Brooke Shields by Gary Gross




In July 1978, at the age of thirteen, Brooke Shields made front page news in Photo Magazine. The young American film prodigy was promoting the film Pretty Baby directed by Louis Malle. In the magazine, a ten-year old Brooke is shown wearing makeup, her glistening body posed naked in a bathtub. The picture comes from a series taken by Garry Gross, an advertising photographer from New York who was regularly employed by Brooke’s mother to photograph her daughter, then a model with the Ford agency.  At the time, Gross was working on a project for publication entitled The Woman in the Child, in which he wanted to reveal the femininity of prepubescent girls by comparing them to adult women.

Brooke Shields  posed for him both as a normal young girl and in the nude, her body heavily made up and oiled, receiving a fee of $450 from Playboy Press, Gross’s partner in the project. Her mother signed a contract giving Gross full rights to exploit the images of her daughter. The series was first published in Little Women, and then in Sugar and Spice, a Playboy Press publication. Large prints were also exhibited by Charles Jourdan on 5th Avenue in New York.

In 1981, however, Brooke Shields wanted to prevent further use of these pictures and tried unsuccessfully to buy back the negatives. A legal battle then began between Shields and Gross with Gross being sued for a million dollars. Brooke Shields claimed that her mother had agreed to give up her rights for one publication only and that the photographs caused her embarrassment. In addition, they had been published, and would probably be published again, in revues of dubious morality. Her lawyers immediately obtained a provisional measure forbidding the use of the pictures until the end of the trial. The case was won by Gross with the court considering the contract signed by Brooke Shields’ mother to be valid and binding on her daughter. Brooke Shields appealed and once again obtained a provisional ban on the use of the photographs.

Finally, after a procedure lasting for two years, the appeal court confirmed that Brooke could not invoke her right to annul the contract and that she was legally bound by her mother’s signature. The court once again reaffirmed Gross’s right to freely exploit the use of the pictures other than in a pornographic context. After the failure of their arguments concerning the validity of the contract, Brooke’s lawyers decided on a new strategy, attacking Gross for violation of Brooke Shields’ privacy. The actress claimed that the publication of the images caused her distress and embarrassment. Brooke Shields’ acting career, however, weakened the credibility of this argument since it had clearly been built by projecting an explicitly sexual image of herself. Whatever the case, the court considered that “these photographs are not sexually suggestive, provocative or pornographic, nor do they imply sexual promiscuity. They are pictures of a prepubescent girl posing innocently in her bath”. The court rejected all Brooke Shields’ claims and decided in Gross’s favour. The trial however, had ruined him financially and had tarnished his reputation. In addition, a change in attitudes towards the “politically correct” had sullied the photographs.

The story, nevertheless, had an unexpected development. In 1992, a contemporary artist called Richard Prince approached Gross about buying the rights to use and reproduce the image of Brooke Shields. In his artistic work, Prince appropriates pictures by rephotographing them, recontextualizing them and giving them a title. The picture of Brooke Shields, for example, is entitled Spiritual America. Gross was willing to retrocede his rights to Prince for a series of ten prints. Prince became a star of the contemporary art scene and his picture was sold at Christies in 1999 for $151,000.

— From “Controversies: A Legal and Ethical History of Photography” in the Bibliothèque Nationale

See a similar controversy here.




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1,050 thoughts on “Brooke Shields by Gary Gross”

  1. “Posing innocently in the bath”?? My God, these are almost pornographic..especially the first one. There’s nothing innocent about a little girl wearing make-up and posing like that. What did the parents think of??

    1. I completely agree with you. I’m not really sure how this is art or legal for that matter. What parent wants their daughter to do this?

      1. Although i personally would not ever allow my Daughter to be photographed like that,It Is leagle. How? Because our defenition of “kiddie porn” would mean the photogropher would have to be photographing the “privte areas” a person standing being photographed nude like this does not. The area in question is darkened so it can not be clearly seen,their for this is art under title 8.

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      3. I would have to disagree, there is nothing wrong these photo’s, they are in no way pornographic , no way , she is not holding a vibrator , nore is she playing with a penis ! no other individual is depicted in a sexualy suggested way with her! Her vagina is not in view and thats what makes pornography pornography! Only sick people get a hard dick from these pictures. I like the art of the photos! what a world we live in, It’s ok for you to follow the law , but when it come to a movie star they should get special treatment, FUCK NO(her mother signed a contract) !!! I have two girl myself and my wife and i have talked about letting them pose nude for a magazine just recently , they would be in good taste as the pic’s here are and well worth the money……… You obtuse Americans need to get a life, do u really think that a Pedophilia is gunna waste his/her time looking at just a pic when there is so much of it on the internet these days! people like you need to learn what art is!

      4. The ‘argument’ is simply a matter of culture,

        cultural differences and attitudes about the

        [entirety] of what is, and then what constitutes

        [Sexual nature, behavior and desires] of the

        total human species. [children] being [involved]

        in (physical matters) is as long as our history

        and has been well documented and thus approached,

        however depending on the author, the authors view

        and then from where and why the author is drawing

        their thesis on the total topic of human

        sexuality. “sexuality” and the carnal mind and

        the desire for sexual / sensual – physical and

        then accompanying mental stimulation(s) is

        ‘wired into us’ from infancy, (we (ARE) sexual

        beings for a variety of reasons, but [or though]

        is or can be refined as the child grows up /

        ‘matures’ and develop’s. those attitudes which

        the child receives or learns and or can be taught

        are a matter of the total cultural attitudes

        about the total place for [sexuality] within the

        social / societal structure. Such is framed on

        demographics, economy, religion, philosophy, and

        how relationsships are and will be attained

        through the use of sensuality, and the roll

        ‘sexulaity’ plays in relationsships and then

        generallly the family structure where

        [procreation] is desired, and required, for a

        variety of reasonings from culture to culture.

        Depending on a persons personal and then often

        assimulated rules on human sexuality and its

        behaviours depends on the taboos, and or

        restrictions and regulations (abstracts) on what

        sexual behaviours ought to be, and the reasoning

        behind them. there is no clear cut and ultimate

        defining for sexuality and the desires and needs

        other than those dictated by yet as we know most

        often ignored by nearly all societies for the

        mere basic carnal wiring we have for sex. though

        it is understood that such is maintained to a

        certain common decore and where privacy is

        generally the rule [inherently] but to demonize

        and then castiagte the human sexual expression

        just because one particular portion of society

        ‘disagrees’ for a list of reasons, is far from

        logical. What we once did as a matter of

        allowance and permissions, we dont do today, such

        as beheading wives you did not want, and have

        accused of some crime, such as King Henry the

        eigth did. we dont do that today. that is a

        certain moral boundary. murder is a lot different

        than making a child sexual interests or

        involvement as being some ‘heinous’ crime when

        the majority of yout who ‘are allowed’ sexual

        expression grow up to be most ‘normal’ and

        balanced, and productive adults. often the

        restraints and disallowances cause disorder, and

        are out of balance with the natural order. i

        could say more but i think i have started the

        topic in its most logical framework.

      5. she is pretty and her body is great, i have no problem with it, nudity is natural by god, you all suck with your concerns lol i hate this culture, nothing wrong with nudity no matter which age in my opinion, whats wrong with all of you i ask? LOL

      1. perhaps you have no idea what ‘underage’ means? just if we’re getting all absolutist you understand…

      2. As a matter of fact he understands fully what pronography is and these pictures of Brooke are not porn. Would I let a child of mine pose for these type of pictures? NO! But that is a personal choice.

      3. Gross’s partner in the project was PLAYBOY you f*ckn retards, it’s quite clearly pornography. In the first photograph she’s clearly sexualized with the ton of makeup she’s wearing.

      4. Definition of PORNOGRAPHY

        1: Pictures or Writing used to depict erotic behavior with the intention to cause sexual excitement.

        2: Books or Photograph/s that depict erotic behavior and produced to cause sexual excitement.

        3: Acts depicted or represented in a sensational manner which arouse a quick intense emotional reactions.

        ….. The above usually involves two or more individuals engaged in such behaviour, but may consist of only one individual, Explicitly Exposing the Private Parts in a Lewd and Provocative Manner, and or carrying out Sex Acts, so as to result in the above examples, or similar.
        It DOES NOT however include Plain Ordinary Nudity (which in itself IS NOT ILLEGAL), no matter what the age. Try looking up ‘NUDITY WITHOUT MORE’.

        No, there is nothing wrong with Children Being Naked. But YOUR Little Girl or Boy who possibly runs around the house or yard, or at the beach, fully nude, even if they are only a Toddler, and prance around swinging their hips, or (girls) poking out her chest, or (Boys) playing with his penis, and or strutting around otherwise bringing attention to their BITS, is MORE Pornographic than Brookes Photos or any other similar ones. Also, how many of you have allowed your kids to do this, and when your little boy swings his willy, you pretend to try and grab it (You Perverts).

        For more information and THE TRUTH about Pornography and the Definition as a Noun, according to, go to … and Scroll down towards the bottom of the page.


        So ! ….. After reading the above and viewing the abovementioned Website, and Doing A Bit more research ……… How many of you can Truly And Honestly say that you haven’t allowed your kids to Prance Around Naked, and possibly taken Photos of them yourselves, and can Still Claim Brookes or similar photos to be Pornographic.

      5. I agreed with the first part of your statement… but when you talk about a toddler running around being MORE pornographic than these photos… you crossed a line into the disgusting.

        Your argument is also flawed in that most people don’t take naked pictures of their 11 year old…

      1. Really art???
        There is nothing artistic about this, other than using the term art as a way to publish pictures of underage nude children and please a devoted group of pedophiles.

      2. It is art for people like me. I like the photo of a 10 year old girl naked looking like a prostitute. That is art with capital A!

      3. this crap is SICK! This is doing nothing but promoting pedophiles which our government and law enforcement is FULL of. How can he do this without going to jail? Isn’t this considered pedophilism. There is NOTHING artful about this, and I am an artist. This is kiddie porn. How the hell are people NOT being fined for posting this? HUH? This is why I don’t have kids. and why come out with it now all these years later? UGH

      4. no it is actually normal to ger a hard dick from such a picture, it is in human nature… you should say only sick people would wanna rape her… getting a hard dick, or even jerking of in private, in my opinion, totally normal, most do it, only a few admit it….. amen….. yup yup yup…..

      5. You can say and try to defend it as art etc. But the thing is its playboy which is a porn magazine theres a reason you have to be 18years old atleast to buy it ,you cannot disconnect the porn aspect it’s the whole point of the magazine that’s the 1st thing not the last

      6. Anyone who doesn’t see a problem with these photographs, clearly is part of the scum that plagues humanity (pedophiles) & anyone even debating this just to play devil’s advocate, shame on you. All you’re doing is encouraging this behavior by saying, “I wouldn’t photograph my 10 year old nude, but this is “art” so it’s fine to happen to some other child.” Well, you’re sick as well. Bottom line the photos are completely inappropriate and should NOT be public for ANYONE to view. (Personal family photos that might contain a nude shot of your child during their younger years (newborn to 5) is normal. Not published photos linked to PLAYBOY.)

    2. Please stick to the essence. It is a picture of a naked girl with make up on. That’s all. Only a perverted mind combines this with other perceptions.
      Thus not taking away that it is crazy to publish this open to those who have such a mind. Also this does not help in any way the development of well being of the child.

      por·nog·ra·phy (pôr-nŏg’rə-fē)
      Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

      The presentation or production of this material.

      Lurid or sensational material: “Recent novels about the Holocaust have kept Hitler well offstage [so as] to avoid the … pornography of the era” (Morris Dickstein).

      1. I pose like this when i wanna get f***ed. This is ridiculous! I am an artist and this is not art. To have an underage child signed away by her mother to pose nude in sexually suggestive manner is a tragedy to the child. I am younger than Brooke Shields, but to see her treated this way as a child or to see any child treated this way breaks my heart.

      2. YOU’RE A MORON.



        These images WERE intended to cause sexual arousal, AND THEY DO.

        That’s what CHILD PORN and PEDOPHILIA are all about.

      3. The ONLY way you’re gettin’ F****D Krystal is if you assume the pose of FACE DOWN, @$$ up, ’cause that’s the only way ur gettin it!

    3. my goodness… this is a very, very weird. it’s one thing to take a photo of your kids in the bath when they are babies but this seems to imply some sort sexual sickness. i’m not sure if the artist meant it this way but i don’t think it is appropriate at all. i also gasped when i saw them. good god.

      1. That is exactly the point. You admit that it’s okay to take pictures of babies in the bath? babies are still victims of sexual assault. how is that any better? that is literally just taking pictures of naked babies, this is taken an art image with a specific message. Though i think it’s art and the panic surrounding it is ridiculous given some of the other things going on that are far more important (like people actually molesting children) I think if anyone’s to blame it’s Brooke Shields’ mother at the time… But then that’s a whole new argument I guess.

        X x X

      2. Then you should see the complete set. There is one where she is standing in front of the tub, straight on, and another where she has one foot up on the edge of the tub so you can get a nice view of the goods.

    4. This phony “scandal” is a fraud perpetrated by the Tate gallery to drum up interest; it’s all public relations to bring in the crowds. These photos have been shown everywhere for decades, including PHOTO magazine when they were first taken, and nobody raised an eyebrow.

      The film “Pretty Baby” which these shots are related to was much more serious as Shields acted a child prostitute who gets auctioned off. Even there it didn’t cause much of a ruckus.

      1. It’s people like you that make a photo like this porn but I suppose you objectify like this clothed or not.

      2. You sick fuck, thats prolly cuz you cant get no pussy of your own, so disgusting shit like this gets you off. Go fucking die u pedophiliac fuck

    5. Take a look at the girls going to school – they’re all made up at the age 8 or 9.
      Been on holiday to the Costas?? girls the age of 5 plus topless or naked dancing around, swimming or just lazing about. She is all the girls you see there.
      Do we rape them? No, because we know how to behave. We don’t attack little girls who drss up or down..


      1. For one thing, this is the art of irony. It is intended to cause the kind of arousal that you have shown… outrage… It is definitely not pornographic except in the eyes of someone who can only see a naked body as being sexual. In that case, the statue of David is a gigantic pornographic emblem as well… not child porn by your definition, but porn none the less, because it depicts a naked person which someone somewhere might choose to sexualize.

        This artistic piece is intended to point out something about the downturn of society. Funny thing is that, at the time of the original photos, the downturn was the over-sensualization of children. Now the downturn is that prudish fear has taken over American society, so much so, that a naked child is a horrific emblem of debauchery, instead of an asexual gangling.

        The fact that these pictures embarrass Ms. Shields is more of the issue here in my opinion.

      2. You should post in all-caps next time. It will make your point seem so much more emphatic and thus you will persuade more people rather than, say, making them think you are a witless, clueless crazy person.

      3. Yes, this is art, some kinds of art are meant to be provocative, and if all you see in it is pornography than you have no taste in art and there is something wrong with you. Let me tell you what it is, its called ignorance. I dont know if you noticed but many paintings etc. from old times represent naked bodies in one way or another, but do people call them porn? No. So get the fuck out of here newfag.

      4. Not that I condone this but obviously you’ve studied the picture enough to notice all those things


      5. pornography is on the eyes of the beholder.
        The PHOTOS are obviously artistic for anyone with a pure mind. Of course there was a lot of money envolved for both sides of the contract.

        This so called “actress’s” career was built on the sexual exploitation of her image as a teenager (Pretty baby, Blue lagoon). Then she made a name and wanted to clear the image of how she (her mother)built it in the first place.

        Let’s not forget how society’s perception changes and it changes rapidly nowadays. The 70′s were very different from the 2010′s in what concerns morality or public awareness of what child abuse is.

        Saying that these pictures are pornographic, bearing in mind they were made in 1978, is a bit like saying that the death penalty was a barbarian custom in the 15th century.
        Something so ridiculously outdated by the development of humanist nature of the 19th and 20th century (the death penalty) was not perceived as moraly wrong in the 15th century for obvious reasons related to the lack of scientific knowledge about human nature at the time.
        Well It’s true that some barbaric states and hipocritical societies stil practice it, but hopefully Humankind will continue to evolve.

      6. all caps. how unique.

        it’s said that the ones who protest the loudest are the ones with something to hide.

        it’s true; remember Wm Shakespeare? MacBeth? “the lady doth protest too much” making a biiiiiiig deal, lots of outrage harumph harumph.

    7. Hi gyes…I think that her mother didn’t give a shit about exposing her little daughter like this.I think she solded herself out for the MONEY.It’s all about money.Everything is sacrified on the altar of money my friend

      1. Amen,Pedoman. Her little titties gave me an instant woody. I would so love to lick her smooth little pussy to my hearts content, which would be forever. And to suck on those cute little nubs while fingering her pussy would just make my day.

      2. Me too. They’re some of my favorite photos to masturbate to. She looks stunningly beautiful in them and her sexy, young, flat, smooth body is an incredible turn on and instantly gets me aroused every time.

    8. I do not see anything wrong with nude photos. Were you born dressed or naked? To be naked is natural, only ignorant laws tel you what to do and what to think. You have to have your own brain. These pictures are not porno pictures. In Europe, we have nudity everywhere and nobody is doing a big deal out of it. Parents take nude photos of their kids on vacations and nobody would even think there is something wrong with this. You Americans are telling morals to everyone but if you see that a nude picture of a child is wrong and watching murders and killings on everyday TV is NORMAL then you are really stupid. Nudity when innocent is normal and not sick. Your kids are watching murders and rapes on TV on daily basis and it became so ordinary that seeing it won’t disturb anyone, but nude picture does. In America kids are born in suit and tie, I guess. Haha, get real.

      1. well said mike

        i also think anything can be taken out of context and be used in a negative way. something as simple as a knife and fork, i look at and thing food utencils, while someone else might think murder weapons! (a bit far fetched but still)

        if i went to the park with my wife and saw a little girl running around naked with her family, would i suddenly become a pedo no, but who knows if there would some weirdo walking around having sexual thoughts when he looked

        if you grow up thinking there is nothing wrong with nudity etc. you wouldnt find anything wrong with these pics, if you however grew up being taught how everything that someone else sees something is wrong (often TV), you’d find these pictures disturbing

        we could take this one step further, would you think its wrong to take younger kids to museums when pieces like michaelangelo’s david is being shown. you are basically showing them a nude man in all his glory? you certainly would arrest someone for showing kids naked images of a man? something to ponder

      2. These are not pictures of “nudity” they are SPECIFICALLY POSED to spark a sexual response. THAT’S why they’re controversial, moron. They are POSED. These are not whimsical snap shots on the family trip.

        These are STAGED.

        RAPES and CHILDMURDERS are FACILITATED by this type of “moral compass free”, or “borderline free” “art”.

      3. Hey KIM- rapes and child murders would happen anyway. They’ve happened for ages, and it won’t stop. There will always be sick fucks who can’t control themselves and that’s just the way it is. An interesting fact? Violent crimes increase in a repressed society, not the other way around. My stepfather, a police officer, has done terrible things to me. You know what though? I don’t hate him, or even what he did to me really. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I am a much stronger person today now that I’ve learned to accept sexuality, and childhood sexuality, as a fact of life.

      4. It’s a well known fact that Americans think sex is worse than violence. As a matter of fact they often confuse the two.

      5. Well of course we were born naked, but modesty is important as well. Not to get too Biblical, but when Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden, they didn’t know they were naked, because their eyes were not yet open [they had yet to gain the knowledge between good and evil…the laws of opposition, if you will. Satan [no, he wasn’t a snake; that’s a misunderstood metaphor] used a mixture of lies and half-truths to convince Eve she “…would become as the gods, knowing good and evil…you will have knowledge.” This was true, but ol’ Scratch left out the part about their eyes becoming open. At any rate, once their eyes were open, they discovered their nakedness [it became apparent, and an issue]. Before, it was like they were little kids running around naked without thought of their lack of clothes. Unfortunately, not everyone has your kind of clear thinking and ability to separate what is apparent from what is intended. I’d rather stick with preserving modesty, you know? Cheers!

      6. No offense, but that’s a fairytale made up by a bunch of overly religious old men meant to tell people that their naked bodies are inherently shameful. Complete bullshit. Never happened.

        Nothing wrong with modesty, but there is nothing inherently shameful about the human bodiy. I can understand why people still think there is. They’ve been pounding it into our heads for thousands of years.

      7. ‘It’s a well-known fact Americans think sex is worse than violence…’? Cite your sources please.

      8. Their attitudes towards violence being shown on TV/movies as opposed to sex. You could go to mainstream movie and see some of the most disgusting violence, dudes getting parts cut off, getting shot in the head endless blood. That get might get an R rating. Try to put out a movie with some graphic sex scenes and nudity. No major cinemas or retalers will want to put that on their shelves or broadcast. NC 17 rating for that bitch.

        The abstinance bullshit their pushing on their kids is a prime example of their twisted fear of sexuality. You can’t stop teens from having sex, if they want to do it they will at the first oppurtunity.Instead of educating the children about safe sex and letting them go out there prepared, they demonize sex by telling them God said it’s bad, or evangilise it by hyping it up as a magical sacrement between a man and woman. Those are the kids who will get taken advantage of by more experienced people.

        It may be uncomfortable as hell to talk to them about it, but as parents, it is your responsibilty, not the government, not teachers and not celebrities. That was a little off topic, but you see what I’m getting at right?

      9. Yeah, I see what you’re talking about. It is the parents’ responsibility to talk to their [our] kids about such topics. I hate that I’ve had to get my kids’ young minds into awareness of these things well before what they should have to, but I’d rather it were me. I with you on that. In our religion, we teach that sex is a beautiful and sacred thing. Contrary to other things I’ve heard all my life, until I joined “my” church, which teaches that sex was designed to be “good…VERY good,” but supposed to be kept between legally-bound spouses.

    9. It is child pornography!

      It is child abuse!

      All involved should be arrested, tried, and punished!

      What a disgraceful statement on America that they weren’t!

      The child protection agencies that disregarded it should be castigated!

      1. Did you read Mike’s comment? Or, just assume that nudity equals sex no matter what that you feel the need to cry out “child pornography”? Do YOU see something sexual about these photos? If you do, then it’s safe to assume what you are thinking. And, that goes for anyone else that thinks like you.

      2. You; in your status as morale compass for the world,are what is wrong with so much of our country. I’m sorry if you were brought up to be ashamed of yourself and to hide under twenty layers of clothes; or if someone looked at you wrong while growing up. There is nothing wrong with these pictures. If an individual gets aroused by them then yes that person should have corcerns. For you to label this child pornography and say everyone should be arrested is direct statement on either your own thoughts of child abuse or you ability to express ignorance in a way that makes others feel you might know something. In laymens terms, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” I truly hope that you aren’t a parent, because if you are you will have those horrible kids that don’t respect anything and expect the world on a platter. Try and respect beauty and simplicity for what it is some time.

      3. t is child pornography! NO this is not.

        It is child abuse! NO she was ask and she agreed + mom was there.

        All involved should be arrested, tried, and punished! For what imaginary crime, were fancied in your mind, from these Images

        What a disgraceful statement on America that they weren’t! You should learn to finish a sentence; please don’t show your low level of education, in this method. Pour child please go back to school. Please quit kissing your preachers rectum.

        The child protection agencies that disregarded it should be {castigated… The word you are looking for is castrated. This word describes the removal, either surgically or tortuously, of the male’s GENITALS.. OH tis wurd meins balls and dics. Ass spakined by most Americains.

      4. YES!!! Bring back the SPANISH INQUISITION!!! Let the rule of the ALMIGHTY GOD decide these matters!! Burn the wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May GOD bless you, Tom!!

      5. I think it may have tipped the scale if she were carressing, say, a 24 inch black vinyl strap-on. And to those above who blame her mother exploiting her beauty for a free ride on the fame wagon for her current head problems, no that was caused by what Andre Agassi made her do with the tennis racquet.

      6. If you did some legal research, you would know that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Child Pornography is a “depiction” of a minor ENGAGED IN SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONDUCT…in other words, it is a recording of a crime-committed. Read up on the history of Child Porn and Obscenity laws and decisions in the U.S. in the case Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition, scratching provisions of the law banning “virtual child pornography”.

    10. These pics were made at HER MOTHER’S REQUEST and in her mother’s presence.
      The following summer she starredin Pretty Baby in which she played a whore in a 1920s brothel

      1. Jodi Foster played a more modern day 12 y/o hooker in Taxi Driver without any flesh shots and did ok for herself! Tho she was NEVER Hotter than getting raped in The Accused

    11. When I saw “Pretty Baby” the first time shortly after its release 30 or more years ago my attention focused mainly on how naive the makers of the film were in their look at sex. The idea of a ten years old girl happily watching herself auctioned and later on devirginized was almost comical and definitely only dwelt in a nirvana inside the film makers’ minds.

