me sick. The its come to America and bitch for us saying allah or what ever. Like Jeff Durham says Allah damit. He is great. We have to send the its back to smellalia.

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      2. “bitch for us saying allah or what ever.”

        “you grow a brain dumbass”

        that about sums up the USA u thick bastard.

        rough pics though. poor bloke. animal mentality is deep in us all, if we had Somalian soldiers piling into our country we’d probably do the same thing to them given half a chance.

      3. Fuck any one that disrespects ant us service member I would like to fucking kill every one of those cowards fuck you if you dont like it you got something to say that disrespects any us service member than i will personally like to talk to you face to face

      4. At least he is standing up for what he believes in and not sitting down in front of a computer screen trying to make people feel like dicks. So why don’t you just go “grow a brain” and learn some respect for people’s differences and not want to kill them (BRIAN NEWTON) and at least our country has corn to feed its people. Unlike most countries.

    1. OMG u are so sick!!! I am sooo disgusted..I guess I have to forgive your stupid brain and sick thoughts..you must have been abused as a child. I understand you need attention and need to get rid of your aggression one way or another, but honestly..fight something else that will actually benifit the society and makes scence.

      1. Bryan Barnes, you truly are an idiot. its people with a mentality like yours that makes the united states of america the hated target it is. why not put down your M – 16 and get an education, instead of perpetuating your warmongering imperialistic ways. when the chinese invade the united states, i do hope idiots like you are on the front lines, and thus the first to be wiped out!

  3. Repost? I remember stumbling upon this blog when I was looking for these photos a while back. It’s been in my feedreader ever since 😉

    1. this made me extremely angry espcially when i found out the administration denied them ac-130 coverage.our people should always be protected with everything at our disposal when sent into harms way.

    2. why can’t anyone realize that we are all americans!what those people did draging those body’s around and being proud was wrong! I am a veteran and an american! it’s not black, white, whatever, it’s simply american!! If we were to do that the whole world would come down on us! Those that did that deserve to die. We ( I) was there to help them. If they would have just gave up Aidid, there would have been less bloodshed and there country could have been a whole lot better.It sickens me to see my brothers discrased like that!As an american you to should feel the same.This isnt the blacks falt, it’s the assholes in mog that did that’s fault!

  4. As a reader who seeks to be challenged, to grow, and examine my own biases and assumptions, I appreciate your willingness and sincerity to address topics like this. While it certainly does provide a stark example of the power of photography and publication, the effects this sort of documentation also tend to expose a host of vulnerabilities (not limited merely to casualty mutilation or censorship) in a society wherein we have long prided ourselves in a stiff upper lip. A disturbingly rich set of images, indeed.

  5. When I saw these pictures in 1993 I was furious and ashamed.

    Italy too lost 5 soldiers, killed during that “peace” mission… but at least their bodies weren’t offended, because their comrades in arms kept those niggers away with heavy machine guns fire.

    Mogadishu is a shithole because the people who live there is genetically inclined to be violent and criminal.
    I’m not racist, but this is the historical truth.

    We should throw a nuke bomb on that den of fanatics.
    They don’t deserve any help from western countries.
    Within 20 or 30 years they will extinguish.

    1. Amen brotha…better to let them primitives slaughter themselves as they don’t want anybodys help..

      1. And what of the children? What of the people who may be innocent? Think before you comment like that, my friend.

    2. “Genetically inclined to be violent and criminal…I am not a racist”

      Actually, that makes you a racist. That’s pretty much the definition of what a racist believes – that other peoples are genetically inferior and unworthy of respect or life.

      You’re lying to yourself to believe that you’re not.

    3. LOL! Come to Mogadishu if you want to talk shit like real man. Talk that shit in the middle of Mogadishu. You will be killed just like your 5 comrades. You keyboard Italian gypsy. Italy is the shithole of the world. Full of homosexuals and people who are pussies. Come to Somalia and talk shit you white people.

      1. Keep dreaming you poor retard stoneage muslim.
        I am surprised you can write and read… or do you have a slave doing it for you?
        LOL you wrote that comment 9 months ago, in 2015… probably now you are already dead and rotting (starvation, diarrhea, a bullet). Islam is backward and violent in general… African Islam is still more violent and savage (Boko Haram)… but Somali Islam is the scum of the scum.

      2. Hey Somali Sultana: Why the he’ll would ANYBODY want to take you up on your invitation and actually “come to Mogadishu” ? I’ve already been there, and it’s one of the dirtiest SHIT holes in the world. I enjoy indoor plumbing, running water and FOOD a bit too much to ever want to waste 5 more minutes of my life in the ANUS OF THE WORLD. Come on, admit it, the only reason YOU are still there is that in your hopeless, loser ass life, you have no other choice. What’s the average Somali annual income, something like US $600.00 per year? You’d have to work for a year without EATING just to buy a plane ticket out of that sewer. No, I don’t think I’ll be visiting there again anytime soon – – I’d rather go somewhere civilized, or somewhere with SOMETHING to offer – – like FOOD. The only difference between you and everyone that ever left Somalia is that they succeeded in finding a way out. But I sure hope you and all of your skinny ass buddies enjoy the rest of your miserable, hopeless, hungry and most likely short existence in that sewer that YOU have to live in every hour of every day, Somali Sultana. PS: Those 72 virgins are fat and ugly :-)!

      3. To the Somali Sultanate: You are so evil people like you should rot in hell its so hard to even see these pictures. In an earlier comment you had said “you wish you could should these photos to the family” of the man who was dragged ?? It’s so gut wrenching to see comments like this over a man who was protecting his fellow soldiers and there for a cause that had nothing to do with Americans!!! You reap what you sow and saying those awful things you said about this courageous man iare gonna have to be answered when its judgement day!!! Horrible disgusting person you are and I shouldn’t say this but in all honesty you deserve to die in the most horrible way and I say that wholeheartedly.

      4. Bud, at least Italy has a functioning government and enough food to feed their people you and all your other inbred misfits that make up Mogadishu can go die in a hole in the dirt poor continent of Africa can go die in a hole and no one would care. Maybe more civilized people can go to Africa after you all kill yourselves and start new and actually make a functioning country you pussy. You say come down there and talk like a real man? Says the person in front of a computer screen making all these comments. Why do you go and insult the US the country with the best equipped army in the world. You, the wimp the weakest (dare I say it) “human being” I’ve ever even seen.

    4. actually we aint in need western asistance cuz we r people of self-made
      a true warrior
      America came to us tryin to kill our leader infront of us n no1 of us would allow i m just learnin what happened in da past cuz a i wasnt even existed wen this happend but America should be ashamed of itself cuz America raided un-armed people but still we killed them n towed them that is not an ashamed act but a bravery darling we dnt care what u believe it is already said A guilty man never success

      1. Please go elsewhere with your horrendous spelling and disgusting lack of knowledge. You should be dragged!!! You are not a brave man like this solider in the photo you and your people are so despicable I seriously hope God forgiving you for disrespecting his honorable man like this and being proud of it!!! So utterly disgusting I despise people like you

    5. Italian motherfucker acting like a tough guy. I’m so happy niggers and middle easterners are invading west europe and fucking every white whore of a women. White men are bunch of cuck i swear, you cucks act tough on internet but won’t say any of this bullshit infront of a nigger or a muslim. Lmfao kill yourself white kike worshipper.

  6. Leo, you’ve crossed a line there with your comment. Might want to take your racial mumbling elsewhere.

    1. He crossed what line? I am so sick and tired of people defending the trash that these animals are! I think they are the one who crossed the line doing the things they have done.

  7. Leo:

    “Mogadishu is a shithole because the people who live there is genetically inclined to be violent and criminal.

    “I’m not racist, but this is the historical truth.” [citation needed]

    1. mogadisho is the most amazing place American troops went to mogadisho 2 humiliate people Somalia never been criminal unless the world make them criminal and yeah what do you know about history America is nothing with out jewesh

    2. It’s true! Just recently in America a Samolian ran over a bunch of kids at Ohio State University the jumped out and started chopping them up with a meat cleaver until he was shot by a police officer. They are all animals and honestly deserve to be treated like such.

  8. Whoever made the decision to post theses pictures here, now, should have the ever-loving shit stomped out of them.

    1. Why is that? People need to see just how these animals really are. Why should these pics not be posted? So when we finally do take them out , people can feel sorry for them? Oh poor people they never did anything to hurt anyone. BIg americans picking on them!!!!! Yeah I think the pics should have been posted!!

  9. Hi Anirtabh – You can maybe see from the comments that you’re getting very many insulting remarks. Stick to literature – it’s safer. Also an offensive Website (and who knows what that means) can be closed down by law. Your social conscience is fine and you have a big heart but as a Christian let me advise you not to crucify yourself. The people anyway wanted ‘Barabus’, an outlaw (if you know the story).

  10. When the Time issue came out in 93, with the top picture above nearly identical to the one of the cover, I was so horrifed I wrote my first and only letter to date to an editor. The only thing I could think of was that soldier’s family, his mother, maybe a wife or kids? It broke my heart and made me so angry, for a magazine to put that image on a COVER. Of course it’s a news story, but I wonder sometimes if editors throw all their morals out the window when money is to be made. These pictures still make me cry

    1. Thats whats wrong with America today. To many bleeding hearts out there. Thats why our people get killed like they do , because people like you cry at the site of a photo. Why dont you cry to the thought that this actually happen? Not at the thought that a photo was published. I think it is important for people to see just what animals we are dealing with.

  11. No western support what-so-ever and let them fight themselves to “Extinction.” All they want is handouts. If we spent half the money that we waste over there on a lost cause, there wouldn’t be a need for free-healthcare..!!

  12. I laugh at those people with the racists comments and calling them animals and what not..And saying we should have unloaded everything on them or nuked them..and what if you did that,,what does that make you…same as them you idiot,,thoughts of death on another man does not make you a any better than any criminals or murderers..If you want to nuke someone..At least nuke the whole planet to end all this BS..someday that will happen and man will finally realize how barbaric we all are..worse than any other animals on the planet..

    1. I agree, although most people realize it already. Well at least those who have any decency and dignity left. Anyway, yes these images are very controversial and the place is probably one of the biggest shit holes to every grace the Earth but you can still find decent people even in the shittiest of shit holes.

    2. Thats just funny animals as a whole humans included are violent and barbaric

      (bar·bar·icAdjective/bärˈbarik/1. Savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal.
      2. Primitive; unsophisticated)

      We simply pretend to not be barbaric in the presence of each other. History proves this fact.

      I would tend to agree with the statemaent that we should just let them murder themselves. That particular area of the world continues to be in a state of purpetual violence against thermselves and anyone else who goes into the area to help them. Everyone seems to forget that the reason the U.N. was there in the first place was to help feed starving people. The people who were dragging the soldier through the streets simply were trying to benefit from the misery of their fellow Somolians. Again a recurring theme in that area of the planet.

  13. I was in the Marines when this happened. The Marines had all ready pulled out of that hell hole and the Army took up station keeping. When we saw that American being drug through the streets every Marine in this country was ready to deploy. I still can’t believe we didn’t, but that’s politics for you…especially Bill Clinton politics.

    Every time I see these pictures it makes my blood boil. Same as the videos of the two American contractors that were ambushed, captured and dismembered in Iraq right there for all to see, including God.

    For me it just drives home the fact that if we absolutely must go then we need to go and do. We have to leave the politics behind and tell the idiots in the press if they can do it better then suit up and grab a rifle.

    Sadly the lessons learned actually haven’t been learned. We need to get the heck out of the U.N. and not look back. Unfortunately we have a new and less palatable version of the cold war. No longer is it the U.S. vs USSR and who has the biggest and most guns. Now its about fanatical groups saying all must follow this certain religion vs a bunch of people that are pushing away from religion with every concerted breath. When the cold war ended it seemed to be a great opportunity for peace. However, I cant help but feel that after this new religious war is over the damage to each person on this planet will be far worse than we could have imagined.

    1. Cant do go and do. There are to many bleeding hearts here back home , for the career politician to worry about. Sad but true., They want to make a life out of being in office but if they do the wrong thing , the bleeding hearts wont vote them back in.

    2. Dude,
      You perked my interest and gained credibility (assuming you aren’t lying) with the “I was in the Marines when this happened”. I’m thinking I’m going to get a reasonable, although Republican slant, opinion on the subject. But noooooo! You have to throw in the “including God” comment. Doing so immediately removes you from the pool of intelligent (and minority) posters.

      Dang it! You got me to waste 30 seconds of my life!

      1. STFU squid! go back to crying about radiation from Japan & how thankful you must be to have served during the “don’t ask don’t tell” era. The whole incident is disgusting and somebody does need to hit “Reset” and flush the toilet of a world all you a-holes combined turned this planet into!! Nuke it all is right!! Smell ya later when ur legs r straighter beyotches!!

  14. mark is a POS.

    The holier than thou attitude, exposes your ignorance of what the people of Mogadishu truly are…expendable garbage.

  15. God bless that soldier for his sacrifice. I remember seeing this video when I was a young child. It really tore me up.

  16. Great, then we reward these Muslim cockroaches by bring them to the USA. There are 35,000 Somilies in Michgan alone. We deport christian Illegal hispanics and replace them with Muslims. In the Texas Panhandle
    the government is replacing them as workers at the Beef packing plants. Yes they are in the our Food chain. Thier are plans to bring 2,000 more Muslims into the Panhandle. The Mayor says”we have no control who comes to our Towns.” The US government hires the catholic services to relocate these maggots into our country. They are not suppose to have no more then one wife but they bring thier sisters with them. They divorce one after have 4 kids they marry the other. Let me tell you how backward these people are, they other night they had a fire at the Muslims apartments seems like the Ho placed FIREWOOD in the stove. An other time; Car wreck, asked them about health Insurance they said we have OBAMA care. When Clinton brount them to our shores , these people did not even know what shit paper was for or even tooth brushes. America we are being attacked from all sides, we need to deport all of them including the MUslim occupant of our White house. . Please join ACT and or VAJ to fight back.

  17. @Elroy:
    You’re a racist fuck. I know many Muslims who are far nicer and more decent human beings than many “Christians” I’ve met! (And I’m Christian, btw)

    This is a sad episode in the history of America’s imperialistic foreign policy – same as Vietnam and Afghanistan, America always gets involved where they are not wanted, and they will reap their just reward.
    Furthermore, it is always brave soldiers like SFC Shugart and MSG Gordon who bear the sacrifice. Then, when the intervention of the Superpower that is the USA is really needed and wanted, like in Rwanda in 1994, they are no where to be found.

  18. It has been a while since came back to this site. Mr. Ranger sounds like you are from the left or right coast. You must of attend government schools like i did. America has it’s problems. This country has gone thru a lot of turmiol, but it is still the greatest country in the world. I can prove it, you are still here. I assuming that you have not read the Koran. It says that we sould be friends with the infidels then when the time comes asked them to convert to Islam. There are only three ways to get into thier(Muslim) good graces #1 Convert #2 be thier Tax slave #3 or die. In thier bible(Koran) “Love” is not mention compare that to the christian bible.

    You are right about Mogadishu, Clinton had no business intervenig . He said , he was the first black president and wanted to help the Somalies by bring in the UN and having our U.S. soldiers under thier command. One America soldier ,white or black is not worth all of that country.
    Rawanda was simply Genocide. It was between two tribes. The dark skin trbe tried to wipe out the light skin blacks. The UN went to Rawanda and just watched. Tell me one good deed that the UN has done beside singing the song WE ARE THE WORLD. The UN lives off the U.S.A. The mission of the UN is ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. It does not matter who is the U.S.A. president, look at Clinton and old man Bush they walk hand and hand. Have you every wondered why our Borders are still pourous under REpublican and Democrate administrations. Think about it all of the media is controled…You have been indoctrinate. Commusist China is not communist only 5 % are communist the rest are slaves. The way things things are going and Obama ignores the country like Arizona, (go ahead and grant amnsty to 20 million illegals)then we are heading towards a revoulution , and we are ready.

