The Murder of Emmett Till


The murder of a 14-year old black boy Emmett Till  in Money, Mississippi in August 1955 sparked the Civil Rights movement, but the crime won’t sound clarion calls for a nation to wake up to if not for the above photo. The gruesome photographs of Till’s mutilated corpse circulated around the country, notably appearing in Jet magazine, which targeted African American crowd. The photo drew intense public reaction. Till, while visiting Mississippi from Chicago, whistled* at a married white woman and incurred the wrath of local white residents.

In the middle of the night, the door to his grandfather’s house was thrown open, and Emmett was taken by the mob of at least six white men, forced into a truck and driven away, never again to be seen alive. Till’s body was found swollen and disfigured in the Tallahatchie river three days after his abduction and only identified by his ring. It was sent back to Chicago, where his mother insisted on leaving the casket open for the funeral and on having people take photographs because she wanted people to see how badly Till’s body had been disfigured—she has famously been quoted as saying, “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.” Up to 50,000 people viewed the body.

On the day he was buried, two men — the husband of the woman who had been whistled at and his half brother — were indicted of his murder, but the 12-member all-white male jury (some of whom actually participated in Till’s torture and execution) took only an hour to return ‘not guilty’ verdict. The verdict would have been quicker, remarked the grinning foreman, if the jury hadn’t taken a break for a soft drink on the way to the deliberation room. To add insult to injury, knowing that they would not be retrial, the two accused men sold their stories to LOOK magazine and happily admitted to everything.

Elsewhere in Mississippi too, things weren’t going terribly well for blacks either. Just before Till was murdered, two activists Rev. George Lee and Lamar Smith were shot dead for trying to exercise their rights to vote, and in a shocking testimony to lack of law and order, no one came forward to testify although both murders were committed in broad daylight. The next year, Clyde Kennard, a former army sergeant, tried to enrolled at Mississippi South College in Hatiesburg in 1956. He was sent away, but came back to ask again. For this ‘audacity’, university officials — not students, or mere citizens, but university officials —  planted stolen liquor and a bag of stolen chicken feed in his car and had him arrested. Kennard died halfway into his seven year sentence. But times were slowly a-changing: Brown vs. Board of Education was decided in 1954, and three months after the Till murder took place, Rosa Parks would refuse to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Sit-ins and marches would follow, and soon the civil rights movement itself would be in fullswing.

(Details were evidently murky: some said he asked Carolyn Bryant out on a date; some said he suggested to her that he had already been with white girls. Some said he showed her a photo of his white girlfriends. Others insist that the photo was that of Hedy Lamarr which came with his wallet.)

831 thoughts on “The Murder of Emmett Till”

    1. uuummm u right it is bhuttt this is wat they did 2 him if i was u i wouldnt speak negative about cause you should be glad it wasnt you his family suffered from this and u saying its disguting

      1. Yeah janet is very stupid, and prejudice from the sound of it but hey ignorance is bliss. it makes u feel better that your more superior then a low life that probally didnt make it out of middle school from sleeping with her father. but this is a tramatic thing that happened and it paved a lot of roads for all races this incident did. But my advice janet is to think about what u say or type before u do, and really consider your inferiority.

      2. Thank you Shannon! Emmett Till was my cousin and I grew up in the home with his mom, grandma, and stepdad. My mother played with him and they lived in the same building. His mom Mamie Till Mobley always said that image of Emmett demonstrated what racism looked like. Imagine his mom having to look at her only child like that-and that is what he looked like AFTER the morticians worked on his body preparing him for his funeral. It may be ugly but racism is ugly! So yes, look at it and never forget!!!

      3. who eva yu is it shouldt matter if shes black or white cuz both can be yu, your bein ignorant now for sayin that, color dont have nuthin to do wit anything period!

      4. i know man! shes right. damn if i were him then i would come back and haunt your ass for saying its disgusting. how would you like it if that was you and sombody your picture was disgusting.

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      8. Ryan Peters – slaves were brought here against their will and tortured, mistreated, killed, prevented from speaking or teaching their own language. Horrible things. Most other mass immigrants came here to flee those conditions and then when they got here they were treated as dirty and not worth the lowest job available.

        I’m irish. The irish had meat, milk, vegetables available, but those things were saved for paying the rent. When the english land owners decided it would be more profitable to keep cattle on their lands they raised the rents until the only thing the irish had to eat were potatoes. When the blight hit they starved. Then they were branded criminals for trying to find food. They weren’t allowed to read, teach or speak their own language to their children. You couldn’t get married unless you had your own land and home, but irish weren’t allowed to own land. Couldn’t vote.

        So they came here. With no funds for fare they went into “indentured servitude” voluntary slavery. It was usually 7 years for a boat trip. Most were completely illegitimate and didn’t know when 7 years was up. They kept asking and the landlords would tell them they weren’t done yet. The ones who did know when their 7 years were up were told that now they owed for board and rent for the last 7 years.

        Domestic jobs at the turn of the 20th century frequently said “irish need not apply”. They were considered dirty, drunk, bred like rabbits, “catholic”. It’s funny though. The only jobs they were good for was to take care of the drunks and criminals or going into the dangerous situtations of fighting fires. Today 2 of the most likely civilian heros are police and firefighters, and alot of them started in the military first. There are still alot of back east families that go back generations in these 2 professions.

        I have to say that I do think the jews have had things the worst. They weren’t just targeted for mass annihilation just once, but many times over 1000s of years. They’ve been targeted since bibical times.

    2. Disgusting? Don’t u mean reality? this was an innocent, real person who was taunted,these people had no compassion or heart what if this was your brother, cousin or even a friend? SO NOT DISGUSTING anymore is it.?!

      1. It may be a disgusting picture but it’s a fact of life for African Americans. If the shoes were on the other foot and it was your family, I wonder how you would feel to have you teenage loved one murdered by a mob than thrown away like trash. You should be careful what you say unless you know what you’re talking about or the history behind what you see. A picture IS worth a thousand words…and to make it racial again shows how ignorant YOU are. It doesn’t matter who made the comments; it’s a fact of life. And yes, I’m AFRICAN AMERICAN.

      2. Wow………………….looking at this makes me feel the pain of his family members and lets me know how badly we were treated back in the day, just over a whistle 😦

      3. this is sooo true …people can say alot of things about emmett till but he was only 14 when he got brutally murdered …his life didnt even start yet ….he didnt even get a chance to see his children

      4. u never know who on dis website and yes wat they did to emmett till is very wrong he had rights just like everybody else and i am only 11 years old n i even know thats wrong.Maybe even some of his family that r still alive no offents might be on here n see wat kind of mean thing people might say about this picture

      5. Thank you, Sheylin Cirino What if it was your sister or even father would was treated like that would it still be disgusting HUUHUHUH thats what I thought.

      1. dat dumb white bitch now yhu see y us black ppl always wanna fuqk yhu up betta b glad i dnt kno yhu becuz i wld make yo face luk jus like dat u dumb whit bitch ugggghhhh so ignorant

      2. I’m WHITE, and I find it rude of people to blame WHITES for everything that has happened in the past, not only is it rude it is immature. Many WHITE and black people are still living for the past generations when prjudice and rasicm was an everyday thing, they’re dumb! Whites Blacks Asians or Any other ethnicity has as much right as the next HUMAN!
        __What they did to that poor boy and his family, i’m sure almost everyone agrees was wrong and they deserved the punishment that they gave Emette!__

      3. As you are an expert you must know that The White Men who killed Emmett were aided by at least 4 Black Men. One rode in the vehicle to the house that Emmett was staying at, others were present while he was being beaten. The other blacks in the area must have understood that Emmett was being reckless and causing untold amount of danger and probably would have executed him themselves to save their own hides.

      4. you is ignorat a whole lot miss tashea i hope it happen to u cuz u act like its not a big dill i wish u suffer like so tht u can feel the same pain emmett till did i wuld appreciate it if u didnt talk about my great uncle thank you!!!!!!!!!1

      5. i know some people think it is funny but its not and why would she or he say that kind of stuffthat was stupid and now what if that was her that was dumd go learn somthin from ur momma

    3. This is one of the most important pictures in history and all you can think to say is that it’s “disgusting?” The fact that a human being was destroyed is disgusting, not this photograph. This was someone’s baby.

      1. First of all i’m mixed i’m white and black so i know what both white ppl and black ppl are sayin Janet bitch u need to watch your racist self bc that was just wrong to comment and to black ppl and white ppl i have no place so i get bullied bc racist bout ppl think i’m a dumb ugly disgrace but i’m very smart and i’m just a f***ing human being who has feeling it don’t matter what u f****ing look like it matters what u act like so if u want to be racist think about if u were black or white how would u feel i think it is wrong what they did to that boy bc i’m his age right now and i fear that ppl will one day think so low of me that they want to do that to my life, cut it short!


      3. ~I would agree. the fact that there is still racial tension in this world is digusting! this is reality and this is what the world is coming to. “killing” what if emmet didn’t mean to whistle? i mean it was 1955 and racial tension,segregation, and sterotypes was still going on espceally the hate for Black people. Also, we shouldnt be blaming one anothor by color but we should be juding each other on how we act that shows the true personality of a person1

      4. I dont know why some white people talk all this shit about black people when no white person can walk through the hood!! you aint hard…if you were there back then…all of you would drop nutz! actin like your down to kill a little black boy..this shit is sad how your gonna look at this body and talk shit knowing that YOUR people did it!! sorry “another shannon” i was commenting towards you…I was talking about “whiteman”

      5. @ go back to school… actually this crime was not aided by four “black men”. There was one “black boy”, age 12 (a child), that was aiding these 2 monsters. he was only restraining emmett while they were in the truck. The 12 year old was a clueless & fearful child. probably afraid for his life also. every other “black boy” that was mentioned in this crime was only an allegation. think about it, the 2 monsters that were on trial would have easily been removed and replaced w/ any black person if that was possible.. yes racism is still alive but something thats worse than racism is ignorance and stereotyping just b/c someone’s different than you… remember that God does the judging

      6. you know what(go back to school)shut the fuck up you dumb bitch because they where probably still in slavery and forced to do it dummy i wish i knew you so i could smack the living dog shit out of you

      7. My comments are to Janet and Erica. Apparently, you have never felt racism. Racism is still going on in America today. If you felt racism, you would never write these comments and seriously post them as educated thought on this website. As a African American women, I feel that whites don’t want to accept the responsibilty of saying that racism and slavery were very wrong mistakes. This is why I feel that until responsiblity is taken that there will always be a racial conflict between whites and blacks.


      8. Would like to thank everyone for there replies, just remember the whites are going to stick together no matter what. it is us that don’t stick together sure we are mad and upset about a crime that happen in 1955. But if you were there what would you have done. think about it they coming in your house in the night.

    4. this man was brutile killed and your talkin about discusting do u know wat he went thru and yo punkass talkin bout discustin he was enicent he didnt do any thing wrowng and wat if it was yo ass wat would u bitch ass say and hell ya im black

      1. i feel you all the white peopl try to say thats in the past yall can go ta hell if he was wite it would be real differnt

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      7. “whiteman” u need to shut ur mouth.How could u look at Emmet till’s pic and say that.Slaves should not have had to go through everything they did.God loves us all colorerd or not,ppl should too.

      8. All of you people are ignorant some of you can’t spell some of you can’t talk right you truly are pathetic. Certain black people are always so quick to blame all white people for the shit that happened years ago. Even today you fucks always want to have demonstrations and marches when a black person is killed by a white person. You people don’t say shit about the fact that you are out there killing each other in record numbers. It gets old quit blaming whites for your problems if it wasn’t for whites you would all still be in Africa trying to find a way to sneak into America like the fuckin Mexicans.

      1. now, all you white people know, why black people were cheering, when o.j simpson was found not guilty of killing ,two white people.We was not cheering for o.j, we were cheering, because white people had been getting off the hook for years,for killing black people. I know two wrongs, do not make a right, but you have to put yourself in black people place, to really understand.I know a lot of white people may say, we are not responsible for slavery, and that was before our time.I am not talking about, what happened during slavery, i”m talking about what happened in the 50″s and 60″s, long after slavery was abolished, that”s when your fathers and grandfathers, could have helped, to make a change. We had to march, protest,and boycott, to get our equal rights.white people, have always had ,their rights. So, if you are not black, then you cannot fully understand, the plight of black people. I hear some white people, calling black people,inhumane names and other things. Now, what could be more inhumane, than slavery. The thought of one human being,owning another, is just about, low as you can go. you cannot go any lower, than that.I would never, ever, want to have power of that nature, over another human.So when you get to calling, black people names, just think of who is really low, and inhumane. Think about yourself.Now, with that being said, we all have to put our differences aside, and learn to get along, with one another, because were all, is here to stay. god created each and every one of us, in his own creation.

    5. These are actual pictures of the 14 year old boy who was killed in Mississippi before there were actual equal rights. It may be disgusting… but can you imagine your mother having to see you like this when 2 weeks earlier she kissed you good bye and put you on a train to go visit family? And to top it all- ther murderers got away with this. Sickening.

    6. BABY THIS IS NOT A DISGUSTING PICTURE WHEN I SEE UU YOU MIGHT JUST LOOK DISGUSTing to me and i heard a saying dats says if u don’t have nun nice 2 say dnt say nun at all… one day i hope uu bee like datt.. 2 feel all da pain…. think abt wat u say before uu make ur actions known… and if your age is above 16 sweeeettttiiiieeeee grow up… act lyk ur age and nt ur shoe size.. im out and gne leave it aht daht…. DEUCES!!!!!!!

      1. Shut the fuck up. Yes this is disgusting. The fact that this was the aftermath of what happened yes it is very disgusting. Why do you think his mother made the casket an open casket? Cause it was disgusting. It was disgusting what racism does. You are ignorant, Saying disgusting is not a manner of growing up. It’s fucking freedom of speech and i have the freedom of speech to tell you the shut the fuck up because by argument you are wrong, because Thats the reason they have this picture to smack racism in the face. You acting like you know what your talking about man shut the fuck up you should think before you speak.

      2. omg that was so mean of you to say sumething like that you dont knoo what dhat poor man been thru during tht process of death

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    8. you people are ignorant,,and retarded…arguing over this boy’s dead body is jus too mean!!how would you feel if this was one of your family members?? guilty huh? some people can say some mean things these days!!!

      1. you know what else is still going on? Black filthy mouthed men that speak to ALL women in ways they should have their tongues cut out. They even talk to black women like hoes and bitches and you black women put up with it. Why? This is part of the reason white men didnt want black men around their white women and it is still the same today but worse. Now the black men record their filthy words on dvds and call it music. They act and sound like freakin animals. I will never understand why you black women put up with men treating you like they do.They show no respect.

    9. I know im too young to understand this, but he didnt have to die the way he did, he didn’t have to die at all.What kind of animal kills an 14-year-old? At the age 12 i say it wasn’t that serious to kill a child. I as a child myself say that some people just dont care who they hurt or kill.

    10. u r a sorry son of a bitch this will happen to and if u have chilren it will happen to them to but they’ll send u a video so u can see it lol got to hell bitch

    11. You know it’s amazing at this day and age that people still have no sense of MORALS, how did a picture turn into a race card? Yes the boy was black and yes he was killed by white men but reality is he was a 14 year old child period! I don’t think his color really plays a factor here right now. This was a child not an adult that was tortured and killed!!! His mother allowed pictures to be taken to show what was done to a child not a black child! The LORD loves all of us no matter what color and until you people find GOD you will continue to be ignorant and lost!! I pray for all of ignorance posted and i also pray that you never have to go thru or witness what this mother had to!

      1. I agree with you Ka-Shanta. This was a baby. A child in his prime. I honestly do not believe his mother was referring to the fact that he was african american, but as she quoted ” look what they did to my baby” “MY BABY” I pray for everyone who is turning this into yet another racial debate.

      2. Ka- shanta I strongly agree . What you said is so powerful and true. I love your comment you didn’t use any inappropriate language . What you said is inspires me. I wish there were more like you. God bless you.

      1. you are retarded to say something that stupid. You are only saying that because you are able to hid behind a computer. I know for a fact you wouldn’t say that to a black person in their face Ryan. You would not be here talking smack today if you had

      2. Im sadden wen i read all the post.A child lost their life and a mother lost her child wen did we becum such animals that we dont feel compassion for our fellow man.2day we have all kinds of people losing their lives over nothing.This picture represents wat hate can do.U people posting all the hate and ingnorance are doing exactly wat the men that KILLED this child want u 2 do.Fight and argue amoung ur self.Dont give the people who think that this is funny the better than the hate.

      3. u are a very very stupied whit person cuz u just hatin on blacks and if u come to my face and said that i would have knocked the shit out of u

      4. u racist low lyf mutha effer…seriously wt can kind of name is ryan?..anyways just had 2 ask..but seriously go ahead n support ur kind while us hispanics support da black.n mr.white trash u wanna talk about white ruling da world just noe dats temporary caz watch da hispanic population is increasing as ur kind r decreasing….btw no im nt black im mexican..

      5. Sounds like you either got your ass kicked by a black guy, a black guy is currently fucking your mom/sister, or you’re just straight up ignorant.

        Probably unbeknown to an uneducated person such as yourself, seeing comments like yours simply re-affirms the fact that (so-called inferior/insignificant) black people have had a massive impact on YOUR bigoted life, dominated YOUR thoughts and now (presumably) even represent YOUR (as you would like to think of it) Country. All this i believe, makes you the overall loser!…

        No wonder you’re pissed (Stupid!).

      6. Sounds like you either got your ass kicked by a black guy, a black guy is currently fucking your mom/sister, or you’re just plain ignorant.

        Probably unbeknown to an uneducated person such as yourself, seeing comments like yours simply re-affirms the fact that (so-called inferior/insignificant) black people have had a massive impact on YOUR bigoted life, dominated YOUR thoughts and now (presumably) even represent YOUR (as you would like to think of it) Country. All this i believe, makes you the overall loser!…

        No wonder you’re pissed (Stupid!).


        P.S. On behalf of all the black people who read your witty and amusing post……… Fuck you too Ryan!

      7. This comment that you have left really shows the ignorance still in the world today! This was a horrible crime no matter what race anyone happens to be. The only disgusting thing here is that the men that committed this MURDER got away with it! This was a womans CHILD, and comments like this just show that you have NO heart! Imagine if it were your child… His mother wanted people to be aware of what hatred looks like, not that her son was a african american!

      8. I know that this message from Ryan took place on Feb 5,2011….but you know what Ryan….FUCK YOU…and this is coming from a WHITE woman… should be ashamed of yourself….or maybe it was YOUR ancestors who committed this atrocity..I love the human race,,,and obviously,,you are not part of it….we shall call you: The Devil’s Advocate…..but seeing as you are ALREADY ignorant….you probably don’t even know what it means…..I would much rather be married to a decent,caring black man,,than to be with someone like you,,,

      9. fuck you, you stupid little fuck you dont know half the shit african americans have done for us let my friends that are black get ahold of you youll have a different outlook i promise pussy, this shit is an important part in our countrys history grow the fuck up

      10. ryan go kill yourself thats why i fuck white women so hard i make them hoes pay for everthing i do to them what white coward men have been doing in the dark for years only i do it in public so coward white men can clearly see it bitch!