    12. Ok, split decision: photos of naked kids are not inherently sinful, illegal, illicit, pornographic, etc. and anyone who thinks they are has some twisted ideas of what’s normal, healthy, and emotionally balanced. However, taking a little kid and putting her in scenes and poses that are way out of little-kid-context, and are in fact staged to imitate what normally are considered (artfully? provocatively?) erotic were she an adult, that has clear attributes of being “bent.” These are not “family in the park” photos, aren’t designed or meant to be, and someone using that analogy is stretching beyond credulity, and perhaps self-respect.


      Because that’s what this really all about. While some of you are working yourselves into towering frenzied orgasmic cries of outrage, there are those of us sitting here with bemused and even downright contemptuous regard for the narrow minded bigotry that fails to see images of natural beauty in anything other than a sexual context.

      Continue to get excited over these and other images. If there is a Hell, its fires burn for you, not us.


    14. Posing in the bath almost pornographic???? you nut case, go do some more drugs and hallucinate you creep.


      2. I agree Dan! I love young innocent girls! i have the movie pretty baby just to watch her parade around naked! so hot!

    15. It is a sad day when the parents let their little girl to pose for this type of pictures. I guess they thought they would get rich on their child’s fame…and perhaps they did. Sick people!!

    16. Come on people…it was 1975. Do you think things might have been a bit different back then? We were barely out of Vietnam, Make Love not War was the cry in most circles, and a time when much art was opened up to sexuality. All of you must be very young or ignorant of past events. Maybe they even needed the money? Good ole’ mom. Don’t blame Garry.

      1. I was molested and raped almost daily as a little girl in the mid-70s, from age 5 to 10. But it was the 70s, right? So that makes it okay?


      2. REPENT of your SIN, “STILL RECOVERING.” You SINNED and have not confessed YOUR SIN TO GOD!!! That is why you have not recovered!! Acknowledge your role in YOUR SIN so GOD will forgive you, stop playing the innocent victim for sympathy, REPENT, REPENT, REPENT!!!!!!!! May GOD forgive you (only if you repent and sin no more) and bless you!!!!

    17. Actually, it was her mother that agreed to the contract. Obviously a stage mom that wanted fame for here daughter. Mission Accomplished.

    18. Porn reduces sexual crimes that’s a fact.Almost all the studies suggest that.That’s true even for artificially made “child” porn.

      People are only “traumatized” by sex if
      1>there is violence or authority involved.
      2>there is a continuous negative programming about sex.
      All the detailed meta-analytical studies prove that.

      Adults are more affected or “traumatized” by abuse than are children.That’s a fact.

      Teen-agers are mature. Studies such as those by Robert Epstein prove that adolescence is only an artificial extension of childhood.

      Historically 12 year olds have been thought as old enough to get married.Romeo was 14,Juliet 13.Teen-age marriages are less likely to end up in divorces.That’s a fact.

      Before the hysteria kicked in,there was a study done that suggested that the average man finds the average women most attractive when they are 16.But there is also is a good deal of attraction for 14 and 15 year olds.Even 13 year olds are usually seen as attractive.

      Stop the hysteria and negative programing about the human body.

      1. G is DEMON POSSESSED, your reasoning is a VIAL TRICK OF SATAN!!!! Burn the INTELLECTUALS!!!!! They ALL HATE GOD!!!!!!!!!!! May GOD have MERCY on your damned soul!!!!!

      1. Your roots Michael are woven into the soil of the DEVIL!!! I command you to be SILENT in the HOLY NAME OF GOD or you will suffer ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!!!!

    19. There is absoulutely nothing wrong with these photos.What’s wrong is the demonization of sex and the nude form.If this photo showed brooke being killed ,but fully dressed,there will be no shouting.That’s how messed up our society has become.

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    21. There was actually only one parent who made the decision. And that was her mother. And whatever she was thinking one thing is clear: those pictures catapulted Brooke’s career. She has never been out of the limelight since those pictures were published and her being cast in Pretty Baby. Her mother wanted her daughter to be a star and did what she thought she had to do to accomplished that. And regardless of what we personally think about that decision one thing is clear, it worked!

    22. It’s amazing how many puritan tight asses there are in the world.

      If these pictures strike you as pornography I think the problem lies with you.

    23. stop been ignorent, when you were little you probably put make up too and try your mothers clothes beswides anything sexual is put by who ever is looking at the photos if you thing is pornography is because this is something you are into.

    24. Look up Ted Gunderson speaking on Youtube (dead now), look up Cathy Obrien also speaking on Youtube, and her free pdf book TRANCE formation fo America and you will be horrified there are lots of immoal parents out there selling their children. Gunderson was a former FBI head and found the tunnels of the Mcmartin Daycare center accusations, the prosecution was not interested. He also exposes Finders and Boys Town.

      1. YES, kelas, Davis should be LOCKED AWAY THEN CRUCIFIED after suffering a long internment!!! GOD bless you kelas!!!

      1. Gary can not be SAVED!! His soul is warped and will never be healed. HIS KIND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THEIR SUFFERING!!! By REMOVING his kind we can BREAK THE CYCLE of wickedness and live in a PURE and RIGHTEOUS society!!!!!

      2. Hey Righteous…Imagine how life in Heaven will be for you after your life in Hell here on earth is over.

    1. You’re mother took pictures of you as a child made-up like this, nude, and posing seductively? These are not the innocent photos parents snap of toddlers and babies in the tub. And her parents were not even the ones to take the photos!!! What were they thinking? What were the courts thinking? Disgusting.

      1. And I have children. The whole nude snapshots are only cute up to a certain age, maybe like 4 or 5 at the most. After that, it’s just not right. And I really doubt most ten year old girls would be comfortable showing themselves like this.


  2. What’s the big whoop! She’s a pretty little girl so what. I say make wallpaper out of it. What do you wanna bet she probably peed in the tub too.


      1. I have found that the people who protest the most and threaten violence are usually the ones trying to hide their own perverted thoughts.
        these people feel the need to use fowl language in a public forum,thus confirming to the world that they have an intelligence on par with neanderthal man

      2. So, you’re not only a little pedophile (we all know you are, right!!!), you’re a racists, too! – you are everything that makes me feel ashamed to be a human!

      3. Sorry, for those who are not intelligent enough to see it, I was talking to Matt not to Steve, because Steve is absolutly right in what he’s saying and Mstt is just a poor little man without a brain!!! – fact!

      4. YOU, Matt, pretend to be righteous, but your FOWL MOUTH reveals the true nature of your soul!!! You are POSSESSED BY A DEMON!!! GO TO YOUR PRIEST AND HAVE THAT DEMON EXORCISED!!! You have the faith and morals inside of you but your DEMON MAKES YOU UNWORTHY!!!! May GOD bless you so that you may be whole again!!!!

  3. What’s the big whoop! She’s a pretty little girl so what. I say make wallpaper out of it. What do you want to bet she probably peed in the tub too.


    1. well, what if i whack it to this photo? then will you say it’s art? If this is art, keep it coming. Thank you playboy for buying it! In my opinion, even if it wasn’t embarrassing to Brooke Shields, even if she was completely fine with these photos, the point is that her opinion or acceptance of these photos won’t stop people from masterbateing to her child form. I won’t masterbate for now, just because I feel kinda bad…however, i will be honest, it made me horny. Call that art, call it whatever.

      1. Oh my fucking God. Are you serious? It’s fucking sick fucks like you “Mike” that disgraces the human race. You are scum man. Either you were fucking raped and enjoyed it as a child, or more than likely never had sexual relations with a woman…. in which you never will. I will be honest, I’m not just saying this because i’m typing this on a reply page, but If i knew where you lived and ever met you i would personally paralyze you from neck down, then all you could do is watch as I cut your fucking balls off and sewing them to your forehead. Your sick.

      2. yeah man… um, mike. whether you agree with what these photos are & aren’t i think you crossed some lines there. what you wrote is kinda sick. you may need to see someone. it’s not normal.

      3. you know what matt? it’s you who sound like a disturbed motherfucker right here. but it’s alright, you’re just a depressed guy with an inferiority complex so i just feel sorry for you, more than anything else.


      4. O my dear god, you sick little bastard.
        Matt’s comment did kinda describe what I felt, but for it’s worth : I do admire you for your honesty, but now admire me for my honesty : you’r a fucking sick person and you should be treated. I do agree with Matt about the woman part ; you haven’t had sexual relations with a woman. Because common dude if a 10 year old makes you horny, something went wrong when you came rolling out of your momma..

      5. Mike and Matt, even though from opposing sides of the discussion here are both extremely sick. I am on the appreciation side of these photos and have posted before in favour of them. I do find them beautiful and also artistic. You are welcome to disagree. But I find Mike and Matt to both be extremely offensive. I’m not sure if Mike is just trying to bait, but it’s sick and perverted to even suggest what he said. Matt on the other hand also has a serious problem, and personally I find his attitude and behaviour much more concerning than the photos. I’ve read Matt’s posts here and Matt, I think you are overdue to see your shrink, you have a serious problem, but please take Mike with you.

  4. Brooke Shields will always be Brooke Shields.
    She will always be remembered this way.
    And I do not even mean negatively.
    From an artistic perspective,
    the photographs look perfect
    and appealing to the senses.
    From an ultra-conservatist view however,
    well, people who don’t understand true art
    will always say negative things.
    Brooke probably reacted so much because of
    conservative values of Western society.
    She wouldn’t have minded
    if only she wasn’t “embarassed” about it.
    Conservative values “embarassed” her
    and not the nakedness.
    We are all born naked.
    I do not understand what all the fuss is about
    the nude form.
    This artform will never go away because it is
    part of us all.
    Brooke shouldn’t be pitied.
    She should be adored and glorified
    because her Mom had the guts to show the world
    how beautiful her daughter was.
    All this crap that we’re debating will disappear
    eventually because it’s a trend.
    Sooner or later, public nudity will again
    be the “in” thing.

    1. Umm.. there is a huge difference between art and exploiting a CHILD. This is close, if not, child porn. Especially that first one. I would never, in a million years, take photographs of my children in that manner. Disgusting. There’s no telling what all the pervs in the world are doing AFTER viewing these. Sick.. just sick.

  5. Pornography is in the eye of the of the beholder. If you see this as art, then you’re seeing them from the viewpoint of an artist. If you see these as pictures of childhood, then you’re seeing them from the viewpoint of a parent. If you see this as pornography, what view point do you have?

    1. I agree that it is in the eyes of the beholder. The make up is a little heavy, for dramatic affect, but I see it as art; if someone sees it as pornography, I think it says more about them than the photograph. And, yes I am a mother of two, 16 & 20, boy and girl, who both have normal lives, respect for others, themselves, their bodies, and healthy attitudes about nudity and sex. We need to see beauty in people and pull minds out of the worst-case-scenario mind set.

    2. THANK you!! Pornography is in the eye of the goddamn beholder. It takes a sick mind to see a picture as sick. Obviously there are artists out there that would see this as art and would not even think of child porn until it is brought up. Now everyone listen, just because you see this as art doesn’t mean you get a hard on for kids. It’s the opposite. I don’t know how people like Matt and Sarah came up with a perspective like that. The point if this photo was to promote an anti-child sex, key word “anti”, movie about a child prostitute, her mother and a pedo who fell in love with her. If you were to watch the movie you’d see why a picture like this was chosen as a preview to the movies content.

      1. I found the pictures to be very pleasing to look at. Thay ARE art !

        I didn’t get get aroused by them. I just can’t get aroused by mere pictures. It may have been different had I been present in the bathroom at the time, but I wasn’t. Or maybe not, with cameramen, lighting technicians etc also present. Not to mention mom !!!

      2. I bet most of the moralists b!+ch!n about this being Child Porn are the same one’s praying that Adult Pornography be banned!

    1. If you think Playboy is pornographic by modern standards, you might want to think about moving to the 21st century.

  6. Also did you know that Brooke Shields posed like that, and in similated nude sex scenes in films such as Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon? And guess how old she was when she first had sex? 22 years old.

    The average age then was 16–for those who didn’t pose like this.

    1. I was sexually abused as a child and I did not choose to have sex until I was 21. It is not because the chance never came up, it was because I was humiliated that I had been used in such a way for my entire childhood and convinced myself that I would not give it up as easily as it had been taken from me. Perhaps Brooke Shields felt the same.

      1. I too suffered years of childhood sexual abuse and was date raped as a teen because I’d basically been taught as a girl that my body wasn’t mine to say “no” to. I was taught the only way a man would ever “like” me is if I had sex with him. Women had no other purpose–and this message was reinforced in mainstream music, movies, the fashion magazines–sex sells. I did not actually enjoy sex with other men myself until I was in my late 30s.

        I’m always saddened seeing people rationalize away the loss of childhood innocence and pretending it has no lasting effects.

      2. Still Recovering needs to let it go and move on. All therapy will do is bring back your bad memories. To compare this artistic rendition to actually being sexually abused/assaulted just shows the emotional trauma you went through and the lack of clear-thinking. You can’t change the past or dwell on it, just try to move forward and make the most of the rest of your life.

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Where I and others see beauty, sick twisted minds see pornography. Don’t you think its time you stopped seeing people, especially children, in this sick way?

    Lets put this in perspective. In the bible Lot offered up his child daughters to a crowd for their sexual and deviant entertainment in order to protect his home and was/is considered a righteous man by religions all over the world. But those same religions see the beauty of childhood and the human body as presented to creation by God, as pornographic.

    How can anyone with an IQ greater than Forrest Gump take them seriously?

    1. Listen here you holy rollin fuck. I’m sure back in Christ’s time there was no right or wrong involving sexual or explicit activities…. but, Its the 21st Century, times has changed, and shit like this is in my mind and more than likely 98% of the world’s considered child pornography. I don’t see how you can argue about this. And if you are wondering why i said 98%, it’s because the other 2% is made of sick fucks that think and act like you and the disgusting sex offenders out there.

      1. Are you saying that the Bible is irrelevant today, and that we should trash the out-of-date parts?

        This is more troubling than any photo.

      2. Ok, so then, 98% of the world needs to get down and start photographing kids in the tub. I find Kodak Gold 400 works best with natural light.

  8. I say she looks totaly hot….. that picture is beauty for my eyes evendo I’m an adult, I can honestly say: these set of pics gets me horny, she was a young, sexy little woman. My God, this ain’t pornography, but she gets me so horny I could blow out.

    1. Dan, u fucking sick fuck. If you arn’t a sex offender now, you are soon to be one. How the fuck can you say a picture of an 11 Year old Brooke Shields, or in that matter ANY child gets you horny. You are a sick-minded man. You’re only pleasure you’ve ever gotten was from you’re hand. Go die man, please.

    2. Fiend, who the fuck are you, im guessing you agree with all these sickos who get off to this picture. What the fuck kinda of name is fiend… sex fiend???? Nah i doubt you have ever gotten pussy, if anything a sex doll..

    3. I agree Dan! I love young innocent girls! i have the movie pretty baby just to watch her parade around naked! so hot!

  9. I completely disagree with the court’s decision because Brooke Shields was a child when these photos were taken, and therefore unable to consent. Her mother consenting for her is in itself disturbing and a whole different debate, but once Brooke turned 18, she should of had the right to make decisions about these photos. If for any reason she consented to the publication or use of these photos, after the age of 18, then she wouldn’t have a case. But it appears this was all done when she was underage. I also disagree with the courts on the nature of these photos. Not inappropriate? – these photos make any rational adult uncomfortable. No person should have to pay as an adult for the fact that he/ she was exploited as a child.

    1. Are you saying that court determinations should be ignored if YOU don’t like them?
      This is way more outrageous than any photo.

      1. Court decisions are society’s decisions and whether we hold on to, or change them are dependent on such discussions and opinions. Even socalled gospel truths have changed with time.

  10. I’ve looked at pornography, and I’ve looked at art. If you ask me these photos appear to have an artistic side to them. I would look at this as a problem if there were people or objects of an adult nature (ex: sex toys) involved in the photo. This is not child pornography, this is art at its finest. Case closed.

    1. Oh, hi you doin 22rants, you four-eyed fuck. God there are so many child-mongers on the web, it sickens me. Don’t use the excuse of calling this disgusting portrait “Art”, when really you are probably getting off to this. You probably would like to see her using sex toys you fucking petifile. I’m 100% sure you are a virgin… and will remain so after saying shit like that. And ohh yessss… im sure you have a fucking computer just made to hold porn and what not, along with kiddie flicks im guessing.

      1. Matt, you are the one that seems to have the problem here. ’22rants’ comments were rational, well worded and considerate. Just because you disagree with him you need to resort to that sort of language and abuse. You seem to have a serious anger problem. And to be honest, I would feel much safer leaving my daughter in the care of 22rant than with you. I think you are more a danger than ’22rant’ or the photographer of these photos.

      2. oh, matty-boy…your thinking is advanced as your spelling ability.
        but thank your chosen god that the internet is an impartial place where aggressive morons like you can spout their ignorance to the world.
        i shudder to think what lies in your hard drive.
        now, back to k.p. duty

      3. yea matt calling someone childish names really helps you make your point. oh wait you didn’t make any point, you just made people think your stupid. well done!:) pervert!

      4. Thou dost protest too much!

        In other words, don’t have Matt babysit your children!

        I only hope that Matt isn’t a birthday clown.

    2. haha, like i honestly give a shit about any of you’r opinions, i stand by what i say, and the only reason i felt i should write any of that i said was because i was angered about the replies from people like him. So, if you want to call me ignorant, or and idiot, go for it, because i am a proud father of 3 and I very much have a happy life unlike most of you people.

      1. Proud father of 3 because they are all to yourself. Sounds like you got issues too. One thing to make a point and another to go over board with your statements. How would you like If I go all out and say you like to play with your 3 3 kids in an inappropriate way, thats why you take so much offense to people saying this is art. You like it , and you know it. It turns you on and you cant stand it, because you want to do things you know are wrong.

  11. I can’t believe the fuss about these photos. There is nothing ‘sexy’ about them. She is only 10 years old, hasn’t even began to develop breasts, and not even full frontal. You can see more than this on a nudist beach. The world has gone crazy. To me these are just photos of youth, they are beautiful photos of an innocent child. We were born naked, whats the problem with being naked.

      1. Congratulations Matt & Kelly. You’re officially a couple of idiots. If this wasn’t supposed to be “sexy”, then why is she so heavily made up? The world has gone crazy? I think you’re the ones who are crazy! How’re you justifying the fact that this supposed ‘innocent’ picture was published in Playboy magazine. Let me guess: Playboy only features fine art, right? You’re obviously both a bit mentally challenged.

  12. I almost want to cry after seeing those images of a 10 year old Brooke.What the hell was her mother thinking allowing her daughter to pose like that.Those pictures are not innocent they are highly sexual.They should not be displayed to the public.My god I’m speechless……just horrible.

  13. Of course the images are disturbing — that’s their intent. Art has to be “disturbing” (look it up).

    As to “seen as pornography” and “wanking material”: and that harms whom?

  14. Heard about the pictures this morning on LBC with Nick. I am speechless as to why a mother would take these pictures of her daughter. I have a son and have NEVER EVER taken a picture of him without a nappy on. If I was Brooke I’d be sueing my mother – what the hell was she thinking….?????

  15. ALICE GALE: Playboy IS porn. It is SOFT PORN, but it is PORN nonetheless.

    These photos are SICK!! To make up a 10 YO child like some red-light-district worker is DISGUSTING!

    Brooke’s mother should be ASHAMED.

    Is there ANY female “child star” who wasn’t abused and/or exploited?

    1. Well her first film role WAS set in the Red Light District; Brooke Shields played a 12 year old prostitute in Pretty Lady, played a shipwrecked girl who has an incestous romance with her brother in Blue Lagoon. She had sex for the first time aged 22. Her film and modelling career continually emphasised her feminine sexuality.

      Why is the human body viewed in such a negative fashion. Yes she is very beautiful. Sexy? Not really. She is too young – her breasts have not begun to develop, her hips are narrow and she looks (in photots 2 and 3 more than 1) like a playfulk child. Photo 1 is the interesting one, because she is half adult and half child – the childish body which is not attractive made up in the fashion of an adult (oiled and with lipstick) and her pose is more one that a seductive adult would use. This photo contrasts our usual social views of childhood (innocence, play, etc) with those of an adult (seduction, intimate play).

      So, in conclusion, I think that this is a fantastic piece of art and I think the censorship of this photo by the Tate Gallery, UK in 2009 is a crime. It is part of a worrying trend which seems to be growing that says that the person with the narrowest view is correct. Since noone can be offended, only those works that offend noone can be displayed. This is contrary to one of the major purposes for art – to challenge people’s preconceptions.

      Oh, and if you find this picture disturbing because of it’s sexual element, are you sure that you are outraged because you found yourself attracted to her? That is part of why this art works – the adult aspects attracting but then confusing/disturbing because of the collision with the aspects of the child – both from the aspects of the innocence, and the aspect of the forbidden.

      It is art. I don’t believe this to be pornography, and I think I’ve argued pretty clearly why I don’t.

      1. No, no, no. Seeing pornographic risk or danger in, e.g., a nude child’s photo isn’t necessarily a comment on the critic’s mores or covert perversions. It’s simply an observation of fact: some truly perverted or even borderline people will get aroused by these photos; the photos were staged to imitate adult erotica; we don’t condemn adult erotica but we do condemn erotica that exploits children and/or images of children. Art has broad freedoms, purposely provocative freedoms, but it also has responsibility. I think these photos cross the line.

      2. Well written Steve and I agree with you 100%. I was beginning to wonder if anybody would ever contribute anything on here of substance. Clearly Mr. Gross is challenging the viewer in the first photograph on multiple levels and I believe you outlined those precisely and clearly. I am of the opinion that Art (and I am referring to visual art here) is like a mirror, it reflects back what and who you are…what is way down in your soul, even those dark little compulsions you don’t want anybody else to know about and it is for this reason many people become uncomfortable with pictures like the one in question. That picture is highly stylized and as you correctly pointed out, juxtaposes a child’s body with an adult pose and if people have too many personal hang ups to “see” what the photographer is doing, it is no wonder they can’t go where he is trying to take them. I find nothing “pornographic” about any of the pictures but it does concern me that so many people do. The result of this is that the images become taboo…which of course makes them even more appealing to the sexual deviants like some of the crazies that have already posted on here. Anyway, I could go on forever but I did want to thank you Steve for your post, excellent job!

      3. Perhaps a photo of JonBenet Ramsey being raped with a paint brush handle while being slowly strangled would be more in keeping with your artistic standards? She was heavily made up but I think they forgot to oil her.

  16. I don’t see ANY form of art in the first picture. Little girls don’t naturally pose naked like that! I am not as bothered by the rest as they can be seen as a child playing in the bathtub. Not that I agree with letting a child pose naked for pictures in the first place.

    1. I don’t agree that little girls don’t pose naked like that. Little girls do, they also put on make up and pretend to be adults. They do pose. I certainly don’t see this as porn. If any parent has not seen their child, especially daughters, pose like that I would be surprised.

      To be honest, it’s well posed and photographed, as the genital area is well hidden, and as she has no breasts, or even budding yet, I dont see how it can be called pornographic. Her figure at that age is no different from a 5 year old, so what’s the problem.

      To me it is beautiful art!

      1. Well, children generally don’t pose nude like that for public, much less mass media, consumption, so I don’t think you have grounds on that point; they do it for their parents but not for strangers. They do imitate adults, but not normally erotic photo models, which is the mimic-genre of these photos. I don’t call it pornography (just very bad taste), but if you don’t see how it can be called pornography by some reasonable people, I don’t think you grasp much about pornography generally or child porn specifically

  17. yes its a little weird and personally i would never let my child do this, but i don’t think its pornography. its art. look in any art museum and you’ll find tens of painting with nude women, men, and children that show more than this. i do think, though, that if Brooke did not want these shown to the world, the photographer and her could make some sort of deal.

    1. Maybe Brooke could have done what Paris Hilton did.
      instead of complaining about a sex video, Paris negotiated a cut of its earnings. Now that is the modern way. and it plays into the theme of these photos – the clash between puritan morals and a quick buck.

    1. Yes, I agree. Would that be Eau de Nile in the first one on the walls, or duck-egg blue. The fabrics look very lush. Taps in the first bath are rather ugly though, and could do serious damage should one slip.

  18. it actually scares me that some man get horny just becaus of these pics of a 10-year-old girl. it might lead to some conclusions!

    Anyway, this photos are highly pornographic!

    1. Okay I just wanted to translate this for everybody…

      yummy yummy how delicious as a child when she was such a young little girl to suck her vagina and enter slowly into her how delicious, she makes me (love/sexually) sick that adult lady how divine she was as a child.

      Just to throw that in to the mix…

    1. and if there are no such things as gods?