  19. Okay, so this might be a long, rambling post, but some of the posts above are truly amazing to me.
    The level of ignorance of anonymous posters never ceases to amuse: “niggers”, “savages”, “Obama the muslim in the White House”…really??? LOL, fucking pitiful. Spreading THAT kind of hate and groundless rhetoric is working out well for you I assume? THAT’S the best you can come up with when looking at heart breaking images like these?

    These images are tragic on many, many levels but first and foremost for the soldiers/sailors/marines and their surviving families. These men paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live the lives we do in this country AND ironically so ignorant people can freely make the above mentioned comments.

    My father and uncles are/were Army veterans (2 of them combat veterans) of WWII, Korea and Vietnam and my heart sinks into my stomach when I see pics of our men/women in uniform who have died for our country in the most horrific ways imaginable. In ME, the images above conjure up the need to let our voices be heard to bring our soldiers HOME. Protect OUR Country and let Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc clean up their own messes.
    Why are the U.S. soldiers/sailors/marines (and innocent civilians) always paying the bloodiest cost?? Yeah, yeah, I know, there’s always some excuse (from the politicians) about how the World will end if the U.S. doesn’t intervene…give us a little more credit than that. We’re not ALL sheeple following the herd. Most of us know better than that.
    U.S. military can be involved on an advisory level and the other countries can feel free to let their OWN soldiers get dragged through the fucking streets mutilated, naked and humiliated.
    Of course it’s not just a simple thing, so we need to put our collective energy into THAT, not into childish, racist rants.
    So you’re ready for The Revolution?? How about the Revolution to end senseless war for financial gain?? Lol, you’ll have about as much luck with THAT as you will with the Revolution against all the racial diversity in this Country.

    To any of our proud Military who may be on this thread: THANK YOU for your service and your sacrifice. Your bravery, courage and commitment is AWE INSPIRING. These pictures are a gut-wrenching testament to what you all put on the line for us.

    That’s it. Let me get off my soap box.

    Now: Since EVERYONE is a tough guy when they’re hiding behind their computer keyboards, go ahead and tell me to go fuck myself and invoke every possible racial slur in the most imaginative ways you can come up with!! After all, I AM many an ignorant fool’s WORST nightmare (AND the apparent cause of all the problems in this country): a 6’3”, 225 pound, proud, educated, articulate, African-American male (collective hand-to-mouth gasp!!).

    Peace –

    Just Another “Uppity”-“Savage”-“Nigger”-“Must Be A Socialist Muslim Too”-Black Man Apparently Plotting To Somehow Ruin Everyone’s Life In This Glorious Country-Unless-He-Hasn’t-Already-Merely-By-Being-Black.

    1. Dear Uppity,
      I am you. Basically the same story, family, military service etc. I enjoyed your post, you write well. Hit the nail on the head with your “war for financial gain”. Everything else is a distraction for the masses. “Watch the markets” “Sell a bomb”

      I’m a 6’2 220lb white guy- American Brother

    2. wow my husband is the exact description of you…well the white version and he isnt in the military but he does have a good and well educated respectable job 🙂 haha…ANYWAYS, good points…and i have several men from my family who have served in the military/marines…so i am the same with, we need to all stand together as a nation…i do get away with my temper from time to time but i think we all do…anyways, i have respect for what you have said and i salute you as a fellow american…you made some valid points…thank you for bringing some of us back to what is important…(salutes to u) 🙂

    3. J…… ooh-fucken-rah it is Americans like you who make me proud to serve our country, I served in Desert storm Alongside My BROTHERS…Some were Asians,some were Hispanic,some were black & some were white,some were catholic,some were Jewish,I’m sure some Muslims & Atheist were in the mix too. When it came down to it the color of your skin don’t matter. A projectile hurling through the air @ mach snot (don’t want to put up Ballistic numbers they may be wrong & I wouldn’t want to start an argument) really don’t give a fuck who or what you are Black,White,Asian don’t matter your dead. We fought for each other we all bleed red. We bleed for the rights of humans, Americans,Germans,French,Vietnamese,Iraqi’s,Afghani’s and yes even Somalians which were nicknamed ZIPPERHEADS so it not to be racial against African Americans. We should be outraged about what happened to SFC Shugart and MSG Gordon not bickering what race of human sucks worse then the other. Indivisible with liberty & justice for all…. Indivisible…UNDIVIDED AS A NATION… And to your Father & Uncle’s I owe my way of life to them for serving the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD And I thank you for being a true American

  20. that is some fuck up shit ..like who does that drag a dead body around? so disrespectful. I’ll put it like this.. your with us or your against us..other wise …”KILL EM ALL” STUPID FUKD UP PEOPLE

  21. The levels of hypocrisy on this page is astounding. Yeah, let’s kill all the Muzlamics to show the world that Americans are good, peaceful people!

    Disgracefully petty and this is coming from an 18 year old.

  22. We would still be a bunch of enslaved oppressed by the latest evil thug fuck if Washington hadn’t warred the shit out of everything. That’s right.. this country was founded on the idea that if you don’t like folks with individual liberty you can kiss our ass! If you can’t see the difference between some evil jerk wads dragging bodies around and a rightous dude shoving a bomb up saids ass then can I have your wallet? Because you obviously aren’t going to do a thing to stop me when I bitch slap you and take it.

  23. Rip my heart out. HOW many times do you NEED TO POST THIS. THIS IS MY COUSIN. WE went grew up together, went to school together, graduated together. Our mom’s are sisters. Our dads were stationed together. HE was a great man. He loved his family, his country and the US ARMY. HE was about to retire. He left a wife w/ 3 children. An ex-wife w/ 2 children. His mom, siblings, and MANY active duty, retired military family members. WE found OUT about this on the NEWS. IMAGINE, sitting our your couch and seeing these photos. Falling to the ground, screaming, “oh my GOD, it’s Dave, it’s Davy”. I’m typing and crying my heart out remembering the horror. Dave/Bill wrote 2 letters, just before he boarded to leave on this mission. I have one, my dad has the other. In these letters he said good-bye. HE knew, everything he said, said he knew. PLESAE STOP THIS. HE gave his life, isn’t that ENOUGH for you people. LEVAVE HIS memory alone, leave him alone. Move and and write horrible things to each other, somewhere else. He didn’t make money off dying, neither did his family, but the photographer and an author did. How sad is that, profit off a soldiers’ death. Two other men died that day too. Tommy Filed (the other door gunner)and Ray Frank (Co-Pilot). Its’ just breaking my heart, all your post. IF you AREN’T VETS’, like everyone in OUR family~~~~just go away. Dave~~~miss you ‘cuz’, love you. I’ll bet Granny Goose is keeping you busy in heaven. See you in my dreams! Jen

    1. I’m sorry for your loss and I’m gratefull for your family’s service and sacrifice. Although I have no family members that have ever served, I feel a keen connection to all who have. I am first and foremost a patriot. I love this country and those that defend it. I’m sorry for all the mindless rhetoric you’ve had to endure. I’m sorry these photos endure but the miniscule positive note may be that they serve to remind us of the sacrifice our uniformed brothers and sisters offer so that we are safe. “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those tht would do us harm”.

    2. Truth be told, all military personnel are, in fact, mercenaries; paid killers, in this case, killers hired by the US government to kill people around the globe. Would your cousin have been there if he were not being paid? I don’t think any military person would do what they do unless they were getting paid. As much death as the US causes around the world, why is it so hard for people in this country to accept the death of one of their own? My heart goes out to the women and children who were slaughtered by people like your cousin, unarmed men who were slaughtered, innocent bystanders who were slaughtered by people like your cousin. While I sympathize with the loss of life, I can’t sympathize with hired killers who get killed.

      1. “Can’t sympathize with hired killers who get killed.” That kind is the opposite of sympathizing with any loss of life. Just saying.

        These men and women put their lives on the line every day, and no sum of money can account for that. Also, in this battle those “hired killers” were trying to capture one of the warlords in Somalia that were stealing 80% of the international aid we were trying to give to the 1.5 million refuges and stop the 500,000 death count of starvation from climbing.

        Also, name a country that hasn’t killed an innocent bystander in a war, especially in the middle east. It happens, and it is tragic.

        And I guarantee any marine who saw that soldier pulled through the street would be willing to kill those fuckers free of charge 😉

      2. Ya you need to shut the fuck up and stop acting like a faggot whinning bitch your muslim ppl are fucked up oh ya do you see a catholic church in afganistan we the US killed 3000 ppl like you muslim dirty fuckers put a mosque 4 blocks from the WTC. BUILDING WERE I know the muslims took advantage of the constitution. Fuck allah

      3. So what your saying in your own selfish way is you would rather see another human being live in fear & wonder if they gonna have food to eat or if a drug lord is gonna rape their daughters….. that makes us mercenaries well then so be it I could not live knowing I didn’t give someone a happier life then what they had GO back to sleep REAL MEN GOT YOUR BACK…mommy gonna tuck you in

    3. Shut the f up. I don’t care if the white devil loves his family. So does Satan dumb ass. Everybody has loved a family. These evil soldiers are there to take over the country to kill n murder a Somalian war lord so uncle Sam can be the new war lord that’ll do more evil n killing than the one they are trying to kill. U all r a bunch of cool aid drinking dumb assesst that’s been brainwashed by your own country’s mk ultra infiltrators. Your society are so dumb down u r useless n can’t get it n won’t get it that America is the villain. The bad guy. The biggest war lord on the planet. They want to install a puppet in Somalia so u r evil anti Christmas uncle Sam can be Somalia ‘s new war lord. U Americans r the biggest dumb assess in the world. Ur all going to hell. Those soldiers r invaders n murderers n deserved more humility n disrespect n pain than what they got . They died to easily n too quickly. That’s the truth n god is the witness not the idiots on this site

  24. I am almost as appalled at the comments left here than the pictures themselves. I cannot imagine what the solider’s family must be feeling, as this act is insensitivity of a nature I wish the world did not know. I understand that a few who left such comments understand this too, they are sympathetic people who are outraged at such treatment of a brave soldier. But to refer to the Somalis as some did, and to suggest “nuking” the country–is this really how the West thinks? Is ignorance really so pronounced? This is the kind of thinking that damns society.

  25. Holy shit there are some uneducated and hideously misinformed people posting here, not to mention in this country. I don’t even know where to begin…

    For those talking about the Qur’an, learn how to fucking spell and actually read it. Those touting the Bible as this love-everyone-book, read it from cover to cover and try that again, it howls for blood and horrible rules of conduct, you can’t just pick and choose what you want. For those screaming about immigrants, if you want them gone then everyone here has to leave now; no one is from this country. For those screaming racist comments, there is no genetic proof of difference other than melanin and slight traits based on region and diets; and that is honestly the most ignorant shit to spew.

    Sure, that’s horrible he was drug in the streets and that people die, but they were ill-placed and listening to leaders who don’t know what the hell they are doing nor would be there themselves.

    All in all, you people make me ashamed to call myself an American. We are seemingly a country of ignorant, evil, and unabashedly racist pieces of shit, which neither helps us in the eyes of the world nor makes us deserving of life itself. Very sad.

      1. Wake up from your 17 year old mindset, and realize that calling someone a fag is about as mature and intelligent as a high school dropout. If you don’t like SLK’s opinion, read a little and wake up to the world and provide your own about what these comments are supposed to be concerning. SLK, I’m not American, but I couldnt agree with you more.

    1. I love that you wrote this about a picture where an American there on a mission of mercy is being dragged through the streets nude and desecrated with people rejoicing. These people that we were trying to help were being starved to death by the warlords that were intercepting all of the famine relief and using it to their own ends.

      I have a friend who was there, and he still has nightmares about it. He lost three men just driving down the street as the men working for the warlords used women and children as human shields.

      You’re as bad as the people you accuse. And living in this country, you don’t know the meaning of ignorant and evil. You say your fellow countrymen don’t even have a right to LIVE? Americans are some the most humane, generous people in this world. You should be kissing the ground you walk every single day. Talk about ignorant.

  26. It is brutal and inhumane. It made me sick. This is not an patriotic statement for I’m not an American. I, in fact am a Muslim and very critical of American foreign policy that has diseased the world after WWII. But, dragging a dead body around shows, to me, cruelty of such people. Let them eat each other and go to hell!

  27. Even when Texas executes a serial killer, they don’t desecrate the body for Christ’s sake. Even Jeffrey Dahmer got a decent funeral. His mother was allowed to claim the flippin body. Animals.

  28. I have to say that the pictures emphasise something that happened in the UK many years before when American Public Oppinion was biased towards the IRA in ireland. You may remember the pictures and tv coverage of 2 british soldiers dragged from their car by a baying public. They had accidently driven into a funeral prossesion. The soldeirs wre beaten, bricked and then slaughtered in public view. I have to ask myself where was your outrage then? America only seems to be enraged when its own people are harmed. I support the USA entireley and have served with American forces in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and recently Afghanistan so only want to offer a hopefully unbiased opinion however it takes something like the pictures shown and indeed 9/11 to realy make America have a taste of its own medicine. The UK has suffered cuntless attrosities by the IRA in the past, supported in the main and funded by American ‘patriots’, thankfuly no longer.

    1. As someone that has served for 6 years in N.I, I can only agree with your comments I buried friends killed by bombs and bullets brought by American Patriots.
      I went on to work for the US DOD mind so cant have been that pissed with them. Glad that the IRA and REAL IRA are no longer funded by the US (hopefully).

      1. Let us not forget the hundreds of Irish people murderd by British forces in Ireland, one side is as bad as the other, We kill your soldiers you kill ours. Hatred is endemic. Thank God some bit of peace has lifted the darkness from the North of our country, but the killing will never stop until ignorance on both sides ends. in the words of a famous man “Ireland Unfree will never be at peace”

      2. oh great, have an irish-brit quarrel do we now? look, after bein part of the IRA in the early nineties, i fought against the british, but whats happened has happened, forget about of it.

    2. That’s true American’s only know pain when they are bleeding. In thair opinion the world can get the fuck blown out of it and let god sort it out………….Those guy’s only understand the concept might is right and they will be up shit creek when they topple off thair perch!

  29. I came to this site to view a picture of Willy Brandt kneeling at a Polish memorial – this was indeed an iconic photo.

    However, these photos of the dead soldier are not iconic photos, these are a snapshot of repugnant, sub-human behaviour.

    For the sake of the family of this soldier you should remove these photos. Getting hits on your site at the expense of their grief and unimaginable pain, is not cool.

  30. As an American serving in the military, I see value in displaying these pictures to our service members and the American public to prepare them for the atrocities of war. Up through the Civil War, all Americans seemed to be engaged with the military. Today, it’s only one percent of the nation that serves in the armed forces. Just like the average consumer doesn’t understand how a calf is killed to become neatly packaged veal in the supermarket, the average citizen doesn’t understand or care to know how their armed forces go about waging a war. Even within the military, there is a disconnect between those who serve in combat roles and those who are in a support force. Anytime you have a disconnect within the family, communication breaks down. Those who make the decision to send our troops into harm’s way should fully understand the ramifications of war. This includes the politicians and taxpayers who vote them into office.

    Before I joined the military, I looked at our armed forces with disdain because of the crimes some members committed abroad that were covered by the media. Since joining, I have gained profound respect for some who exemplify the core values we’re taught. I have seen the sacrifices made by members and their families, often with no complaints. Sure, there are bad apples in the family, but the majority are okay, with a few exceptional ones.