      11. i wish i could have been there while you were typing this and i guarantee you would not have sent this message boy

      12. fuck you Ryan, I have a hunch that you were dropped on your head as a baby to even dare saying that. I don’t care who you are but I’m pretty sure u don’t have the balls to say that in front of a black or white or any other race without getting a fist in your face or just having the cops called because you were scaring people with yo ugly ass face

      13. Ryan, someday you will die and then you will meet The Creator of Heaven and Earth. You know…. it will be too late for your ass.. So repent now…Save yourself kid…YOUR TRULY THE MESSENGER

      14. I live in cleve.oh. on 13 and superior. If you’re not a keyboard gangster, prove it Ryan, and tell us where you live. But, you’re a bitch so, I don’t expect a true response from you. Bi-race is mi-race.

    12. BITCH!!!! STF UPPPP THIS IS IMPORTANT SHITT this iz serios what if that had happent 2u or 2somebody u luv SO GO 2HELL U STUPID BITCH!!!!! THIS SHIT PISSES ME OFF THAT PEOPLE LYKE U DONT TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOSLY!!!!!!!


    14. I’ll say this “with the hope that Zach Younkin did’nt intend on his comment to come off as idiotic”, this image is as what he is viewing it to be in the sence of the condition of the young man not in the sence of the young man being black. Today so many pepole ‘Black pepole’ come off with the defence using race as a crutch, instead of using it as crutch use it as power. We are the first to say we can’t get a chance because we are black and the last to take the roll of a winner given a chance. Chance was given to us threw the images we look back on such as Emmett Till or Mr.Obama, the debate on blacks not given a chance or being held back for being black is to me a hammered reason for those who so openly prepose black being the reason for thier sorrow. I’m a black woman and am pround and admit that any chance or opportunity given to me was not taken because I did’nt want it, however it was given to me as it was to our now black president… So who is ignorant you or Zach Younkin?

      1. Since the 1960″s till the present (50+ years)there have been every kind of minority oppotunity laws made from A-Z for the benefit of (blacks only) to get educated and over-educated (for free) and job opportunities that white people were not eligible for because the companies have to hire a quota of minority black people for these jobs. If the black community really wanted to get ahead and take on good careers and make lots of money, success, prestige, integrity, fame and fortune, the chances are better for you than any other race in the country. Are we ever going to see that happen? I can only hope that Barrack Obamas success will give your people more hope to try for whats obtainable for anyone who is willing to (WORK FOR IT). It does take hard work, years of school, and disipline but many people do it everyday. So, you cannot use the excuse that anyone is holding the “black man down” because it isnt true!! I live in Memphis Tennessee (Where Martin Luther King was assissinated and Elvis Presley lived) and I know what you are offered because I cannot get what is offered to you because I’m white but I still dont see the blacks breaking down the doors of the colleges to get in for free or taking the great government and state job offers held open just for them. I see reverse prejudice everyday of my life. I was born here and have lived here all of my life. So, I dont fall for the sob stories and I just figure theres laziness involved if you cant make something of yourself today.

    15. that is mean im a middle schooler nd were learning about emmet till nd janet that was very mean thats justn like a white person being beat too death nd every black person laughing at it also its not discusting its sad…..very sad.

    16. Wish this was the worse of The Black Experience. Don’t read any further on lynching. Zach’s one of those people who may (or, may NOT actually) laugh at the photos of the Jews in Germany and other parts of Europe 1930’s.

    17. Zach, you need to read and understand the history why this picture is out there. The reason he had an open casket during his showing is because his mother wanted everyone in the world to see what segregration and prejudice believes looks like in real life. This boy was beaten and tortured for hours and hours before they finally tied a large machine wheel to his neck and threw him into a river. Believe me, this picture looks good compared to when they pulled him from the river. Another thing, after reading many of the blogs below this one, it amazes me how, for good or bad, everyone wants to attack anyone that says anything that goes against what their feel and believe. Everyone needs to remember that people have the RIGHT to say what they want because speech that you agree with isn’t the only protected speech in this country. People like Janet below here, making a comment “you must be an idiot…or black” is better to know how she really feels then to have her keep it inside and you are not sure where she stands on things. I don’t like what she said either, but as someone that served this country in the military, I have been to other countries that would have done to them, what was done to Emmett Till, for saying half of what they said. But on the other side of that, just because you have the right to speak freely in this country, that dosen’t mean there isn’t consequences. As an example, you can’t expect to go into your work and say things about your boss and not be fired. You are protected by law not to be put in jail but it doesn’t protect you from losing your job. Same here, Janet needs to understand that you can say what you want but it doesn’t mean you will not be attacked.

    18. i just want 2 say this we as black people the reason why they hate us is bcuz there afraid of us as a culture really we made this land so called USA emmett till was a strong young man he had the balls to whistle at her shit real talk i would of did it to grown ass white woman scared of a little boy stop it better be glad someone said something 2 her cracker ass where i come from black folks we run this shit real talk i wud go to mississippi myself and whistle at a white bitch crackers aint gone do shit but watch all my blessing go out to his family just keep this in mind white folks dont hate us there afraid and scared of us we are powerful and strong just look at the white kids now who do they hang wit say nomore who do they dress like who do they want to be like just remember we are all GODS KIDS you think u going heaven wit racism in ur brain he dont accept that b4 i go WHERE DO YOU THINK THOSE 2 WHITE GUYS ARE AT NOW.. . ILL WAIT.

    19. TO YOU THIS PICTURE MEANS ALOT TO MANY OTHERS. This is what happen to a BLACK young boy who life was ahead of him. He’s a child of a mother and father. Which it seems that u dont understand clearly. I happen this pic is up to show WHITE and some blacks what our color does. Kill, spit on, throwed at, or kick to the curve. So b4 u every put something like that up about any black person…etc…THINK hard becuz that color is beautiful….dead or alive!! END OF DISCUSSION!!!

    20. You make yourself look pathetic,their is no need to say those hurtful word’s sweety i’m only 13 going on to 14 & been through hell i’ve been mistreated and misunderstood sometime’s i feel and ask myself is life worth living why are we here.Well were here for a purpose and we need to fullfill it & this picture of emmet till’s show’s us that we need to love one another & treat each other like brother’s and sister’s and help one another love one another were all human we all bleed red blood were not alien’s were just different shade color’s accept one another and don’t judge because what goes around come’s back around hun and what you said was very hurtful & rude.’You make yourself look like a plain joke.’God bless.’


      -From Yourr Pretti Girl Melli Boo .’

    21. this is what white supremacy looks like. but the bigger ? is, who is behind white supremacy. learn ur history and you ll know where your going. that’s for every race and color. racism still exists today in another form. rich and poor. i’m with occupy and a change is gonna come. holla

    22. It is not just any picture, it is a vision of what used to be a life and is now no more because of hatred without a reason. I pray for you Zach Younkin that God soften your heart. Your last name is Younkin which is of German orgin, I know this because I myself am part German. Just a friendly reminder, our people killed many thousands for the same reason

    23. You can see these pics and the story at the civil rights museum located at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis which is the site of Dr. Martin Luther King’s murder. What a horrifying story. I discovered this a week ago when I visited the museum. And now we’ve got an idiot named Zimmerman in Florida killing a young black kid unprovoked. Which goes to prove that many of the dumbass crackers in Dicksie haven’t evolved one iota in the last half century.

      1. Florida is not really considered a part of the “deep South,” or “Dixie” as it is known in grammatically correct circles, but nice effort, Mikey……..

    24. *Zach Younkin*
      You are absoutely right…IT’S DISGUSTING that anyone would do this to a human being…RACISM is STILL alive and well in this damn country and it sickens me to raise a child in it….

    25. this picture is what they did to that little boy, who did not know any better. he had never been to the south.this was his punishment for whistling at a woman. pretty graphic picture, but this is what those men did to him.

    26. u shouldn’t be saying things like that Zach nd Janet wat if that was u or one of your family members nd it shouldn’t matter watv color he is no one should hav suffered the way he did nd I feel very sorry for his family he was 14 nd he looks like he b 30 not to be mean but im so arry for his family

    27. It’s disgusting to you. Imagine how the mother felt when she had to see it in person. Your not only ignorant your a piece of shit for speaking about it in a negative way, go have a damn seat. This is not your time to shine retard.

    28. To Janet, how would you like it if someone took your child out of his bed a night, beat him, and hang, and whatever else they did to him, then dumped your child’s body in a river, and when you got your child back he looked like Emmett Till, you make me sick, I hate people like you, walk in other people’s shoes why don’t you before you say anything, you ignorant b$$$h.

    29. Its from the old days that the FBI sent in 2004. Do you research man .Maybe the pic thinks that you are disgusting , how do you think a dead body is supposed to look .Let me think you haven’t . Ignorant people like you. You can reply back with a attitude i’m 10 trust me I can do it better.

    30. No, it’s not disgusting… Horrific, awful, heartbreaking are more accurately descriptive words for this photo… RIP Emmitt.

    31. Emmett’s Mom did the right thing having an open casket. I’m white and grew up in San Francisco. Emmet’s lynching took place when I was just a year old. What a terrible thought that lynching took place in my lifetime. The picture of Emmet’s remains look like that of a badly carved concrete statue. It shows the hate that the murderers had when they beat him.

    1. i laugh a ignorants to stop my self from getting piss off


      1. Bitch I know we’re all the way from 2009 but it’s not funny what happened somebody died or you wait because you are if he if he too but still you’re better than that to stop this with you what is this is your mom your dad your sister your brother your baby brother or baby sister uncle you your tea with you it’s not funny not even a little fuck yourself bitch
        Bitch I know we’re all the way from 2009 but it’s not funny what happened somebody died or you wait because you are if he if he cheaper to you are better than that need to stop this with you what is this is your mom your dad your sister your brother your baby brother or baby sister or uncle you your tea with you it’s not funny not even a little fuck yourself bitch

    2. No one deserves this type of abuse no matter what they did and especially for whistling at a white woman, The body was not created for that type of abuse, God created a body for Jesus to withstand his abusers for the purpose and plan that he had to demolish evil,those white demons or should I say animals didnot get away with this punishment by far they both died of cancer at an early age and one was made blind, and if they had not repented before they died, I assure you that they are burning in a fiery pit of hell, While Emmitt till is singing with the angels, believe that God heard his cry when he cried out Lord have Mercy! May God have mercy on those demonic souls that did this! God bless The black race superior by far than any race and my black is Beautiful!

  1. I have looked at articles and heard stories about Emmett Till’s death, but I have never been impacted by his story as when I saw this picture. I think it is important for all of us to study photos like this to recognize them as historical documents if the not so distant past. May nothing as horrible as dipicted in this sad picture ever happen to a person again.

  2. Wow see this is pure wrongg it was some very ignorant people in the world to do this to a danq kid thats crazyy who ever did this should be burnin in hell now over boiling water.

  3. Having studied Emmett Till in my A Level history, I have been told of how he was murdered and the so called “reasons” that Bryant and Milam gave in their defence. Previously before seeing this image, I was shocked at their actions and appalled that anyone would commit such an outrageous act.This image has effected me in the way that I feel as if I knew Emmett Till and I can imagine how his mother felt- to some degree. No-one can committ this inhumane act and get away with it nowadays, so why should they have been allowed at that time, just because of whites thinking they were superior. It is disappointing to know that the human race allowed his murderers to have lawyers present at his case, fighting for their “innocence”.

  4. omggg this world can be so outrageous i dont understand why it was like dhat frumm the start was it bbecause we black and white people jhust didnt like us or was it because no matter how much white people tryed 2 keep us down we steady moving and standing on our feet…..if this was meh i will want the whole word 2 see wat hateful did 2 meh

    1. you spelled a lot of stuff wrong there. Me doesn’t have an h and tried is with an i and its not dhat its that and your grammar isnt that good….

      1. That is hardly the point. Sometimes you can say more with poor grammar than with perfect English. Shannon’s writing has way more heart that yours ever could. And she had the nerve to use her real name to boot, “Unknown.” Furthermore, how can you see a photograph such as this one of the complete and utter destruction of a human being and your only response is to nit-pick someone’s grammar. For shame.

      2. u got nothing else 2 do but find fault in spelling u stupid azz bastard i hpoe some day find ur azz &send u 2 hell u dumm azz bitch

      3. who gives a rats ass about how u spelled punk ass it ant about how u spell u know what it said so take yo proper ass own

    1. Whats not right, is that I never knew about Emmett Till until I was 25 years and and was looking on the internet. What is wrong with our educational system, that would leave out an important part of history out. It is a part of our heritage!

      1. I am with you… I am 27 and just learned about it in a college class. Its a part of history~ that should have been pounded in just as much as MLK and Rosa Parks.

      2. i am 13 i never herd of this at school what happend to black history social sudy’s my social studys teacher jackie bruington in case u should contact her she said nigger almost every day she also said black people wanted to be slaves so now i am home schooled she is lucky my mom did not callthe bored of education on her old ass

      3. You can’t rely on anyone to truly “educate” you. And why should anyone (especially of another race) be responsible, or even interested, in spoon-feeding you your history? Knowledge will emancipate you. It is much preferred that you have no dignity or self-respect and continue to walk around with your underwear showing, calling yourself an “n’. You are harmless then. You can populate the jails, if nothing else.

    2. Emmetts’ mother purposely kept the casket open. That way people were no longer sheltered to the brutality of these animals.
      With that in mind, the kkk covered themselves with sheets and at rallies covered their license plates with black tape to avoid being identified. So why would the “Invisible Empire” hide from something they so strongly believed in.

      1. The hatefulness will continue to grow wherever it’s tolerated. But violence only begets more violence, one form of hate won’t trump another.
        The photo is shocking and just what a complacent society needs to be reminded of. A young man of 14 could do nothing to warrant that kind of brutality. Compassion for the mother and the boy and contempt and disgust at the men and the system that inflicted this harm would be the norm.
        The comments from anonymous hateful individuals speaks volumes of their cowardice and social ineptitude but there will always be that minority out there. Please don’t assume they represent the majority of society whatever the color of our skin.

      2. No words in this this entire forum can come as close to the mark as, and I quote” Emmetts’ mother purposely kept the casket open, that way pepole were no longer sheltered to the brutality of these animals. With that in mind, the KKK covered themselves with sheets and at rallies covered thier license plates with black tape to avoid being identified. So why would the “invisible Empire” hide from somethign they so strongly believed in?” Can’t say much more other than listen to most of the responces on this forum, there is no respect for even the foundation on which this image is built from and you all have the nerve to question, comment, and reply with such filth. It is clear that most of you have missed the mark and will never get it, seems like another opportunity given and turned away.

    1. bitch u so fucken stupid this boy did nothen wrong 2 die so all u mother fucker just shut the hell up

      1. u rite and fah all yall stewpidd asz hoes dnt wrri bout no grammer itsz about dhat boi dhat died

      2. Who u talking to is u talking bout the black people or white cause u dont have any rigts to call somebody out there names all that stuff that you sd goes back to you and your mom

      3. Since 1979 Ive had (3) three of my white friends senselessly killed by black people. All three were shot and killed. One was robbed, one was shot in the back trying to leave and the third one was shot over the gas pump usage arguement (energy crisis 1970’s). Have any of you black people ever had your black friends killed by white people????? I’d really like to know and then we can talk about whats right and whats wrong.

      4. My white friend was 15 years old and shot and killed by a black man that wanted to use the gas pump first. Thats just as bad and its all stupid and useless death.

      5. Wow. The response to this atrocity is to bring up an example from your own life, which may be true, or may not. OJ OJ OJ

      6. NO ONE should suffer the way this poor child did. I cannot even begin to imagine the anguish suffered by his mother. But sadly, until we all find a way to get along, and stop judging each other by the color of skin, instead of the content of our CHARACTER, this will be the end result of HATRED. GOD BLESS US ONE AND ALL!

    2. Sunshine, you have a problem and need attention. Anybody who thind that picture is nasty needs help. That is a picture of truth. Just check out the history of Black people in America. You will see that many men were ujustly hung and women and children being raped. It was o-k for the white men to disrespect Blacks in any form or fashion. Emmitt Till is just one example of the mind of a discrimination. This controlling bull-shit started with slavery when the master of the plantation used fear to control slaves. We are free but, not free from injustice.

      1. Emmett Till I wonder what was the last word he heard just like men hanging from the trees ? The last word they heard was NIGGER. We as a Black Nation should all take a stand. We stop our self from getting ahead. Many Blacks have die so that our children could have a better life so wake up you sister and brother.

    3. u r the most stupid and ignorant person ever! this picture is a verry significant part of history. i bet yo face is nasty!

    4. how bout you “say” something not touch or anything and this happen to you black power bitch

      1. Aside from the nonsensical nature of your comment, I’d like to comment on your persistent use of the phrase “black power.” In your pseudonym, you claim to not be a racist. Thus, I pose to you the following question: is someone who supports “white power” a racist in your eyes? How about “Asian power,” or “Hispanic power?” If your answer to any one of these three is “yes,” then perhaps you should think carefully about your words.

    5. luuk u get off of ha ui childish disx picture stay on it as long as it wants 22 u nd 2 grow up and plus didnt nbdy tel u 2 luuk at da pic u wouldn’t have known anyway so just bequiet and deal with the simple fact that this a life dat has been tooken away of something unnecessary..l. jusx shut up get u punked up as twuce as bad as dis.. do u want dat 2 happen.. i din’t thnk so… soooo,, jus shut-up,suck it uhp and deal wiht iht>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DEUCES!!

      1. Threatening someone with being “punked up as twuce as bad as dis” is nearly as bad as what happened to Emmett Till. Threats of violence do not solve problems – they only perpetuate further violence.

      2. “Common Sense” I didnt understand a word that “Stephanie Arnold” said. Thankfully you interpreted it for the english speaking people on the site. There is no way she will EVER get a decent job until she learns how to speak correctly. What a shame. I used to screen interviews for my boss and I would have drunks, mom’s with their babies, women in pajamas and especially houseshoes, guys reeking of pot and so red eyed they couldnt see, some come in with hat all cocked to the side, flaming gold teeth, and pants down to their knees and the attitude that goes with it, expecting to have a walk-in interview. It’s so sad. Instead of trying to be a bad-ass and fight, fight, fight, why not try to be a smart-ass and go to school, school, school? A few years of hard work and then you can have an easy job and do barely nothing and make tons of legal money. Thats the way to do it, I promise it works and it keeps you out of jail. There are so many people in the black culture that believe that going to jail is a street credit or a great thing for your reputation. What you don’t know is that for the rest of your life, this arrest or conviction will show up EVERYWHERE you try to do ANYTHING and will stop you in your tracks. It wont be white people stopping you, it will be your own convictions stopping you. Where will your “peeps” be when youre trying to get a job, or a car or a house or any kind of credit, even insurance, for you family later on in life? They cant help you then and they probably wont even remember your name and look what street credit did for you, stopped you in your tracks of life.

  5. Emmit Till’s story touches my heart deeply. I am originally from Maryland but I worked in Southern Mississippi as a Union Representative at three poultry processing plants. The production workers are predominately 85% African American amonst the 2000 hourly employees we represent.

    There was a tremendous hatred that was taught and engrained in generations of Mississippians back then. And being from the North, I am sad to say that even today (Janurary 4, 2010) that there is still many, many white Mississippians who linger within their minds a white superior mentality that is insensitive towards the African Americans as workers.

    There are still so many injustices done to the minority workder in these poultry processing plant. As a Union Representative, I address many of their issues and complaints to predominate white management that are issues that don’t allow the Black to be human beings to do what humans need to do such as use the bathroom to expulsion of feces or relieve themselves to urinate. The white supervion mentality is wrong in many areas of allowing fairness in the workplace and here is still much work to be done in Mississippi to bring racial equality to the forefront.

