Garry Gross (1937-2010)

His name was well-known, even if it is whispered with muted distaste in photography and copyrights circles. His body of work is unknown, eclipsed by a single pictorial he undertook for American socialite Teri Shields. In 1975, Garry Gross scribbled his name into a dubious footnote in the history of photography by photographing a nude 10-year-old Brooke Shields. The photos of bejeweled soon-to-be-child-actress, in thick makeup and in a steaming, ornate bathtub, however, wouldn’t become known outside the arts community for another three years.

After seeing the photos Louis Malle cast Brooke Shields as a child prostitute in Pretty Baby, his acclaimed movie set during the last months of legal prostitution in New Orleans. The rest was history — and a rancorous one as that. Some two decades after New York’s highest court ruled that the photos are not “sexually suggestive, provocative or pornographic” and are distributable as long as they are not included in pornographic publications, the public remains as divided as ever before on the issue. On this blog, the post of Brooke Shields which detailed the controversy remains the most visited entry, and comments there represent a veritable cross-section of pluralistic viewpoints and range from informed to inane.

As for Garry Gross, he didn’t share the spotlight created by the controversy. His name was mentioned sporadically as the Brooke Shields controversy raged on, as when the famed appropriationist Richard Prince, who photographs other people’s photographs and exhibits them, dug this hoary old chestnut up again in 2007. “The photo has been infamous from the day I took it and I intended it to be…. she was supposed to look like a sexy woman,” Gross admitted to the Daily Telegraph then. But apart from occasional interview, Gross remained in semi-retirement. He was shunned by the society and rejected by galleries which were hesitant to court controversy by staging Gross exhibits. Never returning to celebrity photography, Garry Gross worked and died as a humble dog photographer and trainer. He is 73.


58 thoughts on “Garry Gross (1937-2010)

  1. There’s a mistake, in this post is said that the photoshoot took place in 1975, but in the original post, it reads: “In July 1978, at the age of thirteen, Brooke Shields made front page news in Photo Magazine…”

    Which date is the correct one?


  2. The mistake is yours, Jose:

    The entry clearly states that although the photo was “taken” in 1975, it “wouldn’t become known outside the arts community for another three years.”

    By that he means they were not “published” until 3-years later: 1978.

  3. Why post yet another picture of prepubescent Brooke Shields. There’s enough traffic with the earlier items. No need to belabor this photographer and controversy. In fact, it seems improper for all obvious reasons to do so.

      • You have pedophiles all over your comments section to this article. They are clearly coming here to use the images as pornography.

  4. […] Garry Gross (1937-2010) « Iconic Photos His name was well-known, even if it is whispered with muted distaste in photography and copyrights circles. His body of work is unknown, eclipsed by a single pictorial he undertook for American socialite Teri Shields. In 1975, Garry Gross scribbled his name into a dubious footnote in the history of photography by photographing a nude 10-year-old Brooke Shields. The photos of bejeweled soon-to-be-child-actress, in thick makeup and in a steaming, ornate bathtub, however, wouldn’t become known outside the arts community for another three years. […]

  5. for those that think this is child po*n…’s not. there has to be a sexual act.maybe if she fingered her vagina,that would be a bit different. i think pics of naked kids make some people uncomfortable.

    • the problem is that there is an obviously sexual element. she is wearing makeup, in an adult “sexy” pose. this isnt a little kid jsut playing in he tub. this is a child posed to look like an adult.

    • Absolutely agree with mark.
      I don’t really see the “obvious” sexual element.
      What one finds sexual is subjective, sexual act is not.

      And can’t see the “harm” with this image either.
      I think many people behave hysterically when they see child nudity when there is absolutely no reason to.

      • I agree Eugene! I think its natural beauty at its best! I love the beauty of an innocent child!

  6. I do not think this is child porn, because she is not showing her Vagina or pussy and her naked and her naked butt is not showing neither, I see her Nipples, but she has the chest of a boy and therefore this is not child porn, this is nothing but consensual Art of a Child.