      Don’t need mercy. And I wouldn’t want any from the Judeo-Christian-Muslim god anyway. He is the just about the most arrogant, evil, malicious, pridful, lustful, greedy, intolerant, racist, sexist, speciesist entity I have ever heard of. Maybe there were worse, but if there were, I never knew of them.

      Yahweh sees it good that Lot gave up his daughters to be raped when a crowd came seeking a male guest. Lot is the only good and righteous man in Sodom and Gomorragh. Genesis 19:8. Yahweh also approved of the actions of a old man who lived in Gibeah, who took in a traveller and his concubine, and who gave his daughter and the concubine of the traveller to the crowd seeking to rape the man. Judges 19:24.

      Fuck God, the Gods and any gods. They have never demostrated ethics – their morals make humans seem positively obessed by justice in comparison.

      Our societies have moved on. These photos are art.

      Oh, and if anything that can be wanked over is porn, guess what? Everything is porn and anything can be porn. Some people find animals attractive? Shall we ban Crufts and other dog shows.

      This is not a series of pictures of Brooke Shields being abused. It is a series of pictures of Brooke Shields playing in a bath and posing in imitation of adult sexuality. How many girls don’t pose, and don’t try on make up. Most do get photgraphed doing so, but why not? It is a human behaviour, what’s so wrong in admitting it?

      1. Steve, you’re bringing things into this that are wrong. This isn’t about Christians, or any other believers against non believers. I’m a Christian, and i’m also defending these photos as art. But yo’re way off the mark trying to pigeon hole the for’s and against here. BTW, try reading the New Testament. God is Love. And in answer to your leading question, “and if there are no such things as gods?”, I put a question to you. What if there is a God?

      2. “speciesist”

        Whenever you see someone using that word, you know you’re dealing with a true nutbucket.

  19. Her mother should be embarrassed! What a horrific thing to do to your child. Can you even imagine the conversation… “Honey, I want you to take off all your clothes for this nice man so he can take your picture. And we’re going to cover your body in oil. Smile.”

    And I’m completely freaked out by all the men posting that they’re turned on. I seriously I hope I don’t know you.

  20. Americans are so damned hypocritical as can be seen in these comments.
    Making films of people being blown up, decapitated, limbs flying around and brains getting splattered on walls is GREAT. Creating games where kids can use guns and shoot people and de-personalise war. How sick can you get.
    Everyone can carry a gun to kill other people.
    Americans think that killing foreigners (Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc etc etc) is good for the moral upbringing of their soldier kids.

    But show a bit of cleavage and thet scream blue murder about porno.
    Get a life you hypocritical stupid braindead puritans.

    We need to put a big moat around that country and isolate them from the civilised world … ooops that already happenned.

    1. Brilliantly worded I could not agree more. Maybe Put a wall around them just to make sure. Even better has anyone seen Space 1999? Now there’s a good reason for Americans to go back to the Moon.

      Thanks Brian you have made my day.

      Take care of you and yours.

      1. Yes, I particularly enjoyed the two-part story of the “visitors” who join the moon crew but only the commander (who has had some sort of brain treatment previous to their landing) realizes that the visitors are hideous alien monsters bent on destroying moonbase Alpha. The scene where Martin Landau’s character enters the control room for the first time to meet them is priceless. Maybe that is why some of us see porn and others see art here.

    2. Well not americans so much as conservitives, well christians/catholics, muslims jews actually pretty much anyone who bases their lives around organized religion. (ironically brook shields is a member of the Church of scientology.On the off chance someone doesn’t know why that’s amusing…it’s a religion that was started by L.Ron.Hubbard…A FUCKING SCIENCE FICTION WRITER.)

      Americans are bad for for seeking out the terroists that crashed a couple planes into NYC skyscrapers, another into the pentagon, kidnaped and beheaded american tourists on live webcasts, bombed us threaten us and will die without hesitation to inflict harm on the american people because they think they’ll have 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven when you can’t 72 FEMALE virgins over the age of 18 in any city at any given time worth enduring a papercut for let alone dying for.

      Since i lived right across the river from NYC and saw the towers burning, because some Zealots from the other side of the world came to the united states to go to school in order to have the required skills to kill thousands of random people because..why? women aren’t treated like slaves? women here Don’t walk around covered from head to toe, can’t torture them, or kill them in the middle of a busy street legally. Oh wait, it’s because we don’t believe in their god. I don’t really care where those people come from, death is far to good for them.

      Bush Jr and anyone that voted for him are what’s wrong with this country. The way the war was gone about was bullshit, he’s a war criminal and should be locked in a dark pit somewhere with a bag of coke and the monkey from outbreak. That’s the problem with the faithful, they bielve what ever they’re told by the most famous person that shares their religious outlook.

      Violent movies? So fucking what. It’s make believe, it’s part of a story. And no where near as violent as the news on any world wide media outlet.
      Video games….that kids can get…and use guns, and shoot pretend people. Actually, our overprotective group of mommies and church officials brought about a rating system for games. Since you seem to be reffering to Left for dead 2, perhaps you’re an aussie. But the “somebody think of the children” is the most self indulgent shit i’ve ever heard. It’s parents really saying “won’t somebody else think of our children because we can’t be bothered to raise them” Aside from the fact that numerous studies have proven over and over that the average gamer does so to relieve anger or stress, ya know pretend to do something and feel get agression out in a safe way, rather than bottle it up until one day you try to rob a bank wearing a suit made out of ping pong balls while wielding a rubber chicken a demand that all the cows be freed to india. Also as gaming has increased among teenagers….actual teenage violence has decreased.

      But the pictures, certainly fucked up that her mother enlisted such a thing, but not quite porn. Not seductive or attractive, a kid in the tub playing dress up. Lots of people walk around naked a good deal of the time in some parts of the world, could prolly even take pictures of them doing so. I’m sick of all you whiny republican bible thumping control freaks saying everything is bad. Tv is bad, words are bad, video games are bad, right to privacy is bad, freedom of speech is bad. If it’s all so bad, just go away.

      1. I should point out that when it comes to terrorism, NYC and Bston were amusing choices for the aircraft departure, as they were the two key cities used to funnel money to the IRA..
        Second, the majority of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. There was absolutely no link to iraq at all.
        Third, in the month of September, 2001, more people died on US roads from traffic incidents, than in that attack.
        Fourth (and finally) the majority of the actions taken to ‘prevent’ terrorism are, under the US definition of terrorism, actually terrorism. The threat, or implied threat of an attack is terrorism as much as any actual attack.

        Oh, and the vast majority of child abuse comes from within the family, and usually from those that protest the strongest against it. Lets not forget Mark Foley for instance, who was Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, and who was responsible for introducing a lot of the legislation that dealt with child abuse. As with kids, the strongest protestations are the ones trying to cover their ‘guilt’.

      2. Good Grief Man! Will you just run for President already. I read this thread from the beginning. It started out with the horrifyingly Evil IM-moral UN-majority types beating their drum in the oh so too familiar fashion to their all time favorite melody “Think of the Children”.

        Then, sanity started to creep in. To which “Matt” became more irrationally insane with each passing post to the point where he almost degenerated into a “fuck you you fucking fuck” level of pseudo-communication. No kidding, he impresses me as the type of man likely to walk into his office and gun down his co-workers or perhaps blow up a woman’s health clinic. More disturbingly his last post seemed to be a 180 degree turn around. Perhaps his meds kicked in? Or perhaps he has chosen a target? Scary stuff this!

        Anyhow, I could not agree with you more. I could make some points of my own but your post has sated me. There are lots more problems in the world, but if the points you made could be addressed the others would probably take care of themselves.

        My only addition will be one of my favorite observations that “Religion has nothing whatsoever to do with God”. Kelly, you Rock, you (seem to) get it. But sadly we are a statistically insignificant minority.

        Religion is not new evil. Look at the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, and the dark ages. From the Muslim world, well their barbaric proto-civilization probably won’t survive to learn the error of its ways. If not for attacking us it would have already genocided itself in a fit of white hot rage. As it is, sooner or later a world power will probably decide they are unacceptable and end the problem once and for all. My money is on Russia.

        Most of the time religion has just been a way for evil corrupt men to enforce their will on a group who should, by rights lynch them in the streets. I prefer to think God has a few rather nasty surprises in store for that crowd. Until then sign me up for the “just go away” platform.

    3. Uhm…I would like to know what the USA has to do with anything THIS time. It’s not like THEIR museum pulled the pics, nor did THEIR police pursue legal action to have them banned. I fail to see the relevance of this reply. Are any of the pictures seductive? Yes, the first one. The others not so much. As such, the first photo particularily is inapporiate, to say the least. The artist quite clearly wanted to establish that children can not only BE seductive, but hints that they do so purposefully. As such he promotes the idea that with consent, there is nothing wrong with seeing seduction within the child, and therfore falling victim TO that seduction (having sexc with the seducer) and therfore the implication is clear that it should be viewed as pefectly acceptable to have sex with 10 year old children, and not regarded as deviant behaviour. As such, this photograph is, in fact, pornographic in nature because it, in all actuality makes a villain of what would otherwise be a child victim and makes the victim the other (adult or otherwise) seduced. In other words: she asked for it.

      1. How about if you didn’t want to have sex with a naked 10 year old future super model, but simply sit naked in a tub and have suds wars? Is it still porn? Pretty hard to read the mind of the now dead photog, maybe Brooke is demon possessed like Linda Blair’s character in the Exorcist and her mother, Mr. Gross, and all the viewers are just their puppets being manipulated, now if you’ll excuse me, mommy says it’s time for my bath.

  21. Hallo all, I have to say I can see the Art and the exploitation of a young girl. From an artist background you can get away with almost anything but sometimes the thought and ideas will be twisted by the viewer.

    I have read some replies talking about masturbation, that is not the point of the pictures. I truly worry about anyone who could even consider these pictures as a sex aid. They are great shots and disturbing but what would you want from art? If art does not emotionally charge you then it is not art.

    Other comments I read were also disturbing i.e Yvonne ‘I have a son and have NEVER EVER taken a picture of him without a nappy on.’ That is even more disturbing.

    I have thousands of pictures of my son, and several hundred of him in the bath, running around the garden playing in the house naked and enjoying him self. These are not disturbing pictures but they are a great weapon of torture when he starts bring Girls home or when he gets to 21 and they will make the same impact (embarrassment) as the same kind of photo’s my Mum & Dad took of me.

    The problem we have is that some people are sick and need help, others are too innocent of mind and yet more worrying are the prudish, stubborn, conservative Christian type. Take care all.

    1. There is a huge difference between the pictures taken of our children playing in the bath or running naked through the sprinkler in the garden and pictures of a child with her body oiled, face painted heavily like a woman of the night and posing like this in the bath. It makes me wonder who rubbed this childs body, completely, down with oil. This makes my heart ache to see. I couldnt imagine the desperate position a mother would have to be in to actually allow these pictures taken in the first place and then to accept a payment (in any amount) for them.

  22. The photos are innatural, there is nothing of genuine spontaneity, innocence, of childhood (you see, she wears also a golden collier, she has full make up…). Not because she wasn’t true and shy, or because taking a photograph of your daughter nude in bathroom is a crime.
    The reason is that in those photos you can see the photographer’s malice that is a reflection of the spectator’s malice. She was true, the photographer was totally hypocritical. In this fact is the pornography

    1. Sorry, but I really can’t see the photographer’s malice. Nor am I viewing them with malice.

      Perhaps it’s your views on what these photos made you feel that has inspired you to think that the photographer was malicious…

      What do you mean ‘She was true’ true to what? I’m confused because you haven’t asserted anything for her to be true or false about. In the same way, what do you mean when you say “the photographer is hypocritical”? In what way.

      You then assert that these two prior oberservations are valid despite your total lack of explanation as to how you reached that conclusion, and they somehow demonstrate the fact of the pornography. Pornography isn’t about hypocrisy or innocence. Pornography is a graphic dipiction of sexual activity that is intended to stimulate sexual feelings. This means that diet coke ad was porn, because when I watched the lady with the can I wasn’t thinking about the coke.

  23. It’s great that so may people took time out to search the Net to find these pics, then spent even more time writing BS “holier-than-thou” comments. The pics are great. Fact. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of you need to get outta the house more ffs!

    If you see this as porno you are SICK!
    This is a beautiful girl and there is nothing wrong
    with looking at a human body it perfectly natural at any age.
    If you see anything other than innocence you are ill.

    1. I agree, it is the people looking at it that are the problem. I admit I came to this site to see what the fuss was about, and to be honest, I couldnt believe the way most of you are carrying on. These photos are beautiful. They are the human body, and the human body is beautiful. If you are shocked and disgusted by these photos, or if you get off on these photos, you all have a problem.

      As I stated earlier, Little girls do pose like that, they also put on make up and pretend to be adults. I certainly don’t see this as porn. If any parent has not seen their child, especially daughters, pose like that I would be surprised.

      To be honest, it’s well posed and photographed, as the genital area is well hidden, and as she has no breasts, or even budding yet, I dont see how it can be called pornographic. Her figure at that age is no different from a 5 year old, so what’s the problem. She hasn’t even hit puberty yet (in the pic’s). Leave it alone. The natural body is beautiful.

      To me it is beautiful art!

      1. I love looking at beautiful girls of all ages- both clothed and unclothed. Note how I said I LIKE LOOKING. I would never dream of laying a finger on a girl this young. But because Brooke and her mom decided that it’s fine for the world to see her naked, then I’m gonna look and enjoy. Moreover, this is not an ordinary child. She is unusually beautiful for a 10-year-old child and though her body child-like, her face is that of a gorgeous woman.

  25. Hey Matt and others. I bet the reason you’re so pissed off about this is because you got a hard on and it scared you. Have you ever seen real porn?

    1. @Dirk my thought exactly!!

      However I think the first picture is a bit overdone. I wouldn’t take such pictures of my children. But these pictures are far from porn… There is a difference between pictures, art, nude, and porn. You can give these pictures any label but not porn. Lets call it inappropriate nude if you are offended by it’s nature.

      I think that especially the heavy reactions of Matt with the uncontrolled name calling says all about the thoughts of Matt instead of the other repliers.

    2. Roman Polanki would have sure thought it was porn. His favorite type – little girls right as they are about to hit puberty. I would be willing to bet a very large sum of money, that he jacked off more than a time or two to that (top) picture. Might well have tried to set up a “session” to shoot pics for Vogue, also.

      To the average person that top pic may well be rather disturbing, because it takes a nude child and poses her like a seductive woman, makeup, come-hither look and all. To pedophiles, it’s pure gold BECAUSE she has not hit puberty and ‘ruined’ their fantasy.

    3. Oh yeah Dirk, you sound real fucking smart. You must be one retarded fellow… have i ever seen real porn? What does that have to do with this photo? You are probably one of those losers who cant have a relationship because you beat off 5 times a day.

  26. It is all about the face. Brooke Shields has a face. I can see where perverts will lust over these images, but they do not show pornographic acts being committed. On that, I will have to agree with the court, in spite of my reservations.

    Ms. Shields has the facial structure of a grown woman, in these images. Her mother played her daughters face for money; a lot of it! A signed contract is binding. Her mother willingly promoted that face.

    Who ignited this inferno? Who is responsible, for the outcome, by signing a contract? If it is pornographic, why not jail Brooke’s mother, for promotion of child prostitution? Outlandish, you may say, but objective, none the less. Seek a warrant, for her mother’s arrest, prosecution, conviction, and very long prison sentence. That will be subjective accountability, not misappropriated blame.

    If Ms. Shields and her mother want to stop further publication of future images, why not pay for the negatives, and the rights? It is called, paying for your mistakes, and no one can plead ignorance. Again, who wanted to exploit their daughter, for financial gain?

    It be it.

    1. Ah, this is exactly the problem isn’t it. A “normal man” in Allisa’s autocratic society cannot call this beautiful. He dare not.

      Net effect Allisa gets her say, and is he gets labeled a pervert. The most chilling effect on society however is that Allisa, all 20 million of her, are just fine with that.

      And yes, I suspect it is a lot closer to 20 million than 300.

  27. human body bla bla bla. this is exactly what those men who molest children says. if it can cause some trouble, so it must be removed. btw, why nude?! who wants to see the kid in this way?

    think again

  28. I absolutely adore the last picture. it’s a really wonderful shot! of course it IS art. And it’s true – art should be disturbing or it wouldn’t work. that’s what art is all about, isn’t it?

    but I don’t get why anyone can see them, if she doesn’t want that? In the end, she was underage, when they were made, so I think she must get the chance to use her rights after she turned 18. It’s her privacy in the end.

    But guys…when you really get hard after looking at these pics…take a very very cold shower and think about seeing a psychologist. that’s NOT okay.

    @Matt: Calm down. You’re unobjective. I think you’re the one with the problem, too. Were you tangent to it that much? please overthink you’re position.

    1. What do you mean, you artistic “people” take shit wayyyyy out of proportion when it comes to problems like this.

  29. Yes these pictures can be seen as disturbing. It unnerves us because of the society we live in. To the label it ‘porn’ is rash. Yes, she is posing, with full make up but this shows the desperateness of the a girl when she wants to explore the changes in her body, Gross is showing in these pictures the type of feelings a girl of that age feels. Some do this. Some do put on tons of make up. Stand naked in mirrors. Others with strict upbringing probably don’t and its from these people and their upbringing which brands these pictures as ‘porn’. There are people who are sick and see these as provocative. That’s what happens, people are different. But these were not intended pornoogrphically. To see them like that is only because you are looking at them like that. I would never let my daughter do this because frankly I do want to protect my child from those who dont see the art and see porn. It’s disgraceful, but then Shields has always sent out a sexual image so I cannot be sympathetic. I appreciate this as art. I pity those who find these pronographic and cant see past the young girl finding adulthood.

  30. i think there beautiful. and so is the girl..that does not mean id like to have sex with her or think shes in anyway sexually attractive. i see beautiful cars, trees, dogs, cats…the list goes on. i think we have forgot how to look at children nowadays. beauty has become a taboo subject in a child.

    also when you see something like this it is your brain telling you how to view, nothing else. if you see something here sexual, then that says more about you than the photo. we have got to a stage almost where it is wrong to see beauty in a child under the age of 16. pathetic!

  31. Mabey there’s nothing wrong with the human body and taking pictures of it. That aside 10 YEARS OLD WITH MAKEUP DUDE! Just a little bit wierd, but if your into 10 year olds I guess you wouldn’t see anything wrong with it. Some people just will never get it.

  32. Her body looks unatural like shes been working out…actually looks like a 15 year old boys body.In the top photo she looks like a 25 yr old woman…camera work is careful to do this..wouldn t go a miss in Bangkoks seedier kind of bars. Mums prob her pimp.

  33. 10 year olds dude! 10……….count them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, & 10! Can you guys smell the that. It’s the freaks lying in wait for more 10 year olds!

  34. Dirk, you sick puppy. Matt might have gotten hard, gross. We all know you got hard and I’m sure you would love to share your 10 year old collection with us, but I don’t think we should go there. Well, we shouldn’t go there at least until civilization is crumbing all around us and all hope is lost in the world.

    1. So if you thought civilisation was crumbling and you thought all hope was lost then you would ‘go there’?

      This is an photo of a young girl. Whatever you see in there, remember, it is you who is interpreting it. You can guess at the interpretation(s) intended by the photographer, but we each can only see the photo through our own eyes.

      If you can only see this as sexual then maybe you are unable to separate the idea of being nude from sex. The two ARE different – the problem is that Judeo-Christian-Islamic morals treat them as one and the same, and people raised in these traditions may not be able to see past their cultural conditioning.

      This is the point of all such art: to challenge and disturb our assumptions, attitudes and prejudices and make us think again – look anew at things familiar and reach new levels of understanding.

      No, this picture did not arouse me. Sure the girl in it would be very attractive in a few years once her body completed its changes, but not yet. I think if you were aroused by this picture then you might need to think about the way you think. Same as if you view this as porn – just because you aren’t aroused doesn’t mean that YOU are focussing on the sexual element to the detriment of any other aspects of the work.

      Oh, and can people please stop the adhominem attacks: “You’re sick! Because I think you are and I’m right! No-one normal could ever do something like that!”

      If you think people are sick, try to justify and explain your position in order that other people may understand your point of view. Pointless namecalling gets no-one anywhere.

      I have dl’d those pictures – anything attracting censorship interests me as I believe in freedom of thought, belief, information, speech, expression and association. Due to current political correctness a work of art has been censored in the Tate in the UK. This is fundamentally wrong. You can disagree with the work, but let others see it and decide for themselves. We should not force our views on others, and banning something forces people to be deprived of something. As such this work should be protected from those who would ban others from seeing what they have seen. Talk about hypocritical.

  35. These are just innocent pics of a little girl. Anybody else that sees it different is either really uptight or a perv. I bet the same people that object to this pic, are the same ones that want people to go to jail for developing pics of their toddlers in the bath tub. Lighten up, people.

  36. Anyone who sees these photos as pornographic has been sexually repressed and is socially misadjusted. She’s a beautiful (and innocent) little girl in a bathtub and the photos are tastefully done. There seems to be 3 viewpoints to this.
    1. It is art. Appreciate it
    2. It is porno. Fear it.
    3. It is porno. Crave it.
    Obviously those who obsess over it have problems… one way or the other.

  37. That first picture is gross. You can call it art but when you paint a child like a hooker and oil her up, it’s not right. I didn’t have as much a problem with the last ones, she looks like a pretty LITTLE girl not like a mini hooker. Aren’t there enough other sources of “art” that children don’t have to be the subjects of things like this? The vast majority of mothers would NEVER consider doing a photo like that with their child to make money. Sad.

  38. I think she looks beautiful and I can see the “artsy” side to it. Unfortunetly we have as many pedo bear huggers as we do artistic individuals. That also being said, I have a daughter who is almost 10yrs old. I would never take these kinds of pictures of her. Nor would I ever release them out into the public for 1 publication or 30. It does show the woman in the child and that is the problem with pedo bear huggers. They see little girls and think it’s ok to treat them as if they are grown women. It is not ok. My opinion is that they should have never been taken and Brooke should have been able to have them destroyed.

  39. Interesting is that the people here who say it’s porn use a lot of foul language to condemn those who say it’s art. “Art is in the eye of the beholder,” said someone here, I agree. Everybody who says “makes me horny” or “turns me on” etc. needs a shrink. Even if this picture is not really that innocent considering that BS wears make up and was apparently oiled, but that doesn’t make it porn. Girls all over the world use mammies make up at that age. BS lost all court cases against the photographer, read it, there are still sane people in the US. Look at all the sex scandals of the US politicians in high offices; many of them demanded sexual morale and sexual decency and all that nonsense while paying at the same time high-class hookers. The biggest laugh was Mrs. Palin and her daughter getting pregnant at 17 years while she was preaching her daughter and the public to be abstinent. The poor girl didn’t even know what birth control is. There are some 250 million fire weapons and shotguns in private hands, violence seams to be ok but not this picture, says a lot about the society. I am glad that there are people in this forum who think its art; we are not completely lost – good! It’s a said thing that all this violence in TV, movies and other media in the US are tolerated but when it comes to a picture like this there is an outcry. There is a double morale in the US and elsewhere too. Anybody who gets turned on by looking at this picture might look at “kids underwear mail order catalogues” or watching little girls at the playground too, should we ban that too? I agree of what the judge said in other words. The picture is a fine piece of art – period!

  40. These photos are not pornographic! At least not to me and millions of other mature individuals. Only someone who is dangerously sick would see these as something arousing.
    The photos are glamourous and, frankly, over the top with the make-up, but there is nothing pornographic of even suggestive about a young girl’s bare chest prior to her beginning to “develop” unlewss, of course, you think a man’s bare chest is also pornographic. We see soap and shampoo commercials on television every day that are often more frank and suggestive.
    When is our culture going to learn to relax over such matters? Bare skin and nudity does not, and should not, have to suggest anything sexual unless you WANT it to.
    We all tend to forget that the only truly important sex organ is the one between our ears. Based on many of the comments in here, there are a lot of people who seem to be afraid of their own bodies and sexuality. That’s too bad for them and for the rest of us who are exposed to their constant howls of offense over things that are often mearly natural and beautiful..

  41. If it makes you feel any better, I’m pretty certain she isn’t nude in that first picture. Look at it very carefully (zoom in if necessary) and she appears to be wearing a sanitary towel. You would still never catch me allowing my daughter to be photographed like that though.

  42. The first picture is supposed to shock, it isn’t porn. The body looks wrong, as is from Alian Autopsy. I don’t see anything sexual about it, it is too ‘wrong’, which I am sure is what the artist intended. The other two photos are just pretty pictures, what’s all the fuss about? If perverts want photos of naked little girls, they only have to get a package deal to a Spanish beach and use a video camera with a 500x zoom, it wouldn’t cost much. We have entered an age where everyone (Male) is a pervert and all children should be protected from them.

  43. can’t believe anyone would make a child pose like this i know it was a while ago so maybe the world wasnt the same then but it is disgusting.