    The Blacks have traveld a difficult and long journey over the decades to gain more respect and dignity. I thank our heavenly Father that we have come and a long distance to where we come from. May He bless the family of Emmit Till as he truly was a sacrifical lamb that inspired the civil rights movement greatly escalate as his story touched most every American’s heart.

    Heaven is Smiling!

    1. Nicely said, GOD gets the glory, As I was told be careful of what you and say, and do. ….. I RATHER LIVE MY LIFE LIKE THERE IS A GOD AND DIE AND FIND OUT THAT THERE’S NOT A GOD ….THEN TO LIVE MY LIFE LIKE THERE ISN’T A GOD AND DIE AND FIND OUT THAT THERE IS A GOD.. AND GOD SAY DEPART FROM ME CHILD FOR I DON’T KNOW U….. Only GOD can judge. When we stand before GOD we all are responsible for what we do in this life. WHEN YOU STAND BEFORE GOD YOU STAND ALONE.


  6. This is wronqq were learninqq about him at school, wow people these day’s are better but Emmett had to suffer. Eye gauging, bob wire, being drug in the dirt his male part being cutt off thrown in the water after being shot in the head with rope tied arrond him and bob wire and a fan. The hooked Emmett to a tractor and drug him than this is him after this is so brutal Btw his body is puffed up like a cheeto because he was in the water for 3 days like a cheeto in water. Think that could be you!

    1. ~rachel im not trying to be a “jack-ass” or anything but, people these days arent better. in my eyes i would say in my opinion that better these days are actually worse than there were back in the 1800-1900’s. there is steal people killing for money, robbing house, rapeing, and straight up slavery in some parts off africa. people are suffering and some people could care less. some rich people dont care because there “rich” i could go on for days about emmet and change people just like martin luther king jr or malcolm X.Im from a place where people do act ignorant but at least they can get along it just puts me in extreme pain to see how much “evil” doing is going on.~

  7. My heart goes out to Emmett Till and his Family. Its just so sad that people even have the heart to do such an act. I do not understand it. I say all the time ” if i was alive during that time I would’nt have lasted long at all because I would have fought back and not thought twice about.” Its not right. Its very sick. If the shoe was ON THERE FOOT WORLD WAR 3 would break out. It would be an international issue, the whole world would know about it.

  8. this is extremely wrong…I dont understand why someone would even wanna do an child like this we’re learning about him in school now and my heart really and truely goes out to Emmett Till….

  9. This story is a truly sad one, but while we all wish this hadn’t happened, we need to remember what came from this. Without this little boy’s help, the Civil Rights movement would probably not have become what it is now. Thanks to that boy, the nation became aware of its hidden darkness and decided to act upon it.

  10. god has given me the determination,to case is for emmett till,and others that layed down for us.people of the united states,PLEASE review my case in federal court in detriot,i”m fighting for my civil-rights.the docket# 2009-cv-112694-judge L.ZATKOFF-my full name is STACET SIMEON HALL.MY RIGHTS ARE BEING DENIED BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN(MIKE COX).MY PHONE# IS 734-271-2762,please call,i need your moral support,THANK YOU !

      1. I am praying for you. You are obviously really far gone and only God can reach you now! I hope you get it before you meet Him face to face! You won’t be so mouthy then!

      2. shut up who gives a fuck what color you are brandon its ignorant people like you that fuck this world up

    1. we dont need these type of retarted words here if u wanna go play games go play it. but here this is serious these happend years and years ago and we really dont need this comment that u have. and if u are doing emmett till reasearch then he wouldnt want u to say that. think about it………………

    1. nigga shut the hell up u mother fuckers he did nothen wrong 2 die so think twice befor u do something or type something BITCH!!!!!!

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  12. u guys taklkin bout food alright shut up wat these people did was wrong n thye should have never done tat but when God comes for his people they will get judged on judgement day

    1. he didnot say bye baby he whisled at her iknow cause i study it and every thing wen i hered thiz the vever 1st time i cried it waz so said im half black and half white and im surpised of my white side and sad for my black said but all whites are not like that and black haved gottin stronger and braver and thatz way black are free at last if they wasnt free i probably wouldnot be born.AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I don’t agree with what they did to Emmitt Till but you have to understand that way back in those days, what he said to her was “Bye Baby” and Whistled. What those words and actions meant or translated to in those days, is that he said out loud that he wanted to “f… her” when he said “bye baby” and that “she was sexy” when he whistled at her. People in those days didn’t even say the word “sex or f…” in front of women or children, just men talked among themselves. What he did and said was taken as nasty, filthy and degrading to the honor of a “lady”. Even a white guy doing that would have probably been attacked too but probably not killed. White people in the south had been brainwashed to be superior and black people had been brainwashed to be inferior. Speaking of sex in public was a “NO NO”. Until many generations go by, maybe another 100 years, this will not completely go away.

  13. all he did was say “bye baby” to the store owner’s wife and this is what happens. im white and i think this is just horror of what they did to him

  14. This is just heartbreaking. I try to imagine myself in his shoes, feeling every blow, kick, and even imagine the thoughts going through his head when it was being done. I try to imagine how his mother felt seeing her son like that and even how her loss felt. I am a single mother of a son, and it kills me just thinking of myself in that situation. Even today in 2010 this tragedy is heartbreaking. I’m just happy she finally with her son again. And for the record Emmitt was not castrated, as it is rumored.

  15. look u fukin idot y u say dat was disgustin damn i guess dat mean u would do sum one likedat den wit yo stupid assif i knew u i would cuss u out i would make u feel 2 feet mutha bfukin tall but since i dont im not gone let u make me mad this is a day that the lord has made and i will rejoice and be glad in it bitch

  16. Lookk Yhuu Stupidd Peoplee Thiss Iss Whaa Hee Lookedd Likee Afterr Thee Whytee Menn Dydd Thiss Tuu Hymm Whichh Wass Wronqq Soo Fromm Myy Pointt Off Veiww All Off Yall Whuu Sayy Diss Disqustinqq Itt Wass Lyfee Bakk THenn !

    R.I.P Emmett Till

  17. sorry for talkin like dat but its a certain u say stuff and the way u said was not right im saying sorry because i used inappropriate language and u didnt deserve to be talked to like that no one does but u have to realize a human being did this to this innocent child and he wasnt the only onen who was done ike this and he is not the last one me u never know maybe u no one knows wat god has in plan for us i just wanted to say sorry for my actions and words.

  18. ohh my fucking god you know what i said when i saw this picture i would beat the fuckimg shit out who ever did this to emmett till he was a seewt baby boy and his mother was so hurt that some one would do this to her baby

  19. that was so sad beacause he was killed at a young age and he never got to live his life.they shouldnt have let themget away with their murder.

  20. Wow this is such bull man, the kid whistled at a white married women, which may be wrong but there are two possibilities: one, he didn’t even know she was married, or two, he was just a kid and all kids do stupid stuff such as this. But to actually beat and murder him is nothing short of pure racist crap. But even worse than murdering the child was the fact that these men where charged not guilty? They confessed to actually doing the murder and still got away. America your south end is like a gutter; dirty, disgusting, and, for the most part, avoided. Why? because your sick people, during this time, and even still now, killed an innocent boy for sheer enjoyment. It makes me feel so sick that i wish you were just removed entirely from the face of the Earth. However, I forgive you,(I’m a Jehovah’s Witness and even though most of you probably won’t read anything further than this I will continue) because I have learned that the past is the past and we have to move on, but there is nothing wrong with trying to improve the future, and hopefully, I cannot say for sure, YOU will be imparted of your sick manner and never again will such atrocities be repeated. For this to happen there is that solution or entirely obliterating you sick, dumb, senseless people. I will live a better life believing this, but for now I cannot do or say much, yet, but when it comes the time I can I will make sure, as much as I can, you people, yea I’m sort of being racist’, will not be allowed to do this. If it comes down to it you will receive the message of God and stop believing that you are the best people in the world because really you are stupid, one most of you southerners marry your own relatives, if anything blacks are even better than you and you should respect that not kill them just because you can, with twenty people behind your back. So to put it simply you are WRONG!!!. We are all the same; and the sooner you accept that the faster we can move on, and peace, hopefully, will win out. Peace my brothers and sisters, I pray for all you of other races, and hope that the one true God Jehovah will help you in any way possible.

    ,Thank you

    1. To jehoviah witness: You say black ppl are better than whites, which is not true. you say all southern whites marry their relatives, which is not true. It all comes down to BEHAVIOR.If black ppl would behave themselves, follow rules, graduate high school and college,read something, read a few books for example(gee what a novel idea), concentrate on learning instead of blaming old dead ppl from generations 55 years ago saying “this is why their in the situation their in 2011?” WHAT???(give me a freaking break), why don’t you try a different approach like working or opening your own businesses so “THE MAN” can’t hold you back, instead of rob, rape and murder in their “gang family” bullshit, then all other races wouldn’t mind being around black ppl. But as it stands, even today, the reason ppl of ALL RACES avoid living around black ppl is because mainly of their MISBEHAVIOR!!!! You know it, they know it, everyone knows it. Wheither or not blacks will admit it or not is another story. That is the main problem is their bad behavior. Period!!

      1. I’ve been reading a lot of these ignorant comments from both black and white, but Tanya, your comments strike my heart the most. One you generalize all black people by saying that most of us are uneducated, lazy, and always blaming ” the white man”, yet you get upset about blacks generalizing all whites as being racist. Two, you try justifying the deaths of black people who were killed by whites, and clearly marked as being hate crimes by bringing up these friend of yours who were killed by black men. Honestly I doubt if they killed them because they were white, because in the world we live in a black man would kil his own before another race. Third, you have no authority or place to say what we, yes we, as blacks do and don’t do, or what we need to do, because you are not black, simple as that. As for Affirmative Action or what you and others like you so dearly refer to as reverse racism, then it was ,needed and actually paved the way for blacks with potential and drive to succeed, as for now we have the means to do what we need to do succeed, do a lot of us take the opportunities? No, and for that reason our race suffers. I really do hope you change your way of thinking because your comments have ample remnants of racism and prejudice, and its people like you who deny racism exists. If you continue to ignore an issue, it will never make it go away.

      2. Tanya you is just racist’s honey please get to know black people before you start judging them all blacks are not a like you see if one black do something your people judges the whole race for your FYI i have plenty of people who is well off and judges policemen also lawyers yes i am black and you know your whole family is not perfect you have murders rapist and killers to in your family so stop acting like you perfect honey the only perfect one is Jesus Christ and every race have criminals in it also every family

      3. Tammy Rankin, People like you is why the world is so horrible. I am a black hispanic women and I am well educated. I have an associate degree in criminal justice and a bachalor in sociology. Women like you love black and hispanic men. You are just stupid and upset because no one looks at your ignorant ass.

  21. I am also revisiting the story and yes it was the catalyst that pushed the Civil Rights forward. But here is one thing I read, June 13, 2005 the American Government apoligized for allowing 4,700 people from 1882 until 1968 to be LYNCHED!!!! Yes Emmett Till was ONE of MANY.

    What are we doing to stop the injustices TODAY? Are blacks more educated? Do they have decent Jobs? Is discrimination still Rampant? Are there drugs and guns in our communities? What are we doing about these and other problems that plague our nation?

    Sad to say, LYNCHINGS still occur in 2010.

  22. you know wat i think we should stop talking about what they did because it is not our places to sit here and judge these white man for doing this sure it was not right not 1 bit but we dont have to talk dirty about just think of it this way they have to face god for that not us so cool down wit the outragiuos comments and go on with our lives because the past is the past at least emmett dont got to be here dealing with these ediots out here today you my mom works at golden corral and she put out some strawberries one day and a white man came up to her and said did you grow these my mom turned around and said no but yo mom did even though she responded wrong to his question this lets you konw we still have white people out here like dat who dnt give a dogs tail about you so just stop worring bout him kk luv you all bye.

    1. You MUST be retarded. So I guess if it were YOUR son, you’d be saying “I won’t judge them, and I won’t worry about it, too?!” Yeah! WHATEVER!

    2. oh, the statement “no, but yo mama did” im sure just put him in his place. Do you not think the white man was just trying to make conversation? of course he knew she didnt grow the stupid strawberries. See, thats the problem with blacks, taking every little thing personally. Do you think ppl want to hire someone with a freaking chip on shoulder and a bad attitude? Hell to the no we dont. You blacks keep yourselves unemployable not the whites and no other race. you do it to yourselves, period. Blacks exibit bad unexceptable behavior and in turn ppl do not want to associate with you. Its your own fault. its been 55 years since this happened. you have been freed from slavery over 100 years and what have you done with that freedom. blame game, acting like animals. youve created your own slavery life.

      1. it’s obvious that you are biased against black people because of your life experience, therefore no-one can take you seriously. my mother was murdered by an african american male. does that make me fear and distrust all black people? of course not. your own personality is dictating your take on this

      2. you know you act like you got a problem with blacks i am not even mad at you i know one thing not one black person has asked you to get them a job or asked you for your comments so i am bring you to the year of 2012 mind your own business and stop trying to make a black person mad because honey you have the same problem in your race you is just as bad as putting us down all black people is not a like you is a dumb ass we don’t act like animals i know a lot about your race you see l have a lot of white friends they are nothing like you thank god you are one sick woman honey get a whole of yourself really i hate you feel that way about blacks i am not even mad at you you are a very silly short minded person still not mad

  23. I am up and i just happened to come across the song “a change gonna come” by sam cooke. I love the song but it makes me cry because i heard what happened to Emmit till. My instructor showed us a clip of his death how he use to look and than some. I was very shocked and turned off at the sametime from the song. I was soo happy listening to the song because i liked it, but when i saw the pictures and the story i bout died. I remember that day when i saw it, i feltless of a woman and more of a “nigger”, a dirty nigger, because thas how they looked at us and i feel somee still look at me like that now to this day! True Story, I was in the most uppidity up mall in charlotte nc, and me and my boyfriend was walking around, and we were dressed down. I had on my favorite black shirt with “WHITE” writing that said “My Black Is Beautiful” on the back it said “Its Time To Talk”! Now i wasnt paying it any attention but my boyfriend said that a white lady saw it and gave this i dont believe her someone should smack her look, i got something to tell my white racist friends later… you know?? I mean, i didnt mean for it to give off a bad message but people gotta undersrtand it was mixed people back than and its alot of that now! I am white black puerto rican and cuban, so i rep all of me not just one, i just happen to like that shirt! But hey, I am not mad but i am sad and i wish this never happened to him. I love him and i dont eve know him, i love him like family like my brother! i mean, he didnt have to get killed over that! NO WAY! But as his mother said he did what he was put here to do… which was show people how ugly hatred really is! its very freaking ugly! He had to die ugly for the world to see, and now we are actually living with better rights and lives. I like to say white and blacks get along little better now! Yes, there are some who cant stand us still and prob wanna take a medal bat oe whip to our heads and backs, but ha ha in the name of jesus i rebuke you, things are better and your heart will give in to the lord you will love everyone no matter the color.. you might have a little dislike but hate, no no, no, you will pay for that in the end! Its not my place nor is it anybody elses to say how and when but he will let you know trust! I happento come across this and was happy and relieved people are acknowledging this and writing there opinions, by all means speak up, i am! I sat here and cried for 2 hours reading and reading and finally now i am writing. I listened to that song by sam cooke maadd times and it brings me to tears each time. I pray noone does that to my daughter ever not even just raping her, NOTHING! I want her safe untill god calls her home. She is in a wheel chair and has hydrocephalus,seizures,asthma,choking spells,near sided,non mobile,loss of hearing completely in left ear, and has a tube from her head down her neck to her tummy, so im taking care of her for the man above until he saids hes reasy for her. Everybody be blessed and keep Emmit till in your prayers, no matter that he has passed on his soul is still with us! As i said i didnt know him but i feel i did and i am happy his mother finally got her peace that she was looking for… thank you..

    1. @ LaShawnie, this is one of the most touching posts ive read in the comment section. As i kept reading yours, i was moved to tears. You are a wonderful person. I pray for your strength in the LORD and may He bless your daughter. Jesus loves you and so do we. luv, the Hill family.

    2. oh your not mad or anything but you wanted to smack the white woman. What? Why? every other race that has been slaves and lives in America and other countries as well, have moved on, gotten educated, started businesses, work and live civilized. They don’t continually live off of the welfare system and blame “The White Man” for their lazy ways. Quit with your stupid revenge and get on with your lives. If not, you will always be slaves!

      1. @Tanya, peace be with you dear. You misunderstood what you read. It reads, “my boyfriend said that a white lady saw it and gave this i dont believe her someone should smack her look.” That means, the lady gave her such a look. I read another post of yours where you were critical of someone’s spelling. Is not being able to comprehend what you’ve read any better?

        Be quick to listen, and slow to speak.

        To those of us killing each other with words…are we being any better than those of us that kill each other with weapons? A wound inflicted verbally, is deeper than any wound inflicted physically. Most physical wounds heal. When judgement day comes, AND IT WILL, Jehovah isn’t going to consider how big or small your sins are! Sin is sin! A murderer is no different than a liar in Jehovah’s eyes! Food for thought.

        If anyone is offended by my words, allow me to apologize right now, as that was in no way my intention. Emmett Till’s horrible execution was one of many symptoms of this system of things. @Tanya, my heartfelt condolences to your friends who met similar fates. But all people of color did not do that. Just as all white people did not kill the young Mr. Till.


      2. tanya, you are an angry person. sounds like you want revenge. have you ever heard the ministries of joel olstean. if every black person you know or have seen is in poverty, have attitude problems, and uneducated, then your world is too small. go out and meet people. please!

      1. @Tanya… only “blacks” need to change? I strongly disagree with that. We ALL need to change SOMETHING about ourselves.

  24. That is the true face of hatred. What’s even worse is that the killers got away with it(because of an all white, all male jury) and went on to admit that they did it, but could not be recharged because of double jeopardy rules.

    BTW religious people need to stop with the “let God handle it” crap. I’m sure if this was your son you wouldn’t be talking that shit. Me personally, if it was my relative I would have hunted these fuckers down and feed them their own testicles. I would gladly go to hell(if there is such a place) to make sure that they know that this sort of thing is not acceptable. And I’m not even a violent person.

    When they go crazy you have to go crazy too.

    1. @donzaloog… Oh honey… An eye for an eye, leaves everyone blind, sweets! No, when ppl go crazy, you stay as far away from them as humanly possible! Wouldn’t you agree that if you decide to brandish your own form of justice, then die and go to hell, the threat of “this not being acceptable” is gone, right? Think about it.

      You are in my prayers…

  25. this is the stuff i hate.
    wtf.? if i ever would of met this man i would of let him baby sit me and i would pee in my pants so i could beat the shit out of him .
    this goes to andre tillman i know you will look at this at school.

  26. this is ashley and that was wrong wat they did to that lil boy and if i was there to see it i wouldnt of did anything i would of helped Emmitt Till because he probeley didnt look at her.
    By reading this if i was one of those black people back in the days i would of kiled every white person for that and i know andre tillman will read so holler at me.

  27. The most high will avenge our people… day! Yes, one day vengence will come swiftly and surely. AMEN.

  28. I knew Emmett Till was beaten bad…but i never thought that i was going to see this people have to think this was someones baby not just a dumb kid who should have kept to his self, he was his mamas world.

  29. Just watched the video on this… I almost started crying in class. Ignorant people are… pointless.
    Most of the world knows this, but it is the ignorant people who refuse to see.
    Killed because he supposibly whistled, yet the jury didnt “believe” it was him who really died.
    What is this shit!?