    The average American doesn’t know that Dover Air Force Base in Delaware is where the morticians work on the returning bodies of our service members. Some are beyond recognition without dog tags, dental records and DNA identification. If more Americans saw those bodies and the sobbing families, they would think twice about war, including some new recruits who think they can never get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    My condolences go out to Staff Sgt. Cleveland’s friends and family. The picture shouldn’t have been on the front cover of magazines commonly displayed by grocery store checkout counters. The family needs to have the option to not be exposed to such horrific reminders of Cleveland’s suffering.

  31. War is Hell. Our men and women in the military today that are out there fighting overseas are the reason everyone on here can say whatever they want free of persecution. There’s no way anyone on this forum knows how it feels to be persecuted for thier basic God given rights. Ever had to hold a secret meeting in a basement just to practice the religon you believed? People that say we shouldn’t be involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. are only able to say this and whatever they want to because we are over there. Is the U.S, perfect? No, of course not. We should have either sent our forces fully and not half assed or never intervened in Vietnam (in my opinion) at all, but war is not black and white, cut and dry as most people make it out to be. I’m thankful for men like the above pictured who paid the ultimate price for my freedoms today, mainly religion. Be thankful our military is out there kicking ass for the meek who can’t defend themselves but love to talk about world peace. Being a Christian if you really understood the Bible unlike the person above who read maybe a page in the Old Testament only in his lifetime, there will never be peace in the world completely (since it’s ruled by Satan). Say what u want about it how can u look at the above and say there is no Devil. If I had to describe what my religion meant in one word it would be selflessness, and believeing this I would fight and die for my country in a heartbeat. Even though the United States government and its’ leaders are far from perfect, if you are not willing to help, fight, or die for your country why don’t you pack up and head to another one in my opinion if it’s that bad.

    1. This guy’s got it straight, for example, if the U.S. was out of the blue savagly invaded by say North Korea how many people would buy a gun or RPG and defend the country as a citizen or join the army and defend as a well armed troop, stuff like this poeple would just accept north korean dictatorship these American cowards, those with hopes for freedom and bravery would defend America. After wars like this, people would stop questioning freedom to own a weapon be grateful for what we have lovers of democracy.

  32. Those who say the US just goes around shooting Iraqis for no reason are wrong. If you dont care about a soldiers life, its easy to say you shouldn’t stop someone from talking on a cell phone when theres a chance that cellphone has the “go” to blow up ad I.E.D and kill those soldiers, but those who do give no regard for a cause. The people on the other side of this who think blacks should be slaves are also wrong. If race was superior then it would obviously show, but it doesn’t. However, the sub-human behaviors of parading the body of a man, fighting to bring down a militia that robs humanitariran aids, while that man couldn’t fire at them until he was fired is rediculous. The radical beleif that all men should praise the Islamic religion is rediculous. Those who make money off of fake “slaughters” of Arabs and US enemies disgust me. Those who see people killed by a grenade and pretend the U.S. stabbed an Iraqi make me sick. Need I remind you to look at the American deaths before blaming them on killing an iraqi with a grenade. Take any picture from world war one of dead british you can see that war does not always kill by a single bullet. What we do in wars; It’s not murder, our troops don’t come out thirsty for blood, smiling at every death, they are disciplined fellows. If you were in the family of a slaughtered troop you would feel for the cause. Those who feel all wars we fight are stupid have never been at lost of anything or anybody in the war and are self-full pigs. We never win wars becasue the troops never get total support back at home, support wins wars. Isolationists never fought in the wars just to see their comrade get killed by an I.E.D. or a single sniper to kill three of your comrades or as home prases , best friends.

    1. The most elite force in america delta force was deployed to fight with us. Do u really think we’re gonna sit idly by and watch u imperialist SCUM impose ur will like u have done so many to others before and after u SCUM really think u can roll into OUR country with your big weapons and your helicopters without a fight. If thats wat u think than u really have no idea wat ur talkin about. You say animalistic yh thats right on that day wat those SCUM succeding in doing was igniting an animalistic rage in the somali people and by God we’ll do again.

      1. YOU are the reason so many Americans have hatred towards Muslims…If we were in there to annihilate your Countrymen we would have before you could have got your Zipper up.C’mon man we took out a scumbag somali wannabe in 12′ seas with one shot…HUH another Zipperhead trying to play in the man’s world with a boy’s mind…lol… AND I’M guessing your one of the Zipperheads that came to the states cause Somolia got no internet & most don’t know how to spell….Come at me you’ll see a fight….ZIPPER

  33. These people are coming to the rich European countries and lives on the native peoples money and behave just like they did back in their shitty country. We have to stop this. We have to stop this now.

  34. The average American doesn’t know that Dover Air Force Base in Delaware is where the morticians work on the returning bodies of our service members. Some are beyond recognition without dog tags, dental records and DNA identification. If more Americans saw those bodies and the sobbing families, they would think twice about war, including some new recruits who think they can never get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


    1. THEN DONT FUCKING GO OVER TO OTHER COUNTRIES! THEY DONT NEED YOUR HELP! When the stupid Americans captured Sadam, they opened up a whole other can of worms! Sadam was keeping out groups like Al qaeda and Taliban, now they can run amok, and they own the country.

    2. Don’t fucking go in middle eastern countries then. Leave us the fuck alone!!! You amerimutts always bring trouble with you!!

  36. For generations to come people will compare Somalia to Germany’s Hilter run nightmare. We should just drop a nuke in the most populated areas and be done with it.

    No Nation on the face of the earth should support Somalia. I hope they all starve….every last one of them.

    1. I am sure you don’t know canadians horrifically murdered 2 somali teens, which caused a huge uproar, not only that americans also killed many tribe leaders how were opposed to aidid, and even they day of black hawk down americans interrupted an important meeting which was about disarmament of the warlords. This upset many somalis who showed to americans what they can do. (do intense research on the topic)

  37. These animals desecrate the body of a dead human and, unfortunately, it’s all they have to show for their lives/existence. They’ve really contributed much value to the world and humanity…..geeeeessssh nothing but a bunch of frigg’n ANIMALS. Well, they’re getting all that they deserve and I would not want a thing to change in their “prosperous and civilized” country…BAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHHA

  38. No one cant blame the entire country for some peoples wrong doing, that must have been done under certain circumstances.It’s not like the US solder is being getting beaten, there are many more people from the same country who lost there live. We must consider the mentality of the crowed. As the crowd gets out off control people don’t think about the consequences. and it’s usual fact that leaders use them. Bad things happens all over the world wither it is EU, US, INDIA or CHINA. Instead of getting such an extremist wee should thing how can we sole our own country problems like US is having most high teenage suicide rate and INDIA is crowned with the most rap prone country with rape occurring every second.

  39. I’m an American and I think that my fellow Americans should get their collectives heads out of their asses and stop blindly following the popular media and the political correctness they preach. We do not have a perfect society but it works for America. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone and we should stop wasting lives trying to save the world by forcing our American way of life on everyone else.

    Somalia has been in civil war for a decade. They kill each other because they want to kill each other. It’s an internal conflict and we should let them alone to resolve it. They didn’t send peace keepers to the US in our civil war (which I am thankful for), so why not return the favor and keep out.

    1. The UN requested us to be there in Somalia and we didn’t ask for it, the UN does. I agree on you about Somalia and don’t forget Afghanistan but other countries kept on asking the US to help around the world. Who kicked Iraqi forces out of Kuwait during the Gulf War? Who toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003? Who helped kicked Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega during Operation Just Cause? Who helped save South Korea from North Korean/Chinese aggression during the Korean War? When Serbian/Yugoslav troops in Kosovo were purposely “ethic cleansing” all Albanians, who’s pilots and warplanes drove Serbian/Yugoslav troops out? Who’s send aid/supplies to Japan and Pakistan? Who did the Europeans/UN asked to help out in their war in Libya? All the answers is the United States of America.

      However i agree with you that we do need to take care of ourselves before we butt into other’s people business. Yes our country needs a lot of work and damage we did to ourselves even our economy but we have to act in our own interests as well. It’s not in our interest to let other countries gang up on us. Last time Clinton ignored Al-Qaeda threats and as a result we got 9/11.

      It’s also time for Europeans to map up and defense themselves since they are capable. Yet in Libya, they relied heavily on our assets and say they cannot go into Libya without the USA.

  40. Wow, everytime any country needs help, they expect the USA to come help them. We have done this for years. Unfortunately no other country has done more good for the WORLD than the USA. And for this we constantly get crapped on by savages. Its not worth it. Let themm all starve to death. Let a disease we wiped out decades ago destroy them. Let the warlords kill them. Not one country or group of people have given anywhere near as much as the USA. We contribute to almost every country on the planet. ITS TIME TO STOP. NO MORE FOREIGN AID!!!! Next time an American gets kidnapped, INVADE THE COUNTRY. As a matter of fact, why do we watch a bunch of idiots that worship a child molester burn our flag. Its time to blow them back to the stone age, a few nukes will do it nicely. What a bunch of animals

  41. Eighteen years later I still remember the images in my mind of our American solder being dragged in the street of Somalia! Do you remember October 1993? It was not Somalia Mogadishu militants but regular Somalia people who dragged slain American soldiers through the streets of Somalia’s capital

    The somalia people are animals !!! Headlines around the world ” Aug 12, 2011 Famine in the Horn of Africa Somalia ” I say let them starve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have enough energy to make babies some families have five or more kids they need birth control more them food ” animals ! maybe other muslim countries should send them food ? but that will not happen because muslim counties are not as giving as American !!!!!! thats a fact ! The United States give more food donations then any other country in the world but us American should stop and take care of American needs first ! ” charity starts at home ” join me by contacting your goverment state representives asking them NOT to surpport Americans tax dollars to be used in any way to help Somalia .

    1. Wayne, I have often had that same thought~if people are living in starvation how can they reproduce? I would never bring a child into a world of disease & starvation. Their cultures & beliefs must consider the most important thing as being for them to keep their bloodline going~~have more children~with no regard to how those children will suffer. It’s so sickening!

  42. I couldn’t agree more with Time magazine’s Stephen Mayes when he writes referring to : “Usa a nation so military strong but can’t face a soldiers genital”, simple deplorable. I wonder why there is not footage of this in YouTube? I remember watching it in a foreing country back then. Hh! I get it,it’s ok watch a Vietnamese girls burning naked, mutilations, suicides,killings but not an american soldier penis…too sensitive,maybe or matter of pride?

  43. As a member of the military that was on scene in 1993, i see the points of many here. As for others, i cannot disagree more. The soldier dragged through the streets proves the morbid cruelty of the citizens of this city. Soldiers were feeding the people, as Aideeds thugs shot the starving people. he communicated to them if they killed Americans the could feed their families. As for the photo changing the course of the action there, yes it did. It drove the Military to change its policies on return fire. As for the anti race, and religious remarks. They are uncalled for. As their are good in all factions of life,there are also bad. The people in Somalia were forced by an evil entity to do what they would not normally do. If i had it to do again i would return and kill every one responsible for the deaths of my brothers. Weakness is in those on this forum whom do not fight for which they spew from they’re mouths. Cowards who hide behind words and photos others see first hand. I will never forget the sight, smell, taste and feel of this awful place.

    1. The most elite force in america delta force was deployed to fight with us. Do u really think we’re gonna sit idly by and watch u imperialist SCUM impose ur will like u have done so many to others before and after u SCUM really think u can roll into OUR country with your big weapons and your helicopters without a fight. If thats wat u think than u really have no idea wat ur talkin about. You say animalistic yh thats right on that day wat those SCUM succeding in doing was igniting an animalistic rage in the somali people and by God we’ll do it again.

  44. The images posted here show nothing more than the behaviour of animals. As humans we should treat others as we ourself would want to be treated. This was someones husband, father, son, brother and if the people involved in this “animal like behaviour” would be happy themself to be treated this way, then I pity them.

    They act like people who have not takin part in the development of humans over thousands of years.

    If there were a grading order in humans, then they would be at the lowest end of it.

  45. You can see EVIL and pure HATE in these people, you could spend years helping them and they would turn at the snap of a finger against you. They don’t have life’s like ours and have no moral values, this hate is breed into them and I struggle to think you can change that.
    What will our relationship be like with them in 15 years ? are we to send aid to them for them and their children so maybe one day their children will be killing our children ?

    What can they give to a modern world ? they breed, steal act like savages. They’ll take aid but could turn on you in the blink of an eye if they ever wanted to and think nothing of it.

    I’m sorry if this sounds cruel but it’s whats in my head.

  46. I hate European’s that talk shit about America. I wish we had let the Nazi’s take you guys over or the U.S.S.R. Hate on the U.S. all you want but if we hadn’t intervened then paid out of our own pockets to rebuild that shit hole you call home you would be bowing to pictures of Stalin or Hitler right now. And fuck all the Asian people who don’t like us either. Our purchasing of Chinese goods are the only reason they have any sort of economy right now and if we pulled the Pacific Fleet and our troops from Korea and Japan, China or North Korea or a combination of both would rule you with an iron fist. The U.S.A. may not be perfect but we are the only reason you pieces of shit have the right to voice your misinformed opinions all over the web. Fuck the world and GOD (not Allah) bless the USA.

  47. FYI I’m not racist but until the Muslim’s in positions of power in this country decide that they are gonna take steps to prevent Fundamental Islam in their communities and places of worship I think they’re are just as bad as the pieces of shit we are hunting all over the world right now.

  48. These images still deeply disturb me, viewing them again all of these years later. I’ve served as a USMC wife for 28 years, & 4 years as a USMC mom~~~this affects me in a way that a civilian will never understand. My husband served in both Desert Storm and Iraq. Our son served in Iraq, on the front lines. If this was my son, I would be beyond destroyed. I am sorry that these 3rd world nations are suffering so, but some times we do not belong there, “trying to help”. I remember seeing this on TV at the time it happened. Sickening that these people could behave this way. It’s as if they are a different species alltogether! They certainly are not human!!! Pure evil. Sickening!

  49. Glory! Glory! Glory! u cant get enough of that image i really cant that fucking kufar son of a bitch got what was cumin oh the glory of seeing that disguist dirty corpse being dragged around paraded in front of the whole world may this footage be in tribute to all those who have been killed by these satan worshiping kuffars all around the world and for the oppressed do not hesitaate to do exactly what my people did whenever im feelin down im just gonna watch this picture that will cheer me up

      1. yh let me guess ur a far right dumb redneck who knows nothing of the world outside ur little trailer park so unless u wanna present an arguement SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

    1. what planet are you from again? your post failed to mention that, go back there please…. fast?

      who again wants us to destroy each other in this way?

      did i miss the memo?
      at this rate the human race no matter if you are chistian, muslim, buddah, allah, well whatever the fuck you believe cause there are soooo many different religions now adays it is so hard for me to keep up with that shit to me it is all nothing but BS
      bottom line human race declining fast at this insane rate be it by starvation or murder or some fd up war! when it is all said and done we will be just like the dinosaurs being found all over the world in pieces we are not intelligent at all if we cant save our own kind

    2. yep APOO you are the reason MUSLIMS ARE VIEWED AS PIECES OF SHIT GO RAPE YOUR DAUGHTER oh wait I guess its not rape when its excepted

    3. People like you sicken me you are the reason your people are hated and looked at as DISGUSTING ANIMALS if you in any way think this is okay to do to another human being you don’t deserve to have a life or any happiness

  50. To be honest I was 14 years old when this happened and the one thing that I remember thinking to myself was “Why?” why or even how can a nation be so driven to do this to a fellow human being? War is war you have casualties (unfortunately) and you have wounded, but to mutilate a body so that others may join your cause is probably the worst thing I can think of a leader to do. Those poor civilians in that country brought up under such brutality. America isn’t perfect but I’ll tell you what, whatever we have and whatever we’re doing its working. We have the strongest military in the world and we have the most faithful civilians in the world, yeah we might have some shitty leaders and a government that doesn’t know it’s left from it’s right half the time. (no pun intended) but we have it good and I thank all of our leaders and heroes and military for all of the good we do have. I want people to remember what we are. We are ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! “FOR ALL” is the one part of this that everyone forgets. Because If it wasn’t for the different races and ethnicity’s and yes even religions America as we know it would not exist.