  44. Anyone who sees these images as pornographic has a few problems and probably shouldn’t be left unsupervised with children.

    OK, so they’re a bit of a shock for some people but that’s the whole point of Art isn’t it, to challenge one’s perceptions and to make one think?

    I think that there is a growing issue with the sexualisation of young children in society, and especially girls, but doesn’t make these images pornographic any more than Tom & Jerry cartoons turn people into violent serial killers.

    These photos are artistic; they show off the skill of the photographer and the beauty of the subject. Her parents obviously didn’t have a problem with them being taken and neither should we.

  45. Why should this surprise us when people in hollywood are defending a directer after he drugged raped and sodomized a 13 year old girl back in 78 and then fled the country. Just look at americas role models for the answer as to why this is accepted. Sick, twisted bastards. I’m boycottin the movies…

  46. @Matt and others: why don’t you go scream in the hospital “oh my god, that newborn baby is nude, oh my god oh my god I need to cry I need to torture the doctor to death cause he said the baby was pretty omfg omfg omfg whoever likes pictures of babies is sick, die die die!”

    You twisted people have lived for too long amongst zombie worshiping creeps longing for the middle east to be blown up so the Magical Master Zombie will finally appear in mushroom clouds and pools of blood, bringing billions and billions of death people back to life to have public hearings and burn heretics on the stakes forever for i.e. believing in a slightly different zombie master. Boy, you seriously need help.

    Oh, forget about screaming at hospitals. Enough zombie fans there, willing to kill doctors for saving lives because i.e. you deluded hypocrites make life a living hell for people who don’t fit in your magical mystery tour trip. Like unmarried teenage mothers. Except if they are willing to buy the BS that makes you feel big, proud and just because power and money hungry wolfs dressed like sheep acting as shepherds tell you so (and please donate).

    This is not porn. Religion is porn. Now go read your version of the bible and leave other people alone with your dirty craving thoughts.

    1. … What the hell are you even trying to say here? You have way too much time on your hands and you just might be a necrophiliac considering you mentioned zombies a lot

  47. People, this is no porn! ok, its not my cup-of-tea but hey; in a public swimming pool or a beach you see that all the time, relax. You Americans should go to a liberal country (such as the Netherlands) and learn. in Europe they sometimes call Americans crazy. for the people shouting things like “sick” , “child pornography” and (this is my favourite) “Did your mom fuck you as a child?” get real! you see her “breasts” that’s it.

  48. If I were some people here I wouldn’t say that these pictures get me “horny” cause threads like this might end up being monitored by the gov. However, I think that there are many ways of looking at the pictures and I want to add that our psychology is inherently sexually based. So there is no denying that this “porno” in some regard.

  49. Dear Matt, maybe it’s time to be less eloquently put. I have read more pornography in our comments than I’ve seen in these pictures…..

  50. Did someone manage to shut up Matt’s foul mouth or did he just go to bed?

    His means of expressing himself is more offensive than any photo and I personally don’t see these are remotely sexy.

    Why not ban sick individuals like Matt who have to resort to multiple expletives rather than express their thoughts and feelings in a mature and adult manner.

    1. Oh shut your mouth, what are you some proper person who never grew up around swearing. Give me a break. How the fuck am i sick for defending the fact that this picture is of an exploited child? GO FUCK YOURSELF! YOU CUMGUSSLING BITCH! There is that enough profanity for you?

      1. this is fuckin stupid there kids who ever posted this is fukin stupid i mean wtf there kids how about taking pics of your self not kids you umb asses

  51. This isn’t supposed to be porn, people. These are artistic nude photos. Human body, and all. Just becaus you have repressed dirty thoughts about kids doesn’t mean other people are like you.

    Just like people who insist on little girls using bikinis on the beach. Their bodies aren’t supposed to be erotic, if you feel the need for them to cover themselves, it probably means you see them as potential mates, therefore they should cover their “shames”. In short, DENIAL

  52. I’m with Matt all the way! This picture is sick. Brooke Sheilds mother shlould be ashamed of herself and anyone who finds this ‘horny’ should get help. Not that you will because I say it but really, you should GET HELP.

  53. Ya know, if any of us was found with this on our computer or tried to have this photo developed, we’d be arrested for child porn.

    Without a doubt.

  54. I really cannot believe her mother let her pose like this. She really did exploit the heck out of her kid didn’t she? I have a beautiful daughter too. There is no way I would have exposed her to the disgusting people who are now looking at these pictures and making their lewd and gross comments. No way on earth for any amount of money. Her mother should be shot. Poor Brooke. I also can’t believe when she became of age the courts did not hand these negatives back to her.

  55. This is fucking sick photos…
    I got young girls and i will never let them see this photos as it will be a bad sample for them.
    Brooke Shiled!!! your mother is a fucking sick person for letting her young child pose for nude photo and sell it just to make money, Why not her pose for nude instead of you…
    This is a really disturbing photos for young girls and for all parents.
    This photos should not be release anymore as it just create more child sex offender, it just give the child molester an excuse to take more photos of a naked young girls and post it in the internet.
    This is child abuse!!!

  56. This reminds of me of this 10 year old girl stalking me and wanting to show me her “big breasts” while holding oranges under her shirt.
    Would you please go away? You’re making me uncomfortable!

  57. Thanks for posting these pics, love your blog. So disturbing to see them…I read about the pictures just now on another blog. Brooke should be given the negatives or at least granted the right to stop publication of these disturbing images. Her mom signed the contract, not Brooke herself.

  58. I feel there is nothing wrong in the picture as the American court rightly pointed out and whether it should be displayed in an exibition is upto the concerned governments.

  59. the only thing i can think when i see this, is “money”, brooke didnt do this for the love of art…(or her parents) they did it for money, so they took a picture of a 10 year old girl for money… is this art?… (i watch porn regularly, so i guess since now… porn is an artform)


  61. I don’t really have a problem with these pictures at all. But! I’m kind of disturbed by the scenery… Hasn’t anyone notice the difference in the setting? Innocence and playfulness in the last two, and maturity and seduction on the first. And I’m not talking about posing, I’m talking about the setting… Something to wonder about, and it makes me want to see the rest of the photos…

  62. whats wrong in being aroused by watching the first pic ?that pic was definitely taken with an intention to titillate .FFS this project was funded by PLAYBOY.This is fucking child porn.The mother should be arrested.What kind of a dumb judge would rule against Brooke .Anyway i dont have any respect for hollywood or their stars.It just a big fucking bordello full of whores,pimps and perverts.Remember Woody ALlen the sick pervert who raped his own adopted daughter and then there is Polanski guy.SICK FUCKS

  63. Ridiculous hypocritical commotion about a complete innocent picture of a naked human, young female, body. Your completely oversexed if you can see anything pornographic in this picture. Go and live with the Taliban and start headscarving and Bourka woman!

  64. i think there is no wide childp0rn problem in 1978 , so at that time , this pictures are not so disturbing. but today , humanity has a big pedoplia problem and this pictures should not be published like in this page. please remove them.

    1. Its no more a problem now, as then, or 100 years ago.
      The change is because of media companies, ‘bigging it up’ to sell more copies, or get more viewers. Moral outrage sells, especially when you’re the one whipping the outrage up.

  65. I attended art school as a visual arts major. In a perfect world, I guess these pictures could be considered artistic expression. Unfortunately, we DON’T LIVE in a perfect world. Are you reading some of the comments that are being posted? Regardless of the intentions of the photographer, these photos are obviously turning some of these guys on…and that’s sick. I’m not trying to call anyone out, it’s just disgusting. What’s worse is there are others on here sticking up for them, and that’s disturbing, as well. We have laws in place against these kinds of media NOT to stifle anyone’s creativity, but because there are some people out there who apparently ARE turned on by this kind of thing, and if it in any way, shape or form may lead to the harm of a child, it cannot be tolerated. As much as I DON’T like the idea of ANY kind of government interference regarding our personal freedoms, I really do believe that these photos should have been confiscated and destroyed about 34 years ago. I feel that if those pictures had been taken in this day and age, the parties responsible would be charged with child pornography, and I myself wouldn’t have a problem with that AT ALL.

    Art is what it is, but if we try to say that anything goes for the sake of it, it becomes a dangerous enabler. I’m sure that there are many parents of molestation victims that would consider the splattered blood of their children’s assailants “art”. Would that make “mob justice” okay in the eyes of those who see no problem with these photos?

  66. Whats with all the idiots saying these photographs are pornographic? Those claims along with their horrible spelling is down right funny to say the least. Even if she was standing straight ahead or had her back to the camera it wouldn’t be pornographic. Yet she is completely covered down there and you sick insecure uptight pricks who are most likely the pervs are throwing a shit storm. The last two are so completely harmless, and the first one which it seems is the one causing the biggest outrage is also completely innocent. Brooke is just standing there, off to the side, exposing nothing, and with her arms up on the ledge of the tub. Thats it! She is not exposing the vagina/anus. She is not spreading her legs open. She is not touching her genitals or doing anything inappropriate. There are no donkeys, midgets, or erect penises anywhere in the photographs. All she has in that first one is some make up on. A little lipstick and mascara maybe, thats it. Child beauty pageants have way more make up plus fake eyelashes/hair/teeth on the kid and they have em provocatively dance around in skimpy clothes in front of a crowd while the hick moms cheer them on. Nothing is wrong with these pictures. But judging from a lot of the comments from people on here, there is definitely something wrong with a lot of you.

  67. I agree, Nikema – the fact that some people on here have made comments about finding these pictures sexually interesting should be enough to remove them.

    I only have issues with the heavily made up picture as it is visually sexualizing a child – the others make Brooke look more like an innocent child. I am an art lover and have no issues with nudity per se but putting heavy make up and oil on a child’s body, asking her to pose with a hip thrust out looking into the camera in such a way will indeed titilate those out there who have issues with seeing children in a sexual light. So do the right thing, PLEASE REMOVE THEM. Many thanks

  68. In case some people wonder why a lot of the reactions are spiteful or downright moronic, It was mentioned on the Dutch rightwing website

    A lot of its members proudly call themselves beroepsmongeaulen (Professional retards) and the just love to troll any site that does not share their point of view.

  69. Have just seen a seriously offensive comment from mike D on here that requires immediate action from this website – you need to notify the police about a couple of the comments on here from Mike, Phil, mikeD. REMOVE THE COMMENTS NOW!

    1. Thankfully you’re here to monitor the internet. Where would the world be without you?

      It’s vitally important that while on the net, everyone does what you say. That’s the only way we’ll get through this together, as a people.

      Any other infringements on free speech you’d like to try?

      Look Mr. UK art lover, just because your country turned into a police state doesn’t mean we all have. Some of us still live in places where the goverment is afraid of the people, and not the other way around.

      Terribly sorry, old chap, that you lost that right. Deal with it.

  70. I’m very sorry, The Truth, but I believe that fundamentally you are wrong. I know we don’t live in a perfect world but we will not create a better world unless we remove barriers and tabboos not support them with legislation.

    If you want to ban anything if it turns some people on why not ban Harry Potter? Emma Watson is a very pretty young actress. It has been claimed that paedophiles have become…aroused by HP and bought the film on DVD with pretty much one thing in mind. Should Harry Potter be banned? Of course not.

    All laws are in place to protect a majority from a minority. Laws against child porn are there to ensure that people engaging in pornography are doing so of their own free will and are capable of giving informed consent. I think the legality is complicated by the fact that Brooke is underage and her parent gave permission, but that is allowed within the law. The photos do not show her genitals, she is not posing in an explicit position (seduction is implied sexuality, trollers), she is not engaged in a sex act. I don’t think that this is child porn. I don’t think that Brooke was abused by the photographer or by her mother.

    I don’t think that creativity will ever be caged by law. Nor should it. The point of art is to challenge contemporary values, which these photos did and still do. Child sex is not more common these days, we’re are just made more aware of it through constant media exposure. I don’t think that media expo is such a bad thing – the numbers and proportion of girl and women who receive abuse of a sexual nature is shocking in all human societies, and the so called developed nations still have very hight rates of rape and child abuse.

    Current thinking about paedophilia is on the verge of causing ‘allergic’ reactions to some things. Not all men see women as a set of walking genitals. I can find women beautiful but not sexually attractive or arousing. I’ve found some women sexually attractive and arousing but not beautiful. I can look at young girls and tell that they will be gorgeous when they grow up, but for now they are children and not sexually attractive. We need to get past our body tabboos not reinforce them.

    Maybe it’s how we gorw up? I grew up seeing my parents and my sister naked often when we washed or showered so to me, its just a body. We all have them. As my sister grew older she started to cover herself and so did I, but prepuberty we didn’t notice or care. Mum and dad weren’t exactly flashing, but it’s not like they tried to cover up much…why should they? As a result I’m not as confused about body tabboo nor as easily outraged as so many other seem. If you grow up with any glipse of flesh being forbidden then any revelation is going to excite and it is likely that you will have many supressed aspects of your psyche, including supressed sexuality.

    If you see someone in a sexual way then you see them as a potential mate. People saying they’d whack off to these pictures are disturbing but people who say that anyone viewing the picture is sick are just as disturbing because it would seem that they are unable to see the picture in any frame of reference that is not sexual – suggesting they have suppressed sexual issues/desires themselves. Some of the strongest emotion responses are given when people are presented with something the desire, but feel a social need to refuse. Just like very macho men who flick each other with towels in the changing room (locker room) who tend to also act ina homophobic fashion often have repressed homosexual desires themselves, so many of those condemning ambiguous photos may benefit from some serious self-examination.

    Oh, and if these pictures were taken today I would hope that they would be classed as art, but I doubt it. But what would be the logical justification for such a conviction? There wouldn’t need to be any logic – people are easily swayed by emotion in the Court of Opinion.

    Making legislation on the ‘enabling’ principle is very very dangerous, because many actions can be said to enable others. Art should not be curtailed – this is fundamental constition stuff in the US, in the UK we don’t have a constitution but there are laws protecting freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

    Freedom is the freedom for me to do what you don’t agree with.
    e.g. If I am free to smoke, it means I can smoke even if you don’t want me to, though I could be polite and not choose to do so.
    e.g. If I am free to use recreational drugs it means that I could smoke weed like I could have a drink, but I can choose not to go into drinking dens or hash bars
    e.g. If I am free to make a work of art, provided I harm no-one without their explicit informed consent it is no-one elses business how I choose to create or display my work.

    You talk of exchanging freedom for security – you deserve neither. You advocate See No Evil, Here No Evil, Speak No Evil – a slave mentality that encourages rapacious attitudes. And you confirm this in your final paragraph where you imply that you believe that mob justice is okay because ‘anything goes for the sake of art’. How does that follow? And while some art can be considered porn and some porn may be art that is not to say all of it is.

    I disagree with your ‘enabling’ argument too – such arguments are logical falacies along the lines of ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ – current child pornograpghers have attempted to argue that their photos are art with little success because the children are engaged (often unwillingly) in sex acts. These photos do not show Brooke in such a fashion. The Tate censored the image because of the potential for people to be offended, not because this is a picture of child porn, so basically the Tate are a bunch of moral cowards.

    Why can’t someone being turned on be tolerated? – you sound like a Catholic preaching about impure thoughts!
    If they act out their fantasies then they should be imprisoned, but to try to control people’s fantasies? To say some things cannot or must not be thought? Seems a bit anathema to a society built on freedom.
    One must consider performing an action before rejecting such action as wrong.

  71. I have now alerted the BBC and a UK newspaper about the comments I have mentioned. A serious, open discussion should always be encouraged about items in the news but these people have way overstepped the mark and need to be monitored.

  72. You americans are so god damned uptight and frigid. What is wrong with these pictures? They show a girl in the prime of her youth without genitals being exposed. When you see a birth program with a baby being born genitals exposed nobody says a thing, yet when they show a little girl like this you’re all up in arms.

    It’s so stupid. These pictures are beautiful and I fail to see whats wrong with them.

    1. Hey, I’ve got a couple pics of your kid in the same position sitting on my desktop. Don’t call me an uptight American. No, call me an art lover.

  73. If you find this offensive/sick – you are a closet pedophile.

    Oil and makeup does not make a photo any more pornographic than if she would have been eating a banana.

    A pedophile will surely become aroused by this. But so what? They get aroused seeing your children play in the playground, or on the beach, as well. We can’t legally define porn based on what a few people think… else pictures of trees would be porn.

    The only thing that would have made that image pornographic is if she would have spread her legs wide open while she touched herself.

    1. You know what, you’re right! I think that because pedophiles will be aroused by this we should simply disband all forms of decency, declothe our children, and allow them to jump and play in the streets. It’s not OUR fault if we arouse them. This was for the sake of ART people! Can’t you understand that! Much in the same way that playboy utilized professional models! Sheesh.

  74. I remember it well: these photographs sollicited much less hypocritical moral outrage from retarded bigots when they were first published, in 1978.

  75. I dont understand the big hype. Im reading some of the comments to this opposition and they are so violent. Its Ghandi’s birthday today, you know. Its been removed from the museum and dealt with. Some call it art, some call it sick, but I highly doubt that many called it pornography. People need to calm down and relax. Most of the people who are posting lewd comments towards this are trying to get a rise out of you and your falling right for it. Let it be…

  76. I read some comments which state these pictures are not pornographic, but art.

    I do not agree. If this is art, it would mean that all the pictures of naked underaged children could be stated as art.

    And off course children shouldn’t be ashamed of their body.

    However, as the fact is that there are people on this planet who get a rush of naked children. Children should be protected from these people. We protect this children due to laws against child-pornography. The brains of children aren’t yet fully grown and due to naivity of these children and the fact they hardly can defend themselves against these people this kind of pictures is stated as child pornography in my opinion and therefore should be banned.

    I find it rather ironic to be honest. That guy (I forgot his name) who is suspected to have sexualy abbused a child in 1977 is being prosecuted (32! years after the suspected crime) and the mother and photographer get away with producing and publishing child pornography!

    I truly do not understand these kind of inconsistencies.

    1. My dear friend, how nice our world could be if all of us were as honest as you. But progress is an individual aspect. Lets hope your example gives others more courage next time.

      1. uh. progress being limited to individuality? hmmm. So, culture, society, technology…these elements are unable to progress? Are they unable to influence one another outside of human involvement, as if all progress is at the hands of man? No synergy? I disagree. Often times man only pushes the “ball of progress”, but once moving, that “ball of progress” often effects far more than one could have ever thought. I think it’s called the Law of Unintended Consequence. Sort of like….not intending to excite pedophiles, but it happening anyway. Be careful what one initially pushes, eh?

  77. You know what I think is very funny about all the people who say, this is bad?

    Why did they come here for in the first place? :0)
    They read somewhere in a paper or hear on the news (just like me) about banned nude pictures of Brooke Shields in a museum and they start googeling to SEE those pictures.
    And then they comment it is porn, that it’s wrong etc etc.
    It is clearly stated that she was 10 years old and that she’s totaly naked …
    if you find this disturbing? How the hell did you end up on this site lol :O)
    Don’t tell me, you had to see this so you could warn other people to keep an eye out for your children…

    Did I made my point?

    Ow… and to give my opinion?
    It’s over the top with the make-up, totaly not sexy and frankly … I don’t even think it’s a beatiful picture…
    So it MUST be art :o)

    Greetzzzzz from Mike

    1. I personally sought out the article because I heard bits and pieces of it through conversations. There was also a story in the news a couple of years ago where parents were charged with child porn for taking photos of their children in the bathtub. In that situation it was nothing more than a parent capturing the silly and innocent moments of their young children playing in the tub. There was nothing exploitative about it. I was curious to see if these were similar pictures as I have seen people blow things out of proportion before but in reality this is much worse. The only innocence in these pictures is that being stolen. Even if her genitals are hidden by her leg, the act of photographing Brooke Shields in this manner is teaching her at a young age that she is a sex symbol despite her childishness. By allowing these photos to be displayed we teach other young children that they can be the same because unlike adults they are not yet able to understand that both their bodies and minds have a great deal of developing to do before they are ready to be portrayed or act in this manner.

    2. This actually has validity! lol

      I can’t help but look at all these people calling everyone who thinks they’re fine “pedophiles” and think to myself, “Isn’t it always the ones that shout the loudest about anti-gay rights who turn out to be gay?”
      Or the guy that organizes the crime watch in his neighborhood who turns out to be a criminal.
      Or the political figure who gets elected on a morals platform that ends up in a sex scandel?


    3. No, actually, I discovered this page while searching for tutorials on how to draw human proportions properly. Not everybody is like you. It’s ironic how people keep criminalizing the defenders of children on here.

  78. As a photographer who has taken pictures of very young girls, and women (a few are linked in my wordpress blog), I found the Gross pix of Sheilds amateurish and disturbing.

    Really horrible portraits technically as far as posing and lighting goes, let alone the focus on the ‘child prostitute’ theme.

    Yes, these are not innocent ‘nudes’ of children . . . they are aimed at salacious perversion of young girls, and boys it seems too.

  79. The first photo is definitely disturbing. Her naturally boyish body has been posed, and light and shadow used to make her lower portion look much more adult. The tacky glycerined body and facial makeup doesn’t help either.

    However, the next 2 photos of her more covered up in the bubble bath are quite lovely and much more innocent and tasteful, because again, at this age, she has a more boyish/unisex looking upper body.

    Bottom line, Brooke Shields had quite THE most extraordinarily beautiful face ever seen on a young girl/actress, rivalling a young Elizabeth Taylor.

    Even though she remains a beauty today, her young beauty is unmatched and any more photos surfacing, hopefully tasteful, of a young Brooke Shields is a good thing.

    1. I’m only 2 months older than Brooke and I was considered by most people to be a strikingly beautiful baby, child and teenager. Many strangers would come up to me and my parents in public places and say what a gorgeous , beautiful baby and child. I never had full lips, I had /have normal size lips and a pretty delicate shaped mouth, and even as a baby and child I had high cheek bones, a small pretty shaped nose, an oval shaped face, very big dark brown beautiful deepset doe eyes , light skin, strawberries and cream complexion, no freckles and red blonde hair that was much redder than strawberry blonde.

      My mother was an artist and she went to art school and she even sold some of her sculptures in a few local galleries. She drew me in pastels when I was 5, she sculpted my face when I was 7 and she drew me in charcoal pencil which I sat for when I was 18.

      She never drew or sculpted my sister who is 4 years older though and was only considered very cute and average pretty and who looks nothing like me.

      My sister was just considered very cute or average pretty she had average features,pretty green eyes though,medium brown hair & average colored complexion.My mother said to me in my late teens that people were so stupid,they would come up to me and say what a beautiful gorgeous baby and child I was,and then they would say to my sister,oh you’re cute too.

      My mother saw people feature by feature as an artist and I once asked her if she thought a soap actress was pretty and she said, no she has an ugly nose, and she did, her nose was kind of flat and kind of spread out shaped.

      Anyway I’m really glad that I never had sexist,sexually exploitive pictures taken of me as a child like this.

      1. Also, I never wore a drop of make up until I was 18,and since then I don’t wear that much and sometimes wear none at all. Brooke was heavily very inappropiately made up here like a 25 year old hooker,and in most pictures of her as a child and teen,even other pictures of her at 9,10,and 11 she has a lot of make on made up to look like an adult woman,with heavy eye liner,a lot of mascara,lipstick,blush,and eye shadow.

    1. PenetratorX, you seem to be the only one here to have a sense of humor! ha ha!
      It’s funny to see how many people are uptight and puritanical, especially in anglo-saxon countries (like in muslim ones by the way).

      I would bet that all the ‘offended’ and ‘outraged’ ones cannot stand having an erection…

      1. Ohhh of course, “XXX” what a good name, if you think that is humorous, then you have more problems than your doctor prescribed. May i recommend Ecstasy… you know you can Overdose the first time you take it. 🙂

  80. I can see why people would question this, but I also see that it is art.

    Would I encourage it? No. But it’s already been created—therefore, we can’t unmake it. It’s there—it’s art—and it reflects a nasty reality—whether this picture exists or not.

    I don’t wan’t to live in a world controlled by perverts OR prudes.

    Who in the hell allowed these pictures to be taken in the first place?

  81. All these varying opinions! I guess it’s a matter of who you ask..some call it sick, others call it art…I say, it’s just a picture of Brooke Shields —- period…

  82. i think all those defending these pictures are really PEDOPHILES.I mean wouldn’t it be natural for a pedophile to try to defend and protect his SICK interests?Whats so artistic about a pre-pubescent girl posing naked in a bath tub ? sick fucks. I feel UK ART LOVER IS A PEDOPHILE,HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED.MOST PEDOPHILES ARE FROM UK AS IT IS.THEY COME TO MY COUNTRY ,SET UP ORPHANAGES BUT BEHIND THE SCENES THEY INDULGE IN INTERNATIONAL CHILD PORN AND TRAFFICKING.SOME OF THESE GUYS WERE RECENTLY ARRESTED IN MY COUNTRY BUT THE UK GOVT GOT THEM RELEASED.THIS JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW DEEP THIS ROT HAS GOT INTO

    1. I suspect you come from the same country as I, where child marriage is still quite rampant inspite of the Brits having tried to stop it. Have you heard of Foras Road in Mumbai check it out if you want the real situation in our beloved ‘cunt’ry.