  30. This is so crazy and sad! I have nothing agaisnt white people or anything but that was just wrong. He looks completly different and a young black man. And for the people that are commenting ignorant stuff is just wrong. Jus imagine that being your family member white, black, whatever it shouldnt matter this touc myheart..

  31. this is one of the reasons i hate white people if they can do this to a black person whut makes you think they won’t do it to asians, spanish, or any other race for that matter. i am white but i still hate white people. i love every race and especially mexicans my husband is mexican and i could never see something like that happen to him or his race. if you have something to say about that come get some son.

    1. Shut thee hell up .. l0l . how youu qonna hate youu’r own racee ..? iM whiTe andd thiS iS VERRYY wronqq! But iM liKe wtf ?? lam0WOw

  32. its sad who eav did that to that child its hatefull,mean.and crull i feel bad for his family because wat did that child do to deserve that im sure nuthing and i put all my love out to his family shame on who eav did that to that child hell is not kall a place kalled home

  33. now let me tell you somethimg JANET it dont matter if someone is black or not you racist ass bitch you dont have top do all that we on here to show respect not to do all that racist shit you need to keep that bull shit some were else with you racist ass PLEASE keep it moving or keep it groovin and im going to tell you once get down or get put down….B.O.A.N…..R.I.P emmett till!(-;

  34. Well,like my friend Amber saiD JANET !! iTs not riqht too be racist ! youu’r stoopid!!! people liKe youu is what makes this world sooooo BAD!! See that qets on my nerves! iiM whiTe andd iiAlmost cried see_iNq this!! keep yah racist comments too yah self ! ExspeaciaLyy on ah paqe where there’s ah liTtle boy fucciNq dead!!! iF youu hadd kiDs andd thiS happen too youu’rs ,How would youu feel??
    __youu qot some too sayy ,hit me up at or dha myspace wiTH thee samee address!! Ahaaaa .. FUCC TAH BiTCH! (:

    R.i.P EMMETT TiLL(:

  35. This really saddens me….really makes me question human nature. After reading about Emmitt, it almost brought a tear to my eye. We as a people have got to do and be better. Where is the love, then and now? Emitt was an innocent young man and his death was senseless! Not to sound ignorant, but the murders should burn in hell for doing that to a child. My heart goes out to his family, especially his mother…may she R.I.P.

    “Only the dead have truely seen the end of the war”-Plato

  36. This is just plain sad. I wish i had a time machine and give a speech or something like MLK jr. “I AM FROM THE FUTURE. A FUTURE WERE MY BEST FRIEND IS A NEGRO. WHEN I GO BACK I WANT IT TO BE THE SAME BUT WITH OUT THE MURDERS OF: EMMET TILL, AND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.” but yeah future wouldn’t be the same because the murder of Emmet spiked the awarness of the American civil rights movement.

    Uhg, thats picture so brutal. One of his eyes looks like ground meat, a side of his face is caved in and his chin is like pushed up and uhg its just sad.

    1. NO SHIT, Sherlock. And your point is WHAT exactly?!?! Yeah, I can TELL you’re not black, and if something like THIS happened to one of YOUR white relatives, then I guess things would be “different,” huh? Yeah, you would have fit right in 1955, w/your ignorant ass.

  37. This is so very sad.. I feel so bad for him.. I want to go back and help him.. He never deserved that torture.. I cried when I heard this story and seeing the pictures makes it so much worse.. I don’t see how they could hurt anyone like that.. 😦

  38. Note that this body was decomposing in the Tallahatchie River three days before being fished out. What he did to Carolyn Bryant is still disputed, but it was no worse than grabbing her and making sexual talk to her. Nevertheless, she got all upset and told her husband and things went pretty predictably from there. Why Carolyn Bryant couldn’t let Emmett have a little fun is beyond me. Practically speaking, she’s the one responsible for the whole mess.

    1. What happened to that fourteen year old boy was a travesty, but typical of the South. Heart wrenching to think of a child having to endure being tortured. Emmett Till stuttered and to help himself get his words out he would whistle, therefore, if he was in the midst of a conversation with this white woman, its quite possible that is the reason why he whistled….so sad. RIP Emmett and God bless you for being one of the catalyst for the civil rights movement!!

  39. y would they do this to him jst because he whistled dont mean it had to be like this i mean come on he was just 14 years old. then they shot him tied a fan around his neck and cut off his ears and private part and used a axed and cut his head

  40. Whats so special about white women anyway. Most of them are easy whores. Girls Gone Wild. Most of them portray themselves as prostitutes. They dominate the Porn industry! So fucking what if he whistled at one.. she wanted to know what it was about anyway.. I hope everyone involved burns in hell! Especially her.. Had that child killed for nothing. She was probably fucking both the brothers involved (her husband and her brother-in-law!) cousin fuckers from ole Miss. Makes me sick!When all them old ass crackers die who think like this and some of the young ones this will be a better place!

    1. I love how us white people get in deep shit for being racist, but when some black person like you opens their mouth saying all white women are whores and we’re crackers, nothing happens. it’s like words are only racist when they’re aimed at black people. You’re also pretty damn ignorant because when most white people (like me) look at this, we think, “jesus christ those fucking scumbags should have their balls cut off for what they did.” or something like that

      1. Agreed, randomguy. The “double standards” need to be erased. Until then, we cannot truly progress as a society. I express sentiments similar to your own regarding the image above.

    2. why dont all you black ppl go form your own solid only black city and all us whites will jump for joy. every black in america can go to that one city and you can all sit together and bad mouth every white person that ever lived. after reading these blogs from black ppl, man, i tell you what, if i ever thought that any one was racist, it’s definitely black ppl. actually i think you use it as an excuse to be lazy and do nothing but have babies for a free meal ticket, rent, food, utilities. all your daughters are told to go out and get pregnant before they hit 18 to have a baby meal ticket. just watch the movie “precious” and her mama. we would happily set up an all black city and state, for that matter,even possibly pay all your bills for you, but you would all have to go live there and stay out of our lives. yay! you would have it made and so would we!!!

      1. Tanya will you shut the FUCK up? please there is only one racist person I see and that is you dumb ass!!!! okay “black” people are lazy,we live off the system……we have a lot of babies daddies we just some sorry muthafuckers… bitch please go play in traffic!!!!!! I bet you’re some fat ass white bitch who sit behind the computer all day eating chicken you poor white trailer trash!!!!

      2. Tanya: That’s a great idea, but let’s think big here, screw a city that all black people go to, how about if black people had never been taken to this country at all in the first place? wouldn’t that be nice? no agricultural wealth for the South, no financial wealth for the North. No Great War of Northern Aggression,
        no Brown vs. Board of Education (annoying process wasn’t it) no Panthers, no BET, and all we would have is a great solid history of assorted white folks bucklin down and getting the hard work done. imagine that, in Memphis yall would still be livin in good old log cabins in the woods and eatin assorted varmints.

        p.s. although here’s the catch sweetheart………NO ELVIS PRESLEY oh snap i went there

  41. main y kant we just learn about blac history every day im tierd about hearin about white folks every day especally we only get 2 hear about blac history on blac history month wen it shuld be every day 2 just like da history talks about white folks

  42. omg ppl are so retarted y the hell would these ppl do this to a lil BOY!!if i was ther i would beat the shit out of the guys who killed him but thank God did it for me.(they died of cancer if ya didnt know

  43. Damn :[ I saw this in 7th grade,I had to read about him In my English Class..It was sad.My teacher Mrs. scott robinson Showed me this and I was Like OMFG Poor boy..Im 14 now and this crap scares the living hell out of me.Stop Talkin about food Pople..This is sad.


  45. its an important part of our history that people forget about. its something that we should never forget about. it shows the truth about what our past generations when threw. YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING UNTIL YOU KNOW WHERE YOU COME FROM. so research emmett till and his story before you judge. god bless us all

  46. Just remember this was someone’s child, 14 years old, someone’s young boy. Any person posting on this page carrying any hate, should turn around and think of their own children. In 1955, a 14 year old was a child (some are still today), those who did this will never be forgiven.

  47. To all u dumb muthafuckers who made the smart ass comments shame on u it was stupid ass idiots like u and you ansestors who caused the (world) problems like this to ignorrant to have any common sence to animal like to have any hummanity all that dumb shit for nothing …thats why all your children will have mixed babys and eventully most of ya family will be black ….lol u forced it ya bums now nigga run this shit …now bend over and take this black dick all ya grandmothers, mothers,sisters and daughters have been takin for years …get real

    1. To Mizz B. This is why white people dont want black people around, especially nasty ass, fithly ass, disgusting talking black men, any where around us. THIS is why much of the racist problems against blacks are caused by. But NOW we have the black women acting just like the uncontrolled black men. Whites always knew that most free blacks would act like freaking filthy sex crazed killing animals and thats exactly whats happened to the uneducated black community. Not only do you kill other races, but you kill even more of your own race. Its like your crazy or something. Ive never seen anything like it. Like animals.

      1. Wow Tanya you never cease to amaze me! Your sarcastic remarks are going to get you in serious trouble, but of course the things you’re saying on this site you wouldn’t say in a room of african americans, would you? I know you wouldn’t. I’m sure you’d hide behind the walls and comfort of your own home with your friends, not necessarily white friends, but friends who would condone this ignorant mess you post behind a computer screen. You’re so quick to throw up ” black statistics” like number of blacks in jail, pregnancy rates among black teens, and how blacks use the system. But let me open your eyes a little bit…. You know the show 16 and pregnant? Who do they mostly portray? Hmmmm? Mostly white girls right? Poor, hick town, trailer trash AND rich, captain of the cheerleading team who’s had everything handed to them on a silver platter. And about these lazy blacks milking the system? Hmmm…. ” the system” was made for whites honey! Teddy Roosevelt and the New Deal brought the ideal of welfare to the forefront.right arrr the Gray Depression. Blacks didn’t primarily have access to this! We weren’t ALLOWED! Even though mostly whites were living it up in the Age of Excess, and spending money like it grew on trees….We just got hip! And once many blacks started to become part of the system, it started to become ” frowned” upon. Any who! Next point, the issue of blacks in jail…. Lets think long and hard about this…. Men and women who were thrown in jail for crimes they didn’t do just because of their skin color…. they’ve been licked up for caged animals so long that when they do get out their mentality is all effed up, can’t get jobs, and start living lives that get then pr back in jail. Before you start to condemn a race on their behavior, take some time to think why we behave the way we do. Hundreds of years of feeling inferior doesn’t go away overnight, instead it gets passed down from generation to generation, to the point we start to act on the feelings of inferiority. SADLY, Willie Lynch did what he set out to do. And as we know it, his mission is being accomplished, and for that we as a race are to blame. To let arrogant, bigoted, self hating racists like yourself, I’m sorry, or people you may know, to get in our heads and subliminally tell us we are not worth two flies smashed.

      2. @Educated Black Woman, thank you for so eloquently expressing your feelings, I agree w/you wholeheartedly and am apalled at the opinions of tanya..I am still somewhat shocked that in todays day and age that there are some that still think and feel this way.

    1. Mizz B better watch it.We wouldnt touch your filthy ass with a 10 foot pole and I would die first. Hey Janet, We just might get away with killing this one too. ha ha ha


    1. I am a 13 year old white boy who was told about Emmett at a history lesson at school. I think it is totally sick that two men could do such a thing to an innocent young boy. I am really annoyed that the men who did this were not punished even worse that they made money out of confessing to this awful crime. It wasn’t even a fair trial as everyone on the jury was white. If I was the judge I would have sent them to prison for life. R.I.P Emmett Till. I respect Emmett for his bravery and his death will be remembered for starting the civils rights movement.

  49. Emmett Tills’ story is an eye opener and a reminder of the fate of many blacks young and old alike during that era. Many faced the same fate only to have the courts add insult to injury. Stories like this one should always be in our subconsciousness, regardless of race, keeping everybody on there toes, eliminating insensitive comments and judgement. A person cant pretend to be better than me if I know all the dirt hes’done. Think about it………

  50. Emmett Till was a a African American who was killed. to see some of the cmments that people have put on here it’s sad. It doesn’t matter if your white or black. This was a child who was killed over something that was not cause for. to see the comments grown-ups have put on here is very rude and disrespectful to all races white or black,and to be using such language. How can you stand for something that you think that is wrong and the way you are handling racial comments are out of line i am 14 years old and i cant see that happening to me, and what those 12 men did to Till was wrong and im not going to blame every white person for what 12 men did. it looks bad because my mother taught me better. – African American 14 year old girl

  51. yea i agree but we all need to stop and think thencalaborate and listen to all of our sorrows we seek inside eachother and out kuz racism never gonna stop until this world ends

  52. this is messed up i know that now people arent as racist but this is a disgrace. Not Guilty? shesh i mean look how much people suffered for this murder. i dont mean to be racist or anything but back then white people were snobs. (only the racist ones)

  53. Omg..this is so sad! All the kid did was wistle at a girl…Thats horible someone could do this so another people..let alone a 14 year old boy who didnt know any better! ):

  54. i dnt like that people that are white put bad comments of this picture they suffer way to long and for you to sit there and say stuff like that is harsh back then your parents had it easy and then on top of that you u tried to make it look like we will never become come anything because we are black excuse me but are president is black get it together to god be the glory we made it

    1. The president is blank AND white. Why is it that we are not focusing on that? People want to claim his as only black. I think it’s wonderful that we have a symbol of unity there. Why can’t people see that and work together?

      1. An excellent point, and one of which our nation must be reminded. The divisive nature of many of the comments on this site only hinder the progress of our society and our country.

      2. well actually because his father is BLACK, then that makes him black, when u look at our president you see a black man not a white one…….just being REAL

    2. thank yu im nt races bt just because uu white dnt be tryn 2 puht us dwn… yes i am black!!!!!!!! nt a joke either>>..

  55. Im an african-italian living in africa and im astounded at the degree of rascism on display here. So much so that a few people seem to have forgotten what the issue is. We all do well to remember the Tragedy of Emmet Till but we should not use as an excuse to vent whatever pent up aggression we may have towards whites. Instead, reflect on how far america has come since and how YOU can pick up from where the Civil Rights Movement left off. to all my africans on the continent and in the diaspora of pure and mixed and women..Ujama! and Amandla! (unity and freedom)

  56. Sadly the hatred still goes on right here on this page. We should all unite to NEVER NEVER let this happen to anyone.
    It infuriates me to think that people are that demonic to have the ability to do this kind of thing. But the way some of you talk right here seems like you are no different. How will lashing out at each other help this cause? Hate is learned. Make this world better please: it is horrible enough without any more contributions of evil. LOVE YOUR ENEMY! I will not be held prisoner for eternity by such actions but instead be filled with purpose to prevent them. If people can be taught to love and forgive, this world would be incredible.One example is of a TX woman whose son was murdered. She reached out to that boy and showed him the love he never knew. She didn’t say it was OK to kill but forgiveness is a supernatural thing. Love changes people for good if you allow it to work.

  57. I must say however the murder of Emmett Till is truly gruesome, however Blacks who have commented on this page, should not make dehumanized responses against WHITES! It is not acceptable. Unlike before and after the civil war, slavery, and so forth up to now-Racism is no longer a national problem for the United States. I am African American and Blackfoot Indian, yet I do not feel a certain way towards Whites! I have some white friends and they are amazing. Its not their fault now for them to face tensions from Blacks that ocurred decades ago. Its not the race, its the the people that have acted out against the law. Lynchings today are a felony in all states in the United States. Im reading the comments from Blacks- which I see some are very ignorant-and misspelling countless words- that is unacceptable..and of course adds to the sterotypical roles that you cannot spell..smh..Civil Rights movements increased progress for Blacks-there are Blacks lawyers..docters..police officers…firefighters n etc…Race is no longer a matter in U.S Society…I, myself is currently attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice as a Junior-majoring in Criminal Justice-Concentration E-Crime and Society-passed NYPD basically we should live in dignity and respect towards all race..Work on prospering for yourself instead of misspelling b.s and speaking “ghetto” “slang” that half of you do not have the full knowledge..peace n love ❤

    1. why did you only point out what the blacks did and not the whites this should be equal. we should stop pointing out what our race are and just focus on being human beings

      1. because 90% of the white ppl on this blog werent even born when this happened.

    1. Saying racial stuff like that doesn’t help anyone. You are no diffrent than anyone else, so saying stuff like that just proves that your just immature. I mean what makes YOU diffrent than anyone else? What gives you the right to say cruel things like that? Nothing. Nothing gives you the right to make fun of people just because of their color, race, or religion. If you wanna be “diffrent” than start by not making fun of people. Everyone deserves second chances, but no one deserves to be beaten, murdered, or made fun of, no matter what race.

    2. wow you must do a lot of traveling to get a chance to stop and smell the world get it in yo head anybody can be a nigga you are highly qualified to me for actually sniffing people ass

      1. yall nd 2 stop all disxz cursing … dang… leave a nice and respectfuk comment.. and be gne …. hw hard is it to have common semse????????????

    3. i dont see who raciest people have to be like that and yes i am AFERICAN AMERICAN and proud to be that way i am 14 and just turned 14 that makes me not even whant to go outside and play with my friends what did we ever do to you nothing and think if dat was you going through wat emmit whent think how your family would feel



    6. your mother smells like shit i will meet u anywhere and show u how long u will last all u white people can hang like tree fruit we need to start doing this to them

  58. all of guys are immature no 1 should blame no 1 for this kind of stuff everyone is treated wrong and right . . i think everyone is equal if this happened to him it must be 4 a good reason yes it was wrong & f*ckt up of them 2 do that to an innocent kid but think about it . maybe god wanted him so he wont grow up to be treated or beaten even worst =] That’s My opinion

  59. Omg ! I feel terrbily bad for this kid he was on ly 14 and he used his breathe and got killed ! I would be mean when i go to god i would kill those peple that did that ! >:O If you feel bad reply thanks!

  60. Wow to read is upsetting and im embarrased by how ignorant you people can be. Goes to show alot of this racial conflict is still there. Why? They are people just as we are no different but there color. What happened to this young boy was wrong. I dont care what color may have done it but it was wrong. What makes it even worse is the reasoning behing it.For those of you that are still ignorant and need god i hope u find him!

  61. WoW.. that is so horrible i didnt know it was to that degree. I can only imagine how that young boy felt nd also his uncle for that matter, when those to men dragged that boy out the house nd how his uncle could do notthing but look,horrified.. nd what was going thru emmett mind when they was beating him.. nd took his eye out how affaird nd lonely nd terrified he must have been i can only imagine, nd what a sad thought. To think a beating wasnt good enough u had to warp barb wire around his neck nd with a metal fan throw his body nd the water..How dare u say thats DISGUSTING.. no thats sad only for speaking to a white woman, when white men was rapping us blacks all the time, nd notthing gets done to them no punishment they juss had to take it, the woman nd her husband.. how dare some of u whites, how dare you!!!!….

  62. its really sad but let me tell u it was ment to be done if it was not ment to be done god wouldn,t have made that a possiblity but who ever did that they sprit live forever ether in hell or heaven but dont take your anger out on whites.blacks was not the only ones who were slaves but im gone tell u god dont like ugly.some whites and some blacks gone be gifted not only his mother went through the pain were going through pain 2 well i love yall and make sure u keep that word amen

  63. this is a comment to whiteman first of all get you need to get more knowledge of your terms a nigga can be of any race because a nigga is a nasty person of filth and technical you are trying to take credit for something you didn’t do if you feel this way step out into the world today and be outspoken of your dislikes with blacks and all i have to say is life for you won’t be long. I feel sorry for you and you will be in my prayers. signed an African American who has a heart, mind, soul, and body like you

    1. ‘ thank youu for putting this , because he was very wrong for writing this i made a comment on what he said as well .