    As for all the men and women and families who have given their lives and given up their freedoms for any one cause. I salute you and my Heart opens for you!

  51. Given their lives for wat eh! to kill, rape, maim, torture, humiliate innocent peole to cum into a soveriegn country and just impose yourselves aint gonna wash with the somali people.

    1. If the Somali people were at all civilized they would stop killing each other as their favorite past time LOL A bunch of worthless creqatures who cant take care of themselves!

  52. there is a difference in the animalistic ways of people like the Somali’s and many other people in the African and middle eastern countries and what any solder is doing when defending his country or in this case trying to help feed the animals who drug a dead body through the streets like a pack of jackals.

    1. mate u no nothing of wat ur talkin about if u did u would no that they were in somalia to fight. The most elite force in america delta force was deployed to fight with us. Do u really think we’re gonna sit idly by and watch u imperialist SCUM impose ur will like u have done so many to others before and after u SCUM really think u can roll into OUR country with your big weapons and your helicopters without a fight. If thats wat u think than u really have no idea wat ur talkin about. You say animalistic yh thats right on that day wat those SCUM succeding in doing was igniting an animalistic rage in the somali people and by God we’ll do again.

  53. @Abdi.I see your last post was on the 18th year to the day when this all happened.

    George Bush sent 25,000 U.S. troops to Somalia for the express purpose of assuring the delivery of U.N. food, medicine and other supplies to the country under the name “Operation Restore Hope” in late 92.
    This was going well, so much so that the US withdrew most of its troops in May 93 and turned Somalia over to a U.N. peacekeeping force. With almost no planning, the U.N. Security Council broadened the peacekeepers’ mandate from securing relief operations to “the rehabilitation of the political institutions and economy of Somalia.”
    Somali National Alliance had emerged as the dominant force in Mogadishu and was headed by Warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid. Realizing that the United Nations’ peacekeepers would be a far weaker adversary than the U.S. Marines, Aideed immediately began increasing his armed presence in Mogadishu.
    Aidid would steal the aid for the people who needed it so he could feed his soldiers instead.
    Other clan leaders wanted to join forces to get some order to Mogadishu, however Aidid refused as he didn’t want to share power.

    The Ranges and Delta were brought in to get Aidid and also Omar Salad Elmi and Mohamed Hassan Awale. The operation “Gothic Serpant” was not a well thought out plan to be honest but the intention was good..get Aidid and get some order for relief aid to get back to the people who needed it.

    Soldier fighting and being killed is one thing but desecrating the bodies of dead soldiers is inhumane. Even the Quran is against this type of behaviour and seeing that Somalia Religion is also Muslim, doesn’t that just show their behaviour for what it is.

    1. wow u certainly did ur research, but u see wat u failed to include was the fact that the US rangers along with arguebly the most elite force in the world Delta Force were deployed along with their huge arsenal of cutting edge weaponry to fight a battle in a country that quite frankly they have no place being in. Let me ask you a question. What would u do if your area or your neighbourhood was effectively invaded and taken over by a foreign element intent on fighting with you? All the somali people were doing was defending themselves and their country from a foreign force intent on causing misery and hardship like they have already done to so many other countries alike.They do this to countries they know are much weaker than themselves. Somali people are renowned for their bravery and their lack of tolerance for people who think they can impose their will in our country with their goal of invading and taking over our country that is rich with the heritage of brave fighters who refuse to subcribe to imperialists. People who will fight to the very end and will not flinch or quiver at the face of death. As for wat happened on that day when the big and mighty americans were made to look weak and out of their depth to the entire world. Two helicopters shot down and 18 killed all in just one day of fighting. That day was truly a great day for us as we inflicted a humiliating defeat on foreign aggressors intent on nothing else but to kill as many as many as they can and wreak havoc in the process. The only thing they were successful in doing was igniting rage in the local popualtion which culminating in the dragging of a corpse which was not only provoked, THEY HAD IT COMING!.

      1. Save your breath joemeek This guy is so bitter and disillusiuoned that he cannot or maybe will not see the truth. His is the mentality within the clans that to this this day cause the murder genocide and starvation that dicates the need for humanitarian efforts to help protect and feed the Somalian people.

      2. No one deserves to be dragged around like there life didn’t matter. No matter what you say you are a disgusting human being and like I said before if you believe that doing this to another human being you have some serious issues and need help. Your people were starving , we came to help. And they disgraced this man by doing this to his body. You are a foul mouthed uneducated evil person and I know one day you be held accountable for the things you say. 🖕🏻

  54. Bitter OH NO! im not bitter. Why would I be bitter? It was your country that withdrew after one day of fighting, biitter far from it.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That just shows us how the Americans are hypocritical. They can to to other countries and kill thousands of civilians, but when they fight back the americans bitch out and withdraw? what a bunch of pansys

  55. As I said Abdi, Delta and Rangers were brought in to remove Aidid not wage war on Somalia.
    I have researched this subject over a long time and have a fair knowledge on it.

    I seem a little confused by where you stand on this subject, you seem to think a forgein country was there to take over Somalia..”them against us mentality”. There is nothing in Somalia for a foregin country to want. They were there to help alleviate the famine and make sure the aid got to the people who needed it.
    Aidid stole this aid from the people who needed it, Delta and Rangers came in to get him. So are you saying that this was ok to do ? steal aid from starving people ?

    I understand your point about a forgein country coming in and fighting (what would you do kinda thing) but you’re taking the whole thing out of context, they were not there to kill everyone, just remove the problem for the Somali people and things never went well.

    Also, are you muslim ?

      1. I saw a comment from you written earlier where you said something like “if somalis were civilized then they would stop killing eachother”. Well actually to begin with we’ve seen civil wars almost at every continent in this world. And by seeing your name and your comments defending the US in Somalia I assume you’re an american, so I can say that civil war occured even on the American land(1861). That ain’t something new, you know civil-war or as you’d express it ”Killing each-other”. But that “killing each-other” were due to clan-mentality were every clan wants its piece of power. This Tribalism or clan-mentality isn’t something that could lead to another civil-war today, since that has not been a threat since the 90s. After the 90s Somalis had some muslim group, still not an extremist group, called Islamic Union Courts(ICU) that controlled even large places of the country. Ask any somali, extremist or a liberal,when ICU were at their peak and finally shaping a beautiful country year 2006, Ethiopia felt a bit threatened and sent with the help of american war aricrafts, ground troop who destroyed this little group. But in the eyes of Ethiopia and the US, ICU were fundamenlists and terrorists. The US(once again) and Ethiopia failed to create a sustainable peacful country. Their main tasks were to destory ICU and form a government. But then this group called Al-Shabaab came in to form, were many of the leaders were from ICU but this time more hardcore. They were treated like fundamentalists and terrorists and then no they would be what the west and Ethiopia feared. Ethiopia withdrew when they couldn’t controll the country since Al-shabaab and other clan groups started(just as 1993-4) attacking these foreign troops. Since then Uganda, Burundi, USA and now France,Kenya and Ethiopia once again are fighting Al-Shabaab. Its not about Somali vs Somali. It is Somali against the World I guess. One funny thing is that Ethiopia and the USA put one of the ICU leaders to be the Somali president. They would never put an Al-Shabaab leader there today. Thats the difference between ICU and Al-Shabaab. Anyway @Rich Mcvey, I’ve learned that I should not open my mouth and talk shit about things I don’t know. A fun fact is that Somalia was predicted to be the best democratic country, and that was predicted after the colonialism. Another fun fact is that Aidiids son is a United States Marine Corps veteran and were also chosen to serve as a translator at operation restore hope(hahahaha).
        It seems like the leaders of USA do not think twice b4 taking decisions. They used to support Al-Qaida and financed with money and weapon and today what? They supported Somalia during the cold war and their weapon are still there used against them by Terrorists and the coast guards aka pirates.

        Somalia will be back soon, believe!


      2. @ Swede The military action in the early 90’s was strictly humanitarian. This is why the US forces were not prepared to defend themselves. The US involvement in2007 was to strike at Al-Qaida leader who were in your country and protected by the Govt. at the time. That dosent sound like a model of democracy to me, but then to each their own. The Us at one time had a policy of humanitarian efforts only meaning no direct use of military force. Our former President, who I would like to note I didn’t particularly like, Warned that world that after 3000 innocent Americans were killed in a terrorist attck, If you harbor or aid them you will be a target. Note we were ready that time and suffered no casualities. @Abdi so much for all of your bragging and we did put troops on the ground! I do not support any form of blatant interfering in another countries soverign rights. I do however support my country in their efforts to protect Americans by taking the war on terror to their homes rather than my home! If your democratic society allows youtr govt. to harbor and protect terrorists than so be it. Your choice.

        As far as your “coast guard”People who comandeer civilian water craft and kill innocent civilians can hardly be refered to as a coast guard. The term coast guard implies a force to defend you borders not international waters.

      3. @Rick McVey, When you are saying that the Somali Govt. were protecting that Al-Qaida leader, I can say, that statement is wrong. I assume you are referring to Abdullahi Yusuf who were at that time the Pres. of Somalia. Well he was the one who had the last word accepting the american-backed Ethiopian invasion to fight ICU as he felt threatened to lose his Presidential post. As long as Somalia has a govt. even if its weak, no country can come in and do what they want without their consent. US had the same aim as Ethiopia. If they’d like to arrest or kill one! al-qaida leader then they’d send drones as they do today. Not sending aircrafts who bombs towns, I mean how hard is it really to kill someone in Somalia when in every corner you can find an assassinator, since its anarchy in Somalia. And the CIA has used them before to operate against Al-qaida connections. Plus if the govt. supported that al-qaida member then USA could not operate so openly in Somalia and that Al-qaida leader were never a real threat to America since he focused more on east africa which make him more a problem and an issue for us Somalis. That Al-qaida leader(who weren’t Somali but had Kenyan and Comorian citizenship) were by the way killed just some months ago by Somali soldiers.
        US aim where to throw out the ICU from Somalia and since the US act as the role of ” World police” and decide who is terrorist and who isn’t, ICU were stamped as terrorist since they fought with the weak government that were supported by USA. Then no wonder Al-Shabaab is acting as real terrorists today. And its not about double standard, Im talking about things that has happened. Go and search Illaria Alpi on the net and videos of her parents talking and her lawyer talking. Go and search “America dump toxic Somalia” on google and read the articles. And I know thats what Im exactly wondering. Of all water why the coast of Somalia. Illaira were on her way exposing gun trafficking between the local Italian Mafias but also the italian govt. since the deliver occured through the ship of UN. But Im still who I am and not its not about having double standard. But you can not just hear positive things about the USA. Not just USA but there are both positive and negative aspects of everything on this earth. Even water has a negative aspect. Water is a life-giver but it could even kill you in the form of for example floods. On both of my comments I presented facts, but its normal getting angry when you receive negative facts about your beloved country.


    1. Well, Im Somali and Abdi is wrong regarding “1 day of fighting” but I can say that almost the whole population of Mogadishu were armed at the time Delta force arrived but no one, except Aidiid troops, even talked to them. And its wasn’t only the troops of Aidiid who were operating at that capital. But through the days these whole groups who were against each other turned to the same aim: Send the US back home and the reason is the killings of innocent. I mean how could it be possible for almost the whole population even dem with no guns hunted the american force? They were welcomed at the beginning but things got worsen.
      For a moment forget about the overdramatized Black Hawk Down movie and meet the real americans who were down there and the somalis who hunted them
      Watch Black Hawk Down the documentary:

      1. If You’re Somali then you don’t deserve to speak on this forum . 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 go starve you POS

    1. I don’t understand why you think of it as a big accomplishment, we(the U.S.) didn’t utilize our Air Force or Naval power which is what truly separate’s our military from everyone else’s. We were too concerned with collateral damage though, so we chose not to. If we had wanted to we would have wiped every person in Mogadishu off the face of the map with less casualties than we had. That’s not what the U.S. is about though. If you wanna be pissed off at someone take it out on the U.N., they were the one’s who started the whole peacekeeping/famine relief movement and then begged us to help when they realized they were in over their heads.

    2. First off in no disrespect to any Muslim or Somalian that has a brain (SWEDE) apoo you fucking Zipperhead WE AMERICANS DO HAVE OUR SHIT TOGETHER unlike you third world shitbirds…We don’t need another country in here to feed our poor we do it our self so our neighborhood wont get invaded now pussy HOMOCIDE bombers that’s a manly thing now you got girls doing it wow the way your culture respects females you are scraping the bottom of the barrel because all the lil boys are dead from the MOST SUPERIOR FIGHTING FORCE IN THE WORLD USING GIRLS….LMMFAO….when the last time you targeted a military installation & if a drug lord is pushing his weight around we as AMERICANS band together & run him out that’s the way we preserve our way of life,you say defending your cuntry stealing food from your starving people is not defending your cuntry…you ARE A WASTE OF OXYGEN and give SOMALIANS a bad name like some Stupid Americans do….
      AND withdrawing doesn’t mean we lost we just realized no matter how much we the United States want world peace idiots like you,aint worth bleeding for true story

  56. And please open a book or use a reliable website to gather some information before you come back with another uneducated response. It insults all of our intelligence to read your ignorant/misinformed comments.

  57. And to say Delta Force is our most highly trained group of soldier’s is pretty laughable. Ranger’s and Delta managed to kill around a thousand Somali’s for every one of them that died and that was with little to no air support. If Green Beret’s, SEAL’s, or Marine Force Recon were present those totals would have been immensely higher. So again gather more information before you look like more of a uneducated moron than you already do.

  58. Blame the U. N for trying to help Somalia Kristian ? The U. N. never begged the U.S for help, the U.S helped form the U.N. back in 1942 and are part of what was formerly known as “The League Of Nations”,

    The United States assumed the unified command in accordance with Resolution 794 in Somalia in 1992.
    U.S. military transports were deployed to support multinational UN relief effort in Somalia and It was the first Security Council resolution that authorised the use of force under Chapter VII to deliver humanitarian aid that was being obstructed by clan warlords

    Your views don’t help any.

    1. Really? Your the one calling us “imperialistic scum” if I’m not mistaken. I’m just pointing out the obvious that if we were really imperialistic we would take over any place we wanted, any time we wanted, and no one could stop us. Obviously that’s not what we do though. And to joemeek, I was one when the events in Somalia occurred, I thought I had researched using reliable sources, obviously that wasn’t the case. I apologize.

      1. take over any place you wanted? Vietnam? that went well didnt it. Iraq? Well, your doing a good job.

    2. yes Kristian it was the UN who started it but the UN is headquartered in the USA so they think we are their army…think Desert Storm UN led COALITION of 100 nations…around 900,000 person multinational force…Which the good ole USA made up approx…750,000.support & combat troops…which decimated the 4th largest lol Army in the world in 27 days & 100 hrs with less then 300 total deaths & i believe less then 100 died in combat, My unit 4/7 Cav lost 3 & 7 were wounded

  59. “If we had wanted to we would have wiped every person in Mogadishu off the face of the map with less casualties than we had”.Really! Kristian, is that wat you truly think this is all about, to kill innocent people really! what, u think only american forces can kill innocents. Anyone can commit atrocities and you boast your army can commit the most atrocities in the fastest time do see how stupid that sounds or are you just some uneducated redneck who knows nothing of the world outside your trailer park.