  83. Ooooo!!! I bet she was sewww Tight down there then. Look, even the hard core kiddie porn snuff etc is done for money! Just pirate it and the wise guys won’t make money off it. So what if she was young she’s still (sigh) hot and female. I promise I’ll be gentle…

  84. I understand why the initial reaction to these photographs is shock and disgust. Truly I do.

    But, once we get our breath back… Take another look. The photographer has gone out of his way to emphasise this: She has the lithe and utterly un-female body of an athletic ten year old BOY.

    In terms of “porn”, there is none. She’s alone, holding a sponge, with her vagina completely invisible. And (once again) she has the body of a boy. Disconnect the body from the head and neither image is disturbing.

    But yes, this IS a disturbing image. Because it makes us examine ourselves…

  85. images of nude children are disgusting vile and obscene
    and anyone who thinks otherwise is odd, every nude photo
    of a child is a paedophile photo even those taken by
    loving parents they should know better, when they grow
    up they will want to kill their parents for doing it

    1. Have you ever seen your children naked, and helped them taking their bath? I suppose they do not take their bath dressed!
      If so, you have now in your (therefore dirty, according to your stance) mind “disgusting vile and obscene” images of nude children…

  86. […] oben). Um ihre Karriere zu beschleunigen, liess  ihre Mutter sie vom Werbefotografen Gary Gross nackt in der Badewanne fotografieren. Bezahlt wurde die Session von Playboy Press. Um mal gleich das mit dem künstlerischen Aspekt aus […]

  87. I look at these photo’s and all I see is a nice looking young girl. There is nothing sexual or inappropriate about these photo’s to me. Why is everybody so uptight? Who was it that said “The world needs a drink”?

  88. Could the photographer NOT have made the same statement: a child examining or displaying her beauty – while keeping the too young Ms. Sheilds clothed?!?! Seems to me he could have. Her mother should have, and Ms. Shields could have told her mom “No. I’m stripping to nothing for a photos shoot”.

    Believe it or not: it IS possible to make a statement without resorting to shock tactics.

  89. ‘Pornography’ or ‘Art’ is in the eyes of the beholder. And then again they are just words.
    Most people don’t even have an opinion of their own but only that given to them by their immediate society. Humans are hippocrites with double standards beyond comprehension.

  90. All those little comments are very funny.

    I like this one a lot :

    ” I will be honest, I’m not just saying this because i’m typing this on a reply page, but If i knew where you lived and ever met you i would personally paralyze you from neck down, then all you could do is watch as I cut your fucking balls off and sewing them to your forehead. Your sick. ”

    I find the more violents comments come from the people trying to say those pics are not right. Makes me wander who is really sick ?

    The pictures were shown last year in Paris, nobody cared !

  91. I find it interesting how easy it is for some of you to say this is art but I have to wonder if your artistic natures have kept you in a fairy tale world where you were never exposed to the reality of child abuse and exploitation. This situation is not a joke by any means and while I myself appreciate art in many forms I cannot consider this art no matter how hard I try to find the non-sexual, purely artistic value of it. Gross admits that he was trying to show the characteristics of women in young girls and part of being a woman is a seductive nature at times.

    I can understand exactly why Brooke Shields would be embarrassed and want the pictures back. I was sexually abused as a child for years until my early teens and if there were any photographic recollections of myself looking as Brooke does in this photo I would be humiliated beyond belief and desperate to retrieve and traces of my past experiences. Children do not ask to be treated as sex symbols. Children do not ask to be taken advantage of or put in a vulnerable situation. For those who say that this picture would have had no developmental issues for Brooke Shields growing up, imagine being a 10 year old girl and showing up to school and sitting in a classroom where not necessarily your classmates (if they were sheltered) but possibly your teacher has seen you naked. Even for those who say this is art, I am not accusing you of anything, but there are those in this world who will call it art while enjoying the purely sexual nature of it. We were all once children, please do not consider the photo as just a lover of art, or by considering the subject to be nothing more than a stranger. But try and consider it as a photo of yourself at that age, in a situation where you had no say, where you mother allowed a stranger to interrupt your privacy for her own personal gain and to make you question yourself. You might say its ok for Brooke Shields but ask yourself if it is ok for everybody else. For parents, ask yourself if you would ever put your children in this situation.

  92. There is nothing sexual about this image of a ten year
    old girl, it is your perverted adult minds that see
    it as such and then impose it on others including your
    own children and then the police have to get it banned.

  93. I think what also needs to be remembered here is that Brooke Shields possibly owes her career to these photos. She starred in Pretty Baby 2 years later, but I believe it was these photos that put her in the spotlight. We would probably never have heard of her if not for them. She is now a multi millionaire with a still thriving career.

    Despite what some say about the photos, she has still managed to grow up into a decent and sensible woman. Having the photos taken does’nt seem to have done her any harm. Considering the low morals and promiscuity of many celebrities in Hollywood, Brooke has managed to live a decent and respectful life.

    So how has this supposedly immoral and atrocious behaviour of her mother and photographer damaged her, how have the photos harmed her?


    1. Sarah, I’m sure if you lost weight and cleaned yourself up and dressed better, you wouldn’t be so jealous of beautiful females and feel the need to try to control men’s behavior and sexual preferences on the internet.


  96. Just wondered what all the fuss was about. The first photo is distinctly uncomfortable, especially if she was uncomfortable herself with it.I can see why it might be sensible to take that off display. The other two look pretty innocent. I’d photograph my own daughter in the bath, but would be horrified at a fully made up nude of her in the public domain. Her mother must have been on drugs or something, but then those were different times.

    1. Teri Shields by her own and Brooke’s admission was always a terrible alchololc. In a December 1981 Life Magazine article which is online called,Our Miss Brooke it explains that Teri was an ugly drunk who punched Brooke in the face on her 12th birthday on the set of Pretty Baby and was also at this time arrested for drunk driving.

      In her 1985 book,On Your Own Brooke says that her mother while drunk once threw a plate at her,and would often drag her out of bed in the middle of the night to watch TV when she was a child,and she said she often couldn’t sleep because of this.She also told her mother when she was 13 that if she didn’t get help at a rehab she was going to move in and live with her father.

      Teri drank all throughout Brooke’s childhood and teens and this is when she was making decissions like these inappropiate sexually exploitive pictures to be taken etc.

  97. It is the ‘knowing’ look in Shield’s over made up eyes and adult pose and attitude that strips the image of any pretense of innocence. It that way the first image is unsettling.

    By transferring the picture from the pages of a Playboy funded publication to walls of an art gallery maybe a question is being posed. Is the American culture sexualising girls at a very young age – like Britney’s teenage come on – Hit Me Baby One More Time? And more frighteningly are mothers complicit in that in their search for vicarious fame and fortune?

  98. Kim, please don’t talk to be of suspicions Gilbert
    was in the police force with recommendations for
    the drug squad.

  99. You know what i find particuarlly funny.

    The purpose of “art” is to incite emotion and feeling. To make the viewer feel something, anything, good or bad.

    More then 30 years after these photos were taken there are 1000’s upon 1000’s of people talking about them.

    I think at this point wether you enjoy them, or find them disgusting you can at least say from that perspective, they served their purpose.

  100. Who the hell would call this art? It is not “art”, when you make up a LITTLE GIRL to look like a cheap hooker and then take disgusting pictures, like these. Personally I think the photographer AND her parents should have been arrested for producing child porn!

  101. BEAUTIFUL girl, as evidenced by enormous spawning of jealously from millions of ugly people. Laws in society have been created by these same jealous zealots to cover up their genetic inferiority and to help level the playing field so ugly people have an opportunity to reproduce as well. These people are refered to as ordinary fatheads. Mentally ordinary, physically fatheads. As a leading international geneticist, I feel it my duty to assure the more intelligent amongst us their eye for beauty is not going unappreciated.

    1. Democratic societies cannot stand easily art, as it is perceived as an outrage to equality. You’re right regarding the laws. Their main purpose is to serve and consolate ugly and jealous masses.

  102. BenjaminP….’As a leading international geneticist, I feel it my duty to assure the more intelligent amongst us their eye for beauty is not going unappreciated…..’

  103. imagine that playboy published it back then… so what does that tell you all!!
    her mom got paid 450.0 back then for this!

  104. Generally, people see what they want to see. I can see a young girl who wants to be grown-up. Nothing new – I was just the same.
    And only those who have dirty mind can see a sexual context here.
    Thanks heaven I live in France where this kind of photos are considered art!

    1. well it isn’t surprising that most pedophiles come from france.Roman Polanski was living in france;your french culture minister had sex with little boys in Asia.You people are sick

      1. France invented the best erotical and flirty writers in the world: Ronsart, the marquis de Sade, Verlaine, Beaudelaire, Boyer d’argens, Brantôme, Marivaux, Appolinaire, Pierre-jean Jouve, Pierre Loüys, etc.
        The English had Swinburne (but seemingly tend to forget it).
        The only American erotical writer was Henry Miller, but most of his inspiration came from Paris.

        Anglo-saxon people have a stick up their ass… completely uptight, mostly because of Victorian education; that is why they have those pathetic binges in order to try to overcome their Victorian psychological conditioning.

    2. At least a normal woman! I also live in France (and am French).
      How pathetic are these uptight anglo-saxon people!!
      How many of them have read Algernon Charles Swinburne?
      No one I would bet.
      The more cultured one is, the more eager to appreciate erotism one is.

      Where do you live in France?

  105. Yes of course it was Pam, Gilbert was sniffing for drugs
    and is not a perv, just like the nit nurse that came to
    our school looking in us hair for lice for the health
    and safety of all mankind or so it seemed.

    1. No se porque se extrañan o escandalizan, en una cultura como la de ustedes (norteamericana) venderse por un puñado de dolares es lo normal, creo que ya deben abandonar sus posturas hipocritas y mostrarse tal y cual como son, esto es apenas una muestra de lo que sucede a diario y eso pr que es una estrella, pero cuantos niños son explotados sexualmente incluso con el consentimiento de sus autoridades? reflexionen y miren bien lo que hacen

  106. Considering how provocative these photos are and the change in context over 35 years, several things occur to me.

    No matter how absolutist we would like to be, the sexual context changes over time. These photos are more shocking today than they were when first published, and that is not primarily because of their legal history.

    While they were controversial at the time, it is amazing how much less civil this on-line discourse is than the contentious discussion was back then. Many comments made here surpass the “obscenity” of the pictures for many discussants.

    These pictures are nowhere near the limit of sexual diversity that can provoke sexual responses from a hypothetical viewer. How responsible can we make a photographer that takes a picture that might arouse a small proportion of the expected audience? (If you have a quick answer for that question, it is probably a weak one.)

    Finally, it might be reassuring to recognize that it is highly typical of humans of all ages and genders to act on only a small proportion of the perceptions they recognize as sexually provocative.

    1. you’re the only person who commented with any broader sense of historical contextual awareness, and not simply from a contemporary gut reaction. I appreciated your comment. I did a lot of art and research about the sensualization/sexualization of children for my BFA, and my opus was an image of Brooke Shields in make-up, topless (a promotional image for Pretty Baby that I found online). I also had an image of Jody Foster, as a prostitute in Taxi Driver, the Olsen Twins, and River Phoenix (his, of course, being the least controversial. Though sexualized, nothing was considered ‘obscene’ about this young boy giving seductive looks without a shirt on. And, of course, images from the film Lolita. Most of which were images from the 1970s. Obviously times, and sentiments, have changed. Why is that? I think it is the jobs of artists, often times, to explore these changes in sentiment, context, and attitude throughout history. And it always seems to be the majority that will throw their stones first, and ask questions later.

    2. I was on a brief photo holiday in a town in South India last week. As often happens, local children got ecited at the appearance of a stranger and queued to have their photos taken. I obliged. One was a small boy who was naked. Afterwards I suddered at the thought that had this been in the UK I might have felt a cold hand on my shoulder. A few years back I was in a London park with my wife and she gave me her new videocom to hold. I started filming a group of (clothed) children tumbling down a small hill. Their minder/teacher approached and asked me what I was doing. I said I was filming children tumbling down a hill. I should have said “what are you doing with these children in a park?”

      Is there no innocence in the world today.

      I do find these images disturbing and thought provoking. Obscene. Pornographic. No. Children being burned by white phosphorus. Yes.

  107. Sandra, that was truly humiliating, them looking in hair for bugs, but I suppose its lucky they didn’t do
    what Gilbert did.

  108. what the hell??
    didnt she thought before doing that??
    o my god!
    thats so embarrasing!
    now she wants it taken off?!!
    her parents were crazy duh!

  109. I have to say I think these photos are hideous!

    This is plainly sexualization of a child, and should never have been taken, let alone published.

    I can certainly see what the fuss has been about, and I’m glad the British police acted the way they did.

    And I can’t help but wonder why Brook Shield’s mother allowed it to happen in the first place.

  110. There is nothing artistic about these photographs. These photos are pornographic. It is not an innocent pose of a child. She has got make up on and she is posing in a seductive manner (If you can say that about a child). The photographer is obviously a pervert and absolutely gross by name and by nature. I would have thought Brooke Shields would have banned the publishing of the photos. I am sure she as an adult can herself see they are inappropriate.

  111. people said the same thing about Sally Mann’s work. I think everything makes sense in the context in which it is created.

  112. and if anyone has ever seen the film ‘pretty baby’, of which these images are promotional items for, she was a 13 year old playing a 9-year-old prostitute. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that? The whole movie is about this 9-year-old girl losing her ‘flower’ to a 60 year old man. This is considered ‘quaint early film-making’ but then everyone jumps all over the promotional images which were commissioned by her mother. Dig a little deeper, people.

  113. Well, if she were my daughter I would not have approved of the first photo because it makes her look too enticing, like an adult with a child’s body, a very pretty body to boot. The other photos are more or less OK in the context that she is a professional model and involved in a provocative film. That’s the way it goes, some people are not conventional.

    The fact that Matt cannot stop coming back for more comments and insults drives me to think that he likes the naked girl a little more than he would admit.

  114. I can’t believe that these images are so widely available as they only encourage paedophiles. The images of Brooke Shields may have been with her mother’s consent and from a less aware age, however the question any parent should ask is whether they are exploiting their child for their own gain (which was clearly the case in this instance). The wider issue seems to be that emotionally (and sexually)retarded individuals can come on to a site like this, post alarming comments and get away with it. Hopefully someday technology will be developed to prevent people from using the internet in this manner. In the meantime, I hope the authorities use all existing means at their disposal to pursue those responsible. Even if they are not convicted, at least their details will be held on an intelligence database and their activities can be monitored. There are certain messages and images that “artists” don’t need to convey so obviously. I’m all for pushing the boundaries but there are certain lines that cannot be crossed (Is filming a murder art?). Brilliant artists use suggestion and the human imagination can do the rest.

  115. Matt might be hostile but his intentions are good. What I see in those pictures is a naive 10 year old girl whos mother saw dollar signs. It may not have been staged as porn at the time they were taken, but porn or not, its a naked little girl and we just dont do that anymore, not for art, not at all. Times have changed.

    Walmart will call the cops on you if you so much as turn in a film strip with your 1 year old splashing around in the tub. I thought it was a bit extreme but there were parents on the news facing charges and had their child removed from their home, for what most of you call innocent bath tub pictures.

  116. well, now i see what all the fuss is about.

    that first picture isn’t simply of a child naked in the bath. it’s of a child made to pose like a woman, oiled like a woman, standing in a steam bath like a woman and looking lustily into the camera like a naked oiled woman enjoying a steam bath while standing up.

    this is unquestionably erotic, and highly immoral. how can a 10-year old girl even understand what it means to pose like that?

    i can understand the appeal of ephebophilic (post-pubescent/adolescence) art, girls who are already showing signs of womanhood: breasts, pubic hair and proper curves…ephebophilic preferences and art is morally borderline, and can be discussed.

    hebephilic (pubescent) and paedophilic (pre-pubescent) art forms are clearly damaging to children as well as needy, unstable men. any sexual attraction to women during or pre-puberty is unnatural, for they can not bear children. to claim otherwise is not right.

    unnatural sexual themes like homosexuality, or protected sex, is completely fine, as they involve adults, and all adults should be free in this world.

    children before the end of their pubescent phase are not free, they require nurturing. we are naturally predisposed to nurture children because they are the future. portraying them as sex objects is hardly going to help them later in life.

    yes, art may do what it likes…but we, the consumers of the art, are the ones who decide if it should survive or not.

    1. A very well-informed posting, and I think this captures many of my thoughts. I wonder if the 10-yo Shields was even aware of what she was posing as?

      The photographer was trying to demonstrate the femininity of youth, but does so in a highly erotic manner. You (some folks) can blame ‘perverts’ for making this image perverted, but there is absoultey a (in my opinion, not so) latent sexual imagery in many of these photos.

      In fact, Shields has been trying for years to get these photos destroyed, but continues to lose this battle in court.

  117. A lot of you don’t seem to realize that there are is a whole series of these photographs taken during this shoot which show her fully nude.

    You can see them by clicking on the link in the article.

  118. To fully understand why you must be aware of the venom in the statue of the Aztec goddess Coatlicue, and let me summarized thus : The Church, better naked than “snaked”!!
    The “move” was defensive and protective and masterful one in the Chess of Armageddon.
    It took me a while to realize it, and before that I was quite upset.

  119. To fully understand why, you must be aware of the venom in the statue of the Aztec goddess Coatlicue, and let me summarized it thus : The Church, better naked than “snaked”!!
    The “move” was defensive and protective and masterful one in the Chess of Armageddon.
    It took me a while to realize it, and before that I was quite upset.
    So remember to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

    1. Jimena is the wife of El Cid, Jimena is beautiful and Miss Universe, Jimena is Brooke, Brooke is my wife!!!!! yeyyyyy Excellent chess Brooke, Jimena,and Donal Trump. The Devil Wears Prada, Brooke Wears Our Love! Bravo Meryl Streep!Bravo Demi Moore! Bravo U.S.- Mexico!

      Bestto you and “Tilted Kilt”,
      (EL Cid) 😉

  120. this society is quite sick
    the censure does not solve problems, but will exacerbate it
    this society panics fronting its devils
    but art doesnt have to be consensual
    and it ‘s quite absurd, anyone can look at this pic on internet
    the moral will always condamn artists
    this society has to cure its sickness, but art has to be free

  121. I can’t see what all the hoopla is about. She is so young and flat-chested. The pictures don’t show her pubic area. I personally just see this as a form of art.

    I do think though that some might see more into her nakedness. But you can’t protect society from every aspect.

    Rape shot up tremedously after playboy came out and put porn in the hands of men everywhere. Should we have shut it down as well?

  122. Самое отвратительное – быть американцем, создавать детскую порнографию, использовать детей для наживы, разменивать их будущее на ежеминутные собственные удовольствия. Дети вам отомстят.

    1. Я согласен с вами = Таков путь в мир своей одинаковы во всех странах, включая Россию

      For those that do not speak he condeming America Prat the exhibtion is in England – My reply its the same in Russia if not worse

      1. Да и в России тоже имеет место данный отвратительный факт. Но эта гадость поселилась там с прогрессивных полей так называемого цивилизованного мира после развала Советского Союза.

      2. Мусор русской мафией, и все другие Русский Pimps были Thorn в России еще до распада communnism – Могу ли я предложить вам читать преступности за кулисы написанные КГБ очень показателен = всех обществах одни и те же независимо от того, кто правит преступление является преступлением

        Still blaming the west – should read exiled KGB Crime stories – will not enter into anymore replies

  123. I can see why people object – My question is why was the Film that she appeared as the child star NOT BANNED – Is this not a case of bolting the stable door ….etc

  124. you guys are stupid, u dont know what art is, even porn is art, nothing is wrong, its not like brooke shields is a virgin, she is a slut that fu*k lots of guys gang banged. so, with picture like this, its nothing. its not like she is still a child. cant u see the expression on her face in the picture? she loves it, i bet naked infront of several weird old fat bald guys turns her on, its exhibitionist. why dont u guys try to go to russia? there, many little girl like this is sold off by parents for prostitution, thats why u can see many child “porn art” come from russia. America should learn to respect art, learn from russia, thats why they go to space first.

  125. Its not art, its not porn, its a kid in a bath, jeez
    People are so dumb that they cant see the wood for the trees. If it turns you on, you have a problem, if you think its art, you have a problem, if you cuss and swear abuse at other contributors, you have a problem, if you respond to someone with such a obviously limited vocabulary, you have a problem, if you think its just a kid in a bath, no, problem.

  126. Just skimming through this comments, i found something interesting. One of the commentors, matt, has actually posted about 40 comments over the period of about 3 weeks. WHY? And who could be that obsessed with a bunch of photos that you have to come back again and again and again to talk about them? Either he really, really detests them, or he secretly like them. Either way, matt has a problem!

  127. Frankly, the most disturbing thing here is not these photos but the freak- show that has erupted on this blog. Thankyou to every RATIONAL person here for your thoughts on this matter, I have found your comments very thought provoking. As for everyone else, well frankly many of you are so past the bend that I actually split a gut laughing at the insanity/innanity of your posts, they are utterly hilarious (not intentionally I am sure) and I hope many of you (Matt, Mike, and co.) recieve straight- jackets for Christmas.

  128. Very disturbing pictures, more disturbing that people would want to see them and most disturbing is her mother allowed this to happen for money. Her mom and the photographer should be in jail.

  129. thank you guys for giving me something to read when im bored. i guess i could give my opinion though wile im here. i was looking for brook shields nude as an adult, like i said, im bored and thats some times the best way to pass the time. anyway, as soon as i saw these photos, i immediately lost my hard on and lost the urge all together. the first photo “i think” is like porn a little. the rest, i could see people calling it art. im no artist, so i wont say, but art or not, sickos will touch themselves to this and thats sick. ive already said more than i planned so i bid you a due. one more thing, some of you are really sick and i hope your joking

  130. Gross’s intention to publish these photos was to “reveal the femininity of prepubescent girls by comparing them to adult women.” I wonder…why?

    I’m still very much torn on whether or not this is obscene. I wonder to myself, what is the non-pruient intent of showing this?

    As somebody who dos not consider myself a pedophile or an uncultured person – in fact, I am a professor of media psychology – it is difficult for me to justify this photograpy as something more than child pornography. I’m interested to see where this discussion goes.

  131. I have seen the pictures and definitely they are not pornography but I think it is something I will not display on my living room or use as a desktop picture, in my personal oppinion I found the pictures as simply bad taste and some sort of child´s explotation. I understand why some find them disturbing and I wouldn’t allow any kind of commercial explotation of pictures like this of any of my future kids because I find them slightly unappropiate but definitely it is not pornography, although I don´t understand what the photographer tried to express.

  132. This first picture is completely pornographic. Most men commenting here call it “art”. Tell me, would you subject your daughters to such filth? Brooke is in a suggestive pose,oiled up and made up like a woman.she is a 10 year child. Anyone clear headed would see it as offensive.anyone with a perverted mind would see it as art.

  133. Matt, I TOTALLY agree with “what you say” your point of view is on this whole god awful mess.
    But you don’t know how t express yourself, or talk to people man.
    Either you’re just a dick, or you don’t have the words to say what’s on your mind.
    Guilty conscience dude? You keep cussin at people, tellin’em that they’re “gettin off” to the pics.
    Your over aggression towards and obbsesion with this sounds like a mask for a truth that has you bookmarking theese pictures for your own “personal use”. I’m just sayin what a lot of people are thinkin dude, (deal with it!).
    You can talk shit to and insult me as well if you like, but, I would fuckin en

  134. Matt, I TOTALLY agree with “what you say” your point of view is on this whole god awful mess.
    But you don’t know how t express yourself, or talk to people man.
    Either you’re just a dick, or you don’t have the words to say what’s on your mind.
    Guilty conscience dude? You keep cussin at people, tellin’em that they’re “gettin off” to the pics.
    Your over aggression towards and obbsesion with this sounds like a mask for a truth that has you bookmarking theese pictures for your own “personal use”. I’m just sayin what a lot of people are thinkin dude, (deal with it!).
    You can talk shit to and insult me as well if you like, but, I would fuckin en

  135. I think it is a sad day when naked pictures of a UNDERAGE girl is considered art. Especially when she is fixed up to look sexy as is the case in these pictures. I do agree the naked body of a woman is art. Notice I said the word WOMAN!! I do not agree with the violent terms used by Matt, however I do appreciate the intent behind them. I do not want anyone taking naked pictures of my daughter for any reason. And I am sorry if I offend anyone but if any of you think these pictures are “art”, “hot”, “sexy”, etc. I think you need to evaluate yourselves. It is not my place to judge anyone, but come on dudes an 11 year old girl painted up and posed to look like a whore is gross.