      1. this page is crazy just like loneliness, love, and depression racism will never die and we have to accept it but I live for me not according to how people judge me

  64. whiteman yhuu stupid son of a bitch , how dare yhuu say some shytt like dhat about black people , from dha way yhuu talkin yhuu sound likee yhu wanna be black ! yhuu know god dont like ugly right ? eyee hope yhuu burn in hell . racist motha fucka .

  65. yu would thmk ppl would stp calln ppl by dher color… maybe its called bein inmatire or just flat out childish bt dats all i had 2 sayyy………………. deuces!

  66. All Of You Guys Are Immature. White People Have Changed . Their Arent AS MANY Rasict White People Now As Their Were In The Past . So Stop Complaining . Be Lucky For The Way America Is Now And You Werent Born Then . ! -CiCi

    1. thats right there arent many racist white people now but there sure are alot more racist black people than whites. Even worse, there are so many uneducated black racist that dont work. As the bible says “idle hands are the devils workshop” which means if you do not work, you have too much time on your hands and what you, many times, wind up doing is evil things, when you do not work, like hatred, revenge, dealing drugs, pimping, prostituting, gang banging, stealing, robbing, killing etc…so get a job!!!!go to school!!!Mainly, Go to Church!!! You will have a very fulfilling life if you do.


  68. actually what happened to emmett til was all his.why?because his mother told him ti watch out because the the people in the south was way more cruel than the people in the south so the fact he went against his mother he put his one self in danger so i don’t know what you guys are talking about

    1. majority of the white people need to think before they write because some of the things they are saying on this page they would not have the guts to say to any black person on the street today……….COWARDS! keep on hiding behind those white sheets!!!!!! lol


  70. I find this picture not disgusting, but horrifying. The thought that some people could even have the will to do this and sell their story like they are proud of what they had done. The fact that America let this happen to an innocent young man. The fact that just because his skin was of a darker shade he didn’t get the same decency and justice of that of a white man. It sickens me what America was, and I am so thankful now that although we still have racism that everyone has their equal right regardless of color. Just be thankful that although we still have a lot of problems today; that nothing like this would go unseen or unheard of without the men being founded guilty. No one in their right mind would let the men who did this walk free. And I think if you’re all going to argue on here, you might possibly want to stop and think about all the pain his family went through, all the pain America when through having heard of this, and how much change has happened over the years. What I really feel disgusted about is that you people are arguing so ignorantly under a brutally murdered boys photo; regardless of whose “fault” it was, no one ever deserves this kind of pain.

  71. do half of you not realise what you are saying.Like this 14 year old boy,a boy not a black boy,just a boy was murdered by men,forget about white and stuff.This murder took place in 1955 in america,a country that was so far ahead compared to other countries around the world.Its unthinkable to imagine that black people got rights basically until the 70’s.Ireland,where I’m from had no such thing as racial issues since the times before christ and never had since.These Brehon Laws were written up in pagan times and went on to inspire all the worlds major ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians.It obvious the “americans” never payed attention to these.It is funny and totally ironic that white southern americans went on about being superior and having Pride in their country and being all american.But what is an american,they are european settlers a majority of which came from germany and ireland-two mainly catholic countries.The irony is that the KKK which go on non stop about being american and white power and all that sheer rubbish hate catholics,although they use the Nazi beliefs and salute even though Hitler was a Catholic,they hate blacks and believe they are superior,even though human species first developed in africa and went on to populate the world,neanderthals settled in europe-a fundamentally inferior species to us humans today-because of inter breeding.Anyway my point is that neaderthals(european) were inferior to homo sapiens(africa).The europeans went on to populate the america we see today,and the KKK believe their superiority is because they used africans as slaves,its very ironic however that the KKK are the biggest contradiction since Mussolini and no one else sees that,and its crazy to think that racism is still going on today in some countries that are “superior”-in wealth yes,but in education and identity no.

  72. omg there’s no such things as niggers or black because we are brown and yall ain’t white yall are a pale pink but who cares thats not what thisimage was for it was to show a part of history and how cruel people where

  73. Emmett is my cousin and he had the right to live a good life to no one should ever wish that on no one what if that was your child would you still feel the same way.

  74. I was totally shocked by what I have found in my research of this young man. He was just a kid people…do you really think HE would appreciate all of the bickering y’all are doing over this. I agree that it is very important because it brought the world’s attention to what was happening here in our country. As for being “disgusting”, the only thing “disgusting” is what they did to him. He did not deserve that he was a kid!!! Like I read in one of your posts… he was someone’s baby. I am a White Christian female in case y’all want to know, and the Lord made us ALL. He doesn’t have a color preference, why should we???

  75. It is terrible that a young boy died as a result of some benign comments. It is also terrible that his mother would even contemplate sending him to such a racially divided part of the country. One would not consider parading a barley clothed woman through a penitentiary regardless of the progressiveness of the times or laws protecting people from harm – some people just do not care about possible ramifications. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that this boy was foolish enough to believe that his newfound equality provided him with a shield against the bigotry of the time.

  76. I don’t think anyone of any race deserves to be horrifically tortured and then brutally murdered and dumped like a bag of garbage.
    Many people have been/still are going through atrocities just because of their race. It still happens today and it won’t end…but what we can all do is support each other, help eachother out, stop teaching our children to hate others…I hate that I live in a world, share oxygen with people who can look at this picture of 14 year old Emmett Till and have snide disgusting remarks to his appearance, to blaming his mom for letting him live in the south.
    Why can’t you guys have some sympathy? Can’t you reverse roles with those innocents who have been killed? Put your shoes in their place, ponder what you would think, what your family would think and go through…can’t you try and see it that way? How about looking at your brother, child, significant other and wonder what you’d feel if they were the ones going through this…

    1. really I totally agree with you on what you are saying.I tried posting my disgust at his murder on this but you cannot change people’s minds.I wish as much as you do that we could live in a world where racism doesn’t exist but some people are just like that.Their minds aren’t capable of understanding that we have to SHARE this world with others.You will get so many replies about white supremecists going on and on about being white and all that bullshit,but I’m white too but how come I can live with others..?

    2. Amen sister!! i agree with you. we have to stop teaching our children to hate other races. When we were all young, we didnt know prejudice ways until relatives taught us. It could actually be that simple.

  77. Ignore the ignorant comments my black brothers and sisters, let us rise above the struggle that is holding us back as a unit. Let us stop this black on black crime, we are only decreasing our population when we should be multiplying. Us blacks come from great African ancestry, kings and queens, princes and princesses. Let us not repeat history, what we need to do is WAKE THE FUCK UP and stop declining when could be progressing. The REAL ENEMY are those white, wet dog smelling, flaky, flat assed people. LET US RISE MY BLACK PEOPLE, LET US RISE!

    1. You sound like a brotha that talks a good game, but dates white women. But I’m not mad at you, those are the ones that white, flaky, wet dog smelling, white guys rejected. Thanks bro, keep hope alive

  78. I feel so bad for this family and HIM…My heart goes out to all of them…and the black people PERIOD back then….NO ONE….has been through what they have….Much love!

  79. Ay fucc all you white bitches n shit cuh!! except fo all yall cool white people…yall mah peeps n shitt cuhh! but on the real tho this TONGA CRIP ON MINEZ BITCH! ILL HAVE ALL MY NIGGAZ HIT YOU RACIST BITCHES UP N SHIT>>>>ESPECIALLY “WHITEMAN” FUCC YOU BITCH THIS TONGA CRIP FO LYPHE!!!


    1. I know right that is so wrong and when at school and when i was at writing class my teacher was reading to us and she came upon this one part and they said that they thought that it was him that whitsle at one of there wifes and they didn’t know that was him im with you but not with the hating white people.

  81. now white people out dere listen 2 me now black people age way better than white people we can actually do sum with our hair we dont smell like wet dog wen we get wet your just mad beacuse lil wayne ludacris usher will and jada smith have more money and we dont have all the kids with cancer and down syndrome so hahahah u betta check yo self before u make your comments d we get kids like that but we dont have alot and our marriges are more likely not to end in divore and we dont wrinkle alot im not racist but when it comes down to racist comment i go da fuck off

    1. You really need to re-read how ridiculous you sound. You’re quick to label handicaps and diseases on white children. You’re quick to mention how divorces are more likely not to end for black families. Where did you get this data from? You seem to know a lot, so can you explain why prisons are mostly filled with black people? Can you explain why black girls have a higher pregnancy rate at earlier ages? Can you explain black men wear their pants down to their thighs exposing their boxers? Please, share some more of your vast knowledge.


  82. Almost all of you African Americans supposedly defending Till aren’t making it any better with your profanity and misspelled words. There are still racist in the world and majority of them are commenting this photo. Just ignore them. God has a plan, otherwise, this tragedy would not have occured. If you know nothing about what really happened to Emmett Till, you should really take a moment to look it up. That’s all. God bless you poor souls.

    (and YES, I’m African American)

    1. Danecia I just love what u said and its all true. please listen and follow the word of God. we all have RED blood. and i am a BLACK woman from Baltimore

  83. It is sad to know we have such ignorant people talking trash on a website that needs respect for what happened to Emmett. Some people dont know the meaning of respect.

  84. people can say some mean things and dont give a fly’n shyt about it,,you people are stupid arguing over this boy’s dead body,,obviously you people have no sense!!!not to be a rasist,,but its mostly white people who’s start’in this madness…signin in and signin out…



  86. i certainly feel like this was definitely wrong i myself am a black and white person a mixed one at that me not trying to be racists or anything but i will never forgive the white people who did this i hope they suffered in hell somewhere i believe somewhat that statement bout him whistling at a white woman is a damn critical lie so crucial what they did to him may he R.I.P and the picture not disgusting true life and reality live with it but you cant do that to black people anymore that’s how white people end up getting hurt by freaking with black people i feel bad for some of the ignorant ass whites around the world and the ones on here who don’t feel sorry and who said this picture is disgusting that goes for black people to may god have mercy on your soul!

  87. Dear god i sit here and read these comments they are filled with such hate and anger nobody on this earth has any control over what god created i think we all need to love each other there is so much evil happening right now people let’s get back to god and love that’s our only hope.

  88. “his mother insisted on leaving the casket open for the funeral and allowing people to take photographs because she wanted people to see how badly Till’s body had been disfigured—she has famously been quoted as saying, “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.””

    What a loving mother! You can tell how much she cared for her son, who was murdered by an enraged husband because Till made rude sexual comments to his young wife in a public place. Yes, you can tell how much that mother loved her son Emmitt, raising a son who can do something like that! How is this dead rude boy and his exploitative mother a hero to anyone?

  89. all he did was whistle at the guys wife then that happens to him! and that is disturbing. the same thing would have happend to him if he had raped her! and this horrible thing happens where he was killed in a slow horrible way and tossed into the mississippi river with a cotton wheel tied to his neck with barb wire… that is disturbing… then his mother displayed the body so all can see that lynchings still happen and that they are terrible. and when these “men” were put on trial they were not guilty and would have been so no matter what because of the damn close minded south! blacks in the trial were so affraid of the same happening to them that they didn’t say what they saw! only a few testified to court of what happend and both left the south as fast as they could one haveing a panic attack when he reached chicago where he is safe from unhuman crimes. and still they were not punished. after the trial they admitted to the crime and could not be sent to jail because in the u.s. you cant be put in court twice over the same issue. the two men on trial never where punished and the third man involved is unknown. this is truely a terrible disturbing photo with and equaly so story.

  90. This is just so horrible, and it is still going on…. Even more unbelievable is they admitted to it after they found not guilty, AND some of those who participated were on the damn jury!!!! And they wonder why we as a people are still mad!!!!

  91. -my comment is towards “whiteman” you are ignorant.! And rude..and obviously misinformed..because white people DO NOT.! Own any black ppl.! Hell..a lot of white people are working for black people.! Just as some of us work for white people along with any othe race.! Idk if you have noticed this world has moved foward do yourself a favor CATCH THE F*** UP.cause ugh.! We sure have and when I say we I am speaking for african american people. Oi..and while I’m thinking about it nigger means ignorant.! Not all of us are..I’m not going to act like some of us aren’t cause they do have their ways but you belong in the same class as them.& last thing not all black women suck dick.! Just as many WHITE women do as well..& really that’s their business..
    Sincerly a 15 year old BLACK GIRL.!!

  92. Some of these comments are so ridiculous. it really doesnt matter about the race in this time…the 1st thing people shouldve felt after seeing this is sorry everyones blaming white people and stuff but i dont think every white person was like that i mean think abpout how his mother felt….im black too but i noe at that point i would just be sorry that this kid had to go through that at such an early age

  93. I started to research the Emmett Till case because the eighth graders across the hall are learning about it in English class. Their teacher is bringing light to the subject and allowing them to establish their own perspectives and opinions about the subject matter. We are all different, no doubt, however; we are all alike, as well. Whether you are a creationist, believing Jehovah God has put us on this earth, or an evolutionist, believing we have evolved and adpted to our environment, it goes without saying that it is neither the right nor authority of anyone to remove another human being’s life from it’s existence without “just” cause and this was no just cause. As I sat and read the comments posted here, I become disturbed and saddened. A heinous and gruesome crime indeed, one for which there should have been, and nonetheless, will be repremand. However, the issue I find most pressing is what is happening in these posts. The racism and hatred freshly poured into your cup of words, alive and well. It scares me. It causes a deep lump in my throat as I hold back tears of disbelief. I am an African American female, a black girl, or a nigger. However you choose to view me. I am also intelligent, strong-minded, determined, and successful because that’s how I choose to view me. I understand that it is because of the struggles, the losses, and the victories of my people and All those who’ve participated in Civil Right’s movements, that I have the opportunities granted me today. Emmett Till had no idea he was going to die on that trip. He was no hero. (Hear me out) He was a 14 year old child who was brutally murdered at the hands of adult men over foolishness. His legacy, however, and the vivid images with which we are presented bring to the forefront the realities of life. The stories we will hear and those we will not. The images over which we will mourn and the overwhelming feelings of why and how. Regardless of circumstance, position, or reason, these types of injustices should not bring us back to the beginning, but move us forward towards our future. The one that we make. Instead of writing ridiculously with made up words and spellings, dispell the stereotypes. Instead of using profanity and vulgarities, dispell the stereotypes! Instead of getting mad that someone disagrees with you like a child does, DISPELL THE STEREOTYPES!! Stop arguing with one another and decide today…What Are You Going To Do To Change Our Future? How Will You Contribute To The Good of Mankind? and if you’re betting on complaining and pointless debating over moot points, understand you’re no better than any other random faceless user on this site with just words to write, but nothing to say. We have come a long way, but we have not arrived. You are better than this, you are great, beacuse that’s how we were all designed. To the white supremicists, KKK participants, and racists of the group. When you go home tonight, take a good look at your mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, daughters, sons, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, husbands, and wives. Take a good, long, hard look at the people you love, close your eyes, and kill them in your mind. For no good reason, with no just cause, just because. Imagine them gone, forever. No goodbyes, no i love yous, no anything, just gone. You may hate me and somehow without even knowing me wish death upon my life, but when you open your eyes and your family is still alive, happy, and free, understand that’s a luxary and a blessing that was stolen from too many of us. Make up for the hate you have for me with the love you have for them and may Jehovah God have mercy and forgiveness upon Our souls…because I hate you too.

  94. OOOOOOOK the first thing i want to say is that im a 17 year old mixed (black, white and latin american) girl who had to sit in class and learn about Emmett Till’s biography its crazy how everything most of you are saying is coming out of the open and i understand why, you want to get it off your chest but now its my turn. im sick and tired of white people thinking they still run blacks when they really dont nither do blacks or anyone else for that matter. we run our on lives. Emmett Till was innocent well from wht some say as of from his mother and some family he didnt or wasnt talking nor ackownledging the white female. yall can come on here and speak bad about him our ea other but until your in his shoes or came from that time then just shut up. to me Emmett Till is my hero because he had to go through a lot before his death and all yall are doing is argueing about and putting him n vain instead of praising him and speaking good about him. AND FOR THE BASTERD WHITEMEN WATEVER YOUR USER NAME IS: how dare you talk about black women like that you racist sun of a …. i wish i could jus ring yur neck n show you how whites our people treated my other people the blacks i want you to be in their shoes and see how it felt to be beaten whipped chained and other things that jus downgraded blacks n oh yea if you had ever went to school you racist basterd you would know that white jews germans and other whites were slaves before blacks you dumb crep so check your history before you talk down bout someone OH N BLACK FEMALES DONT SUCK DICK LIKE YOU THINK WHITES DO and we didnt start killing ea. other because of you all its cause were getting tierd of racist bs like this. and if you didnt kno white girls kill themsleves more then black girls do LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!

  95. to see what they did to Emmett really changed the perspective of murder cases for life i hope all you races mother fuckers learnd a lesson let god have mercy on your soul!

  96. wow..this makes me wanna cry bc no human she be treated like dis were all the same black or white….i hate rasim soo much it makes me mad…but i wish his family the best an let god b with him.

  97. omg that was so wrong for what they did to him emmett didnt even do nothing and carolyn lied somebody she beat her ass im glad slavery days are ova with and mlk had a dream of freedom. Now its time for yall to pick yall own cotton. Look what you did now colored and white goes to the same schools and travels together. no more signs that say white only 0r colored only. you people are ridicolous and whoever murdered emmett till feels so shityy rite now. Yu just didnt have the balls to stand up for justice and for whats right.

  98. Black people are just as racist as white people. The fact is, these horrible crimes happened before most of us was even born. With that in mind, why carry the hate from generation to generation? Truth is, if you put a white child and a black child on a playground, they will play ALL DAY. They only learn to hate other races from what they see in adults. Lets learn from the past to make a better future for our children. Remember, we can’t move foward if we are constantly looking behind us. God Bless!

    1. I am black and I agree with you to a certain extent. Some blacks chose to hate whites not only because of the past ,but also because of how they have been mistreated by whites in the present. On the other hand a vast amount of whites have been raised and taught to be racist, whereas some whites have had the opposite upbringing. I chose to love because Jesus loves me despite my past and all of my flaws. I don’t know you, but I love you because you are my sister in Christ

  99. even if white people changed it was still bad.shut up erica and nobody cares if you are white. they killed a hormone crazied 13 year old boy. do not call me immature because i am related to him and the ring that was found on his body has been passed down my family.ERICA YOU MIGHT WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL BECAUSE YOU SPELLED SOME WORDS WRONG.

  100. fuck all you white as prejudice ppl, ya’ll problem was that you all were inferior to us, you white ass ghosts of a demon ( S ) were jealous of us, jealuos of our melen, our skin color, also for every invention that we invented what did you fucking white crackers do , you stole them and you tried/ took credit for them if i someone needs to take all of you and do away with you all, line you all up and kill you execution style, because how can you if you say have said that you love the LORD and know HIM (if you ever have quoted it )and feel, say and do the immoral things that ya’ll have done. No you don’t know GOD,or the BIBLE let alone love GOD.

    1. whites are jealous (not jealuos) of skin color? So, does that mean black women are jealous of the hair white women have? Just wondering since black women seem to enjoy getting extensions and coloring their hair. You are proving my point exactly — these days, black people are more racist than other races.

      1. and also, you mention how whites say they love the Lord and Know him, but do the immoral things. Sounds like these thug hip-hop artist who smoke up the weed, brag about gang-banging, rap and belittle the black woman, display them as whores in the videos, and get on stage with a 50 man possie and give thanks to God. Seems like that falls on the same platform, just different scenario.