  60. sick little boys why do you not get some education and grow the fuck up not one of you know what you are talking about, and war hahahahaha what the fuck has that done for any of you? little fn sissies have to fight with guns and knives to get your stupid asses heard well i feel sorry for the like of you but in the end those weapons of death will not help you at all remember that

  61. sick little boys arguing about who is right when you are simply stupid and you cant change that war gets us no fn where

  62. None of us know what we’re talking about ? you obviously felt the need to come here and post..well..basically nothing.

    1. I love how a race war has evolved out of looking at such a horrific picture. The lack of education in America is very sad. Lets not forget the solider’s that died in a courageous attempt to solve an awful humanitarian crisis. If anybody would like to talk politics with me and speak about the Clinton’s administration of failed policies and intelligence in the mission in Mogadishu then please stimulate me. Please all you niggers, wanna be Hitlers, rednecks, fagots,welfare abusers, white trash, rednecks, spooks, and anything else stupid I have read in this forum… just shut the hell up and talk about what the article intended people to talk about…

  63. I love how this thread devolved into a racial pissing match. Ridiculous. To comment on the actual content: it wasn’t that Americans didn’t want “sexual” images, it is because it is an effort to show some modicum of respect. We got out of Somalia because we realized Africa is a lost cause; I wouldn’t trade one of these Americans for a dozen of Somalians, just like they wouldn’t trade one of their people for a dozen of mine. It’s human nature and as much as we evolve, deep down at our core, we are still tribalists.

    1. @ warka24yusuf you need to school you dumb Fuck.. I am mixed with both colors Black and white And no one deserves to die like william did, all they tried to do was help you poor fucks out and make things better for yall.. How bout you put a brick up your ass and jump of one of those mini bulding you poor fucks have and see if that feels good to you.. The Somalia are dirty motherfuckers that need to be bombed your kids too due to the fact that your raising them to be as ugly as your personality is…. You guys are a lost cause and will never change….

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  65. Stupid americans, that poor troop died, and all you can do is bicker! he gave up his life, i am of black decsent, and the rednecks from south Texas are racist gimps. “niggas” are from the west indies or Nigerea, not Somalia, on the other side of africa, don’t get me wrong though, i’m not condoning this monstrosity, but just think when was the last time you succsesfully won a war? 1991, and this is coming from a brit The undefeated world war champions of earth, I’m a royal marine, what would i know?

    1. Funny you assume all posters are from the US. Just as funny you assume you understand the use of the word Nigga. Even funnier that you feel that being a grunt makes you qualified to pass judgement on any one.
      Afterall it was the US that save the royal marines as well as you entire counrty from German occupation TWICE!

      In answer to yoyur question
      )World War II
      2)The Cold war
      3) The Korean war (with minor assistance from UK)
      4)Iraq War
      5)The gulf war

      Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_US_wars_have_taken_place_since_1918#ixzz1fz6PoFqc

  66. WW2 ok i’ll give you that one. ww1, You fought for 4 months! (US made no difference) Korean war (massive UN aid)) The cold war, one engagement, Vietnam (pulled out) space race, beaten 5-2 by the ruskies, the gulf war (didn’t do what you said you would) Iraq (pulled out)…great record!

    1. Just to make a point. You do realise that the US finances the majority if the UN budget.
      The cold war was won literally by out spending the USSR in military budget, much to my disdain a program that my childrens children will be paying for. Out of curiosity what do you think we were supposed to do in the gulf war. The intent was to remove the Iraqi ‘s from Kuwait. Job done!

      As for WW 1 We may not have been involved in direct fighting throughout the entire war but we supplied the allies with multitudes of support and out involvement was integral in turning the tide and winning the war. We joined the effort on April 6 1917 the war ended on Nov. 18 1918. Thats 19 months.


      1. but the marine force in WW1 was built up for a huge period of time. and the shipping of the whole force took an equal amount. and if you’ve seen the current state of kuwait you understand what i’m saying.

        but….a fun fact is, and i bet you never knew this. Harry.s. truman. an american major. kept his battalion guns firing until he had absolute conformation that that WW1 was over and the germans surrenderd. and the same man orderd the dropping of the first and second atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki. these were the events that were probably responsible for the japenese surrender.

  67. Americans are like…heavy-duty builders, they mean well and have a mind-boggling array of material at there disposal, but they wouldn’t know how to utilise it if the had an infinite amount of money and a billion years. if they had brought the full force of there armed forces down on the Somalis, i doubt they would have pulled out, in this situation, Quantity, is much more usefull than quality,

    Delta force and Rangers no
    US army, US navy and US air force correct

    1. Here I hace to agree with you. Unfortunately our society has become such a disposable society that we dont seem to do anything for the long term. It seems to be more about immedoate satisfaction and I am afraid that this is only going to get worse!

    2. you fucken fog breather the US only fought WW1 for 4 months dont use your teeth to count thats why you came up with 4 months it was 19 months & your fucken blokes were hiding in trenches for the first 7 years til we came over kicked ass cleaned up then less then 20 yrs later you were right back in the same fucking mess til the GREAT US of A came & bailed you & the rest of pussy Europe out & saved your mother land again probably bailed your economy out once or twice & stayed in your country so the krauts wouldnt try again…. HUH and they FUCKING didn’t did they….WHY because they knew they couldn’t beat THE AMERICAN MILITARY and what war did you win?? the falkland islands or granada were fucking live fire exercises also the UN resolution for desert storm was to liberate Kuwait from the occupying Iraq army & decimate his army to a Defensive Role which we did. Now the cold war where is the great soviet union ? next to you a defeated nation yep from the USA 1776… But we beat them with out firing a fucken shot toppled a country like so many try to do to us with no avail,the space race yeah they “beat” us by wasting so much soviet money on their program it was a reason they fell… fuck use your fucking head before you spew shit…. Vietnam…we didn’t lose, 58,172 Americans Died trying to halt communism but well over 1,000,000 gooks gave their life in it defense, if your a royal marine…lol…you know BODY count is what defines wars winners & losers…

  68. But seriosly, this abdi character is starting to sound like an extremist, he’s right in the fact that no other race likes america, and the american people, but you have to have the respect for them, despite there piss poor record, they could do anything they want to any country, at any time. shame they can’t speak proper English or help out with the Eurozone crisis.

      1. And by the way I was on a cruise last week and became very friendly with an English couple and made the same statement about how Americans speak english. Their response was that Americans actually speak old english and that what is spoken in the UK is more bastardized.

      2. I’m not just talking about the current economic situation. when ever there is a natural disaster anywhere in the world the US sends food, meds, personnel (non military) and any other type of assistance needed. Yet the same is rarely offered in times of disaster here.

      3. sorry i cant reply under your comment about english it wont let me. down south england have lots of west indian delved into there language. but i,m from yorkshire. up here we speak old english, but we dont pronounce our ‘t’s we replace this with a simple nod of the head.

  69. reading through all the comments, is sickening, somebody haviing a fetish over a dead man, kill all niggas would you kill obama? stop humanitarian aid, i,ve fought in Kovoso, Iraq and and writing this of my mobile phone, in Afganistan. And i bealive that the only war the americans should have fought in is Somalia and Bosnia. helping others who are not as fortunate as you, is the most satisfying and proud thing you can do, they did not go any where to kkill, only to help

    1. Thanks you for that, and please understand My post are meant as an exchange of opinions. I personally think very highly of the UK and its people. I have great respect for the British people and it military. I do realize that we (the US) have many faults but our intent is not imperialistic we simply want to help other people when they need it. After all we are all humans. As far as your Quetsion about Obama unfortunately some Americans would probably answer that question with a yes.

      Good luck in Afganistan I wish you a safe return home and thank you!

    2. Samda 86……….So you dont feel that the US should have taken the war on terror to the terrorists? When the American people talk about humanitarian aid we are talking abpout the billions of US dollars we send to other countries in free food and medical assistance something you and most others are not aware of or just don’t appreciate. What about all the wars the UK has fought in over the years were they all justified? Why do you think the US belonged in the fight in Somalia and Bosnia?

      1. I believe the US belonged in Bosnia and Somalia as it was to fulfil what the UN was created for, helping innocent civilians and saving them from Genocide. And the last war we fought without you was against the Argentines, it was a deliberate invasion of BRITISH teritory. And i’m sorry but Iraq was really about oil trust me. this is fine as every superpower needs this for a healthy econmy. But on the 18th of January, I would had been serving in Afghanistan for 7 years and if you see the things that i’ve seen. you ask any servicemen why we are here and they will say I don’t know. I promise you this, bear it in mind that i have first hand expeirence. I have missed christmases with familys, infact this is the first christmas with my family for three years. i returned home last friday (local time). why did we not go to Libya? or Syria? at least if you asked any serviceman the question on why they were there. at least they could give you an answer. im not undermiming you Rev as i respect what you have to say as your views are intelligent and open minded, just think about the things 1000’s of people have to see every day on the front line.

      2. @ Samba86……..I absolutely agree with you about the Falkland Islands. I also agree about Iraq. We had a president at the time who’s family has gotten rich on the oil industry. As a matter of fact the Gulf ware was pushed by his father George Bush Sr. (again money made from oil) so as an American I am ashamed that so many people died for the riches of our politicians. Just a fun fact for you. The latest war in Iraq was under a president who’s Vice President Made much of his money with a company named Haliburton, the same company hired by the US govt., to the tune of billions of dollars, to rebuild the infrastructure in iraq after the war. As far as Afghanistan, my personal belief is that this war was justified. The taliban Govt. that ruled that country was infiltrated by and supported Al qaeda. They also gave safe haven to the leaders of that group.

  70. no meatter yours color skyn, yours all crazy ,they are making the point with that foto ,beacose your all are ready to hate and to kill just beacose i am white and you are black or vs…………..is realy sad…………..

  71. Join the military, lay your life on the line. That should be a requirement for you to be able to post a comment. O-wait, you have freedom of speech BECAUSE OF THE MILITARY BOTH WHITE & BLACK. SORRY !!!!!!!!!! NUM NUTS.

    1. Agreed @ 100% vet, I too am a veteran of many campaigns, may i inform people, NO soldier wants to go to war away from his or her family, whether they are black or white, I have lost many good friends as have hundreds of other soldiers {enemy or friendly}. It is the politician that sends us to war, the soldier follows orders. The result of war is physical wounds or psychological. the latter I believe usually leads to the unfortunate individuals own demise. For those who comment here out of hatred for a race of people and who have not served, I agree pick up a weapon stand a post then you have the right to comment. If not then i suggest you do your homework on the subject of post traumatic stress disorder before you insult those who have served and are still serving.

  72. You dumbass. There are plenty of good black people that are serving our country. Don’t disrespect them. Disresepct the ones that think they rule because we have a shithead running our country and they can get away with things.

  73. oh and by the way that SCUM being drag around there, yeah he were’nt no marine he was from the elite special forces division known as delta force so secretive there not even publicly acknoledgeded by the government.

  74. A lage amount of waste has been dumped out on the Somali shore on the year 1993- the same year Delta force landed in Somalia. Should we play that “guess-game” trying to guess who did it and started( with the illegal fishing from foreign fishers) the massive attention catcher piracy. Naah, ofcourse with the american ignorance you wont know since most of u (are “tele visually programmed”) stuck on <–television programs such as Family guy and American Idol. Just read about Illaria Alpi who were killed in Mogadishu 1994. Somali bandits were blamed. But the thing here is that she were preparing for exposing that large amount dumped waste from Italy and USA. The delta force where just a cover for the nasty work that were ongoing. If they really wanted to help Somalia then they would send even more troops after the loss just like they do in Afghanistan and have done the past years in Iraq. But they've done their thing(dump toxic) and runna outta the hell.
    Brave yeah? hahaha
    Somalia for Life!

    1. Well I stand corrected about the inteligent statement I complimented you with earlier. Why would the US ship waste to Somalia. There are huge oceans on this planet. 7 to be exact that could be used much cheaper than sending it to Somalia. God knows your pitiful country is in bad enough shape without anyone elses help. Thats just a laughable comment. I would like to ask have you ever been to the US. If not how do you like so many other people on this planet assume to know so much about us? You use the same stero types that you, yourself get so upset about when others use them to judge you.By the way Delta Force is well know at least in countries that are not 3rd world. The reason we stay in Afghanistan and Iraq is because the majority of their people wanted our help. I am sure you will deny this but then what else would anyone expect from you. Funny that you accuse Americans of basicall being couch potatoes tey in your earlier post you cite Discovery channel. What a double standard.

  75. @ Abdi, just to correct you, he is not part of Delta Force. He is a crew chief with Chalk 4 160th Special Operations Regiment. They flew the choppers which dropped the rangers and delta ops in. The man being dragged is Staff Sergeant Bill Cleveland

    1. NSDQ nick!!!!! i was lucky enough to have served my time in that country with 5-101. i arrived 23 apr 93, left in sept 93, i volunteered, our motto, “Send Me”

  76. Abdi, if you don’t shut your fucking mouth i’m catch the first plane to where ever you live and perform experiments upon your body that involve Phosphoric acid and and a mixture of highy concentrated chloric arsenite.

  77. i fought in the 2nd battle of Falluja. the biggest firefight since these events. another squad of yanks where on my 9 o’clock. an RPG it the centre of them. there was no survivors. tanks. M1A1 abrahms and challengers. the two most heavy duty land vehicles on the planet. this was really about supiror forces. we were smashed to pieces. with great reasources. my point is that the troops here were overwhelemd by a whole city. not delta force or even SAS can beat a million people and not take casualties.

  78. “you shitty raghead” yeah that just about sums up your intellect you try to be smart with facts you copy off the web when in fact all you are is an inbred, ignorant, hick, far right, war mongring neo con jew

  79. and as for the comment from samba wat ever your name is all i got to say is either provide an arguement or a point of view if not just don’t even bother engaging me in any pointless and pathetic back and forth childish remarks

    1. how is calling a man. who died for YOU! a dog. intellectual.i think there would be a vacancy open for you in the Nazi party. as the fucking Fuhrer!

      1. Samba Save your time Abdi is just using this blog to make people angry. he’s not worth the effort. His sole intent in so make people angry and distort the truth and the facts.

      2. Ha ha ha I’m laughing right now at your stupidity. Did you just say “a man who died for you” , they kill hundreds of my people innocent civilians they say there were helping when infact they massacred women and small children. He along with all the past and present servicemen have died for nothing more than greed and a foreign policy based on dominence and hegemony. You see unlike half the people on here who are brainwashed by their imperialistic governments foriegn policy of complete domination, meddling and interfering in other people affairs, provocations, fabrications, aggression, covert assasinations, stealing nations natural resources, disrepect and disregard of soveriegnty I really don’t want keep going on because I could fill up this whole blog. The way things our going nowadays is either submit to us and our way of life or we will crush you and put in place a submissive puppet administration.

  80. I agree. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. If you read the book, you would know that he is a chopper chrew chief not a delta operator. He just trying to piss people of because he doesn’t know anything

  81. this man may have killed small children and women. but if there pointing an AK at you. and pulling the trigger. you have to react. it doesn’t matter how old they are or what gender. these men had to take on a whole city. at the height of there anger from the drug they are paid with.

  82. ha ha you damned yanks make me laugh, your a bunch of two faced ass holes, barge into some ones country and start blazing away and then call them the bad guys when they shoot back, how many woman and children did you guys kill in the phillipines when you invaded, how many bombs did you drop on innocents in ww2, what about vietnam how many where rounded up and murdered in the name of democracy, now its iraq and afghanistan.
    heres an idea spend more money on your education and health care and less on weapons and maybe say sorry to the native americans and the mexicans, your country was founded on rape and murder and oh by the way you cant have a bunch of rich people start a revolution you dicks its the poor who revolt so your history is also founded on a lie.
    p.s if you invaded my country id get my rifle out and shoot back to.