  7. Brooke Shields wants these within her rights but was denied her own image. She was a child who could not consent to having photos like this taken. She obviously is not comfortable and it is wrong to distribute these against the wishes of the actual human who is pictured. Artists can be so elitist and violate the bodily autonomy of their subjects in cases like this where her mother consented to these and the poor girl had no choice.
    Not to mention, her entire career was her being pimped out for sexualized photos and movie roles that she didn’t even understand until she grew up and got away from the pedophile ring her mother was a part of. She was groomed from a very young age to do these things for thinly veiled pornography and adult entertainment.

  8. I Think these photos of a prepubescent brooke shields are the most beautiful thing ive ever seen! nothing wrong with pictures of naked children!

    • Very beautiful. Nothing wrong. It is only in a certain kind of mindset that makes something so beautiful seem wrong.

  9. It sucks that the news media and social media show blood and gore yet a picture of a naked girl is so terrible!

    • Its terrible because it gives you SEXUAL PLEASURE OF A MINOR. YOU SICK FUCK, JAY RIZZLE!!!! Hope an acid bath finds your 3 inch prick very soon before you hurt a child for the first time or again, you scum that plagues humanity.


      • why dont you go suck a big dick and go to hell! you probably do the same or worse behind closed doors! at least i am open about my preferances! pedos will have there day when pedophilia and child porn are finally made legal!

  10. Oddly enough she was only 10 when she was photographed naked but she did not have sex for the first time until she was 21! I wouldve love to been the lucky man who took her virginity!

  11. Yes I do have the movie pretty baby and I always pause it at the scene where she is naked on the couch! Yes I do jack off to her!

  12. I also have the original Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory on bluray! Julie Dawn Cole (AKA Varuca salt) is so sexy! the scene where she dances and kicks her leggs in the air you can see up her dress I pause that so I can jack off to that! Too bad she was wearing white tights instead of only panties! What a thrill that would have been!

  13. I think there is nothing wrong with having pictures of naked children! I think the age of consent should be lowered to pre-school age! No matter if she is only a child she has a pussy and a pussy was made for a man to stick his dick in! Theyre gonna learn sooner or later why not give em a head start in life! Legalize and accept pedophilia just like the gay lesbian and transgender lifestyle is! It is more natural and beautiful!

    • Gay lesbian and transgender lifestyles are not natural. Man is not meant to put his dick in an anus, women are meant to have dicks put in their vaginas, and neither should change their gender for that is not what they’re supposed to be.

      Pussy is made to have dick in it, but the purpose of this act is to impregnate, so it should be allowed the moment a female becomes fertile.

  14. I have a 20 year old daughter I took her virginity when she was 10! yes she consented! only 10 but old and smart enough to know what she wanted to do! we have good sex life! we are devoted to each other only! she is the only woman i love!

  15. pictures like these is very popular in japan, and legal,(that girl from kill bill 2 have similar pics taken when she is 11 or something) like many have said, as long as it is not sexualized then it is legal in most civilized countries—-they even tried to go after parents in some countries because they had pictures of their own children bathing in their own pool… they had to change the law back to it must be sexulized or it is legal.
    personally I would never allow my daughter do this nor is it something that interest me, but after seeing all the comments i felt i had to write something 😮

  16. I dont care how young a girl is! She dont need to be old enough to bleed to be old enough to breed! If she is big and old enough to crawl she is in the right position!

  17. Hay Ballen! i have two foster children a 7yo girl and a 5 yo boy! I let them both run around naked at home! so arousing!

  18. pedophiles are people too! we need accept ,recognize ,and embrace pedophilia as a normal alternative lifestyle! Get ready for it because its only a matter of time before pedophilia(or “Minor Attracted”) becomes the “New Norm!”

  19. i think incest is good sex! i was 12 yo when i lost my virginity to my 10 yo first cousin! it was so good we kept having sex on into our teen years! when she turned 18 i married her!

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