  101. I hate you ghosts asses,who the fucking hell do you think you are ,the problem is that you are jealous of our skin color where as we ,some white bitch ass said that we blacks all look alike, but I ask some white as ignorant bich ass ,how the fuck that is ,when we ppl of color are many different colors and you ghost of a color are one color only white and pale,we, some of us are tan,and a teasing tan I must say, brown, bronze, cocoa light skinned ,dark skinned just different colors ,where as you white ppl are just the same one color, white and you envyus for that our color,and is why your white asses be in the tanning salons and shit , you want some color to your pale white asses cause if you white woman and you white men, didn’t want color, your white bitch punk asses would be tanning yourselves and your hair, you can’t wear it only but in a few limited styles and cuts if a few , but you see we ppl of color we have various styles and many that we can wear our hair, all around universal, and in the Bible days GOD”S chosen ppl are the Etheopians and the Egytians is why you ghost of a ppl are haters ,but o the Bible you wouldn’t/don’t know about because if you did you would know the GOD is Love and to know HIM is to love one another.As for those of you whites who are demons ,you are going to HEll ,if you don’t change your way of thinking ,as for me if I could I’de put you all there because frankly it’s where you belong if you don’t stop being so wicked.

    1. you know why people of color have different shades of color? Probably of the interracial relations. Are blacks jealous when they where different color contact lenses, get hair extensions, color their hair a blonde color? So nice of you to refer to the Bible after using all that profanity. NICE!


  102. the men that killed emmett till are spending eternity in hell as we speak, believe that! they are experiencing a constant suffer and torment from the wrath of GOD. These men will burn in hell, forever, forever they will burn. They will forever experience to their ownselves what they did to Emmett. Emmett was beaten and killed for one nite. Those devil filled men will experence the same unto them, forever and ever. Gods wrath will constantly fall upon them. The devil will forever have his way with the men who did horrible things to Emmett Till. Emmett was used as a catalyst for the civils right movement! The Lord chose him, he is the Lords, not ours. For those men to committ an act as they did, they were devil filled, possessed with the devil. Therefore, they will forever sleep with the devil. Let this be a lesson to all who have hatred in their blood toward their fellow man. When the second death comes upon you, you will surely die, not live with the Lord God in his glory. To love means growing closer to God. To hate and murder, your just going the opposite way, HELL!! It is ok to dislike a person. It is ok to be angry with a person. The key is to remain humble when youv reached this state of mind. Not rationalize by hatred and murder.

  103. i could not also imagine that happening as well, and to a child and for two grown men to do such , who the fuck did they think they were and am fuck the kkk and their mammy’s and pappy’s if ever there is another hate crime( cause those bitch ass ghosts of a demon )and if i found the son of a bitch( because that is what his/her mother is a BITCH! and gave birth to a bitch ass white ,stinkin pale face , haters of ppl of color )I will go and kill their whole family and you can take that to the bank,you dirty rotten ,punk asses ,born of a bitch.

      1. Ha Ha Ha!!!! i hear you “love to hate me”.i agree with you and all of your blogs from above especially with Wynnia and why dont you tell us how you really feel. ha, ha, ha,omg!!! Oh man, my side hurts now. omg!!


  104. ppl of color , tell me when ever there was a hate crime taken place concerning a black on white,crime because the person was white,we never really hated them and through all that they put us through, although we should hate the white bastards whose mammy’s should have died while giving birth to those white ass crackers who think that they rule the world , and think that they can do whatsoever that they want to do and say to ppl of color and think that it is okay because they could get away with such and who hate on us ppl of color to sum it all up, and yes i may sound like the kkk and is because i am the RRR my group and you’ve never heard on us and is because we are low keyed we keep stuff on the d/L and the murders the we commit over thousands their bobies were never found and this was on account of revenge, and not because we felt as though we didn’t like the person, and do it because we would get away with doing so, yes i hate the sons and daughters of bitches that gave birth to them and should have died while doing so, the both of them , mammy and offsprings.

  105. it’s all about music sure they may smoke pot and sing about gang banging and all that, but do you hear them rapping about kiiling anyone and it more or less that theu rap about an experience that they’ve encountered. I never said that that the whiets actually said that thye know the LORD or love HIM for that matter, what i said is that if they said that they love the LORD or if they know HIM or the Bible,they wouldnot/could not have that kind of hate in their hearts.and that is factual, and don’t you get it twisted you hear.

    1. Are you serious? You said, ” you don’t hear them rapping about killing anyone.” Hmmmmm, lets take a ride back in time. NWA (Straight out of Compton), Ghetto Boys, Ice T, Ice Cube, Dr.Dre/Snoop, 50 cent, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Murder C, Easy E, Eminem, Haystack, etc… just to name a few. I can continue with others if you like. Do your research, listen to the lyrics off any of the artists CD that I listed above. After you do so, you will than realize that each one will have lyrics of killing. Trust me, if you try to have a battle of wits with me, you will lose everytime. I am an open minded person that has and will listen to ANY type of music, from Country, Rap, R$B, Scream Metal, Classic Rock, Gospel, Adult Contemporary, etc. The difference between you and I is that I can carry on a conversation with ANYONE when it comes to the music they enjoy. Versatility is a good thing, try it some time!

    2. you dont need to keep speakin of the Lord the way you do unless you want to say he feels the same way about you that you think he feels about someone eles because the white cause you repersent the same kind of hate you speak of about others you are hate .

  106. you can say whatever the fucking hell that you want but if i can remember history correctly back then were there any hair color or tracks or extensions or oedicuers or manicures or fake lashes,and what in hell has what your saying to do with the hate crimes then and even today, no ppl of color are not jealous of white women’s hair and we are so verseatile meaning we can do so many different ways to our hair and if we want to white today we can and if we want to look a/a tomorrow also we can. But what about when a white wears locks and in the tanning salons. love to hate, i’de love to slap your face if i could.

    1. Wynnia, I can help you over-come your hate and hostilities. I feel that deep down, you wish you were caucasian. You are displaying all your hate as a cover up. Feel happy for who you are. If you want to mirror the white woman, continue wearing colored contacts, install your hair extensions, and color your hair to a lighter shade. Your run-on sentences and misspelled words are not helping your defense that blacks are superior. If I have used any words that you may not understand, please accept my apology.

      1. “love to hate me” just let her( wynnia) be her, i dont think theres any thing that can be said to a person who’s mind is stuck on stupid hate & anger it’s something wrong deep in her heart . I am black were weaves from time to time color my hair sometimes but i do it because its who i am someone who likes a change now and then i love me and dont want to be nothing but a child of GOD like most of any color .

      2. Racheal, I would have to agree with you on this one. I suppose that by me countering her non-sense, it stirred the pot more. I am a white male with all four of my children being bi-racial. Two are from one black woman, two by another black woman. I was raised to see people by their character, not by the color of their skin. I make sure that my children know both sides of their heritage – the good and the bad. My wish is that at some point in my life time, I will be able to witness universal harmony amongst all.

    2. why is there even a need for an argument. i mean damn you can dress and act however you please. If i decided to dress like a freakin hotdog that wouldnt make me a hotdog maybe i just like the style. thats the funny thing about ignorant people they always think that they know what they are talking about. and don’t be offended when i call you ignorant because i was taught that ignorant simply meant unlearned. or in other words NoONE TAUGHT YA DUMB ASS!

  107. I suppose this is the part that I mention that I am a black female. My mother told me a story once about a little black.boy named Emmett Till who lived in Chicago. With his single mother. He had no brothers or sisters. He waan only child. Surely most people hee understand that. Consorting I was normed and raised in Rochester, New York I had a serious heartfelt moment when I heard the rest of this hate filled tale. He was kidnapped,beaten and killed because he did something he was used to.doing up north I personally find it bullshit that someone would be so racially petrified. He was 14 when he was murdered. I believe that the murder itself was disgusting. The trial was disgusting and the response from both murderers in the interview was also disgusting. However to look upon a picture of the aftermath of a Couple of ignorant repulsive hillbilly redneck demons is undescirbable. To look at a picture of a women’s only child brutally murdered is horrific her pain and her strength was driven by the fact that two grown men murdered a boy for being a boy. It was immature ignorant and just plain ridiculous
    My brother mother and sister have all experienced racism beyond a belief but never like this. This picture will forever continue to haunt the lives of those prior to his murder then and now. I will teach my children about Emmett and I will tell them the truth. But not so they can grow to hate whites or other ethnicities but so they can see that murder whether racially initiatied or just by accident murder still exists. This is the outcome of a hate that makes no sense that has no plausible reason. Murder is wrong. What happened to this boy is wrong and the monsters will continue to now and forever be haunted and tormented by this historically gruesome murder. Emmett Till will eternally have his revenge.

  108. Love to hate me and few other non ignorant human beings.. you guys are awesome and too be fair I’m sure the black boy that helped on the murder was forced but back then, they had to or they would end up like Emmett its bullshit and I hate it but what can ya do? Honestly and if you expect racism to go away you don’t contribute to ignorance you ignore it and indulge it. And fight for what you think is right. Like I said before I’m black. But I’m also Indian, Chinese, and Creole
    My husband is Columbian and white his family is predominantly white but they love me. And I love them. I’m past the immature racist bullshit. I love my husband and my beautiful black white and Columbian mixed four year old son.

  109. Hi i am a 12 year old Black Boy and when i saw this picture of emmett i was so hurt and i had sadness,and rage in my heart. No dissrespect but to all of you who look at this picture and do not care about what happened to this boy just 2 years older than me,this will have an effect on your own life. The things you say about this boy and all African americans is hurtful. Remeber God sees everything you do he and hears all. So you can say all the things you want to but God will punish you for your ignorance. That is very cruel what they did to this kid and if it was the other way. Meaning if it was a WHITE boy you wouldnt feel this way. You would probably have envy in your hearts just like we do. The KKK was wrong for what they did and let me tell you that right now that if they didnt repent they are probably paying for it. I am not putting a curse on anyone i just want you to know what happened.
    A person who cares. A African american Boy

    1. Emmett Till was a victim of satanic forces. My prayer is peace for his Mother and Emmett will see Jesus in the first resurrection.
      The history of America’s hatred of African Americans is incomprehensible. Believe it or not God created all men in his image. No crime goes unpunished if not here in hell.

  110. I just got finish reading some other comments and the reasons we AFRICAN americans are viewed as animals. hoods and a lower speices of life is because of what alot of us African american people do. You curse and do dumb things which end up being negative to all of us. I do say that the other races are being bias because of what other African americans do. But just because one is like that doesnt mean we all are. If you want to get back at ‘The Man’ get an education. ‘The Mans’ worse nightmare is an educated African american man. Thats why I am in school. I’ll probably be going to SUMNER Academy of Arts and Science next year because of me putting all my soul and time into trying to get a better education. Please do the same. I love you all may GOD bless you
    ~A African american Boy

    1. I agree with “A African American Boy” except for “the mans” worst nightmare isnt blacks getting educated, its actually blacks NOT getting educated, like many are today. We whites would help 200% all blacks and more if you would try to better yourselves and by doing so you better this whole country.We voted in an educated black man to the highest office in the world, Obama, so this goes to show America isnt prejudice to color, just to ignorant behavior. I also wanted to say that i’m so very proud of you at only 12 years old, young man, to get such a good education. You sound so mature, intellegent, open minded, and articulate. Very well done!!

  111. When i first saw the picture above i felt sadness and pity for the family (mother more than anything). But as i read some of the comments placed i felt the need 2 fight back tears. This pic was not posted 2 enrage anyone or begin a black/white war. It doesnt matter the color of anyones skin, and for all of you 2 resort 2 the name callin and hate towards one another just shows the we as a human race has not evolved since the time of Emmett Till. Everyone on here who read and responded to the negative comments are no better than the ones who posted it. We’re all supposed to learn from the past, evolve past the injustice done to or ancestor’s and become better people. No matter our outward apperance we all bleed the same, love the same, and feel the same emotions. No one race is better than another and i hope before the end comes for anyone person they learn that and teach that 2 there own children. (Rest in Peace Emmett Till).

  112. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. But I’m glad this happened. It just shows that something terrible has to happen in order for good to come. i cnt imagine what it was like to be black in that time. but we as Americans need to come to reality that this was happening it did happen. We as a whole have come a long way I mean look we got a black president. racism is a terrible thing but I think it could go away. It’s something that is learn therefore could be unlearned. But I do agree with the comment before from a white person perceptive point. Its not fair that some black people hold it against white people. Not all white are racist. Plus during that time there were whites that did support the black community. Hell anyone remembers some president name Kennedy? I’m not white or black I’m Spanish. Everybody unfortunately holds some prejudiced towards others races it is what it is. I mean hell look wtf is going on in Arizona. Both white and black communities discriminated my people and nobody is dong shit. I find it even more fucked up how some blacks still hold a grudge towards whites. I mean blacks weren’t the only people who had it bad. I mean when was the last time u saw a native American around? We as a group must overcome this and move on. Race shouldn’t be an issue any more. I hate that those horrible men did this to a young boy jus cause he saw a women who he found attractive and whistled lol really? What’s even worse is that they went to trail and were found not guilty! My heart goes out to his family it’s a shame and to the men who did this may god have mercy on your soul. And to the cops, the jurors, the judge, the lawyers, and anyone who supported these criminals why and how? Like really lol shame on ya

  113. Omfg yall on here arguing this is a african american boy im a teenager 14 and i understand how hard a a’s worked for us to have today and its a shame that all my fellow teenage friends or teens period is think about is sex,drugs,guns,and money and thats a f****** shame im sad to say and as for all you ppl that think this is disgusting picture this you have a speaking issue you and your cousins go into a white candy store and you ask for some bubble gum but it seems as if you tried to whistle at her and she gets affended a while later you get dragged out of your bed at nite its wet your cold and you get thrown into the back of a truck and taken to a barn and beaten and pistol whipped and then shot in the back of your head then have a cotton gin fan tied to your neck and you get thrown in a lake you because of an accusation you ppl are arguing on here y to prove your poit its ridiculous and its digusting to see how hard slaves worked for us to get this far and have what we have today and young ppl like myself are not even taking advantage of it at all its crazy to me that couldve been anyone of you or your family members but thank god that its not it seems as if i have more since than most adults who were here before i were even thought of and its jus crazy to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. take advantage of things thats why i strive for mi best to become a obgyn most black ppl today dont even kno what that is why because they are soo thugged out im in skool i attend daniel hale williams prep school of medicine who was he most ppl dont kno another black man with accomplishments all blacks are not the same……………….

  115. zeazea u claim to b educated but u say im stupid u dnt even kno me. ight its called freedom of speech stupd ass. i can say watever i want. everuthingi said is tru dnt mad lol. ur being stupid cuz u obivously didnt get the message in my comment. its all good not everyone is as smart as me get on my level.

  116. like this shit is so fucking ignorant and to much like little kids not seeing that this shit is real and painful like some of yall think this shit is a joke but look around this shit still happening then you got black people calling each others niggas then yall let the WHITE people call yall and each other niggas like i wish a WHITE motherfucka would call me a nigga and ima beat the fuck out of them like they beat emmett (no disrespect)it might releive my pain of how i feel now r.i.p. emmett till

  117. wow im not surpise that this photo enrages people who r black or any one who has a heart. but please lets not look at this situtation at a negative point. com on its the 21 century. please lets not fight over this instead lets figure out how we can learn nd grow nd make sure shit like this dont happen. cuz let me tell me doing what we dong rite now arguing n shit aint helping. this kid got fucking murdered, lets not let his death be in vain stop the bullcrap. his mother wanted to show the world what happen not to encourge beef nd shit but for us as humans to come to togther. wtf man we fucking better than all those ppl back then. STOP FUCKING FIGHTING WHAT DO U THINK EMMETT WOULD SAY IF HE SAW OR HEARD THIS. WAKEUP RACE SHOULDNT MATTER NO MO!!!

  118. zea zea theres alot of things u werent told in school like who really bought the blacks to this country. do u kno rite now in arica theres still slave enslaved by their own ppl. nd how amsterdad the blacks traded with the blacks nd thats y blacks were sent to america. so for u to call me stupid nd say wat i said stupid makes U stupid cuz i bet u didnt know that. nd if u dont believe google it. my comment was real nd not stupid u just dont get the big pic its alright u just a lil girl im in my 20s.

  119. TO all u ppl that r being ignorant to this situation ur FUCKIN rude n cold hearted i hope u have a child and someone bruttaly kills it u ignorant FUCKS specally u “WHITEBOY” or w.e ur name is DIE u stupid Mother Fucker iam a white person but we where all put on this earth together n should all be treated the same

  120. I still see you people being ignorant and cuussing after i told the main reason we are called ignorant. God Bless

  121. The things u all r sayin aint good jus because someone is a diffrent color than u doesnt give u the right to talk u should be worshiping people lik this he lead to the main reason of the rights movement black n white should all work together because if we dont this arguing isnt goin to lead to anything good!!

  122. We as african american cause alot of problems for ourself’s. Meaning if we do stop and think. WORDS HAVE POWER, when our males call us HOES and BITCHES etc. that brings us down. When you change your eye color to something that is shouldn’t be.. GOD gave us THIS color for a reason.. LOOK it up.. ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON , CAUSE AND EFFECT. DO your research. Some already think we are DUMB & STUPID & LAZY, it’s not true, THINK, LOOK, LISTEN, we are a visual race, summon peace, pray and the answer will reveal itself. Try to image ourself in earlier days and compare. THERE IS A ANSWER. LOOK at small things of TODAY. Find the Answer?? TRY AGAIN!! GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES! ASHE

  123. Zea-Zea — I’m happy that you are in school with a desire to become an OBGYN. But, at some point you will need to know how to spell. There is NO WAY I would hire someone who spells “me” -“mi” or “school” – “skool”. Get with the program and learn how to spell.


  125. I just pray that his whole generations dont end up like this, if this was my brother, i would take this to the court houses, nothing will not be justice, til my brother murdur will be behind bars.

  126. dats messed up why they do this to him an he was only 14 years old an if dat was mi9 child dat trail wouldn’t have been ova

  127. that is so wrong what they did to him and he didnt whislel at that white woman they said he had a stuttering problem if they did that to my baby i would have gone the h.e.l.l. off and the white man even tolled them they did it and they didnt do ANY TIME…..

  128. i feel bad for mama till and for her to fly to mississippi cuz she has to identify her baby boy that is so bad if i was the judge they would be getting the electric chair

  129. The way you sound on this site makes yall seem ignorant. I really hope yall don’t talk that way in person because yall give black folks a bad name and you wonder why it is that way.

  130. FIRST OF ALL: This Poor Innocent Young Man Was Brutally Murdered By IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE. Needless To Say Most White People Aren’t Always Like That&&African American People Are Not Always What They Seem To Be. Can Somebody Say STEREOTYPING? Obviously The Majority Of You People On Here Are Very Ignorant&&Ill-Manored For Sayiing Hateful Comments Like That. To People Like (Janet&&Whiteman), May God Have Mercy On Your Soul, Yall Are The Reason Why Us Hispanics&&African Americans Have Such A Horrible Perspective On Whites. I’m Hispanic&&I DON’T EVEN HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANY RACE!!! Grow Up&&Use Common Sense People C’mon Now. This Right Here Is Why I Have Such A Lack Of Respect For Prejuduice People. Please, STEREOTYPING Is Nothing But Bullshit Because I Have ALL KINDS Of Friends! Where Is The Love?