  136. oh god.. this is not art for the simple reason that those photos are pornographic, this little girl was obliged to make photos that are obviously malicious, and she wasn’t aware of this.. it’s a very bad thing and I don’t understand why they are here on the internet, where bad people can use them in the way they want.. it’s really sad.. poor brooke

  137. Hi there,

    I’m a third year Fine Art student and i’m currently writing my dissertation based around themes of censorship in art, and am using the piece Spiritual America as a case study. I’ve found your article very intriguing and thought-provoking.

    I wondered if you know the sources for a couple of the quotes you have included;

    “..photographs are not sexually suggestive, provocative or pornographic, nor do they imply sexual promiscuity. They are pictures of a prepubescent girl posing innocently in her bath”
    “..right to freely exploit the use of the pictures other than in a pornographic context”

    It annoys me how in art we always have to ‘censor’ and be aware of those individuals and select groups that lay outside of society; the paedophiles. When did the world become focused on the minorities opposed to the majorities? Nudity is impossible to censor as it’s context plays a significant role in it’s portrayl. Where do the boundaries lay? Perhaps Shield’s mother should be the focus of attention. What sickens me most is HOW a mother could allow such an event to take place; surely this is more questionnable than the photographs themselves?

    Many thanks! Look forward to reading more!

  138. Whether or not this is art doesn’t matter. After all some people might get aroused at children in a winter coat on a Macy’s catalog. I honestly can’t see any benefit from something artistic or comercial that outweighs exploiting a child… even if its just modeling or acting, either way its exploitation. Granted I’m of the mind that children should not be in photos, videos, etc. Nor should they be working until they are adults, period. The only reason parents take nude pictures of their kids, is to embarrass them as adults. Heck they shouldn’t even have children in plays or literature, after all someone can sexualize them there… and honestly most works of art involving children are utter crap anyhow. We’d be better off without Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, or Wizard of Oz… less sappy pick up lines, hippies, and parades.

  139. ^^ why won’t all of you just calm down.
    It’s really fun to read every mind-washed idiot here going all crazy over this.
    This all suggests that you are nothing but regular people with the fucked-up sexual sence wich everyone seem to have these days. But seriously. There’s nothing wrong with this picture. It’s just the society going all crazy over things that are stamped with *tabo*.
    I’m pretty sure this is what the artist wanted to happen. It just shows how you all see a naked 10-year-old. Sexually. You’re just trying to deny your sences because it’s labeled wrong to think that way.

  140. I hope you don’t mind. I used this as a source for my Incest Rape Essay. I will be posting in in my word press shortly.

  141. I dont see how anyone thinks these pictures are sexy. Just because she is wearing make up doesn’t make her a sexual being. The make up was supposed to be a comment on the grown woman inside her, cause if you know little girls, especially all you parents of daughters should know, every little girl has a grown woman already in her and it is a beautiful thing. That is what this photo is supposed to represent. If you look at the photo and you call it child porn that means you see child porn and you are the one with the sick mind. She isn’t posing provocatively at all. She’s just standing, her legs are closed, the pic is not focused on her private parts, and she looks just in a natural pose. Any girl standing in the bath may for a split second stand in that pose, there is nothing suggestive about it. Just bacuse she is nude doesn’t mean its porn. Sure maybe others might get off on the picture but just cause some do doesn’t make it porn. I could easily argue the image of Christ on the cross is pornographic. But it would not be fare cause it was not meant to be. I may have offended some closed minded people and I hope I did.

  142. the matt guy is fucked in the head. No one is allowed to disagree with him and he has everyone fugured out. Just by the two lines people write he knows if u r perverted or not, if u r a virgin or not, etc etc. Insightful or just plain stupid? i’d put my money on the latter PS: normal people see this as art, perverted ones as porn. I see this as being art, how about u matt?

  143. Well! lets see here. when i was six yo my babysitter who was 16 gave me oral sex and tought me to 69 her and i liked it and wish i could go back in time. she was very hot. she even brought her little sisters friend over who was 10 and both of them would suck me for hours 3 days a week for about 1 year until my stupid older brother told on her when she tried the same thing. god my brothers an idiot! i asked her the first time why she was doing this and she said why? if you dont like it ill stop but when i was your age an older man did this to me and she said she liked it because he didnt hurt her. she told me how he would put it in her and everything. she said she wished i was old enough to cum. she also said now she has to be careful because thats how you make a baby. on another occation i went to her house and 2 high school boys came over and she wanted me to just watch and believe me i watched and i learned. now it is natural for a young girl to want to touch and be touched. some people are naturally perverted and when not forced perversion is good. Now when i was molested by a man who happened to be a deputy sheriff when i was 13 I began having anger problems because i new man on man is wrong. i was drunk of coarse. He ended up in prison for molesting someone else but I never told on him fuckin bastard. truthfully if you grow up as a child having sex the problems you face mentally are usually caused by others who embed the rights and wrongs they want you to have in your head. it is opinion! law, whatever. People follow all to well. they say girls are not mentally ready but really if that is societys fault. I trully believe girls and boys in other countries other than the U.S are way more intelligent, not all but I find it strange when im looking for a legal porn sight and a child porn page gets thrown up most of the kids are smiling and look like they are having fun. I know how I felt. I have never molested anyone but let me tell you i think of going on vacation to the philipine islands. No I guess that sex slaves and trafficking are fucked up things. Really! it didnt hurt me at all when the girls took hold of me and when the cop molested me it didnt hurt all that bad but it made me take a good look at myself. I didnt feel like I was molested until when I 25 I told my family. the horror of it all was everyone around me feeling sorry for me and thinking about me all the time. seriously if everyone thought molesting children was o.k. the odds are the child would think nothing of it. Its the terror syndrome everyone has. Most nations are addicted to terror and thats a fact! Most of you want people to feel sorry for you for whatever the reason. You want attention. I can here it now Mommy he put his thingy in my everywhere. will you love me more now I need a hug. I tell ya just about every person looses virginity before 16 and most woman posing nude these days have been ripped so many times its sick. woman are sick and the snail has a long path. big tits are sick fat looking. If people dont like these pics and if your not aroused your conditioning throughout your life has taken a toll on you. I dont find a woman who has had cum spilt all over her all her life attractive at all. Most of you guys are fucking slop. No class mother fuckers. Gays should be illegal and sex with girls around the age of 12 should be legal. no matter how old the guy is. whos sick? You people have got it backasswords. Its ok to buttfuck another guy but not girls right out of puberty. What the hell is going on but yes god can fuck a forteen year old. I seriously think the virgin mary was touched and molested and thats why you say sex and lust is sin. well will just say its a miracle in order to save ones reputation and through our hands, our ways, you can find salvation. The miracles of Jesus credited to the romans. The kings of this world knew it. only the young can create such a miracle as Jesus. the young in purest form, naked! if you want the best and purest children to be born it will have to come from a girl like this. But dont fuck your own. Its too bad people have to ruin everything. this is art in its most powerful form. My opinion nude pictures of children not engaged in sex should be legal like pot. Some like sugar in there coffee some dont.

    1. these posts are proof that such photos are inappropriate and exploit kids. I can not believe Brooke Shields had no say in the matter to have them put in her possession as an adult to decide what to do with them. Childhood is a time of rapid learning. Children are not naturally interested in sex. They are interested in their bodies out of a curiosity and awareness of themselves. To say anything else is sick and naturally precoucious children are very rare, most are the result of grooming by sick individuals. Their time and learning is not be wasted on the pleasure of sickos, it is for their intelligence and skills to be developed and when they are mature and ready they can choose their own sexual partner. As for those of you who say the kids want this sort of unnatural attention, you are wrong and this is how the paedo justifies his own sick behaviour. Sorry you are like that.

  144. She is hot! and for you Tod, you somewhat of a lucky guy I just wanted to say Ya and how do you think infants survived back in the cavemen days when mom dies and it has no boob to suck. they had to live on something. I dont know what it was but I think our bodies are made to nurture and im pretty sure life dosn’t just come from a woman. As sick as it is I can only wonder why god gave man tits without milk. Its man milk and thank god we made it out of that era. I hope this pisses you off! but people are so busy these days trying to dehumanize. We are animals not robots and im afraid we are living in bullshit overload. traditions with tunnel vision and television.

  145. When I was 27 I was partying at my friends house and got wasted and they told me I could crash in the kids room. The kids were gone except the 9 year old daughter. She was in another room. It must have been 3 or 4 in the mourning and I woke up with her giving me oral. I could not believe it! She kept going and I asked what are you doin? She told me she had always wanted to do it and never had a chance to. She took my pants off and got on top of me and said if I didnt do it she would tell her mom. She put me inside her and she was definitely a virgin. I was in shock! when we were done she stayed there with me till it was about time for her mom to get up. A few weeks later my friend and the kids came over and she acted like nothing happened and when knowone else was looking she gave me a look and put her index finger up to her lips. I had never ever thought of doing anything like that before. It felt so good and I had never in my life felt such perversion. She eventually started riding her bike over and we continued where we left off. She never said a word to anyone and to this day we are friends. I think Brooke Sheilds knew exactly what she was doing. Some call it sick but until you meet the right little girl you will never know. Human nature indeed! Do you know where your children are! What they are really thinking! Her dad is now my best friend. If they ever need anything Im there!

    1. I seriously doubt your little story is true. It sounds more like your fantasy than a true story. Another paedophile trying to make children out to be just as perverse and mature as adults. BULLSH*T!

  146. uhm look people this was a movie made in what like the 70’s , its brooke shields, as a child, playing a young girl living in a brothel who can not avoid become a prostitute and he had a natural ability to captivate men even as a pre-adolescent. the idea was to show that there are some dynamics about humanity in which many of our species humans are not privileged to enjoy a lengthy child hood and are destined to engage in adult hood early, and out of that group some of us will naturally be able to grab life by the horns at such a young age and own it.

  147. I can’t believe the retards on here. It started out as closed minded jerks and now it is a bunch of foolish pedophiles telling fake stories about horny underage girls that don’t exists. I can’t believe they (Tod derek and nick) expect anyone to believe that bullshit. It sounds like its just their fantisies and they feel the need to share it with other pedos. Also, they are totally blowing it for the artists who support this type of art by making the people against these pictures look like they have a point. Thanks you pathetic pedophiles.

    1. The story is true! If you want to know why people that get molested start molesting its because they didnt see any harm being done. Like whats his name says here somewhere. I think you were molested and liked it! Not to take anything away from the art or add to it. I agree the naked body of a young girl is art, period. I understand there is nothing perverted here. Like I stated before I have never molested anyone! But I will say after watching Pretty Baby it turned me on. Brooke went a little beyond the arts! So label everyone as you will and direct your hatred toward something you dont understand. Its a big world out there and it happens. The truth is simple! Many young girls who get involved with older men regret it! They face a so called majority rule and sometimes give in. Some regret that even more. I Know a girl that was molested by her stepfather and she had him prosecuted for it. Today she is 19 and she only dates men much older. Why? Do you think Hugh Heffner dating 18 year olds is gross? If a girl 12 years or older wants to be sexually involved with an older man I say let her but don’t force her. This shit has been going on for years and now the people want to stop it. Parents hold on to children for way to long and keep them younger than what they are. What do the people know? The U.S. cant even stop buying shit made from China but yet they still keep asking why cant I find a job! History shows us that the majority is usually wrong. Proned to error. I rather live life with a girl knowing she has been mine from the start before error. Why would anyone want a girl who has already been touched? Because everyone else is doing it why not you? What is right? what is wrong? who are you to say or call people names. Follower! I hope you blend in well. Ruin What? Its art! the body of a female that is. But I still find it funny she played the roll in Pretty Baby. I guess certain seens are more artistic than others if you know what I mean. Just kidding!

      1. You made some good points and you have obviously had time to think about it. But your a fool if you think I can believe that story you told. That wasn’t about real sex at all. That is the fake stuff people do in porn for looks only. It’s not all your fault but it does insult me that you would try to lie about it because I was actually molested by my babysitter when I was 8 years old and she was about 16 and there is nothing glamourous about it. 8 year old boys don’t have fun with that, it is infact very traumatizing. It took me years to get over it and I’m proud to say I did and I did not come out a pedophile. I would also like to add 18 years of age is probably too old to tell girls not to have sex with who they want but girls have no clue what they are doing at age 12 and that needs to be stopped. Your nuts if you think 12 year old girls have the mental capasity to decide things like that especially with some older horny guy breathing down her neck begging her to hurry and decide. It can be seen as forced even if she says yes cause yes doesn’t mean she enjoys it and there are easier, safer ways for girls to learn better. Also I see nothing wrong with being with a girl that’s been “touched” before. Purity comes from within. Physical purity is not important to me. Find someone that can say that with a strait face. I am actually far from a follower. I agree with the majority that you say says no one should molest kids. But the majority actually disagrees with many to most things I say. I’ll tell you what I don’t blend in at all. My whole neighborhood hates me for my obvious obsession with death and darkness and I have no intrest in blending in. You call me a follower? You fit the exact discription of every pedo I have had the “pleasure” of meeting. I do hope you get over your need for pure girls, cause there are many girls out there that are wonderful and a pure girl is 10 times more likely to dump a guy like you.

  148. i know this picture is wrong in so many ways but you guys know your complaining over a picture that has been out there for more than thirty years now right.

  149. So many comments, so many people missing the point.
    If you travel in europe, scandinavia, you will see naked children playing by the sea, on the lakeside, you’ll see the parents too, and you know what? It’s not a pervert’s paradise, we understand that nakedness and eroticism are two different things.
    Beneath our clothes, we all have naked bodies, the problem is that some of us, and definitely a lot of the commenters above have been taught that nakedness is shameful, that our bodies are “dirty”.
    The pictures are of a young child in a bath. Yes, there’s make-up, the artist’s interest was in the emergence of the future adult, seen in the child. There’s no overt sexuality whatever, if you see it, that tells me far more about what’s in your head, than what was in the photographer’s.
    As for whether paedophiles will be aroused? who knows. there are perverts who get excited by shoes, by rubber, by horses, for heaven’s sake. Victorians were so aroused by a naked ankle that they would swoon.
    So lets ban pictures of shoes, rubber, horses, and ankles.
    For the record, I do think it was wrong for Ms Shield’s mother to exploit her in this way, but I don’t think the pictures, or the photographer deserve all this ire.

  150. It’s only porn if you think it’s porn. Which makes you a prevert in that case. Look at it as Art and it’s diferant.

  151. O.K. I am for sure alot of people already know this! Don’t think for one second that everyone thinks the same. there are so many different genes and mindsets in this world. Some people starting at very young ages including young girls that are perverted even though they have never been molested. Why the hell do you think some children play with themselves over-excessively. Different cultures with many variations of type. Dont deny the fact that some people enjoy sexual exploration and engage, children included. I understand being an adult and letting it happen with a child you are playing with fire. I read a story about a girl who was turned on by her dog humping her leg when she was six years old and she thought it was cool and eventually started to encourage the dog to do it. She is now twenty something and she wanted people to know about it for some reason. Thats sick! One time I took my children to a friends house and my son was playing with some girls down the road. They came over and took my 5 year old son in the bedroom and they tried to do all kinds of stuff. The girls were 7 and 8. My son came running out crying(to each his own). I asked him what happened and he told me so I took him home. I then went back a few days later and my friends daughter was outside and she said her dad was gone and mom was sleeping. I told her I wanted to borrow her dads ratchet set. She said she would get it out of the garage. I told her I would just wait until her dad came home. She insisted it was o.k. and we went into the garage. We walked up to the workbench and she grabbed my belt and slipped her fingers down the inside of my pants with one hand and felt me with the other and said she wanted to see it get big. She squeezed me pretty hard. Now I told her she was a little too young and she should’nt be doing that. She got mad and I went home to my wife. This kinda of stuff seems to follow me. For one thing I was married at the time and all these rules seem to be stuck in my head along with other things. I have never thought of touching my own children or doing anything sexual with my own so forget that shit. I was turned on when I had sex with my babysitter at six. And I liked it and I was turned on when the girl grabbed me and I know she felt it. I didnt want her to know that though. Now that I’m divorced (imagine that) I think back and I should have let her. I find it strange that when I was younger I liked older girls and now that I’m older I like younger girls. I didn’t want to get burned and I didn’t know her that well so I believe I made the right choice. Don’t get me wrong. Out of all the history in this world and looking at the people of today you people in majority would be the last I would look to for what is appropriate in age or anything. It wasn’t because she was too young. A little young for me maybe. It was how she was raised. You can’t trust most Americans, especially the flag flyers. These people dont have a clue in what they want or how to get it without screwing someone over. They call themselves patriots. Patriots of what? You can see how well they plan things just by looking at the engineering of their cities. Every school has to be rebuilt every ten years because they can’t see 2 inches in front of there faces. Watch out they will build a Wal-Mart in your backyard and put all your little countries out of business greasing the politicians wallets. Its the greatest place in the world to live. It would be the perfect place for a group of pedophiles to take an elementary school hostage. The news people would love that. They would act like they care then Nancy Grace would cry. they could gather more accurate statistics on what real abuse really does to people when actual rape accurs. Sex with certain children and rape are not the same. Not all pedos are monsters. And truthfully if you love your kids you would put G.P.S. on them instead of your dogs and pedos. They would eliminate the majority of abductions along with worthless law enforcement that couldn’t run fast enough to save anyones lives. Not all but some. Anyway I consider myself an earthling with no bounderies only loyal to my humanitarian appetite. Going to start my own church someday with no god in particular. Dont want a war just an orgy. I have been all over the world and witnessed many types. Lived in many households and witnessed many ways people raise children. A 10 year old girl in Russia is like a 20 year old in America in many ways. Hell I was shocked when I was in Iraq freezing my ass off in the desert with tons of clothes on and saw a 6 or 7 year old boy standing outside his shack barefooted with shorts on, no t-shirt smoking a cigerette. Conditioning indeed. Americans are a bunch of winey fucking brats that haven’t been through shit for the most part. I look at all the people of this world. Even the people who have earned the respect of other peers are fucking up in there own way. Opinion after opinion. Who made who and who is to say what to do and what not to do. Every government is corrupt and most are hipocritz. Most live for the day and do what the majority of humans do in that era. Killing is justified for some not for others. Why is it legal to watch murder of all ages on tv in most places but you cant watch them have sex (all ages). More stupid people = more stupid laws. I love people dont get me wrong! but the laws of today allow for more growth and soon every region of this world will be over-populated and we will all suffer because the biggest powers of the world want everyone to care for one another in peaceful harmony, or do they? More comfort allows for more offspring. Who is to say which population should grow and which one should be put away. I read a story in the paper awhile ago. A nineteen year old guy had sex with a thirteen year old girl and someone found out. The girl would’nt testify against him so they put her in jail. Not old enough to have sex but old enough to be punished like an adult. The governments have the people trained to tell on everyone. Dont take matters into your own hands. What business is it of the courts to get into these matters. The family should have delt with this. The courts only care about appropriating funds not the girls virginity. The real predators. Its a big money making machine for those in power. The greatest actors in the world. You are all abused and people have grown into one mass of stupidity. Everyone so caught up in your work, sports, nintendo, on and on you have all grown up to fall away from yourselves. busy, busy, busy in a hurry to get nothing done but make a mess out of this world. Sit your asses down and think! Too much structure! Believe me everyone was free on this continent until this government settled here after a bloodbath but now we are here dont kill us or each other because you are all worth something to someone and dont forget you are the property of the state. The west is the best get here and we’ll do the rest Tangent and beyond. This is art! could be sexual, maybe not. In my eyes Brooke Shields looks better here than what she looks like now. She is still very pretty though. Why anyone would want to see a grown woman beats me. I look at them as done deals, no work in progress, mission already accomplished several times. Like a rotting out garbage disposal with more food passing through it. You know how many times I have heard stories of men cheating on wives with young girls. Jealousy! Face it woman your days are numbered. We dont need laws to keep your husbands in line. Grow up and be big girls. I dont remember ever hearing sacrifice the woman. Its sacrifice the virgin. No wonder god left this place along time ago. No more new thrills! The purity thing does count and I want someone to grow with, not die with. So follow the leader and hang on to your young because you know dam well you cant hang on to your spouse.

  152. This isnt really art! She is 10 and posing naked like that is just wrong! What is it supposed to show? That her mother and now photogrophers are sick minded? I dont agree their art, just the works of someone without a life

  153. I’ve read the comments here, only today hearing of this story …. I tripped over it in a “Top 10” list.

    Now as a matter of full disclosure, let me say that my family and I are nudists so unclothed children, as unclothed adults, in a domestic or beach setting is not too out of the ordinary for me.

    Having said that, I think these pictures (at least the first and third) would be as objectionable were she fully clothed than as nude as she is.

    It is, I think, difficult to ascribe erotic content to an image we are not aroused by, but I also think here that Gross’s intent was to portray Sheilds as an object of erotic interest.

    Was Gross’s point to explore some wonder at the state of a youngster on the cusp of puberty, with all that that involves? Remember, these photographs were taken in 1975, and the fundamental assumptions (taken to even more inane conclusions now in 2009) of the “sexual revolution” were still being explored. Do human beings have value outside their sexual desirability/availability? Sometimes we have to wonder, anymore.

    The larger issue, I think, with regards to pedophilia is how to the assumptions we’ve come to accept without question help rationalize pedophile’s action.

  154. I have read a few stories on guys who have interviewed girls who were in the C.P. business and the majority of them stated they willingly wanted to share first experiences with sex on film and thought it was cool, especially if they could make money at it. Most of them had fun. The real young ones not so much fun! Look at non-nude preteen models these days. They pose because they want people to see them with hardly anything on. Some change but alot of them keep going. Sierra model(usa), Ciarra model, Sandra model, Dasha-models, Katy-model, Cherrish and sister Peach so on and it goes on and on. You can see they like it and they do as much as possible to show you what they can legally. Then the famous LS Models(nude) these girls are the most beautiful girls in the world so I hear. Dont get me wrong they will pop up in a search from time to time just by looking up model. These girls had parental consent and in 2004 international efforts closed them down. The girls were upset and some went on to model elsewhere like Karina World, BD Company and many more. When they got older they couldn’t make as much money like they did as children 8yo-16yo. I read the interviews. They wanted to be seen and they wanted you to want them. In many other cases the kids film themselves with the help of others they manage to get them onto the web. The fact is most people really dont understand children or themselves yet they are so content in their beliefs of right and wrong. You would be amazed how many of your children would pose nude for money if they could. Trust me on this! If C.P. were legal the kids would be doing this kind of thing more and more. Some are just afraid to learn how to swim. Manipulation works both ways. Some don’t need manipulation at all. Someone here stated something about culture. Its true people who are influenced and witness more of the variations of societys tend to appreciate pictures of youth and art more. Some are just born with it and some not. Not everyone! There are alot of people out there. Have some fucking respect for others who do not think the way you do. Not every pedophile is a murderer. Not every pedo goes out and masterbates to every kid they see. I gather and find it to be no joke. America produces more sick minded fucks than anybody. The stiffer the laws the greater the number of murdered children you will find or will come up missing. These pictures are like loaded guns. You choose to pull the trigger. Too many people with no control over their own minds. They see it and then they want to act out what they have seen on t.v. or just plain no love in the home. This is what happens when you depend on government to regulate education. It all starts in the home! This world would be a better place if everyone quit their jobs and home-schooled the kids. Really! Why punish your kids for getting bad grades. Are you afraid they wont become productive in the majority eye. Building a world of factorys and more mass production is destruction. If we didnt have insurance people would learn to drive at own risk and granny would learn to stay off the road. The odds are you will all be too doped by anti-depressants to even realize what you do. I can see you now doing the thorzene shuffle when you people walk around. Lighten up! If child porn were legal you could all become investigators and probably find more missing children. People put to much faith in the ones who have corrupted you. Look at Russia. Pornography is illegal but yet its the worlds biggest porn producer. Why? If people dont get it now they never will. What I still dont understand is why you people think sex with a 12yo is sick. Its simple you are conditioned that way. Try to think inside of your head without using your fluent language. You cant do it! You are use to what you know and become more close minded as you grow. Some say pedos will find ways to justify sex with youngsters and some will find ways not to. Its really whats right for you and for them and we are all different starting at birth. You say kids dont really know what they want and cannot possibly know right from wrong. Do you? One persons drug is a dream come true for others a nightmare! Hell when I was a kid before being molested I dreamt of girls vaginas all the time. I was fascinated with them. I would go to a basketball game and run out on the court pinching every cheerleaders ass and you know what! most of them thought I was cute. Some thought I was a brat. I ended up with one of those cheerleaders as my babysitter and she played doctor everyday with me for a whole year. I loved that girl and it turned her on knowing I was naturally perverted. I know some little girls are the same way. You would be amazed what some people would do if they found out about the real you. I was eating in a diner one day and I seen a really cute 11 yo girl staring at me. I thought what the hell I’m going to let this girl know I would do anything she would want me to do. If I were wrong about her and she told her parents what I was about to do oh well they would probably think she was imagining things. So I placed two fingers in a v shape and did the eating out thing to her and pointed to her. She laughed and pulled her dress up under the table and spread her legs so I could see and kept smiling. She was with her grandparents! which is usually the case. Girls in households with both parents with strict guidelines usually turn away from things like that. Most of the children who grow up with broken homes with freedoms do what they really want to do. Some regret it, some don’t. Then you have the rich another story. I’d prefer the rich little girls myself. Never had one, but they seem to be the most perverted from what Ive seen but I’m for sure not always the case. Spoiled they are. The bottom line is just because you dont understand it doesn’t make it wrong. If you can imagine it you better believe it is happening somewhere in this world and yes some children do like it and if you search hard enough you will see for yourselves the smiles on the faces. Every picture says a thousand words. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean throw it away. That just tells me you don’t want to understand and never will. This shit will never stop! Its like a war on drugs and the best thing for the people is, well you decide. What do you have to do with me? and really it was never supposed to be about us as a whole. Its all about our kind. Just don’t ever touch my kids you fuckin pedos.