    1. which cuntry you live in I’ll take the mother fucker myself in the night you’ll still be in your momma’s bed when they find you you cant shoot when your pissing

  83. Actually we were trying to help them and the selfish bastards started to kill our U.N. peacekeepers and servicemen so we fought for the right thing. Civillains get crossed in the crossfire in every war. It’s something you can’t avoid.

  84. @Warren i competely agree, look the fact of the matter is they had absolutely no right even being in my country let alone the murder of innocent civilians. While we’re there they also had no right being in vietnam, korea, iraq, afganistan etc…When will America stop worrying about other people’s business and start putting your own people first. Like Ron Paul the only american politican who seems to have his head on straight said,”We just don’t plain mind our business”. Qiute frankly the only guy who makes sennse but something tells me the war mongring majority like most of the people on here will prevail.

  85. Well Abdi if we didn’t intervene in Afghanistan and some of those other wars we would look like complete pussies for not retaliating. Some of those countries were corrupt (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea and Somalia). Some wars do have a cause.

  86. Are you some kind of idiot? This world would be an even more violent, terrifying place if people like YOU were in charge. Did you just say “some countries were corrupt so we have a cause” Wow I honestly don’t know what to say, to think that a country has a right to invade because a country is corrupt. How about worrying about your own country and the countless problems your people are going through. The way you talk you obviously don’t know the facts you only see the simple good vs evil scenario when it’s obviously much more complex then that. I don’t know who you are but you sound like an ignorant, eneducated, far right, warmonger.

    1. America intervene becasue of corruption on OTHER countries??
      Hahaha, I learned some months ago that too many of you americans have low, if not no, knowledge regarding the rest of the world. Now it seems much clearer and you are without any doubts one them.
      Its not always that your job reflects how smart you are as you indicated above. I mean you can have one of the most powerful jobs(publicly, but not in reality) but still have not a background of a proper education, The presidential post of USA. Let me make it brief:
      Was Mossadegh and his Iran corrupt when USA interfered? No. What about Salvador Allende of Chile? No. What about Joao Goulart of Brazil? Ehmm…No. I bet you’ve never heard of them yea?
      Mossadegh was elected on a democratic base but America stopped him and had a huge role of Mossadeghs overthrow. Salvador Allende also faced that and the same with Joao Goulart and many many other leaders. None of them were corrupt nor (the american definition of) terrorists but democratic. But the problem was that they opposed Americas imperialism intentions. They were a threat to Americas foreign policy. And you say that America would look like “complete pussies for not retaliating”. But if so was the case then wouldn’t Russia and China be seen that way too since they are also superpowers as USA and do not intervene in countries overseas? And believe me neither of them would allow being called that. Most(not all) of Americas interventions are NOT for humanitarian reasons or for the sake of the inhabitant of the invaded countries. Its all about having power over foreign soil. Full stop. If USA really cared about humans then they would stop the wars and stop spending money on weapon, where their most money goes. Then with the money they could save, they can make poverty disappear both domestic and over the whole world. And then Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden would never be a threat for them, Iran would never be a threat for them. Go to the other continents and you’ll face more millions of Abdi and Warren. Go to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. If you go there and discuss this issue with them in the way you’ve showed above, they’ll laugh at you.
      Peace and Love.

      1. Wow typical European drivel: the Swedish export 4 time more weapons (as a % of GDP) than the US does. Hypocrisy at the highest. All the while filled with language like I know more than you do and you’re stupid. Tell me what did Sweden to during the second world war? They exported materials to NAZI Germany.

  87. I have found that most americans have very low IQ.

    Fuck you americans. I was so happy when i saw that World Trade Center blocks come crumbling down, killing americans. Sept 11 is punishment to fucking americans.

    Fuck you!

    1. if it werent for us americans, you wouldnt have the freedom to hide behind a computer and be coward terrorist wannabe!

  88. You realize thus considerably with regards to this matter, produced me in my opinion imagine it from so many various angles. Its like men and women aren’t interested unless it’s something to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your individual stuffs excellent. All the time handle it up!

  89. i think its pretty damn pathetic that all of you all americans…marcus from SEPTEMBER 28TH 2011, I AM NOT ANYBODY’S SLAVE! and nor will my kids be…u call yourself a marine?? no hun, my brothers, dad, and brother-in-law are marines/military men…a marine/miltary man fights for the rights of americans, not just their race…thats pathetic…just cuz obama is president (for a few more months) doesnt mean shit…cuz the 28 presidents between obama and lincoln didnt make u a slave so you SURE IN THE HELL ARENT GONNA MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN! YOU RACIST PRICK! and for every racist comment on here, slavery was FOREVER AGO, im sorry it happened…im sorry what blacks went through and what whites did…we cant change it…but most of us didnt do it or go through it, so stop separating yourselves and treating eachother like its still going on…as americans, we need to stick together to defend our families…p.s. these pics are TERRIBLE NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THE BODIES ARE…THAT MOVIE A TIME TO KILL?? OF THE LITTLE AFRICAN AMERICAN GIRL GETN RAPED, BEATEN AND KILLED?? AT THEN END TO WIN THE CASE THEY TELL THE STORY AND THEN SAY IMAGINE IF SHE WERE WHITE…WELL, EVERYONE OF YALL, THINK ABOUT IF THEY WERE YALLS COLOR…YALLS FATHER, BROTHER, NEPHEW, SON…AND AS FAR AS THE MEAN NON AMERICAN PEOPLE ON HERE, WELL, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE…CUZ OUR MILITARY IS BETTER THAN ANY MILITARY IN THIS WORLD…AND ITS EASY FOR WEAK PEOPLE TO TALK FROM A COMPUTER ISNT IT?? BUT I AM SORRY YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY SO UNHAPPY AND MISERABLE AT THE SIGHT OF OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS…

  90. Everyone is entitled to how they feel but God loves all and when its all said and done I hope the lord have mercy on your souls! this isn’t about land or control but love for the next humanbeing…what nerve you people have to think you are inferior to another humanbeing…and although slavery is a thing of the past. Ignorant people like jack and clueless people like kristan don’t know what its like to live being misunderstood and in the shadows of a “once upon a time” racist country…we don’t have to live in the past when we have one person to think racist thoughts….I have heard it all and seen worst but I refuse to be underminded about racism not exsisting anymore when its apparently right in our face…

    1. sounds like you are just as judgemental as the next person calling me clueless…i may be 25 but i am far from clueless…you have no idea what i have gone through…being molested and gone through addiction among other things…may not be slavery but it was SOMETHING FOR ME TO OVERCOME IT!…and its kristin not kristAn! THANK YOU!

  91. For fuck sake, people! Racism is pointless, because at the end of the day we all bleed the same fucking colour.

    There’s no point in arguing about who’s racist and who isn’t, who’s saying what and who’s offending who, because IT’S NOT GOING TO GET US ANYWHERE. We all live on the same fucking planet, and it’s because of racism and religion that this world is going to hell.

    Stop the fucking whinging and separation by colour and learn to fucking love each other, if you can’t or won’t, you’re just as bad as the people who think their genocide is for a good cause.

    Get the fuck over it and let yourself think about this for just one second:

    How would this world be if we just accepted each other for who we are?

    A little food for thought…

  92. you know we live in a fucked up world…there are many hard working Somali people in the u.s…This nation is a nation that needs immigrants to survive….The melting pot <<does that ring a bell before you see this picture above and clearly you can say what ignorant Africans..but might i tell you the Americans are not angels either…you would think people who are known to be from the so called best nation in the world top education top everything might actually think before they do certain things click on this link.. at least the guy being dragged around on the street is dead and doesn't feel anything…not saying its right just not painful for him cuz hes DEAD…but the link below that guy is alive and he is being tortured…so before you say to yourself "i'm sure these educated Americans did nothing to deserve this look at the atrocities that they have committed" peace to the world i love all races and people..just not a fan of ignorance and when you rant about peoples races calling them monkeys clearly that ignorance…but your in america the most educated people i guess comments like that come with wisdom.


    1. Die u piece of shit you say this shit on your phone say it in public u pussy and I’d fucking take ur ass out u pussy inbred bitch
      Fuck you

  93. i dont agree with those pepole mogadisho and its a bad act in islam and iranian country to kild a soldier or capture persone like that, but us goverment in all the word is trorism like in iraq or afghanestan and vietnam and…..

  94. Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post.

  95. Jonas….. you seem to not understand that while throwing remarks of hatred at america we could easily crush your country and make the ground you walk on shake. i can’t say that the united states is the best country but we sure are one of the most important. anyways if you think africa and its countries are superior please observe the condition of the africans in this picture. Don’t they just seem so wealthy and happy with their lives. Welcome to the real world, were at the top your at the bottom quit crying and fix your country. we started from scratch can you say the same. I’m not at all racist and don’t care wether your black or white the fact still remains that africa is a poor continent. quit complaining and fix it. Yes you were enslaved and colonized, that didn’t stop india! rise up, be a leader, you can fix it we can all fix. and no i know the world is a cruel place all six of my brothers were killed in combat three burned. if i have the strength you do too.

    1. Phil is your name, so typical.
      So Phil, lets skip Africa talk and focus on Somalia since this thread is just about it.
      Yes, Somalia have been colonized and even though somalis never went through something harsch as for example congo(who lost 2 million lifes thanks to their colonizers), still Somalia fought the longest colonial war in the history. India never got enslaved and so with Somalia too that never got enslaved. And I agree with you to the fullest that african countries should get back on feet. But this shows that you, just as “Jonas” said about many of you americans, don’t know what happened and is still happening around the world. Countries in the west has always had a finger in politics inside Africa depending on their interest. Somalia were actually on their way to create a stabile country in 2006 when USA with their airstrikes and Ethiopian troops destroyed a group they called “terrorists” due to their belief and their future program for Somalia. These “terrorists” did have the population behind them and they did actually bring back stability and peace that did not exists after 1991(!) and cleaned bandits and warlords from the streets, the same bandits and warlords that chased the US elite rangers and UN troops out of Somalia in early 90s. So my friend its not about africans or somalis getting back on their feet but the problem lies in your government. If they don’t like some leaders, then they just call them terrorists and lets their enemies neighbour attack them with the help of US coward airstrikes ofcourse.
      Knowledge Is Power dear american citizens! hahaha
      Peace !!

  96. Pity the same didnt happen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Love to see US troops running home to mama. US killed more than 100000 civilians in Iraq for a lie about weapon of massdestruction.

  97. Stop the racism!!!!!! I wouldnt give a fuck if that american was black, white, asian, mexican, if he were an American I woulda fired into that crowd killing as many as those fuckers as I could!!! I wouldnt give a fuck if it were Somalians, Russians, Chinese, or Iranians!!! Those bitches woulda die for dragging my US bro thru the streets naked and then mutilating their bodies!! I used to be a ParaRescueMan in the Air Force. For all who talk shit behind the computer about Americans I challenge you to go up to a person in uniform or myself and tell them they deserve that!!! Come visit my Facebook!! White, Black, Asian, Jew, Gentile, Hispanic!! Youre getting your ass kicked!! (So that others may live!) STOP THE RACISM!!!

  98. […] eyes of voters; the White House abandoned its Somalia adventure immediately after photos broke of the naked corpse of U.S. Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland being dragged through the streets of Mog…. (Clinton preferred cruise missiles anyway, building off of the massive CENTCOM established by the […]

  99. I don’t think I’m supported by your taxes or your religion. Last time I checked I’m black I’m in the army I’m going on my second tour overseas my first one to Iraq 08 09 when I was 18 and now Afghanistan and there are many like me that have done multiple tours sorry to burst your bubble but not all of them are southern white saints like you wish them to be and a lot of them aren’t even citizens yet. A lot of Muslims don’t support what happened in Somalia. Most what you need to realize is that what happened had nothing to do with religion despite what you and others say out of your mouth the horn of Africa has been in chaos for centuries it went from being a lush kingdom of gold and other items to a vast warring desert fueled by outsiders. And it seems it will always be that way. Your either angry or you live in an uneducated area because last time I checked there’s a lot of blacks and Muslims in the army. And I’m pretty sure if this was a picture of a slave in the 1800s being beaten or raped you wouldn’t blink an eye or be nearly upset at the clan or the nazis.

  100. At rick your actually incorrect 80% of the Slaves brought to America were Muslims they were forced to accept Christianity and take up English names and even Christian ones in order to forget who they are. One of the first and oldest cities in the U.S st augustine Florida was built on the back of black Mandingo slaves highly favored by the spaniards hence te large black population on islands like Dominican republic or puerto Rico and the country of Haiti or in the canal area like panaman those Mandingo slaves practiced Islam and those that were not forced to learn Christianity or were able to escape passed the religion and culture on

    1. haters hate because of their shortcomings & are mad the youngest nation in the world is the best….how many people trying to enter third world cuntries to better their life….yep thought so

  101. I have never read so much hate in my life. Have you ever heard “That if you have nothing good to say don’t say Anything ? Stop the racist bullshit. You guys look like clowns!

  102. Doesn’t really matter what color his skin is, he’s dead. The guy could have been green with purple polka-dots and he’d still be dead. (Although there would be quite a bit of confusion.) As for the American hate, I disagree. I’m also not going to argue about it. It’d be rather pointless to argue with you if it only makes your opinion of the topic worse.
    There’s a solemn truth about color, country and humanity.
    When it’s all over, we all sleep forever.
    For all the Muslims out there who are dealing with the prejudice of being clumped with extremists
    wa `alaykumu s-salāmu wa rahmatu l-lāhi wa barakātuh.

  103. I am immigrant and eighteen years old with optimist thinking i have lived in a UNITED STATE FOR TWO YEARS. I VISITED ALL PART US, NICE PEOPLE BUT SHORT Knowledge ABOUT WORLD AND GOD.

    I read Most the comment here it is no sense of maturity. PLEASE PEOPLE USE YOUR BRAIN TAKE A DEEP BREATH REALIZE GOD EXISTENCE.

    WAR; most American believe is like a Xbox game or Adventure. Are you kidding you killing people and you taking his LIFE AND DREAM, those people have their own thinking whether Asian, African or other part of nation. MY COUNTRY DO NOT NEED EXTERNAL INFLUENCE IF SOMETHING UNUSUAL THING COME WE RESPOND WITH GOD POWER BECAUSE WE ARE GODS FOLLOWERS.Life is god creation NOT SINFUL HUMANS. EVEN I READ some ONE TALKING ABOUT race IT IS RALLY SICK.


    I finally end this with quote GREAT MINDFUL PERSON ON EARTH Albert Einstein” I don’t know what weapons will be used in world war three, but in world war four people will use sticks and stones. When he saying this after America attack JAPAN.

    I will give life time LESSON to think about it. What is your purpose in LIFE?


  104. Let us not forget about the remaining families of U.S. Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland living through pain to these days… RIP for those that fought and lost their lives in this mission. Semper Fi

  105. The human organism believes it was made in God’s image, but it doesn’t endeavour to study God, and so it’s perception of it’s own existence is flawed and incomplete. Atheists are useless to a religious world, and religious believers are dangerous until they are adequately educated. So, either educate yourself in the ways and words of others, or expect more wars. There is no right or wrong once you’ve decided to impose yourself on others (that goes for both you Imperialists and Islamists). You will win some, and you will lose some. May the force be with you, only sometimes, so you can learn to appreciate it’s transience and conditionality. 😉

  106. Why don’t we focus on the main point of this and realize how fucked up it is to be disrespecting the dead like that…that’s just fucked up that they do that. It makes me sick whenever I see it like the blackwater contractors that were treated with the same disrespect. It’s disgusting and wrong. I fucking hate those people because it’s so god damn inhumane.