  131. i am surrounded by a bunch of stupid black and white classmates who act like they understand abpout emmett till i understand the racism back then was wrong but i don’t blame a race for the evil back in the day. what i don’t like is that some white people say i understand and they don’t understand i am BLACK you are WHITE i was born with two strikes of my life in the world not trying to be racist but if you are white life as a whole to my understanding is easier than living as a black.

  132. Where is the respect? I mean, come on. The least you can do is show the respect Emmett Till deserves by not posting immature and rude posts about a picture of his brutal murder. Next time, consider what you say and write before doing it. This man had a life, A life that is now gone, because of selfish fools and ignorant souls like the some above. If you are kind enough to stop this non-sense, then thank you. Otherwise use your brain for once.


  134. that is sad and when i was in skool we was watchin dat and i started to cry and um zack u need to shut up cuz that can be u if u was his age in august 1995 so shut the hell up.

  135. just to let you know what really happened ……not to long ago i seened the biography of Emmett Till yesterday.And he was only 14 when he got murdered.It was in the summer time when his great uncle had came to take him back home to Mississippi.He was living in Chicago with his mom and before he left his mom tryed telling him that Mississippi was not like Chicago and he thought his mom was exaggerating. His mom was telling him that “when you see a white woman coming down the street,you must get off the side walk and put your head down and walk pass her and you cannot look at her”.So when Emmett and his brother left with there uncle i guess everything was ok until he caught whistling at a white woman and that night the two white men came and took Emmett and drove him some where and they beat him with a 45 in the head and they took him to the river and put a barb wire around his neck and threw him in the river……………………………………………

  136. Emmett Till was my cousin and I grew up in the home with his mom, grandma, and stepdad. My mother played with him and they lived in the same building. His mom Mamie Till Mobley always said that image of Emmett demonstrated what racism looked like. Imagine his mom having to look at her only child like that-and that is what he looked like AFTER the morticians worked on his body preparing him for his funeral. It may be ugly but racism is ugly! So yes, look at it and never forget it!!!

    WOW! Racism is yet demonstrated in the previous comments. Understand that even after our family experienced such a tragedy, we never once demonstrated racism to our brothers and sisters of other nationalities. Emmett’s mom forgave those two white men for what they did but never forgot. Not only would they have gotten away with his brutal murder but if she hadn’t forgiven them in her heart they would have destroyed her spirit.

    It breaks my heart to year young people speak of things they don’t necesarily understand. I appreciate the factual rebuttals to the ignorant remarks made-Ignorance is Bliss! Two good books to read: “Death of Innocence” written by Emmett’s mom (Mamie Till Mobley & Chris Benson) & the latest release by my cousin Simeon Wright (Emmett was visiting with him and his family in Mississippi when these tragic events occurred)”Simeon’s Story”. In “Simeon’s Story” shares the accounts of everything that happened as Simeon was with Emmett.

  137. this is a tragic after all of these years people are still arguing over his dead body.some people take things to far no matter who did it white/black no-one should have anything to say becuse he’s gone now it wasn’t his time but you all should know that he’s in a better place

  138. Man no ones knows the pain of his familie and for all you people hating on black u gonna go to hell jus think god is black hes every race so if u say black people are stupid and all this other bull shit u also talkin about so fuck all u racis bitch’s

  139. fuc all u white people yall dnt knw wat yall tawkin bout i hope da sam thing dat happen 2 emmet till happen 2 u hoes

  140. Hey Im white and I think what happened was terrible I feel bad for the poor kid he was only 14. What happened was not our fault. And fyi Not ALL white are hoes. We had nothing to do with it. STOP BLAMING ALL WHITES. It is not our fault.

    1. Oh Ashley, don’t you know that the blacks will ALWAYS blame the white’s for their misfortunes in life not because we’ve done anything, but because they don’t want to better themselves and forget revenge. That’s just too much hard work so they point the finger. We all know they live in the richest country in the world and have the greatest opportunity to become educated,rich and self sustaining,(OH, AND EVEN BECOME PRESIDENT) more than any other country but instead of using this to their advantage, they will stay lazy and revengeful of previous generations and blame all of us that were not even born back then. They have been free for over 100 years and emmitt till died 56 years ago, but in this blog page, for example, you get ebonics and nasty language that shows the hatefullness,laziness and prejudice ignorance that they hang on to. I was raised in Memphis Tennessee and didnt even know what prejudice meant till i was almost a teenager because of the older people, of both races, taught me and who would not let the hatred go.

  141. all this is uncause for.i mean really and to the ppl who commented to “whiteman” let it qo because if we stoop to his level we r just as iqnorant as he is.! we as HUMANS have come alonq way not just as BLACKS or WHITES.

  142. Lols @ Ah Badd Black Bitch Wats Up Hoe Grl Dese Folks Need Sum Act Rite ,, Yuh WHITe Folks Caint Do Dat Shit Nw We Gne Whope Dat Ass !!! (>_<)!!

  143. @ Little Black Kidd – Mane Shit Looking At This Sad Ass Picture And Trippn Off These C R A C K E R !

  144. Ah Badd Black Bitch !

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  147. Ya’ll Me And @ Ah Hyde Park B.tch Just Got The Fighting And I Busted Her Muthafuckn Head She Got BLOOD Leaking Down Her Head And It’s All On Her Shirt !

  148. Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww … How We Get Tah Fighting && I Stay In Chicago ? Thats How Yuh Know She lieing ! SMH !!!!!!!

  149. Bye . But , This Was A Real Cruel Incident && They Know They Where Wrong For This ! Its Still Wrong …

    1. yall if he was so ugly why they hell did the nigger whistle at her??? but i guess hes a dead one now!

    2. L00K IT WASNT ALL OF THEM…you really shouldnt just blame all white people because some dont think like that

  150. Have you ever heard of history. It shouldn’t matter whether they are black or white. That was an innocent boy.

    1. the two men that did this are ALREADY DEAD so who are you going to kill now? every white person and most weren’t even born back then. damn man, read a book or something.

  151. I live in Memphis, Tennessee and im jewish and indian and both of my ancestors races have been treated as second class citizens, have been slaves to whites and other races, and have been beaten, raped, and murdered unmercibly. Why is it you can safely walk thru a jewish neighborhood and an indian resorvation without danger but not an african neighborhood? I just wish the blacks would concentrate on bettering themselves and contributing to society instead of gangs, basketball and rap. i know there’s plenty of civilized black ppl in America but where i live in Memphis Tennessee, there is not as many good blacks as there are bad. Memphis is on the border of the state of Mississppi and Arkansas. I have lived down here all of my life, for 50 years, and the racial divide is still very bad.There are alot more blacks than whites in Memphis and whites continually move away from blacks here to avoid the bad neighborhoods and the blacks continually want to move into the white neighborhoods and ultimately destroy the areas with inner city ganglike behavior. Why??? It would not be this way if the blacks would give up on revenge and try to concentrate on making something of themselves instead of a nusiance to civilization. This is one of the main reasons that whites have been so against blacks mingling in their lives. When I worked as a Rental Manager, I had mexican tenants that didnt want to live near blacks, i had indian, arab, chinese, korean, jewish, and white tenants that did not want to live near black ppl. Why is this? Well even now I have black neighbors that have moved to the suburb of Memphis, living near me, and all they say is “I want to get away from the all black neighborhoods because its too dangerous”. Black ppl are running from their own neighborhoods, their own race, even their own families, because they know its so bad. The jewish ppl in my family (that were previously slaves to whites) have moved on and gotten educated, started business’ and the indians(in my family who were previously slaves to white ppl) have gotten rich with the casinos and they all live like nice, civilized ppl. I wish the blacks would do the same thing. Its really sad. I wonder if I will ever see it change in the south and elsewhere.I guess all we can do is pray for things to get better.

    1. “to Badd for My Own good” you are probably right. Im sorry i wrote so many long and large words that strained you badd little brain to much to read. Get a grip! Read something and LEARN!! Thats your dang problem.

  152. @To Badd For My Own Good Yuh Sholl Rite ,, Dats Just 2 Much … Itd Dont Take All Dhat Yuh Waistn Time Hunnie !!

    1. Thats always been the problem with blacks “big booty black biish” ( or whatever you call yourself, good grief). The majority of the black community in the south doesnt want to apply themselves into anything that is hard to do, like school for instance. or even possibly just reading one long paragraph. Gee, is it that hard? no, your just lazy and prejudiced and full of hate and probably arent old enough to even know what this blog page really means. Your bad behavior turns the whole world against you, not just whites. Thats it in a nutshell. easy enough for you? hope so.

  153. why do these people post rplies like the understand what is going on in the world around us…just from the ignorant comments alone and the inability to post something reasonable on this site shows you what we have become. We are just proving now that those who held their heads high in the time of slavery( whites and blacks) against eachother that we have become worse than them. We have lost sight of all of what were created to be…people…people who chase down a false sense of wrong and right…lost in the fortress of dillusion and blinded by the light of injustice. Walking through life we have fallen now to the pit of despair and desperartion that calls forth the demons in us all…in the quest for power we become the racism that rides our backs today~254-630-7085~Oh and if you wish you may text me,but I am only sixteen so watch what you say… reap what you sow my friends reap what you sow…and yeah I am black, because that obviously matters these days.
    ~the silent poet~



  156. Stop with the racism this picture is about a young boy age 14! He did nothing wrong he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish we were all blind, but then again there will be some way people will prejudize others…

  157. man looking at this make me realize what was going on back then thia boy was younger then me and im just 16, this is very upsetting and we shouldnt blame all whit ppl cause some are just as friendly as us AFRICAN AMERICAN are so yea this is more of a actuality thing but i couldnt even get to as close as his mom was feeling when she saw his body…SMH what was the world back then

  158. I understand the federal government has reopened the Emmett Till murder case.. Which suggests persons having knowledge of this brutal murder may still be alive in Mississippi. Perhaps there was someone else involved who escaped prosecution.

  159. look alright all must be black who are tellin the “whiteman” to shut the fuck up! go back in the fuckin history and it wont us who started slavery yall own kind sold the blacks to us so dont pin it on us!! If yall go look back whites were fuckin slaves too! and yeah we aint hard cause we dont walk through the hood what does that have to do with anything yall think yall are so bad well yall aint i aint racsist but when it comes to ignarant people like yall gangin up on someone about shit yall dont even fuckin know your gonna see the racsist side and it came out yall need a fuckin history lesson like BAD!! so yall go somewhere alright damn!! black people these days!!

  160. @RICH, it’s not the niggers you people should be concerned with because when we reclaim our land, niggers will be your least worry. I promise you, you wouldn’t dare fuck with a Mexican while you’re talking shit. We crush you bastards and you will still be after niggers. So fuck you and stop trying to kiss our Mexican asses, we’re not impressed. Once again, when we get thru with all you people, black and white, who will your classmate-killing asses will target next. So, Rich, remember, stop sucking up to our race all the time. My grandfather was right, when he first got to this country, white people were all over Mexicans, trying to be our friends. You white sluts sleep around on the first date, black bitches having babies out of wedlock. We’re the only family/work-oriented race in this country anyways. So blacks and whites, you all keep targeting each other because when it’s all over, all you muthafuckers will be our slaves. Now, nigger that fucking inbreds

  161. @whiteman, if u hate black hoes so much, what do think of us mexicans being sought after by your little prick men. Don’t even get me started on blacks. When we get thru with all of your, niggers will be your least concern, but you wouldn’t fuck with a mexican because you people know what’s good for your kind.

  162. WELL there is not much to say other then….

    You people are Very Narrow-Minded and personally there is a lot of you that can acheieve anything ..and because they did this to this little boy proved that people can truly do anything…
    For me to be 13 and type on this and sound smarter then 95% of you is just sad…i am 13 and turning 14 this year to see myself seeing i havent achieved a lot tells me he didnt get too…

    Why cant we all just act mature (god put you here for a reason and he will take you out)
    so act BETTER !!!!!
    *~~Said by a 13 Year OLD *sadly*

  163. hey to the dude white man shut the fuck up bitch man all yall racists people who r on this yall need to shut the fuck up this picture was put on here to show u how african americans suffered back in the day idk y yall r commenting disgusting

  164. hold time i have da both black and white in me i think nahh i know that the whole thing with whites not likeing blcks i thnk its dumb stupid childish and annoyn there still is white people disrespecting blacks for what thats just you hating and wasting you’re time from this day forward i still dnt get the point of racist people ish is dumb them people who are like that will end up having sumthing coming there way one day when i have kids they aint gonna b a rude person nothing FLAT > !

  165. i cant blieve it……what a cruel thang tuh duh
    ….. ihf i were that jury…..i wuhd say GUILTY 4000 times

  166. I just want to say that i have a problem with the whole separate but equal thing that still happens from time to time 2day no matter the race this young child was done wrong by some fucking assholes who just happened to be white, no doubt they were racist but assholes just the same. I have a mixed son and if he were 2 ever have 2 go thru that nonsense i wouldnt b typing this 2 day because I would surely be behind bars 4 life.

  167. okay im 16 years old and im just now finding out about this because i have to write a paper on it oka i feel like what happened was really just stupid but honestly i feel like this was at a time where black people werent treated right me being black myself i aint going to sit up there and be mad at every white person because it wasnt the white people from today but im just glad they re-opened that case though because it wasnt right now okay it wasnt right for them to kill him but they should have just shot him or stabbed him they didnt have to do all of that….. it doesnt make sence to me anymore he was just a kid and i don’t see how ANYONE could do anything like that..”IT AINT NOTHING BUT THE DEVIL”!!!!!

  168. see thats wassup u speak the truth girl yea it wasnt right but i mean life goes on and one day those guys are going to get what they deserve if they aint DEAD YET.!!!!!! but i mean people shouldnt be mad at other races because of what thier ancestors did…smh.!

  169. Name 10 world changing advancements that were made by black people in the last 2000 years that helped to advance civilization…

    That’s why white people hate them. Lazier than fucking Mexicans.

  170. all of those who are yelling at each other over stupid shitt look ignorant…if they say sumthin rong dont intertain it but jus kno tht they will get theirs in the future but if you dnt you will look as guilyt as they doo on ur judgement thtz all i gotta say peace nd gudd nitgh…nd by the way I AM BLACK!

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  172. wow i am 13 years old and im acting more of a adult then you #1 why would you say anything like that its dumb was it disgusting when jesus got nailed to the cross i didnt think so if it wasnt for emmet till the world woud have never known of the this the hurtful n eveil things a person come do to another and no matter what color or background some one has no one and i mean no noe should have to die like this because if i cut your arm n you cut mine we both bleed the same color white and black men were both made from the earths dust white and black females made both from adams rib we both only have one life and we both only get to life it one time and emmettill didnt get to life his and we see that so why dont you make it life mean something….
    -think about that the next time you want to say something racist

  173. After slavery ended segration started and when it did Emmit Till didnt know about it.One day Emmit Till was going to visit his cousin,and as he was doing that he said hi to a white woman and like i said Emmit Till didnt know.So that day they called for Emmmit Till and beat to the point were you cant even see his face.They didnt even care that he had a family a family that loved him and if you didnt even care your sick.But i guess thats how it was.And for all you people out there whos commeting and argueing at people who care just as much about Emmit Till as you do.You should be happy that we now have wrights to read,write,count, and so much more.Take advantage and learn lean how to read and write then say something im not saying that you cant comment on Emmit Till im just saying you should not aregue all you people commenting on Emmit Till not even really talking about Emmit Till.
    the end

  174. im white and looking at all the white peoples comments im ashamed to say that. this poor boy did nothing to hurt anyone. so respect his grave!!

  175. I’m a person. We all are. Skin color is but one identifier and yet somehow we have managed to give it credence to who we are, collectively and as individuals.

    Emmett Till was 14 years old. Think of yourself at 14. No one deserves to be brutally beaten and murdered. Nothing he could say should warrant that type of punishment. Nothing anyone could say should warrant that type of brutality.

    His mother wanted an open casket so the world could see the grotesque reality of the senseless brutality of racism in the Jim Crow South. And yes, it is difficult to look at…it should be. His mother wanted people to see so they could be moved to do something about it. So all children could live in a world where they could be free to aspire to be what they wanted to be.

    I am black. I am from the South. And because of people having the courage to stand up to a corrupt system, I am able to enjoy my life in a way my parents could not. I for one am eternally grateful to the people of all races who had the courage to do so. It’s easy to go along with the crowd and engage in “group think.”

    Like I said, we are all people.


  177. This was a time when White America was really beginning to get into becoming it’s sickest and lowest. Emmett Till will always be remembered as a young man who faced his death and murderers with courage. His murderers confessed in an interview because they had already been tried and not convicted that they started out just wanting to just beat on him a little and scare him shitless. Emmett being a city boy from up North was not intimidated nor showed any fear even as they tortured him he would not even flinch and it pissed them off as they said.
    This is grown ass white men admitting that they couldn’t even scare a little African American boy even when they beat, torture and killed him.
    Their egos and white racist pride couldn’t handle that.

    Emmet Till died with honor and I will always think of Emmitt when I am faced with adversity and danger.

    Thank You,
    Mr.Emmett Till

  178. i think that was wrong and everybody should be friends with anybody and that if you don’t like people just get over it and grow up But that wasn’t fair what happen to that boy and no none should have to go though that cause that just so sad and people JUST NEED TO GROW UP and get over the racist and all that…


    TV ONE ran “Untold Story/Emmett Louis Till” director Keith Beauchamp’s film examines the 1955 murder of black14 year old Emmett Louis Till in Mississippi ! What stuck me as a black man that was born in 1958! Was how much nothing has change today in 2011! Today all white jury do the very same racist verdicts. Voting base on racism and pure hatred and totally unfair! Shamefully many would disagree with me! But the facts are the facts. Both black and white Americans believe that things are better. Especially white Americans that feel that ones they allowed black to sit anywhere on public transportation. And go to school with their white children. Blacks should be happy and totally content! In post-trial analyses, blame for the outcome varied. Mamie Till Bradley was criticized for not crying enough on the stand. The all white racist jury was noted to have been picked almost exclusively from the hill country section of Tallahatchie County, which, due to its poorer economic make-up found whites and blacks competing for land and other agrarian opportunities. Unlike the population living closer to the river (and thus closer to Bryant and Milam in Leflore County) who possessed a noblesse oblige toward blacks according to historian Stephen Whitaker, those in the eastern part of the county were remarkably virulent in their racism. The prosecution was criticized for dismissing any potential juror who knew Milam or Bryant, for the fear that such a juror would vote to acquit. Afterward, Whitaker noted that this was a mistake as anyone who had personally known the defendants usually disliked them. White historian lied about this one juror that voted twice to convict, but on the third discussion, acquiesced and voted with the rest of the jury to acquit. In later interviews, the jurors acknowledged that they knew Bryant and Milam were guilty, but simply did not believe that life imprisonment or the death penalty fit punishment for whites who had killed a black man. This is somewhat disputed by later interviews with two jurors who stated as late as 2005 that they believed the defense’s case, that the prosecution had not proven that Till had died and that it was his body that was removed from the river!
    The first trail on the murder of Till the two white men where found not guilty. The second trail took less then fifth teen minute on the kidnapping! NOT GUILTY! Back when the Emmett Till incident happen whites blame the NACCP and outside niggers for the verdict! Today Rev. Al Sharpton is blame for upsetting the judicial process and marching. The disrespectful verdict of the many murdered unarmed innocent black adults and children. Rev, Sharpton is blame! White cops especially have gotten away with beating blacks. Shooting black children as young as 7 years old (Aiyana Jones) and adults as old as 92 years old (Kathryn Johnston)! Many blacks have join Emmett Till that died base on race. By white American citizen and mainly whites in law enforcement. The justice system in America is one of the worse in the world! It is a American embarrassment. Totally racist and stat with irresponsible unprofessional white judges. That care nothing about justice and more about injustice! More about keeping a white police officer employ. Then imprison or either firing him or her. After they murder a unarm handcuff black American by shooting in the back! Today worse then back in 1955 there are video of obvious police criminal abusive brutality activity! When it gets to the justice system straight up police brutality and murder is found not guilty! Today there is less out cry against police brutality then in 1955! Blacks will march for a minute! Cry and shout “no justice No peace for a minute! Then wait for the next innocent black murder! So that should tell America especially black Americans! That marching won’t stop this evil! Shouting NO justice No peace won’t stop it! Changing and enforcing new rules of the use of deadly force will! Automatic firing a police that shoot a unarmed American! Firing any law enforcement that beats a innocent unprovoked caught on camera victim! WILL! Just think politician in some state wrote legislation to stop saggy pants. Fines up to $500 and or jail time! GO FIGURE!!!!