  155. Aside from the argument or whether this is actually pornographic, I think the ruling of the court is uncalled for simply because these picture, I believe, would cause anyone in embarrassment in later years. Enough so that I would have taken the same actions Brooke Shields did.

    They say that her career in doing sexy pictures, films, etc. hurt her case, but I personally think it’s irrelevant. By that time she was grown, self-aware and mentally developed enough to make the decision to pursue that career. I highly doubt that was the case with these photos, but couldn’t be certain without actually hearing her side of it. I don’t believe any one person of legal age should be bound by their parent’s signature to exploit them when they were younger. It just feel unjustified to say the least.

  156. These pictures are very beautiful. Thank you. By the comments on here, I’m shocked at how many people think that the human body is sick and evil. I see a very beautiful young girl turning into a woman, it’s the most beautiful thing I can imagine. Am I a pedophile and thinking sexual thoughts? No, not at all. I admire the beauty of the girl and the transition in her life and I even remember my own childhood. Quite moving pictures. I wish more photographers had his nerve.

  157. OH lighten up people. I got a blowjob from my babysitter when I was 8 years old and it was the greatest day of my life. I still look back in fond memory of that day. God Bless her.

    1. You too! Your a baaad boy for liking that. Someone please put a bible in this guys hands or bash him against the rocks for not listening to his so called elders. No, really it was a good thing wasn’t it. Did you feel any pain? Harmed physically or emotionally? Did you keep your secret? It made you feel like a big boy knowing what big girls do didn’t it. Maybe not! You probably wanted to stay as young as possible so that girl would stay. Anyway! why anyone would be embarrassed when they got older for taking nude photos when they were young gets me. Sounds like Brooke Shields herself gave in to the way a majority of society thinks. It sounds like to many people are used to having a clothed body. I seen a nudist video from France the other day and I watched as everyone pranced around. Looked like everyday life for them. I find it hard to believe they get embarrassed when they get older because someone filmed it. I guess some people are more intelligent, some not. As for the sex thing. When you think about it all around its all gross. Humans are sick, birth is sick if you are a hater. I’ll tell ya if your not out there molesting animals and infants all the power to you. Hey Joe! did you feel raped? You didn’t know any better huh! From my experience that’s what made it even better. Damn you learn something new everyday. Then one day it stops, or does it? Again, if I liked it when I was a little boy you better believe somewhere out there a little girl likes it. It is amazing how many people will go out of the way to destroy a few ant hills when truthfully they have no business walking in that part of the field. Let those fuckers congregate and don’t deprive them of there natural habitat. If they don’t sting you whats the matter. Funny though how some natives enjoy that kind of pain. You and me baby aint nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel. Someone break out with the raid! I can’t help it that these pictures give me an erection! Oh wait a minute if i think too long it goes away. Why did I have to be so educated by these fucked up people. I want to be educated by my babysitter. Fucking systematic! wait a minute I know whats right for me its coming back just knowing the vanity of her looking into the mirror at herself turns me on and we are both looking at the same thing. More bubbles please! calgon take me away! I hear pedo-feel-ya all starts with fantasy then they want to act out those fantasies. What if your fantasies come true when your a kid. Do we have names for kids who want sex with older people. I think we need an age limit for certain people filming sex. I happened to stumble onto a site called old farts and young tarts. Our humble servants indeed. Now when its grannies and stud muffins I want to puke. I think it should be illegal for anyone over the age of eighteen to show themselves having sex. Nothing like watching and listening to fake moans or baseball bat insertions take place. Whats so special about that? whats so special watching two grown people acting like they were young saying things like fuck me daddy and stuff, Or hell I haven’t been screwed like that since grade school. Funny how adult movies have names like Lolita this, schoolgirl that. Lolitasex without the lolita or girl its all woman and men wanting you to be more perverted and they know youth sells and its a scam. Funny how most porn sites tweek the cameras to make girls look younger just to draw you in. More perversion the better. I don’t know how to put it but I have a small pecker compared to those in film. Well not that small but when you watch a Color Climax film with John Holmes my tail doesn’t exactly curl in between my legs if you know what I mean. Its like someone slipped some meth in my beer or something. I hear your nuts shrink too. We’ll just say I have more confidence having sex with a thirteen year old and it makes my penis look bigger. I know some girls like small penises but most go for Holmes. I think I know why those woman like small penises. I will keep a measuring scale in the boat and if the fish is to big throw him back into the sea if not well the fish doesn’t know any better. Besides we stock the lakes around here. I need to get a fish tank. When it all comes down to it I think humans pay to much attention to themselves. I don’t see any other species caring about the way they walk or talk, or sexual preference. They screw when ripe and some are ripe at 10. Check out young and pregnant. I seen a 9 year old girl there. I did see a pit bull trying to get it on with a poodle once. It had pretty white curly hair and the pit had spikes on his collar. We nicknamed him Smuttly and she was Luvemlongtime. It was pretty funny the old lady across the street came out yelling at the dog and then threw something at him. I yelled at her saying whats wrong don’t you have anything better to do than staring out your window all day. Leave that dog alone. Not you! You! Stupid fucking humans. She was catholic. The whole reason this world is fucked up. Why is lust a sin? stupidity. Your god is killing my god! Take a guess on who I worship. I still say the Bible is just an example of how stupid the flesh can be and they still don’t get it. Hey but its o.k. to engineer humans and give birth out of a test tube right. I know exactly what kind of human I want.

      1. You have some strange ideas on children and sexuality. Or maybe not strange at all, a lot of pedophiles think like you. You have obviously known for a long time that you are a pedophile because you obviously have had time to think about it. You seem to have talked to yourself enough to convince yourself that you are not at fault. But it is all in your head. You obviously have not done your homework. Otherwise you would not have said that ridiculous bullshit about child masturbation. It is in fact a phenomenon that is a result of curiosity, not sexuality. When children “play with themselves” they are simply exploring there area just like the rest of the body. They are NOT masturbating. If the story of the girl with the horny dog was based on fact, assuming your not spreading more bullshit, then she was mearly ammused at the dog, not turned on by it as you say. Children are not sexual. You are completely full of shit and you are very self-centered. You think the whole world is fucked up and you blame everything on everyone else and it’s never your fault. Instead of blaming the world and asking parents to put G.P.S. devises on their kids, why don’t you and the other pedos out there stop molesting our youth. You obviously have some kind of need to post stories of your fantasies on line to get some kind of sexual gratification out of it, like an exhibitionist. I know your stories are bullshit and I know this is a free country, but do yourself and everyone else a favor and STOP!!! Your fake, pedophilic stories are better shared somewhere else.
        On another note, I don’t know where you got the bible thing from and I’m not sure but I believe it was directed at me. That is definitely a first. I have shit against Christianity just as much, more likely, far more than you do. It was definitely not the bible that made me think like I do. It was my actual, real life experiences that I shaped myself from. I do not believe that lust is a sin. I believe that hurting a child is wrong. But I follow no one’s religious laws. It did indead suck to be molested. It was not fun reguardless of what you think. I think you were pissed that I caught you on a lie about your retarded, scientifically inacurate fantasies. I know for a fact children don’t enjoy sex. As I have said before 18 is too young to be calling someone a child but 12 is not!! I know countless girls who regret consenting to sex at a young age. Some of the stronger ones admit they are glad they learned from it, none of them don’t wish that they learned an easier way, and all of them still cry about it from time to time. The damage you pedophiles cause on young girls is catastrophic. My best friend was a victim of an internet pedophile. She was at an age that you would argue was appropriate for sex with an older man. But you would be wrong again! She was most obviously mind fucked by him and after a friend of mine who owed me a favor put the bastard in prison, it did not take long for her to realize she wanted nothing to do with the guy, which is a huge step on account she thought she was going to marry him. Sucks for him. I bet I can do it again so watch your ass tod, and stay away from children.

  158. If people are so disgusted with these cute pictures then why are they here?

    how in the world did you end up finding pictures of brooke shields naked when shes a preteen?

    I can understand if you googled ” brooke shields 10 years old ” or something. but how did you end up finding preteen art/porn pictures if you don’t like them? Just doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Good mother fuckin’ point!!! Even someone like me who found these pictures just trying to find the movie Pretty Baby new what they were getting themselves into. My problem isn’t with them anymore. It’s with retards like Tod who expect us to believe his bullshit stories about sex with little girls.

  159. “Oh, boy! Oh, boy! A naked girl! Wow! I’m wanking off to this for sure!”

    See how terrible that was? I was imitating many of you people who see sex with innocent nudity like this. The truth is I’m a nudist, as you can see with my name. Not 100% nudist, obviously, but I’m working on it. There’s a big difference between non-sexual and sexual nudity. These images of Brooke Shields are non-sexual.

    I found this website while looking up innocent nudity on my search engine. If I wanted to look up pornographic stuff, I would have searched for it. Nudity is no big deal for me. Heck, I’m naked right now as I type this comment and it feels natural. Sometimes, I forget that I’m naked until someone else calls me on it and tells me to put my clothes on. Prudish fools, they are.

    Look, I’m not perfect. I never said I was. But, I do know that being nude is not a bad thing until someone reacts negatively about it. But, regarding these photos, obviously not everyone can be pleased. It happens with everything. What looks good to one person may look horrible to someone else. It all depends on a person’s taste. I can’t say for sure if the photos are Art, but I can say for sure that they are NOT PORNOGRAPHIC! I guess they’re somewhere in the middle. Or, maybe they’re in another category, all together…neither art nor pornographic.

    I reckon that’s all I need to say for now. But, before I leave, there are just four words I need to say…NUDE IS NOT LEWD!

  160. While I do admit that she may have gone a little bit overboard with the make-up at such a young age, the photos themselves are not pornographic at all. And, anyone who sees pornography with these photos has a very dirty mind.

  161. To me these photos are innocent, someone completely in tune with him/herself can watch these without taking offence or sexual thought.

    Whats more disturbing to me is all the hate thrown around between grown up people, its exactely this kind of behavior thats the destructive force driving people crazy and obcessed with these photos, may it either be to adore them or to remove them.

    If everyone would just relax the photos themselfs wouldnt even matter and we could all focus on more important things.

    Most adults are still children in disguise, unable to reason properly and letting emotion get the better of them.

    Think about it… peace.

  162. Most art of historical significance has, in one way or another, created controversy. The fact that the photo(s) in question seem to have done that, qualifies them for the label “art.” Donald Judd, an art critic and an important Minimalist artist made the statement “If someone calls it ‘art’, it’s art.” To which Harold Rosenberg, another art critic commented “If someone says it isn’t art, it isn’t art.”

    Almost for certain: comments in media like this one usually tell more about the commener than what they are commenting on.

    The best part of this blog is the exchange concerning Gilbert, the pooch.

  163. whoa O_o.. wow I can’t believe what I saw. Well my personal opinion is that these photos are Wrong because of all the makeup, oil on her body & the way she was posed in the 1st pix. If it weren’t for that I don’t think it would look pornographic..then again I don’t agree with taking pix of naked children in the first place. i think this is very wrong :s:S

  164. Wow! Necro I wasn’t thinking of you at all when I stated shit about the bible. I would like to state this one more time. Just because you know one or two or even 20 girls who regret having sex at a young age doesn’t mean there are 10,000 out there who don’t regret it. It sounds like that girl got mind fucked again without a kiss by her peers and pressure due to a majority rule in her surroundings. I understand not everyone in this world is fucked up. Humans are prone to error. If you search this world you will find most young girls posing nude are happy and smiling. It is fucked up people who do not share the perception who turn the smiles into I don’t know what i’m doing looks. In these photos of Brooke you can see she is not sure if what she is doing is right. Millions and millions out there prove that girls at young ages can be content while posing nude and yes some are content while having sex. No offense, but open your fucking eyes American. You think because you know 50 girls you know them all! Your personal experiences with your encounters only covers so much. If you somehow stumbled onto this site looking for Pretty Baby you obviously haven’t pinpointed the minds of actuality. I am not defending pedos. I am defending the girls who want to be seen and want to explore the other sex private parts. After awhile it gets old playing with yourself. If it weren’t for books and degrees and your locals coming to school and brainwashing our youth in one direction human nature would take its course and these kids would be fucking naturally because they wouldn’t know any better and its HUMAN NATURE. Are you telling me a blowjob doesn’t feel good when your ten. You think girls don’t get curious about a mans penis when they are little girls. You know how many times I have seen little girls do bad things just because they wanted to do something bad. Kids can be cruel and most of you don’t grow up and you become even more cruel. Sex is not cruel! Ripping a little girl apart is a different story and yes I would say shoot the mother fucker in that case. Some little girls want to be bad little girls. Some don’t. Some realize nothing bad happens at all and they keep on doing it. It is a natural attraction for some people to like older persons and some like younger and when they meet stay the fuck out of the way. Its none of anyones business but theirs. Sometimes the best thing for a kid is to get them as far away from there smothering parents and let them grow up. In this world the faster you become aware the safer you are(hands on). While your dumbfuck American kids are growing up on X-box Chinas kids are programming the shit, Iraqis are making bombs, and yes the Russians are Cumming. Heres a little food for thought. E-nature, Holy Nature and other nudists sites have young kids all around. It has been said that quite a few of the teens involved have been spotted on child porn sites obviously when they were younger. Those same people affiliated with those camps run daycare centers here in America and other places. Don’t get me wrong you cannot condemn Holy Nature or any organization as a whole and truthfully if thats what they do so be it. I am all for the nudist. Being nude and sex have nothing to do with one another. Again if you are so blinded and you dont think some young girls are attracted to older men(not boys)and want to do sexual things with them I believe you would be leaving out a good percentage of our populations (plural). Oh yes but of coarse we would be taking advantage of them right! I have noticed the ones who are treated well by the so called aggressors(some cases)don’t feel molested at all. What if that guy you put away was actually wanting to marry that girl. Some people want someone who hasn’t been destroyed with your common mindfuck ways. Seems far fetched but you wouldn’t believe it if it were true. He probably did love the girl and this cruel ass fuck world lied to her and said what could he have possibly seen in that little girl. SEX! he was using you! Hell I find Amish girls more attractive than all out American girls. You know why? Its whats in there head and whats not! I am more sexually attracted to a girl if her mind is clear from all your American bullshit. Terror, Terror, Terror you people make victims out of everyone. How fucking Hoooorrrriiible. Its like 9/11 over and over and over. Maybe we should all be transparent to benefit the others if we don’t like what you are about. Maybe a therapist will help you so you can get that off your chest relive the nightmare again and again. Not one person in this world thinks alike. Some are more common but not the same. Do you think I get off on telling little girl stories to the world. No! I use truth and I want you to become so furious you will spend the rest of your life taking a big shit because human nature is what its about and you deserve roids and one day you will remember my shit might stink but I tend to wipe ass better than the rest. Alot of time to convince myself hhhmmm! You are pretty fast to react period. you might think! But I can see it already you are one of those who doesn’t have to convince yourself of anything you just know whats right and wrong based on your tunnel vision encounters and for some reason we are all included within your conclusions. I’ve seen more videos and pictures of young girls browsing the web to know damn well just when you think you have seen it all. You really don’t know shit. If there are people born mentally retarded, intelligent, cute, ugly, good, evil, black or white, slant eyed and inbreed, small butt, big butt you can bet your sounds like fucking tampered with ass the mindsets are there and they are all different and right now on this planet there is a little 9 year old girl out there somewhere fucking a 35 year old man and doing all kinds of things and she likes it and will probably never tell and trust me it isn’t because he’s telling to keep quite. I do believe there are more of those cases but don’t fool yourself human! right now a little girl loves watching a volcano explode and she thinks its neat and cool to watch and play. Kids love pornos and sometimes they want to do those things too. Kids dont like to be hurt! and I’ll say it one last time. I wasn’t hurt and if I liked it at 6 when my 16 year old babysitter sucked my dick I am certain if a 10 year old girl has oral sex done to her at least 1 out of 20 will like it. The mindfuck is an after effect from all of you people crowding or the girl was tricked into it. But if a girl willingly takes the approach she will have a 50/50 chance of not being a victim. Hell most people make themselves out to be the victim and you battle everyone else’s beliefs and that is usually the case with regret. They here that its wrong. They know they did it and knowone else does. they start loosing the battle in there own mind by an overwhelming majority and they break down because the battle never stops in there own mind so they want help to draw a conclusion because not one mother fucker surrounding them has givin them the proper tools of mind control, self discipline, priorities, whats right for me? is it right for them, for us, empathy, not enough historical studies, and the biggest one of all, the one that started all this bullshit in the first place. Not enough research in theology and the errors of humanity. Schools do not teach you enough on the human mind because truthfully they don’t know enough and as soon as you think you do you meet someone totally different. A world on psycho-tropic drugs that doesn’t do shit but drug you out of your mind instead of getting into it. I will join a nudist colony one day and I’ll meet some cute young girl and if I dont have a bunch of swinging dicks chasing me down for it I’ll love the girl for as long as she loves me and then again I might just want to fuck someone and sing some songs that refer to that moment. If god can fuck a thirteen year old or fourteen year old I want to fuck a fourteen year old. If Indians fucked at 12 I can fuck a 12 year old. But let me tell you this. The odds on finding a girl in America smart enough to have sex with at that age is slim to none. But I know shes out there. Shes a loner, very articulate and understands people well. She has friends but very few because not to many think as advanced as her. She doesn’t care if the people across the street see her swim naked. She thinks to herself let them look because she knows she is more beautiful than them in mind, spirit, and her body. Shes a fucking hell raiser when she wants to be. She takes risks but is cautious at the same time. Damn you can only find her on the internet and let me tell ya shes not swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

    1. Wow, stay away from my kids. You’re a perv. Open your fuc%!ing European eyes: While some little kids may be curious about their naked selves and other naked bodies, if LEFT ALONE, they WON’T decide to pose for adults or have sex with adults, no matter how much you want to pretend that will happen. Of course the human body is a work of art, but these are not sweet innocent photos taken by her (sad, pathetic) mother. An ADULT made her pose that way, in poses meant to appeal to ADULTS to be sold to ADULTS. Heck I took naked bathtub photos of my kids too, but I didn’t SELL them to the world. That’s when it becomes EXPLOITATION!

  165. Regardless of what anyone says here you have two facts:

    1) These are pictures of a naked pretty 10 year old girl.

    2) These are pictures that were/ are used to exploit her beauty and nudity to make cash.

    Although I believe that the naked human body is beautiful and studies of it can be art, when you simply use it for exploitation and gain, it’s more pornography than art. Ms. Shields did benefit from these photographs and I cannot deny her the use of her appearance to do so but, unfortunately, I don’t believe that it was her decision in this case. A parent’s job is to insure a child’s safety and to give guidance that is beneficial to the child. I don’t see either of these criteria being met here.

    These are appealing pictures with an evil intent and at least questionable background.

  166. Actually this is illegal.. In the states any photo of a minor nude is illegal. Durring the early days of the internet there was debate as to if nudity alone was considered child porn, well guess what. ITS ON THE BOOKS. It is illegal. Im surprised how this is on this site, it is legally considered CP NOW and should be taken down.

    I agree it is sick shit.. but in the 70s people had some pretty whach ideas fall through the cracks.. for this to be thought of as normal NOW, is appaling, and considering how the world and political climate has changed, it is appaling to see shit like this. If more attention was called to it, it would be removed.

    This IS illigal now. YOu cannot posses and nude photograph of a minor. It is no longer a grey area in law. How the fuck is this sick shit on here.. Im reporting it to CP agencies. Fuck this shit IS CP.

  167. Then, I guess nudist websites that depict nude adults and children in non-sexual settings is illegal, too, by your standards. Heck, they must be downright explicit pornography since there are PHOTOS of adults and children nude…and sometimes, fully nude! No, I won’t post links to these sites since every horny idiot would be drooling once they got to them. And, I don’t know if this site will post links, anyway. But, there are legitimate nudist (NOT PORN) sites available on the internet. To me, Brooke Shields in these photos looks no different than any other boy or girl in those nudist websites…nude, but not lewd. If YOU see something sexual that I don’t with these photos…who’s got the real problem? All I see is naturism, even though the first photo appears to be a little heavy on the make-up. But, aside from that, it’s all natural to me. Does that make sense to any of you who still think this is bad?

  168. Oh MY this stuff is Making me Hysterical !
    How can you put this stuff on here.
    Do you not realize that 100 million pedophiles are going to see it and that will cause them to go out
    and rape 100 million billion children.
    Then they will all get 1000 multiple personalities,
    the earth will heat up, comets will collide, and Hell will frezze over. You had better stop this. I am going to report you to the kgb, the ss, and the stp. If God wanted kids to be seen nude he would have sent them into the world that way.

  169. I saw my daughters naked playing in the paddling pool and thought it was natural. The body is beautiful and its normal to look at the human form.
    Its only the regressed that have a problem

  170. I agree, Peter (January 23, 2010 at 11:43 pm). And, to add to that, I notice it’s okay for kids to look at naked animals (though with fur and feathers) at the zoo or in the wild, but Heaven forbid they see their own kind naked! Why is it okay for them to see animals naked if they’re not allowed to see their own human species naked? Are humans THAT dumb? And, we’re supposed to be the most intellegent life forms on the planet. HA! That makes me laugh! I’m not saying all humans are dumb, mind you…just the ones that are anti-nudity since it’s something natural we’re all born with. I notice animals have no problem seeing each other all natural. But, the majority of humans? I hope many of you people see where this is going.

  171. Es asombroso el enfoque que cada quien da a su crítica de un asunto. Yo estoy convencido de que todas aquellas personas que se escandalizan por asuntos como el de la desnudez de Brook (niña) son en realidad aquellas cuya mente morbosa les hace ver solamente la parte impudica. ¿Pero es que alguno de nosotros nació vestido? Nuestros indios, aquí en Venezuela (Yanomamis) andan desnudo y no se avergüezan? ¿Saben por qué? porque son inocentes. Asimismo los niños no se avergüenzas de su desnudez porque están amparados con el velo de la inocencia.

  172. J. Figueroa, los niños si son inocentes pero los adultos no, definitivamente la imagen es provocadora no es un desnudo casual, tiene contendio erotico…
    No es ètico por parte del fotógrafo crear una imagen en la que una niña prepuberta este sexualizada, no en occidente, no con la composición de esta imagen.

    Es imposible salirnos de nuestra cultura, -muy distinta a la de los indios- y cambiar repentinamente el modo de ver las cosas.

    En lo personal no me gusta la idea de prohibir pero me molesta el hecho que en el nombre de la libertad de expresión se haga este tipo de trabajo, por que pienso que existió un abuso hacia la niña.

  173. I would not be happy about these photos if I were Ms. Sheilds, and I can’t imagine what her mother was thinking.

    A ten year old enjoying a bath is natural; a ten year old in full make-up striking a pose, nude, in that manner is not natural.

  174. This is an example when Americans were so stupid before 9/11. Until today, we improvise. There isn’t a way to get rid of these pictures away from Brooke’s privacy, they’re everywhere. I don’t call this art, I call it disturbing. I mean, Brooke Shields’ breasts that time are way flat and no, it’s not god damn delicious! These pictures with Brooke Shields does not make her cute, they make her a total psychopath bitch.

    Seriously, Mr. Gross, you are one sadistic cocksauce.

  175. Time to take your medication, John (January 26, 2010 at 10:58 pm). You’re taking this way out of line. And, this goes for many others that also think like you do. I admit the make-up is a bit much, but besides that, it’s natural. What if she were photographed without the make-up? What would you say then about these photos?