    1. Until humanity is one, one side will always claim the other is more inhumane. Both sides are biased in their claims. The answer is to build bridges with love rather than build walls with hate. That’s what Jesus would say, whereas Muhammad would conquer both sides with force and tax the one that refuses to submit to his authority. Either way, hate is the worst thing for all of us. Peace and prosperity to everyone, including America and Somalia.

  107. What we have here is a QUANDRY. Somolia…Clinton…Al qaeda…(why don’t we ask the weasel to guard the henhouse while we’re at it?)clinton = left = communist = wrong. somolia = shithole = worthless = who cares = not worth the delivery of left-over biological agent to genocide the failed chimpanzee dna experiment gone wrong offspring that infests the shithole.here’s a tip; the united states of america is always right. period. Niggers destroy. that’s all they do. look at apefrica. what have they built there? shit-huts of lower quality than a beaver can construct? the united states of america (even WITH the burdon of niggers) is and always shall remain; the one right, the one power. period. okay? hmm? problem with that absolute fact? go call someone a name because you’re so helpless and suffer an inate state of feeling defective, inferior, somehow less than right. that’ll teach ’em!

  108. The soldier dragged through the streets proves the morbid cruelty of the citizens of this city.
    moqdishu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE

    1. Yes, R.I.P. Dave …. @Chad … finally someone who’s honoring the purpose of having this picture posted, NAMELY to pay respect to someone who gave it all in service of his own nation but more in service of a nation that proved totally unworthy of his AID and SACRIFICE … without even getting so much as any credit from the lowlives whose oppression from warlords he tried to alleviate. Shifty Somalis …. is what they’ll go down into history for the rest of eternity for treating people this way after they spend $700 million dollars to feed these very ingrates … then they counter it with murdering our men and desecrating their bodies … that’s only one thing that was shown in the media … they never televised all the other nasty shit these Somalis did to humanitarians crossing Kenyan borders even and going so far as murdering lion conservationist George Adamson and several Americans back in 1989 also, WAY before the “MUQ”dishu Black Hawk Down affair … let’s not forget the 24 Pakistanis they viciously assassinated the minute our Marines left.

  109. Why don’t you go back to your khat-chewing, Abdi, seems the only way you undernourished Jihadist uneducated Moriaans can get it up to breed more derilicts as yourself to help rape Western humanitarian aid after they feed your UGLY asses and to chainsaw to death rhinos and poach elephants in Kenya, Spare me your hypocritical Shariah bullshit while you put AK-47s stolen off merchant mariner ships on the Indian Ocean by your supposed Coast Guard in the hands of five-year olds who don’t know any better. Dave was green platoon issue, a crew chief, not Delta, get your facts straight. My respects to his family … he left 5 kids to try to make a difference and end Somali starvation genocide … fuck the Skinnies trolls on here …. go back to the MOG to get murdered out by antagonist clan members. Fight each other to extinction. Good points McVey! At PJ Koppie, I’m with you man! Samba86, I’ll ODA that alongside you any time, Been widowed twice. 66th MI sphinxes and SETAF Rangers just regroup in hell …. those men they have a lot of brothers that really endorse RENDITION The intelligent Americans is what this scum should be fearing. KARMA! Proudly salute ALL Americans who serve, regardless of their race or religion or branch, unit or MOS. Don’t ever bite the hand that fed you …. good solid advice to nations too underdeveloped to take care of their own asses. America could have have wiped Somalia and its warlords off the map …. NO PAPER TIGER here, got that?!!!! Case in point, the asswipe that called us a Paper Tiger the DEVGRU boys made sure no longer exists …. Jihadists are cowards using women and children as shields instead of two tier protective Kevlar … sorry excuses for human beings, warriors, or the concept of what a man A REAL MAN like the guy in that picture above IS, is supposed to be about. Take a good look at the bottom of my stilettoed boot’s sole, Abdi, cause it’s made to stomp out lowlife garbage-spewing pieholes like you foxtrott-18 style. Just pray to your Allah you never find out exactly what that means.

  110. you fucking apes…niggers ruling the world? :))) you`re too fucking stupid…so like one of us said here…hitler…hitler is nothing so kill the mother fucking apes even in the utherus of their mother…exterminate them all…fucking apes. and all those who will replay…I fucked your mother and sister…but you`re too stupid to be mine

  111. Dead US soldiers dragged in the dirt ? Didnt they just get what they deserve ? I remember watching US soldiers urinating on dead Afghans in January 2012. They are all just animals.

    1. Why did they deserve it? We were helping them by lending them aid and trying to kill the dictator who was controlling their food supply. And somehow they deserved to be dragged around? I don’t fucking think so. Ungrateful bastards.

      1. u deserved it bbe u should interfere family problem they fight n solv3 it u cant say that u loved them more then Aided n sorry 4 uh Cuz u were just lookin 4 an excuse to attack Aided

    2. You’re comparing two different events from two different times. Urinating on the dead? So what? As if they are any better…those who happily decapitate people in public and so much more. If you ask me, it’s karma.

  112. Yeah seems I remember the dead Afghans being urinated on too. A lot of other disrespectful things too. Americans are so arrogant. They feel like they can do whatever they want to anywhere. Then when some else does the same thing or similar to them they are “Oh, so offended.” Maybe if they used a little more respect towards the people in whose countries they invade things like this wouldn’t happen.

  113. It’s a damn shame that our president at the time didn’t have the balls to do the right thing when they killed our Rangers and get some pay back, instead of being a greedy coward and not wanting to sever his political ties with Somalia and kick the dog shit out them.

    Our own government let our U.S. soldiers down and left their ass hanging in the wind. We should have honored our fallen soldiers by spilling more Somalian blood. But instead our Government turned their damn backs on our soldiers. R.I.P. WARRIORS…

  114. Folks, this stuff happens in warfare….the kind of stuff in these photo’s, I mean, and just about everything else imaginable. It always has, and it always will. War is horrible and sick, and this kind of thing happens in it. That’s why a war should never be fought unless absolutely necessary, but when you DO fight one, realize that this kind of stuff will happen and you need to be willing to be utterly ruthless back to the enemy even more than they are to you, or you will lose. That’s how wars are won. You kill people and break things until the enemy can no longer take it and surrenders or is obliterated, whichever comes first. That is war, defined. There’s no way around it. No war in human history has ever been ‘nice’. That’s typical liberal-think, but it’s dreadful nonsense.

  115. I was in the military too, a Flight Nurse for the Air Force, believe me I have seen the results of hate, dying children, innocent civilians, and our best and brightest , they come in all colors and bleed the same red color. We are all human beings and what we do to each other hardly separates us from the animals. We will all answer one day to your God, don’t let hate continue to reside in you. “Be the change the you want to see in the world.”

  116. The interesting thing isn’t the “racism” inn the comments; it’s the fact that nobody seems to know or care about the incredible. hypocrisy of the US intervention in Somalia , where it shot civilians from helicopters – like it does in Afghanistan now – supported its own tame warlords, and sent in the Mogadishu assault force after the famine was long since over. Why don’t Americans have the intellectual honesty to ask themselves why the Somalis hated them? As for desecrating corpses, the US has the patent on that since the Indian Wars. Read up on how American troops took Japanese skulls and Vietnamese ears as trophies sometime.

  117. And its not at all racism. Black people have done soooo much for this country. Us white idiots sat on a pile of slaves and thought we were so high and mighty, when in reality we had no guts and were too lazy and fat to move our butts and make this country. Thank you to all the blacks out there that have endured hatred and STILL continue to serve our country and protect those ungtrateful bastard racists

  118. I fucking hate niggers!!

    But I love watching all the YouTubes of the millions of starving to death AfriCOONs, and I never donate a cent to the black scum!!


  119. why american always interfair in islamic world, i think they are contractor of whole world, they are kill them hate them ?
    american always kill musilm people such as iraq ,afgansitan, somaliya ,next i think iran next …………………….?

  120. Makes me almost ashamed to be American reading some of these comments. I am enraged by the photos but not in a racist sentiment. That would be horribly ignorant. I am sickened by a human standpoint. No matter what color these people are, they should be shot for the inhumane treatment of a soldier following orders.
    Its hard to believe that such racist comments are being uttered. I understand rage and hatred but come on! I can only pray that one day, Americans can stop their enate hatred of other people based on color, religion, orany other difference.
    God bless America, despite it’s misguided leadership and underlying hatred of things different. I am proud to live here and would defend it with my life.

  121. Let me just say that a great failure of understanding foreign cultures is not limited to the United States, but is present in every culture and has been present since time immortal.

    The United States is the most powerful country in the world and has global interests. A quick and honest check on other such similar powerful empires like the Germans, Japanese, Soviets, the British of the French would leave the reader with the impression that the US is not limited to or even nearly as “bad” as those comparisons. Tame in fact. And today, just how does the US’s interest differ from those of British, the Germans, Japanese or the French?

    If the US were so “anti-islamic” as Moshin suggests, then why get involved in Bosnia and foist the successful Dayton Peace accords where the EU and the UN had failed? There was no oil there. Nor was there oil in Mogadishu, but 300K people starved to death by genocidal warlord maniacs obsessed with their own power.

    Furthermore, if Moshin were honest, he would only need to look at Syria today and see who is killing whom. The death of so many Iraqis was firstly conducted by Sadam. Then when the Americans and British removed him other Muslim wackos came in to kill thousands and thousands of Iraqis to prevent the emergence of democracy. Who kills Egyptians now?

    I am grateful to each and everyone who has had the courage to serve the US military. Black, white, male, female, homosexual or straight. And for the brave men that fell in Somalia that day, am I am saddened that such men died, but I am more grateful that such great men lived.

    The minstrel boy to the war is gone,
    In the ranks of death ye will find him;
    His father’s sword he hath girded on,
    And his wild harp slung behind him;
    “Land of Song!” said the warrior bard,
    “Tho’ all the world betray thee,
    One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard,
    One faithful harp shall praise thee!”

    The Minstrel fell! But the foeman’s chain
    Could not bring his proud soul under;
    The harp he lov’d ne’er spoke again,
    For he tore its chords asunder;
    And said “No chains shall sully thee,
    Thou soul of love and bravery!
    Thy songs were made for the pure and free
    They shall never sound in slavery!”

  122. è vero quanto alcuni dicono e cioè che gli Americani non saranno i migliori o liberi da colpe ma chi l ho è, ma c è anche da dire che l America e gli Americani sono un paese civile e non sarebbe mai potuta accadere una cosa simile in America, uccidere un soldato denudarlo e senza alcun rispetto per i morti trascinarlo nudo per le strade sputandogli orinandogli sopra questo lo fanno solo dei popoli animali incivili, mille volte si all America con i suoi eccessi ed anche errori e ma civile e democratici, Giovanni

  123. It’s so sad to see how easy words can boil up hatred in people who don’t even know each other. The world is a very messed up place; we will never save Anyone–not a Single One– if we are not even willing to attempt to restrain our individual unjust hatreds and prejudices that grow like cancers in human hearts. Everyone is right and everyone is wrong, but still things go on as they always have. Power is MONEY and money is power on earth, period. It always has been and it always will be. Those with the Power set policy.
    All people deserve freedom to fulfill their lives, no matter their color or religion (or lack of one). What You choose to do with Your life is Your business.
    There is no point in arguing. Do something positive with your anger instead, and stop being self-absorbed. Take part in changing the policies of the rich and lazy who have heartlessly controlled your life and denied you birthright freedoms. And pray God for salvation and peace in your heart. It’s time we realized that our TRUE human fulfillment is not of this earthly plain; this lovely and foul place is but a “testing ground.”
    Peace to each and every one of you.

  124. […] Originally Posted by dave01 I remember seeing an interview with Clinton after he was finished as President… He was asked what he thought was his biggest failure.. His answer was to do bugger all about Rawanda…. and Bubba was right… that was a disgrace… but i guess there aint no oil there…. It wasn't the oil, it had a lot to do with this: U.S Soldier dragged through Mogadishu | Iconic Photos […]

  125. Continents of the world.

    Antarctica, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia.

    White man is known as “American”
    Black man is known as “African American”

    Why such distinction? Why don’t you call your own white fucks as “European American”? Who is the racist now – bitch?

    White people are the scum of the earth and they and only they are fucking with everyone. So fuck white people!

  126. All of the above, a classic example of the UNITED States of America. it makes me smile how Americans then denounce their home country and retort to their countries of their ancestors. Countries they have never been to.

  127. this reminds me of every time i see a catholic priest or roman catholic priest parading around with a crucifix wth jesus’ body hanging from it………thats no excuse for what they did…but maybe its gods way of using them to try to open someones eyes/help teach someone a lesson…

  128. its funny how they say their involvement was to help a people in need.
    1. NO country joins or make war to help people, the act is always a monetary interest
    2. the somolians basically called america out, saying no
    one needs your help now get out of the country.
    3. america heard it loud and clear but will continue to tell people we went over there to help and this is what they did.
    4. what do you think is happening now?
    5. whites hung blacks all the time IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where they claimed to be the most civilized. at least this man was dead before they violated his body.

    they will always have our minds somewhere else, get over the race issue because that is the number one source of distraction and you idiots cant see that.

  129. I myself would have loved to have been there in mogadishu. For those people to drag anyone’s body through the street pisses me off. We were there because of the babies mostly that were dying because of those people who had no brains no hearts and no feelings for anyone but them selves. We should have killed them all to include the woman that let those babies die.I hope they can read this cause i swear to this day if given the chance to ever go back i would be the first to volunteer .Oh and i pray to god that i could just bump into just a group of them here just one time. It would be great.So if you are out there you can reach anytime if you have the heart. just leave my a email where to come i promise I’ll show. Just please try me. They are weak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. I have no mercy for the Somalians. This is how they treat people who bring them food…only want to rely on others but can’t help themselves. I hope all of you fucking starve and kill each other.

  131. Seriously though, your society is fucked. Millions of people starving, happy to ask for help, but still add on the problem by breeding out of control. Severely uneducated and just not worth the resources.

  132. These photos are absolutely horrible and what happened is indescribable, but chill the fuck out and stop the racist spam. Stop pointing your finger at whites, stop pointing your finger at blacks.

  133. somali is not like this we are much better and people are getting help now… i been to somali last month omg god it really looks heaven no joke

  134. Hahahahahahahahaha you Americans are hilarious! Hahahahahah ‘murica yeeeeehaaaaaaa!!! You’re getting your ass kicked by people who don’t even have tanks, planes, ships and all the sophisticated weapons you have. That’s what you get when you mess with hardened REAL human beings! They haven’t been pampered like you have, you better stay out of their country unless you’re a tourist!

  135. you fucking niggas killing white people go back to where you came from you fuck up, shit looking motherfuckers!

    1. Hahahahahaha “Bill Carson” such a redneck name! Hahahahahahah Yeeeeehhhaaaaaa that thurrre’s a real ‘murican name! You fake ass John Wayne wannabe! You’re only brave behind closed doors and in your action movies, meanwhile Muslims are actually doing those heroic things in real life boy!!! You’re gettin’ it up the ass every time you set foot on Muslim soil boy!!!

  136. some bitch said fuck white people well fuck black people you look like shit-the thing you eat, the thing you look like the thing you are black motherfuckers-hate black shit!

      1. Muhammed and your Allah suck white cock. No virgins will ever touch those pedophile faggots. or any other filthy fucking Islamic scum.