  180. Iam sorry ,but people are peolpe.what happen to Emmit was sick.Janet u are this girl from where ever. If you were just walking down the street and somebody saw you and for no reason did not like you,then that person waited till you got home waited till u went to sleep broke into your home took you out of bed and bet you then hung you from a tree till you were dead then after all that bet you again then took your body and wraped it around a wheel of a trian with rope and dump you in the river. that is what thease sick white people did your peps did to that poor black boy .and by the why I am white and it makes me sick to soul that people in my race would be so sick to say what you just said.I have very good friend and family that are black,and other races and i would die for them.

  181. Great picture. I would have like to be there and give that bastard a few kicks to the head myself. Piece of shit. He deserved it.

  182. I was a victim of an assault by a black punk who wanted to get into a fight at school. I walked away, he snuck up behind me and when I turned my head to see who it was, he sucker punched me with something metal in his hands, he kept punching me. I was on the ground unconscious and he kept hitting me. Another black guy pushed him off me.

    The school could not believe that a black guy had done this without a good reason, so they tried to claim I was a racist although my best friend there was an African guy. Anyhow the school did not want to upset the black community so he was free to be anywhere around me and security did nothing. Police charged him but the black guy that pushed him off me made a deal with the guy who assaulted me and told the school and police that it was self defense.

    The school officials “encouraged” me to leave the school and I did. A few months later at trial the gullible white judge said he would not convict over a chipped tooth. But what had happened was sixteen stitches in different places on my face an two broken teeth (broken in half). Piece of shit white judge acquitted the black scum.

    I lost everything and had to start working a shitty job for the rest of my life. That punk went around school claiming self defense.

    When I hear stories of blacks getting killed like this one or mistreated by the police, I am overjoyed and so happy. You ba tards deserved slavery and I can’t understand why the hell they let you free.
    You are destroying the USA and anywhere else they let you live. Crime, welfare, guns, drugs, shit rap music.

  183. Oh and get this, school security did not want to hand over the security footage of the assault. The investigating police officer told me they were not helpful. Probably trying to avoid a lawsuit.

    I lost my life ten years ago and fell into depression. I was left with very mild brain damage, I can’t concentrate well. I was a top grade student in school, now I work minimum wage rotating shift jobs.

    My life was taken from me lost my school, friends, graduation, career, my mind.

    A hope many more of you blacks die horribly or suffer in jail for the rest of you lives. You certainly deserve it for all the crimes you get away with, rapes and murders especially.

  184. If everyone would just take the pledge not to kill other people for any reason, just adopt this as a basis of behavior, we would evolve to higher beings.

  185. Reading the article from the look magazine, and the testemony of the two white men for murdering emmett made me sick. this picture represents the hatred that the white comunity had for african americans. That hatred is still alive, but if this picture doesn’t make this men and women from the south become for sane than death will be their only remedy…. im hispanic and im truelly disapoint of being part of this crual world. lynching is not something they should advertise and put it on news papers with the smiling faces of those who lynched a man. I hope they are all burn for all eterniy.

  186. I am a 36 year old woman from New Orleans,La.that attended Hinds Community College in Utica, Ms. I always looked at the picture in the front of the hallway of Emmitt Til and just thought he was a student that attended the school. It wasn’t until later on in the years that i was educated on who that was. I was disturb by it and still is, I never in a million years thought a person can do another human being that way. He was just a baby, for the Till family be strong and hold on to God’s unchanging hand cause justice will be served on the attackers,jurors, and the judge when judgement day comes, they will see his face again.

  187. I watched the movie about him tonight and thanked God I wasn’t born in that time because I was ashamed at how white people behaved then and yes in some instances even today. BUT after reading some of these comments I realized the hate is everywhere. This poor child suffered an unimaginable death and his Mom wanted everyone to see what hatred does and sadly until people learn to love one another his death will remain in vain. I’m a white woman and I mourn for this child and the man he could have become, the family he could have created and also for the pain he endured because of ignorance. Also out of respect everyone should refrain from the cursing on the same page as the picture of his suffering. Emmett Till God bless your soul and rest in peace with the Lord and your Mother who is with you now and doesn’t have to suffer the pain of losing her child in such a cruel manner.

  188. First and foremost, we don’t need to be arguing on here. All the racist comments, put that Sh*t to the side. Yes, they pissed all of us African-American/BLacks.Niggas off. But we can’t give in to these racist people who don’t know how it feels to live in our shoes. Lemme school some of you guys, the ones who wanna be heartless and racist. You don’t know what our people had to go through to get freedom. Yes, they were beat, they got whipped badly, they got lynched, and got tortured. Emmett is an example of what our ancestors had to live through. But you guys are too under minded to realize that, because you have never been through it or had to learn about it before. What if it was your child ? What if it was your ancestors shedding blood and tears to get freedom for today? You’ll never know, because you’re so into yourself and think that “WHITES” is the ultimate race. You’re not invincible, matter of fact noone is. This stuff is so childish, to be racist toward blacks. We got our freedom now, and it’s because of our ANCESTORS. Emmett till didn’t deserve this, no black person who lived back then deserved none of it. Yeah, you can basically say that you white people use to “RULE” us. But guess what? It’s not like that anymore. 🙂 Take that BS somewhere else, get over yourselves and be real with yourselves. Come on now, you know damn well you wouldn’t come at a black person sayin that BS, bumpin off at the mouth in person. Cause you know, you won’t do nothing to us. Because we strong, all the things our people went through made our race stronger. && The sad my black people…Why give them the power. Don’t let them get you mad..because we’re stronger than that. Smile at it, and let it go. If you white, and you posted a racist comment…or just pure heartless…you need to really think twice. Cause how the world is today…you know you wouldn’t dare talk sh*t to us like a damn foo, cause we will KNOCK ya’ll on your ass. && Maybe even beat the FU*K outt you, and thats real. Or maybe even shoot you. It gets real, its not what it used to be. You won’t step in the hood talkin like that, you won’t ever live in the hood like we do. You stay in “SUBURBS” lol. I love my race and I’m proud of it. It’s because of Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Emmett Till, && the whole Civil Rights movement that we STAND on our feet today. So WHITE people… hahaha Word to ya mother “Black” people are still standing and we’re still here. Get with the shit 🙂

    1. I’m from the Midwest. Five of my ancestors died in the Civil War because they believed blacks should be free like they were. I was NEVER allowed to say the n-word growing up or even tell a racist joke. I raised my children the same way. Now I live a life of never-ending pain because a young black man wanted to shoot a whitey for no reason. One second on the trigger and now that young man will never have his mother’s Thankgiving dinner again, never hug his mother again, never know the sweet smell of a lady next to him ever again, never have his own family, never see anything of the world outside of gray filthy walls.
      And then I read LadyTooreal’s post advocating blacks to commit more violence over mere words, no less. Is that really what you all want for your people? Are you really PROUD of all the young blacks wasting away in prison? You are advocating blacks to be the lowest they can be, not the best they can be. You should be ashamed to be cut from the same cloth as Emmett’s killers.

      1. I agree with you. && You’re reallyy absolutely right. Thank you 🙂 I wasn’t even trying to advocate for black people to committ violence, . Two wrongs dont make a right, and just because people did stuff to us don’t mean we gottaaa fire back and always retaliate.

    2. Oh, and just so you know, I watched that young man’s mother completely die inside when they sentenced her son (only 19) to life with no parole. They took him away without even letting her hold him one last time. She didn’t look so PROUD at that moment.
      I pray for Emmett, for my son, for the young man that killed him and especially for his mother, who also lost her only son.
      And I pray that someone will read this post and decide on a better life for themselves than thinking violence and guns will make them a man. I can guarantee you that that gun didn’t make him a man. he is probably someone’s woman right now. Think about it

    3. o just shutup u make youself sound so stupid.! im not racist but get over it “lady to real ” your stupid talk like you have an education instead of like a jacka** because im sure you can be very and if u beat the f*** out of someone u go to jail stupid gosh u dont even noe how stupid you are acting you think it makes u cool.? NO IT MAKES YOU AN ASSHOLE.!!!!

  189. You know what.. Mom of a Dead son..yo’re right. && I apologize to my people and to you. I never thought about it that way. I let my anger get the best of me a Little. Just reading the racist comments really made my blood boil. Our world is so cold and cruel, I hate the fact that our people have to suffer, and I feel even worse because Our own people fight against eachother. I’m sorry for the loss of your son, I could never imagine how that feels. I’m just a young woman in this world trying to survive, and just learning about our black history just reallyyy, gets to my heart real bad. Thank you for what you said,. I’ve been changing for the better, honestly. && I wanna continue to change, you reallyyy got your message to me.

  190. Thank you for reading my post and replying. I’m very happy you understand my point. Some people (white or black) will never understand and that is the sad part. I wish all young people who at a crossroads could read my post before they make that decision to pick up a gun or commit an act of violence. There are NO winners when they make the wrong choice.
    I wish all the black posters would consider that many thousands of white people lost their lives trying to free their ancestors and there were so many of them that we actually won. It’s too bad the minority (nincompoop racists) are the only ones that seem to be heard.

  191. You’re welcome. && You are right, this world is full of so much hatred. Many blacks lost their lives ya noe? It was hell tryingto get our freedom, and I feel that it’s dis-respectful to our ancestors. I have lost so many ppl due to gun violence, and it’s hurtful. About 5 of them were friends, and that was just within the year and a half. && Counting..there were about 15 homicides in a year. Smh(Shakin My Head) Young people, have to realize that not only are they destroying their lives, but they destroying the world around them too. Sometimes I wonder what god is thinking, just watching the world crumble piece by piece. I have a purpose in life, and I want to be able to live to pursue it. I hope people read both ouf our messages. What happened to Emmett Till sparked a fire. && It’s never going to end, unless someone decides they want to make a change for the world.

  192. @ Airickca I’m sorry that you have to be related to someone that has had this happen. Racist white people are the worst people around..and I’m white.

  193. When I see this picture, the sadness just wells up inside me. Things seem to have gotten better in the past 56 years, but it’s just on the surface. The devil is the “landlord” here, and young black males, kids and young adults AND older, have been systematically and cruelly under attack by all manner of forces, because the devil knows that if all reached their best potential and all acted for God, the force would be unstoppable. There are so many mothers who have had their children ripped away from them and have had to go through what Mamie did, and there will be many more, and that is really disgusting.

  194. Only God could have comfort the heart of his mother and loved ones. This is a horrible thing that happened to this poor beautiful child. We have come a long way from racism, but unfortunately (as you can see from previous comments) it is till alive. But one day we all will have to stand before God and will be held accountable for every word that have fallen carelessly off of our tongues. We will be held accountable for every thought good or bad and every work/act good or bad. So those who live in sin and die in sin will indeed receive their ultimate reward by the only true and living God. Whether you believe it or not. So there is no need for me to respond to some of the heartless things that has been typed on here. God is the one who has the last say, a last say that matters. Despite the evils of this world Emmett and his Mother are resting in the peace of God and no one can hurt them with their ignorance, words, or racism.

  195. wow i think people should get an education before leaving replies most of them can’t write and then they curse on top of the stupidity.

  196. Cops did this right, cops and FBI are worse then the KKK they are framing thousands of black and hispanics for drugs crimes, while the white boys do more drugs then anybody they dont get jail time for that.
    This is from the ACLU look it up. Cops cover for white criminals even they are by far the worst criminals in the country. They committed and got away with more crime then all the blacks and hispanic combined.
    You dont hear about this because the white cops are covering for them, they are not telling you this

    1. yeah noo u look it up nick blacks and hispanics they are the ones doing most the crime im not racist because some of them are nice but the ones doing the crimes make their whole race look bad whites dont even do half the crimes blacks do.. u should get it right.!

  197. I have read all of your comments, I did a paper on Emmett Till and I changed the topic to ” The Sound of Murder was a Whistle” , if you knew the history of this child you would realize that he did nothing wrong but being black in Mississippi in 1955 you had to literally watch everything and everybody. Emmett had a speech impedement and he stuttered severely. Who is to say that instead of this so-called “whistle” she (Carolyn ) heard could not be the sound of the beginning of Emmett trying to say something, she automatically assumed he whistled at her and ran to her car to retrieve her gun to shoot him, his cousin, and his friends. They ran away. In the wee hours of the morning between 2:00am and 2:30am, some triflin men went to his uncle house pulled him out of bed and that is the LAST time his family ever saw him alive, disgusting was correct, but the men who killed Emmett need to wear that title, he was a child who was only there visiting. He never had a chance to live, grow up, grow old….nothing! This story moves me everytime I read about it because I too have sons and I would die if something that tragic happened to them. Be mindful of the things you say and to whom you say them too.

  198. to mr white man you a studid bitch, and if it came down to it even back then us African American would have wooped yall ass how bout that, a i bet you still stay with yo mama you raciest bitch.

  199. this shit sad as fucc …..i think alot of u pple took this pic the wrong way ..yea us blacc pple can say fucc white pple or wut eva but lets just sit bacc and think about how many white pple had help us out harrit tubman wouldnt never made it out of slavery if she didnt have help from sum white pple that had a gud mine just like blacc pple need white pple they need us as well and we will neva get no were in life if pple keep thinkin and acting the way they do….you pple need god in ur life 2 even fuss up sumthing like this i just hope we all learn sumthing frum this

  200. smh yall white pple talk real hard on da computer 6ut word on crip i 6eat yall wouldnt pull no shit like dis in 2011 cuz yall would of got yall ass 6eat 6lacc pple got yall white pussy ass 6itches scarded as hell now a days

  201. The picture of Emmett Till’s body should be a grim reminder of the cruelty of man towards one another. It doesn’t matter whether you are black, white, purple, or green. No one deserves to be treated the way he was. You can tell that racism is still alive just by the comments that have been posted. Instead of the bickering back and forth with those who were obviously the product of inbreeding, (whiteman), let’s focus on telling Emmett’s story, showing the pictures, and educating our children, so that not another parent has to see her child like that.

  202. Thde white man is the devil,and all the pain they have caused the american indians and the blacks will come back around!

  203. No matter what race you are, ignorance is ignornace, feeding into someone who is ignorant only gives the ingnorant person what they want. As far as this picture goes, its horrible. This was a child, someones baby who was killed because of the color of his skin and the people who did it got away with it. We need to realize the fear that black people had to live with on a daily basis during these times. Blacks werent the only ones who had to fear. if u were white and associated with anything “colored” you were considered a “nigger” and had to be scared as well. black or white, nobody deserves this.

  204. i feel sick but god bless him he did not deserve it he was just whistiling because his mom said to make him feel better i always hated racism back then

  205. I have read most of these comments – I am a 34, white, female, originally from Mobile, Alabama and have now lived in Dallas, Texas for the past ten years. I am taken back by some of the rude, senseless, mean, YES IGNORANT and flat out unkind and unthinkable things some people have said. Yes, we are all entitled to our “opinions” but we all know what “they” say about opinions…we all have one, just like we all have something else. I am embarassed, not only as a white person but as a human being at how tasteless and hateful people can STILL BE NOW! I love ALL PEOPLE and could not imagine all of the hard and cruel things african americans, AS WELL AS OTHER RACES, endured years ago. Racism comes in all forms and colors, it’s not always black/white, but we have to work to stop the hate in the world. I love everyone and wish all happiness and GOD BLESS!!!

  206. “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS”, Emmett Till is at the Top of the page laying dead and maurtered and we underneath, are speaking of the racist that committed the offense. How about speaking of how to FIX the Problem of Racsism. We know that some people are ignorant and say or type things that are at the most, indicative of Who they are and Who they belong to. What I mean by this is that every comment (and retort) is a reflection on WHO raised you and HOW they raised you. BLACK PEOPLE, stop falling victim to these comments or even replying to them because it only makes US appear DUMB. “The Smart people are the ones who ignore these stupid peoples comments and Focus on the Real Issue “Why”.

  207. HOW COULD a loving mother could allow pictures of her dead and buried son decayed in his grave to be publicized like this? I tell you how, she was NO loving mother. If she was a good loving mother, she would not have raised a son who would whistle at a married woman out with her husband brazenly in broad daylight. that right there tells you a lot about Emit Till–he would have gone on to be a rapist no doubt like so many black men. God bless that poor white man in prison now for defending the honor of his wife. There’s not too many of them like that now. Now Emitt Till’s mother–how much money do you think she got to let them publish that picture? So don’t worry about Emit Till, he got what he deserved and his mother got her money too for letting them Jews to use his picture.

    Do you think that Channon Christan’s mother would have allowed a picture of her dead raped daughter, raped by 4+ worthless black men, in the press for any amount of money? No. Remember Channon Christain and Christopher Newsome, may the Lord bless them and curse their black murderers. They day of Judgment is coming, I pray it is soon.

  208. wow reading all of these comments made my head hurt. White people are in the news more then blacks for kiling their own children shooting their schools friends rape and murder. I think i see alot of them also on cops and the dumbest criminals. Blacks are on the news for dumb ass shit also killing each other drive by shooting, burglary. Many white really want to be black think about it who goes to the beach to get tan? Tan is a color of black if a white see a light skinned person their are something else then white. Who really Founded America Indians but a white man claimed it or made the first houses cooked the food, did all teh work to make that person stronger blacks. So every race has a fault. Blacks look at it like this stop wprrying about a couple of words on the screen white people never did anything for themselves thats why they had slaves they made blacks stronger then them thats why they’re scared and coward behind the computer because their ancestors cowarded behind their slaves. So embrace your race and know that all races are evil. But some are stronger then the rest. All colored people are not black and only white people are white. Blacks have a whole world that they can call upon when it comes to races.

    1. some blacks are nice. thats how im gonna start but “plat” you are so rong blacks ruin it for other blacks im not racist at all but actualy blacks do most the crime and get their money off of whites that WORK for a living which is working for themselves smart one. 😛 if whites cowared behind their slaves y didnt the slaves just take over.. thats right cuz they werent cowaring duh sheesh

  209. you are either in a world of denial or you are a liar. Blacks make up 12% of the population and do 51% or the murders and 75% of the rapes. Black men are the most dangerous form of humanoid. Where ever they are in the world is mayhem and murder.

    God bless that man who had the guts to defend his wife against the insults of some young black male punk, with his vile public whistles and insults. God less that for that man for doing his duty and protecting his wife. What a travesty of justice that as an old man he must end his life in prison.

    May the Lord curse the evil murderers, rapists, liars, welfare cheats,. and lazy leeches sponging off of honest people!