  176. Artistic, no. I think it was inapropreit to take the pic, however. I don’t think it is porn eirther. If it is porn then what about some of the child modeling sites. My neice showed me some pics on a child modeling site and some of those pics could be called porn. With the girls posing clothed but in very sugjestive poses. So if the pics of shields are porn then we have a bigger problem than we thought. I don’t at all agree that the photos should have been taken. But if they are porno then glass at some ads in the Sunday papers was well as the TV. Oh, and don’t forget some of the swim suits that the young girls wear these days

  177. To get your bearings on a Map you need a pair of coordinates, not just one. Like the “x”s and “y”s on a Cartesian plane. So to truly understand you must know about Brooke’s other Real-Half. Brooke is only “la media naranja” of the “Big Orange”….he he… better naked than snaked!!! 😉

  178. I just feel bad for Brooke Shields. These photos are sexually explicit and in my opinion, quite disguisting. When she was that age, there is no way she understood what was going on with this photo shoot. When she was older and more mature, she tried really hard to stop these photos from being published, she felt humiliated by all of them. Why would people call someone’s humiliation art? If I were posed nude in photos displayed around the world when I was a child I would be outraged, especially if creeps called it art. Pictures like these are what enable the sick people in this world to continue preying on the innocent, it’s all just ridiculous.

  179. Cool, Brook as a child model, love the 70th soft open your minds spirit. This is more back to nature, like all the stuff back then. To me porn is sexual stuff, these are art. In europe this is still legal, and here at world press too.

  180. The evil is in the eye and the consciousness of the people involved. A work of art, in this case a picture, involves three people, model, artist and viewer.
    Many believe if a pretty girl of 8 or 10 years dressed as a woman, with makeup and everything, and parade for the family, and sometimes to derive photos. Where’s the porn?
    Many believe if a pretty girl of 8 or 10 years wearing a bikini and parade for the family, and sometimes to derive photos. Where’s the porn?
    And the pictures of the girls quince cumpleños of Mexico and Cuba? Some pictures have even sensuality, but has the approval of the family. And they are common, after all is the culture of those people. Where’s the porn? The evil? Pedophilia?
    The big question comes to be: as one can see a girl of 10 years as a sexual partner? It can be and often is, beautiful. However between considering a 10 year old girl beautiful and imagine it as a sexual partner is an astronomical distance, and therein lies the problem. The real object of study is to understand how this distance changes from astronomical to millimeter.
    In the first picture, standing in the bathtub, Brooke Shields is absolutely beautiful. But it is far from someone to have sex.
    It’s my thought.

  181. This is disgusting I can’t believe you would post these this is child pornography it is wrong, immoral, illegal, and monstrous. Ugh.

  182. and I don’t think these are art. I love photography but this to me stings especially since Brooke Shields feels that are a twisted invasion of her childhood over which she had little consent

  183. Obviously, you think it’s “child pornography” because you see something sexual out of these photos. As I am a nudist, these photos are nothing more than photos you’d see at a nudist resort. While the make-up is a little much, beyond that, it’s all natural. Yes, I know I’ve said this a few times before, but some people don’t get it, so I have no choice but to repeat myself.

  184. I like these photos & would like to crawl into that bathtub, lick that hairless pussy, fuck that baby mouth. After that…i’d get serious with her.

    1. People like you are the reason why we don’t want these photo’s to be published..

      Oh well, I hope you enjoyed masturbating, because if I had the possibility, it would have been the last time.

  185. I want to agree with the people that didn’t mind her posing naked but at the same time I don’t agree. I agree because a non-dirty minded person (like me) all we see is a beutiful girl in a developing body and that’s it! But, unfortunately in our society, there are also dirty minded people that may see more than that! Follow me? Bottom line, and the question is Was there a need to have this child pose naked?? That’s my bottom line. I would like to know your opinion on my opionion. Thank you.

  186. Four downward sloping lines above either hip, then a thicker arch just over his navel. Dirt and grime smeared his skin, and his sleek hair was a knotted, tangled mess. You dont need help. She swallowed her protest. Hands closed over her shoulders, distantly felt. Her heart rate followed suit. Much of her time was spent with Radin, learning how to use her powers. He pulled her from Gala into his own embrace. Her tears mingled with the oils that slowly dried from Hyles skin. But that wasnt to be. Angrily, she dashed tears from her eyes, stepping toward the outer door. Tykirs soft words stopped her. But… At the wrestling match, and before… All this time… Tykir fell forward, loosened hair falling forward from his half ponytail to caress her shoulders. But it dawned on her the he he meant was Radin. She ended up draped over his chest, her cheek resting over his heartbeat. She considered lighting one or two of the lamps but discarded the idea. They shared a chuckle. And Im hardly one to object, given that Im truemated to another. He weighed her breasts with his palms, squeezing gently.

  187. This post doesn’t even show the best pics — there are a couple others of her backside and man, she has an AMAZING ass. As shapely as any grown woman, so round and perfect. Look them up, you won’t be dissapointed.

  188. First: Sorry for bad english^^

    In my opinion Gary Gross did’nt take these pictures because of pornography. He is an artist. If some know the artist Miro, or Van Gogh or Monet. When their pictures were published everybody was shocked and it’s the same with this pictures. It’s a little bit
    more extreme but the proof that Gary Gross was succesful is that thousands of people write about this pictures and talk about them.

    I am not against such pictures. i just think their not necessary and after I saw Pretty Baby I just thought…was’nt that a child pornographic movie^^??

    But if Gary Gross thinks it is art, we must accept that it is art…and we can#t be the same opinion about art.

  189. We adults can take it as art or porn but no 10 yr old girl should be asked to pose like that when obviously she will not fully get whats going on – its not something she can take back later – its just sad

  190. I don’t see anything wrong with these photo’s. All I see when I look at these photo’s is a beautiful young woman, I don’t see anything sexual about these pictures. since we have grown up a nudity suppressed lifestyle, people now think that a Naked Body+Exposed Nipple+Breast(even if they don’t have any)=sex object.

    oh and btw, if you look up the definition of child pornography this is what you will find:

    Under federal law (18 U.S.C. §2256), child pornography1 is defined as any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where

    * the production of the visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    * the visual depiction is a digital image, computer image, or computer-generated image that is, or is indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    * the visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct.


  192. the photographer could have taken these same pics without the makeup. plus they were took in the 70’s. the laws were more relaxed at the time.

    1. I agree. Why are the laws today so stupid in regards to certain things, like nudity for instance? In many European countries, nobody cares if whole families, including children, are nude. It’s things like this that make me wish we had lived back then when laws were more relaxed. And, to others who disagree with us, it’s a nude child, not a friggin child porn star!

  193. The thing I really don’t get is that Brooke Shields said she was a virgin until she was 22 because she didn’t like her body. She is posing like this at the age of 1O, at the age of 13 playing a child prostitute and at the age of 15 she hops around fully nude in The Blue Lagoon.

  194. This has been one of the most interesting topics Ive ever seen on the internet, we could go on and on about this but when all said on done, it comes down to this:

    All publicity is good publicity, and im sure Shields Brooke got all the benefits from this.
    Eventhough she says she wants these photos gone and destroyed, Im thinking its more in her interest to keep them around so the controversy and insatiable arguments actually feeds her popularity and helps her career.

    Shes not a victim, or her mother a pimp, nor is Gary Gross a pedo, its all done to create drama with one goal on mind, sell sell sell.

    If there is any wrong-doer in all of this its the photo-movie industry that swallows people alive to make cash and afterwards spits them out like garbadge, this is the reality and Brooke is only a peck on that surface not even worthy of all the attention.

  195. It doesn’t fucking matter if YOU THINK it’s art or not!? SHE wants them off the internet .. she’s embarrassed about this :S FOR A GOOD REASON !! she is just a kid on these photos (what TEN years old ?), she just got fucking born !!!.. it doesn’t feel right to look at it, it’s very disturbing !! It is another thing to take a photo of a child that’s playing in the bath if your the childs PARENT and keep those photos in your photo album or something.. fuck !! She’s actually on set there, with make up on, no clothes, in steamy bath posing all covered in oil with red lipstick ? and you can’t see anything sexual ??.. wow I’m shaking this makes me so angry .. This is NOT right !! She wants those photos off the internet, and the government doesn’t let her ? somethings really wrong here .. and I feel so sad that grown ups can actually look at this photos and Really think this is actually beautiful.. or art ? it’s only a lame excuse for sick pedophiles … jesus christ

  196. To all the people on this site speaking of art and the beauty and innocence of a naked child, let’s be for real here… Brooke Shield’s mother built her daughter’s entire career around her sexual objectification! This was just the beginning of a sick and depraved series of events that have most likely scarred Brooke for the rest of her life.

    Yes, I sure we have all taken a naked picture of a child or seen one in the bathtub and thought nothing of it. However, I’m sure we also didn’t cover that child in oils, lace them in jewelry, paint their face with bright make up, ask them to pose for a photographer and then sell those pictures to any Tom, Dick or Harry to do whatever he wants with them whenever he wants to!

    Furthermore, her mother had her pose naked again after this, sold some of her pictures to PLAYBOY (a pornographic magazine designed to sexually arouse grown men), had Brooke star in a movie in which she played a 12 year old prostitute and then had her appear in a movie in which she has sex with her brother and has a baby on an island. Brooke’s mother kept her naked and sexually objectified as a child and teenager and it is not only disgusting, it is child abuse and I don’t know how she got away with it legally!

    For anyone who thinks this is ART, next I bet you’ll say MURDER is art too if it’s done correctly with the proper lighting and artistic intent. Does anyone think it’s an interesting coincidence that the photographer’s last name is GROSS?

    1. About the movie, The Blue Lagoon, It wasn’t her brother it was her cousin, but either way it is still wrong because he was still family. as far as these pictures go, there is nothing wrong with the naked body. we are all born this way and we are going to die this way.

    2. Good points! I like your thinking. These stupid hippies completely miss the point of why this is so wrong. They focus on jut the nudity instead of the story behind the photos. I do not understand how anybody can defend adults that would do this to a child.

  197. It’s amazing how so many people get so bent out of shape over innocent nudity. Yet, if there were photos of graphic gore and bloodshed, real or fake, I’m willing to bet hardly anyone would care. And, no one sees anything wrong with that? No wonder this planet is so screwed up. We like violence, blood, and gore, but we cringe at innocent nudity. I think a wake-up call is needed.

    1. Actually I dislike gore and violence too. I’ve seen photos of people being hurt and injured and it makes me sick.

  198. I did say the make-up was a bit much, but other than that, these photos of Brooke are nothing more than you’d see at nudist resorts and/or bathtime with kids. Next thing you know, bathtime photos will be sexual and pornographic, according to SOME of you.

    1. This already did happen, I read something on the internet awhile back where a mother got arrested for developing photo’s of her daughter bathing in the bathtub. the daughter was only like 2 maybe 3 at the time and they arrested her for child pornography.

  199. I´m very shocked about that film and the pictures and what´s the message? 12 years old girls are old enough for sex or they are loving sex with so much older men?
    Thats a fact, that this kind of girls or boys are victims of sxual abuses, who wants contact to old men or women in this age? I think thats pornograph and my opinion is to outlaw this film in tv or other media like internet. Thats not art thats a calling and an affirmation for all the crazy and pedophiliac people. The Message of this film is: Take little children, pain them, have sexual fun with them, cause they want it, too! I´m so horrorfied about the law, that they don´t recognizing the danger of this kind of films.

  200. In one ear, out the other. I tell people, but how many listen? I must be crazy repeating myself on this site, so I will say this one more time. The photos are NOT sexual in any way. I admit the make-up is a bit much, but it’s nothing to get worked up, enraged, or in some cases, excited about. This is the last time I’m going to say this. If you refuse to listen and insist this is sexual, then it’s obvious what’s going on in your minds. I see a natural nude young girl and nothing else. Nothing sexual. Nothing pornographic. All natural. Maybe you see something sexual because you picture naked girls as something sexual. I don’t. But, you believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want. I’m done repeating myself on this site. Good bye!

  201. This is wrong. I dont care how you look at it. A 10 year old girl being naked in front of a camera, think about it. This is totally wrong, had this been an adult, it might have been artistic but a 10 year old girl? whose sick idea was this?? really?? someone attempted to be artistic but failed and and caused many contreversal thoughts.i repeat this is wrong!

  202. Well I never meant to land on this site, I was looking for “iconic” pictures on google for a project, and what popped up but this forum. I read for a while, and most of the posts are ignorant, but a few make good points. My personal opinion is that if I were ten I would be most attracted, and if I were a parent I would be most concerned about the world having access to view these; I am neither, so simply put: The first picture is smut, the second is art, and the third is a bit inappropriate over all.

  203. Holy crap people. IF this was considered to be pornographic, do you think it would have made it under the nose of the government? do you not believe that if it were found to be “pornographic” that it wouldn’t have made it past the publishers? Seriously, morality’s all well and good, but Jesus H Fucking Christ… people like those raging here about how it’s child pornography and so on, I encourage you to grab a law book/encyclopedia/fucking dictionary, and look up child pornography. As posted above by someone else;

    Under federal law (18 U.S.C. §2256), child pornography1 is defined as any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where

    * the production of the visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    * the visual depiction is a digital image, computer image, or computer-generated image that is, or is indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    * the visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

    Now, I’m no genius, but I myself do not see any sexually explicit conduct going on/being performed, do you? If so, then you seriously need to take a step back from the keyboard, take a breath, and examine yourself as a member of the human race. Place a 20yr old into these photos, it’d pass for art… put a 17yr old in these pics, there’d be some debate, but I’d be willing to bet, it’d pass for art. And while I fully understand that 20 and 17 are not 10, I reiterate, there is no sexually explicit content here.

    tl;dr nudity is natural, drink some cement, harden the fuck up

  204. Girls date boys when they are thirteen and they DO hace sex then – but not when mom and daddy watching off course.
    Think of it;
    Are your daughter 13 years old? Or perhaps 14?
    Does she call a boy her boyfriend?

    You do not think they do it? Yes they do!

    So what is so spectacular with a these pictures? Nothing!

    How many of you men in this forum would think she is hot – if you were 14 years old now?
    Allmost all hetero-boys.

    What is wrong with still liking younger girls when you are older yourself? Nothing – as long as you do not do anything bad or wrong with them! Nothing!
    She is beautyfull!

  205. I don’t know what is the reason of her mom for taking these kinds of pics back then, I’d like to give her the benefit of a doubt that she took them w/o any malice or anything like that, would i do the same to my daugther? No!

  206. Ok, the reason behind the pictures: Art.

    The picture? Perverted. Simple, if you stick up for the matter, it is only because you get a raging hard on from the picture.

    No person thinks this shit is art, it was done to cause a humongous stir with boat loads of controversy! C’mon people, entertainment is MONEY and publicity, forms of entertainment LOVE to push it as far as it can go and stamp ‘ART’ on the forehead of it, just to JUSTIFY what has been done, when all is said and done, it boils down to this shit, being nothing but perverted-crap!

    Don’t sit there jerking off calling this shit ART. We all know DAMN well half of you fucks calling this “ART”, don’t know a fucking THING about art. Nor did until you saw ‘this picture’. Perverts can now call what they jack off to art? What a joke. Don’t kid yourselves guys.

    1. I agree 100% Joker!

      We are RAISED to always know being an adult; Looking at any young child naked is WRONG unless you are their mother or father/sibling etc – even as a sibling your mom doesn’t feel all that comfy with her oldest son watching his younger sister take a bath. Our society just KNOWS it is wrong – especially as a parent – when you feel someone is looking at your daughter. Now imagine NAKED?! If you’re looking past that internal, innate sense to KNOW it is wrong and accept it as art? You’re definitely that guy who watches little girls at the park. Because us normal people calling it sick? Is us NORMAL people KNOWING IT IS WRONG. You defending it are the ones who are sick.

      SO, when all of you men on here who are calling this art:
      Have a daughter, when she is 10 – take her to a man who will pay YOU $450 to shoot her fully nude in a bathtub – publish it – then I’d LOVE to sit beside you as you read hundreds of adult men calling it “ART”!

      If you’re ok with it? Then you’re probably giving each other hands jobs while doing so, because you know DAMN FUCKING WELL you do no think it’s art THEN, if you’re a decent, loving, non-sick father. You’d be disgusted and ANGRY! So agree that you know you’re all being perverted as you look at these pics since men touching little girls is SO popular amongst this world.

      Sick IS the word.

      1. I am not saying they are okay but they definitly arent SICK or Disturbing. you people are so close minded that you dont see all the sex drugs and violence going around today that you only see the really … “Bad” things CSI is one of the top rated shows and thats all about those three things so you people who only see the pornographic side should open your mind and realise that yes it can be viewed as pornographic but also as art and you should hope that the people who see it as art are oopen minded and iff you see it as porno then dont look at it.

  207. You could censored these pictures. It’s truly awful anyone would assume this is artistic. Pedophiles can be masturbating to these pictures.

  208. Oh, you all give over, I am a 12 yr old boy and I LOVE stripping naked, sometimes even photographing myself. But I’m not always aroused, when I run about naked in public nobody gets aroused, so give over.
    Ireland is at least is smart, unlike America.

    1. Well that’s different. You do it privately and out of your own free will. She was exploited so they could make money off her.

  209. Beautiful girl…yea it makes me horny.. but its a type of regards ..go and fuck yourselves who have other opinion VITTA

  210. Brooke is so fuckable . . . These naked underage pics got my little daughter and my little neices. . Jaimie and bethany ages 3 an4. . Zoies my hot 7 yr old daughter(she is so very cute,sexy,a hottie since she was born)got all three of them naked n my bed while mommy videod us 4 fucking thiis past 2 days I’ve fallen even deeper inlove with my 7yr. Old daughter zoie.. . . I told her as I was cumming in her. . My wife herd my daughter say to me cum n side me daddy k. . .an I did many many many times. . .

    1. u sick fuck how could u even think off saying that shit michele… and them pics could off at least been censered there is probs some fukin pedo muppets masterbating over her, she is a pretty girl she dosent need 2 pose naked in a bath cant her parents see that?

    2. Oh michele, if only i knew where to find you, i would cut off your dick and make you eat it, you are pond scum shithead.

  211. Oh man! I would hit her so hard, but so hard, that i would accidentally this whole website with cum.

  212. I like this picture, very nice… what is wrong with you lot, sick people… doesn’t she look pretty, enjoy it if you can not do that, shut it.

  213. This is disgusting. What kind of parent would exploit their child like that? These pictures should be taken off from the internet.

  214. beleve it or not it was the childs mother who insigated brooks career if you read up about it her mother used to take most of the photos her self.
    from the age of 15 she was voted the most sexyest woman alive for about 6 years

  215. When I first saw the first pic I gasped…it felt wrong and then the following ones. Reads some of the comments then went bk to pics. The last 2 arent that bad if I see them differently. If you block her face she could basically be a boy. And I thought if it was a boy in the last 2 I wouldnt see them in a bad way but the first thought would have been a kid enjoying his bath, playing with bubbles. The first one is bothersome though. She is in makeup (which no child should be in) and she is posing sexy with a necklace and full body that is sick. And there was no way around that. I tried to see it in a different way but just got sick feelings and it made me angry….it is pornographic. Poor Brooke and shame on her “mother” bc a real mother wouldn’t prostitue her child like that.

  216. I understand why people are having mixed reactions about this. But I feel like we should not underestimate that first guttural reaction that we receive from seeing these pictures. I think what people find problematic is properly explaining the wrongness that they feel. They use words like “perverted” and “sick” which are so broadly defined and subjective, while what is wrong about these pictures is very complicated.
    The first one, to me is undeniably sexualized. It is has all the elements of a playboy pin up. Even the mere act of putting makeup suggests and attempt to enhance beauty and sexuality. Brooke is made to look facially more like a teenage girl than a ten year old.
    A common defense of these pictures is that similar to the book “Lolita” they are meant to at first invoke societal shock that will then purvey a deeper, subjective meaning.
    This interpretation might apply to Richard Princes displayal of the art but not the original context in which they were taken – which was for playboy.
    But what is really wrong with these pictures is that Brooke embodies all the things that we have come to aesthetically value in fashion models. Models have been come increasingly thinner and thinner and more prepubescent looking. We as a society are obsessed with youthfulness in this sick destructive way and I feel like this picture is an accumulation of that sickness because we know that even though she is beautiful, we see that little child body and know that she could never actually express the understand the sexuality that she is emitting.

  217. has no one read shakespere?

    “there are more things in than dreament of in your religion”

    that said no one has any right to say what is and is not considered art, or beautiful.

    art is subjective, as is beauty.

    so stop arguing over shit you can’t change.
    And do something productive.

  218. did none of you ever see the movie “blue lagoon” starring brroke shields?? an excellent movie.she was 16 and naked in the movie btw

  219. typo above.. i meant blue lagoon starring brooke shields not brroke…brroke is the term that describes the current economic system here in america

  220. brooke shields had a body double for the nude parts of blue lagoon. thats not exactly a secret. the double’s name is kathy troutt if i recall correctly

  221. Lol!! Hey no wonder everybody keep saying brooke was a man!! LOOK AT THESE PICS, SHE LOOK LIKE A FREAKING BOY!! OMG!! In the first pic look like she had a freaking dick. Ugh, that bitch was always ugly.

    1. I bet your ugly face is something to look at! I love how all the woman are so negative…must be a woman over 25…. your value is dropping faster than a new car driving out of the showroom! Get a life Skank!

  222. It’s amazing that anyone can argue the first picture isn’t intended to be erotic. I think the average person seeing any adult in that pose would recognize an image intended to arouse. Anyone who tries to conflate that image with images of everyday nudity is being disingenuous. Even if someone accepts that familial nudity (and photos of said) is natural and non-sexual, that does not cover what I saw at the top of this page. I wouldn’t want to see this image censored, but I think people need to be honest with themselves about what it invokes and not keep throwing the word “sick” around like it’s confetti.

    1. Exactly. AND I think some people here just didnt read the story behind those pictures and just come straight here to tell us all how sick we surely are if we think of the photos as (even if – slightly) pornographic. Because, had I read it right, in the article they say that “At the time, Gross was working on a project for publication entitled The Woman in the Child, in which he wanted to reveal the femininity of prepubescent girls by comparing them to adult women.” So from that Im guessing we SHOULD actually picture Brooke as a mature woman instead of what we “really” see.

    2. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to see this censored?

      Is an adult’s right to make a buck more important than a child’s right to bodily integrity?

      Is a spectator’s “right” (there is no such thing) to look at pornography and art more important than a child’s right to privacy?

      People who answer yes to both questions are predators. They consume what is not rightfully theirs. They care only about feeding their own appetites (whether aesthetic, sexual, or financial). In this context, the person who says “but its a great photo, and I think its beautiful” is no different from a predatory lender or a common pickpocket who takes what he wants because he wants it.

  223. Pics of naked children are not pornography. There is nothing sick about a picture of a naked child. If the people who think nakedness is sick and disturbing they are probably against National Geographic’s and their films of tribal life in other counties. Brook Shield is a beautiful woman and was a beautiful child. The sickness is in our judicial system. When Brook tried to buy back the negatives and the rights of the pics of her and the courts would not allow her to do so. Nudity is not sick or disgusting. Sex is not sick or disgusting. Naked children are not sick or disgusting. The people who take advantage of children ARE sick and disgusting. I think it was wrong to allow Brook’s mother to be able to sign her daughter’s nudity away but believe that if a mother could do such a thing, the child should (at any time) simply request the pics to be handed over to them along with the negatives or destroyed. Nothing is more beautiful than a naked child, but nothing is more disgusting than someone who abuses children. People need to ask themselves why tribes that live in the jungle see nudity as normal (even with children) and we see it as such an offensive action. Put simply nudity is pure; it is mankind who perverts purity. This image is beautiful in my eyes; it is the courts that disgusted me.

    1. puritan? correct. after all, it was the puritans who were amongst the first permanent settlers on this side of the atlantic. the present uber uptight attitude of the american legal system regarding a host of social norms must be genetic. LOL !!!

  224. […] harmlos. Und das einzige Werk, das in diesem Zusammenhang noch hätte provozieren können – eine minderjährige Brooke Shields, die sich nackt der Linse des Fotografen darbietet -, hat schon in London so sehr provoziert, dass es auf Anraten der Polizei aus der Ausstellung […]

  225. Ur all fags, im 12 and i have sex with my 12 yro girl friend and she is way hotter that this bitch
    my winker is huge, it is 3.5 inches erect

    1. XD Your cool i wish i had sex with 12…i miss this Experience and i think thats not Pedo fuck you all… Lucky Bastard…

  226. I don’t think that any of the photos are pornography but the first photo is definitely indecent. This is because even though it is not for the purpose of sexual arousal it shows a ten year old girl in a sexual pose.

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