    1. People forget what to fight for amidst the differences in religions and races. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, yellow, or orange. Everyone is human , we all hurt the same we all have our weaknesses no matter how tough you think you are and trust in me you know what your weaknesses are. Remember we all eat, shit, and sleep. It’s because of the thoughts above that this world is what it is. I understand it’s freedom of speech and you have all right to do so but please make sure your comments are wise and intelligent otherwise please refrain from posting these thoughts online as you may cause and stir up shit with the world around you. Remember you may think in one way but stop being selfish and think about the world you will leave for your children and grandchildren. And if you don’t have any you will know what I’m talking about when you have them. Change stops and begins with you. I’m a former army ranger who fulfilled his tours and when I was in battle I only thought about one thing. I fought for the people back home including my family.i fought to make sure our country will never get as bad as other places even if ppl think we don’t belong in war and we will never be able to make the world change. To make sure you and your generations to come will look forward to freedom and prosperity . Yes we get criticism for being involved in many wars but we follow orders and we defend the people of this nation and respect the decisions of our leaders. Now that I hear these comments it just makes me upset to think that the wars we fought aren’t much worth it because some people will not realize what they take for granted. Maybe until they see a close relative being shot and killed in battle grusomely will they actually understand the pain we go through each day. And please do not say that your hood and grew up in the mean streets of small town usa. Who gives a fuck about your fucken gang colors, that you rob ppl, shoot ppl blindly, and un armed. Additionally don’t think your such a tough fuck if you own a gun, a real man fights with his hands and nothing more ask your grandfather and he will speak for that . You don’t know jack shit what war is and what a cause actually means. Consider yourself lucky. And as a correction, we are not the police of the world , we are the big brothers of the world who look after little brother and trying to rid this world of evil one person at a time. I’d like to see you get into a uniform and go to war while leaving behind everyone you cared for not thinking if you will come back . One nation under God is who we are and who we fight for. Remember one thing we are one country, one flag, united we stand, or united we fall. People forget how lucky they are to be able to wake up and see the day of life another day. To see your kids, mother, etc. be thankful you weren’t the soldier in the pictures. My condolences and respects to him and his family.

      If anyone has a negative comment about my post then fuck you , you disrespectful prick. You owe respect to our fallen soldier above.

      1. I don’t think that white people like you realize that you’re not supreme on this earth! You don’t have a monopoly on truth, you’re not the police of the world and you don’t own us. A lot of people are actually with the Somalis, not with the devils from the U.S. I’m rooting for my brothers and sisters in Somalia, Do us all a favor, try to invade their land again and die like this loser in the picture.


    1. First of all .
      I agree with you, the US is not the police of the world but we are the only ones from very few countries that have the courage to go out and defend the innocent. Unless you and anyone else would defend the poor , women , and children then go ahead. Otherwise keep your mouth shut.

      Additionally ….
      I’m not white , I’m mexican which just shows you how ignorant you are. Your a prime example of an ignorant coward who needs cultural diversity in their life based on your comments which I’ve seen.
      Additionally , I’m sure if the soldier that was on the picture was your relative brother or sister it would really change your opinion in regards to respecting the fallen and posting up stupid words on pictures of their corpses in a web post like this. Id really like for you to say what you said about American soldiers directly to the face of a US soldier and see if you can man up. I’m sure a coward like you would hide in the shadows, go to your room and type away cowardly words, grab a gun, launch a grenade, instead of fighting with your hands and owning up to it like a real man.
      My beef here isn’t with any race, religion, country or organization. I’m only and simply standing up for the fallen soldier in the picture and wanting respect for him and his family.
      Peace be with him and his family.

      “Semper Paratus”

      1. You even dare to mention you’re Native American. You’re the original inhabitant of America and yet you’re still fighting for the white devil that stole the land and killed hundreds of millions of your own people. You make me sick to my stomach you weak pathetic fool. But with weaklings like you in their army and the usual effeminate ways of the western military we have nothing to worry about, that’s why you’re losing every war with the Muslims. Acting tough on the internet is some pussy shit, be like the mujahideen and be a man when it counts.


      1. You stupid white American “Amanda”.. What a classic hillbilly redneck name. You ugly fat white girl. Go wash your ass.. It is very dirty because you never use water only tissues.

        Look how dumb you are you actually believe Osama’s body was thrown in ocean with no photos? LOL! you are hilarious. Please wash your ass it will make you more intelligent. As soon as you finish reading this message you have to wash your ass with clean water and then spread the ass cleansing technique among your filthy infidel family. You are so dirty you don’t even wash your ass. LMAO.

  138. eh bill carso wat ever ur name is yh.first of all yh dont fuckin ever get rude to muslims or black people u raccist little cunt second of all dont think ur hard yh so i will fuckin come into ur house and shank u ok u got that white piece of shit.ur a retard dont think u can get rude too somalis like that.briif they will give u a black thats all im sayin so u spasticated shit listen up be raccist one more time i will fuck u up u dick head.loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  139. Why is Staff Sgt. William Cleveland’s penis is so small?? I can’t stop laughing looking how small his weiner is lmao. White people are funny..

  140. I’m sorry…I heard a black person on here I think by the name of Marcus say that blacks for their own freedom. It wasn’t only you guys white people actually did the most. Now don’t get me wrong you guys helped a lot but…How many soldiers fought for your freedom. Calling white people slaves…you are just as bad.

  141. Everybody saying this poor soldier, why did they do this, remember the Rangers didn’t go there for humanitarian mission, their mission was to capture or kill warlord Adieed no matter how many Somalis they killed to achieve their mission, the helicopter strike on a building that killed 112 somalias 2 days before, some of those Somalis killed in that strike were against Adieed, that real smart, bodies were rip to shreds. Now imagine if China invade u.s trying to capture or kill obama, they conduct helicopter strikes in your neighborhood killing people around you everyday, imagine the anger and hatred building up inside you, you finally manage to shoot down a helicopter and see a dead Chinese pilot on the ground, you call the somalias savages and you think your are civilized people that you would just bury that pilot, I don’t think so, this is war and war bring out the worst in people

  142. What is US troops doing in Somalia ???, there is no oil there.
    Anyway they got what they deserved.
    Fucking yanks go home.

  143. Warfare is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

    Your article is very well done, a good read.

  144. I’m pretty sure black people were sold to white people by their own people in Africa! Maybe all the people on here should take a minute to study historical facts before they say anything that makes them sound like they’re uneducated.


  146. And I look completely illiterate because of my spelling and horrible grammar. I’m an engineer I’m good at math damnit!

  147. I AM SOMALI. It makes me so happy seeing this picture. Seriously Americans come and invade our land again. All you keyboard warrior white people come to Somalia and we will drag your worthless body in streets like this pig. Stop talking shit on here like fat keyboard warrior rednecks. Get some balls and go invade our country again. We only had ak-47s while you Americans had tanks and air support (we even shot down 2 black hawks). Same thing happened to you in Iraq Falluja and after 20 years you still can’t defeat Taliban….


    1. 18 American Deaths on a mission that was plagued with disasters vs 1500 to 3000 Somali deaths given complete unity and organization to repel the Americans. If only you had a few more “victories” like that, you wouldn’t even be able to find any more coked (khat) up kids to force a gun on to fight.

      Clinton was your biggest ally. if we had resolve at that moment, who knows, Somalia could have been reconstructed and become a South Korea/ Germany of Africa. Now they will just be Somalia, a country with nothing positive to offer anyone, anywhere. Congrats on the “victory” again.

      1. Oh Shut Up you fool.
        You shall reap what you sew, now you shall pay with your life for what you have done. Ha! Ha! Ha! Drag, drag. Chop, chop. Bang, bang. Lol.

  148. And what of the children? What of the people who may be innocent? Think before you comment like that, my friend.

    traitors are traitors and they should all hang

  149. Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.(Matthew 26:52)
    So thats why all service men deserves to die, stop the mourning, they all got what they deserve.
    And belive me, they are not going to heaven, Satan is waiting for all of them.

    1. Oh Shut Up you fool.
      You shall reap what you sew, now you shall pay with your life for what you have done. Ha! Ha! Ha! Drag, drag. Chop, chop Lol.

  150. niggers never get called out by name in the Jewish media. It’s always “muslims” “terrorists” or something else. Never do they report what my eyes can clearly see: USELESS TRIBAL SAVAGE NIGGERS!!!

    1. Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha!!!

      Time for your slaughter. The seeds you have sewn, you shall choke on them as you are beheaded LOL!

  151. you guys are funny in those comments i enjoy reading but what i will not take from any stupid bitch is calling blacks names. some white Americans think that its only them that own this word. wrong thinking from any fucking stupid bitch that is thinking that way. i am from Africa but same time Somalia should be killed because those people are becoming something bad to other, but same time united state should leave Africans alone. we can do thinks on our own that all, i rest my comments,

    1. you have squandered Africa long enough time for you worthless savages to be sterilized .did you think whites were going to let you stay there and fuck the place up forever?why would we let a bunch of fly swatting banana lipped skinnys own the best continent on earth for this long is beyond me.but whites need a new homeland and Africa will be our first choice.we could secure a chunk of real estate the size of texas in a weeks time.and this time,no niggers allowed.you think I’m dreaming,think again my friend .our militias could beat your armies no problem.you would throw down your weapons and run.lol.

  152. we want to know more about your thinks pros/cons but we don’t want to have heard anything about your racism, it should be good person who can take care for others such as Muslims or Christians always must be mediator in order to have respect from others.

  153. As you rant…and your hate fuels your comments.
    I wish you could have known him.
    I’m sure none of you knew him he was kind and gentle a good person.
    He was sympathetic to the needs of anyone not just where he did his job, this was his job… to help others and protect us well you always spot on about racism and such you gotten way off track practice we lost a soldier no matter what branch he was in he was a soldier and it gave His life for the cause. Black, white or Asian we all know someone who has put thier life on the line for our nation.
    The last time that I spent time with my cousin We danced at a family wedding.
    And then he was gone quietly slipped away.
    The family was not warned of the event, the results of the event or of the photos that were about to become public entity!
    His mother my aunt, first found out on the national news…along with every one.
    I miss him … we spent time together…often in a group with other cousins or family members.
    I remember as my child and growing he was older than me, but not having a big brother it made me feel like i had one.
    I wonder what life experiences we would have had, as family members perhaps weddings parties holidays the birth of a child or the death of a loved one, the things families experience together.
    So when I see these lifeless pictures of his body I shake my head in sadness, I can only think of one thing to say which gives me comfort ironically. That would be: “forgive them for they know not what they do!

    1. God bless you and your family. May all of us learn to get along, it is the only way we atre going to survive. All of this hatred, torture and killing is getting us nowhere. I for one want to live a carefree life, one where I do not need to worry about sending my children to school for fear of shootings. I want to be able to travel in a plane without having to worry about never returning home. I just want to live my life not in fear.

    2. they don’t care they hate him because he is white,poc have no sympathy for whites that’s why we should knock them all off.my sympathies to your family.dont forget who did this to him and do not forgive.

  154. It’s awesome how one retarded racist can divide Americans so easily.
    This is why we will never get along.
    White people think everyone should go home and black people think every white person owes them something. Just awesome I tell ya

  155. Again the Americans got it wrong, how many war’s, Afghanistan,Iraq, etcetera, you lose because your heads stuck up your own arse. You won Vietnam yeah, did you bollox,wankers..

  156. Very Nice!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing these Lovely photos!

    They should stay out of Africa and never crawled there, more Africans should do this to all of them and take control back… even if the pasty must be dragged out.

    1. Africa will be ours someday nigger and then we will make you wash our dirty socks just like your ancestors used to do for us.do you know what you call a somalian taking a shit?….a showoff…..get it ,because you muthr fukrs don’t get to eat..lol…you chew on khott all day and go butt raping each other.while destroying a great piece of real estate you most certainly cant be allowed to squander much longer,you black idiots have squandered the biggest most fertile continent on the planet only because we allowed you to exist. but not for long,you will be speaking Chinese pretty soon.lol you let a bunch of 5 foot tall asian weaklings boss you around ,they trade you gold and gems for soccer stadiums.lol.its like trading the Indians gold for beads.lol your stupid knows no boundries.you destroyed the only two productive countries in Africa lush with wildlife …Rhodesia and south Africa.now they are destroyed niggers have burned every tree and eaten every animal all to continue the most worthless race on the planet we allow these scum to hunt all the beautiful animals into extinction.this cannot go on.if whites were smart we would ebola your asses to death,just remember,we have that disease now..for future plans.lol.we didn’t bring those ebola ridden people over here to save them we brought them to contain the disease in a petrie dish and use for warfare.so you my friend might be the one getting dragged out.by your legs into a pit along with your other buddies.i like being pasty at least I don’t look like a turd with arms and legs.

  157. I’m sitting here reading all these colored peoples remarks mostly americans by reading them ,siding with the somalians,one nigger even had the nerve to say he was a marine and whites are blacks slaves now????that’s news to me nigger we still run this country,while you pick up the scraps.it disturbs me that colored americans are filled with so much hate that they side with body mutilating savages,i mean just cause my great grandpappy whooped your great granpappys black ass don’t mean we cant still be civil.,even one spic says fuck you whiteboy,the spics always take the side of the niggers for some reason ,even though mexico had more slaves than America ever did.how soon dumb niggers forget.but now itseems all these poc are ganging up on whites in a deliberate attempt to hijack our country.obama was eight years of minority drama and bullshit,and now whites are pissed ,so laugh at this young man being dragged around if you want,it just proves you are white hating scum who are going to face a backlash like you never imagined ,when were deporting grandma and your anchor baby kids,and as for niggers they will never change,they are either really good or really bad,theres no in between with them,the key is to eliminate the really bad ones whom are 75% male.somalia and Haiti have brought in a whole new wave of murderous savage niggers,compliments of the traitor in chief,settling them in the whitest areas of America.well the game is up and now trump is going to kick thee illegal somali skinnys the fuck out along with these shit talking pussy assed little wetbacks and their highly organized Asian anti white groups.all of you can get the fuck out and if you don’t lie white men running the show ,move to Africa assholes because this is our country and we don’t plan on giving it up without a fight,we have been too fucking nice too fucking long,now you take kindness for weakness,this will be your undoing.we will easily corral your colored asses and starve you into submission,all the while dropping 88 mm mortars on your asses.and when you come out crawling on your snake like bellies crying for mercy,no quarter will be given.we can just as easy tie a nigger to the back of our pick up trucks,preferably a somali.but a Haitian or a blm member will do.or even a little back stabbing job stealing sneaky little wetback.or a buck toothed bo legged Asian bugeater…..you cant compete and never will.you have chosen to squat in our countries and breed your vermin instead of doing the honorable thing like waging war.,squatting and baby making wont work…..you poc die too young.and if you fuck with whitey you will die even younger.they mutilated black american soldiers too by the way.not just white americans ,but I don’t think you would find that as entertaining.but I could be wrong………….Mogadishu was lost at the drawing board,by stupid generals,these men were sacrificial lambs,it could Just as easy be your son.laugh it up poc.it just reinforces what we have thought all along.you are who we thought you were…..assholes.

    1. Keep crying amerimutt, i’m so happy those nigger boys are destroying white culture and raping white kids and women. They’re turning you “men” into sissies and it’s working. Go worship your overlord israel and suck on the mighty jewish boots. Seeing amerimutt soldiers getting killed and mutilated makes me extremely happy because that’s one less devil gone! In the few coming decades USA will crumble and fall on its knees, Chinks and Ruskis will massacre every Amerimutts. Your whole country worships kikes,niggers,Muslims,Faggots,Trannies. Your country is rotting from inside out. Go dress your little kid with girly outfit you mentally handicapped mutt. I can’t wait for the mighty muslims to drive yet another plane into buildings and massacre/rape your people. Hopefully a nigger rapes your wife and kids and shoots you in the fucking head, MUTT!

  158. It is really scary to see so much hatred from blacks and whites. We live in the same country, but when I see the BLM rioters I think I had NO idea they hated us whites so much.I have had black friends whom I really cared about.GOD cant be happy with either off you they way you talk to each other. There will be both colors in Heaven.Thank you GOD for hope in times of despair…for light in times of Darkness.. for patience in times of suffering.For assuring me that with you ALL things re possible.


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